Anyone succeed with Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem, etc?

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My question is Anyone succeed with Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem, etc? Hoping for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I just started today. So far so good. Any advice?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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I'm still waiting for my delivery, but you definetly want to read this thread if you haven't already:.


Bookmarked it and will be referring back to it for ideas.....

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Thank you for the advice..

I have already read through many of the threads and I'm encouraged to see that I share many of the same problems. My main problems have always been stress and boredom eating. I eat very little at work all day and then I come home and gorge myself. I was astonished this morning at the amount of food I had to eat. I really had to force myself to eat all of it. I'm beginning to see just how bad my eating habits have been!..

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I am restarting today, I let myself go and forgot about the Mindset Makeover. Pay attention to the MM and reread it over and over during your journey. I also suggest reading and posting on the boards there is a lot of support here and good motivation to get back on the waggon if you slip off..

Good Luck..

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I also have just restarted the program today. Lost 50 lbs last time and now have almost gained it all back. Had to go and buy some bigger jeans last night, definitely going to try to get the goal this time...

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Good luck starters. every day we start again here - even if we are 100% on track the day before. it takes time to change your evil ways. it's not easy - but it gets easier...i would be a hypocrit to say stay 100% all the time. if you make a mistake, get back on the horse RIGHT AWAY! Stay on track for a few months and you won't want to get off track!.

If you mess up, tell us, we'll shake you down. I know when I exercise I speed up considerable. When I don't I slow down. So try and get something in, anything...

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Just got my first delivery today. Couldn't wait until tomorrow AM to start - had my first dinner and snack. The rotini w/meatballs and meatsauce was pretty good - the white chocolate chunk cookie was really good. Looking forward to breakfast and my morning workout. Good luck to you all!..

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Hello all..

Kills me to be in a Dan Marino Forum....... Long time JETS FAN!.

Started 1/12/10. Feel good. Down 1 belt hole already! Dont know if it means anything. 295 lbs. 6'3" my goal is 230. We will see how it goes..

Dedicated 100%. Food isnt bad. Not real hungry just really gassy..

How do you guys get that Weight tracker thing on your posts?..

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Welcome. And don't worry about the Dan Marino part. It's not like he actually participates in this forum...

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Right On! Listen to Bobm..

Welcome to another group of Newbies (and some recycled old-bies - no shame - like the man said, we're all restarting every day! This is a great place to hang, ask questions, and to be accountable to each other. One excellent indicator of your prospects for success is your presence on these boards..

Coachmach - Nutrisystem offers free tickers, but they're kinda lame IMO. I've opted for the "full disclosure" ticker that costs $20/year (? I forget exactly). Can get it at It tells whole story of your journey. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Adds accountability.

There are no cute butterflies..


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I'm a long suffering Redskins fan myself but I respect Marino's achievements..

I've been experiencing gassyness as well. I assume I will eventually adjust to the fiber content in the diet...

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Yep you get used to the gas but it never completely goes away. The women folk like to cutely refer to them as nutritoots, I prefer to think of it as another weapon in my arsenal...

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Just started today 1/14/10. Should I be setting a goal for the number of calories per day? The first day went well, didn't skip any meals and had no problem with the water. No hunger. Was plesantly surprised with the taste of the food...

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I started today as well. No problems at all, other than wanting to have a urinal attached to my groin. Don't worry about the calories, just eat what you're supposed to and that'll take care of itself. Or at least that what I think. I'm sure somebody will set the record straight...

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Hey all, started yesterday as well. My dad and I are in this together. I'm looking to lose 30 or so pounds and return to my more active and healthy lifestyle I had when I first graduated college. My dad on the other hand is trying to lose as much as he can and learn better eating habits. He has tried about everything so we're both hoping to put Nutrisystem to the test. It seems like there's a wealth of info here on the forum.


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Right On! PBS nailed it. No need to count. Nutrisystem has guy-proofed this thing. Just follow the planner!.

Welcome to NS, abra and cap. Read as many of the posts as you can. Post specific questions any time and join the fun!.


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Just a heads up for the new guys just in case you didn't read the fine print in your planner, If you have 100+ lbs to lose add in an extra carb at breakfast and dinner and a fruit at lunch. Follow the planner and you're doing the right thing...

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