Anyone try Medifast Diet before?

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First off, Anyone try Medifast Diet before? Thanks for any comment. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' TUESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

"Self-disciplined begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don't control what you think, you can't control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward."..

Comment #2

Top of the morning to ya Capt!.

How are you feeling today?.

I want to stay in bed...

Comment #3

Hey Lara,.

I feel better than's a start..

What's up witchu?.

I saw you posted about 'drama' or something last night...

Comment #4

Its a long story but lets just say I want to kill my hubbie (no cheating or he would be dead) Unfortunately I have lost trust in him which I never in a million years would have thought would happen. Its gonna take some time to get back to where we have always been for the last 14 years...

Comment #5

Ok have to write something to get my other message off the front page- ACK!..

Comment #6

OK that didn't work, so how do you get chosen to have your post on the front page? Sound like a nut case?..

Comment #7

Thank goodness. CYPM. I have to go get girls up and ready so I'll try to check in from work. If not it'll be later tonight...

Comment #8

Good morning...

Lara sorry about your family crap. Hope today is better...

Comment #9

And as a reminder = lets all try for at least 75 wall push ups today and 100 oz of water.

(insert evil maniacal laugh here)..

Comment #10

Wall push ups are good...try stair push ups too......

Comment #11

Morning Lovelies!.

Ang - you can't scare me... I'm a Shamrock!.

***chugging my first 32***..

Comment #12

Lara - so sorry you are frustrated and disappointed. ((HUGS))..

Comment #13

Good morning all....

Hey lara... sorry about whats going on with you at home. hang in there..

Hi lori.. glad your feeling better today..

Andi... ill be working on the water today..

AFM: trying to get back to work and home routine. it's tough. would also like to be back at home in bed!.

To all you shammies not here yet.... lets rock this OP day!..

Comment #14

Oops sorry ang. hope you have a great day today!..

Comment #15

Only have time for a quickie, but wanted to say hi to my favorite shammies!..

Comment #16


I am going to do the water and my crunches for sure..

Lara - big hugs..

I canceled golf. 1.5 hour frost delay and I have a meeting this afternoon and then dinner and play tonight so the delay messed things up. It is good because it is cold. I will get to get my piano practice done and I am going to go for a walk while I am chatting with Mom..

Where is Lauri? Lauri, I need your week 4 stuff. Hope you are OK...

Comment #17

Hi sandy... sorry about missing golf. yeah, where is lauri?? if work doesnt get busy today, ill start stalking.....

Comment #18

Quickie at work..

I mean....Quickie from work!!!!.

I know Lauri was going somewhere, but don't remember how long she said she'd be away for..

Maybe someone go back and read her last few posts???.

Check in later..


Comment #19

Lol... good one lori! hope the day goes fast!..

Comment #20

Quickie at work would make the day go quick and might create a lot of buzz..

I will go look at Lauri's posts..

I hope that make the front page...

Comment #21

Lauri's posts say she would not be around for a few days..... Hope you are OK Lauri..

Ok, time for water and piano practice...

Comment #22

Yikes, ang.. work sounds fabulous... NOT!.

Thanks for checking sandy.....

Hmm.. quickie at work. thinkin my BF would not approve! LOL.....

Comment #23

Hip Hurrah and yum for pumpkin pie spice and splenda mixed into pancake mix. Another good way to start the day along with checking into Shammyland..

I cant.


Say this with you gals living elsewhere...but it is cold here brrrrr =) We dont have any woolies,mittens,hats be ready. I do have a handy layer of blubber that I carry everywhere with me. ;-0>. On that note could someone give me a quick instruct on a 'wall pushup"? graciass...I am gonna get my crunch on too. good day for Medifast and me..



Comment #24

My husband would not approve either..

And you better believe I create as much buzz on up in here as I can...

Comment #25

Hi darlene... breakfast sounds yummy. hope you have a great day!..

Comment #26

No doubt that you and a buzz go together, Lori...

Comment #27

Darlene - glad you are having a good day. I do my arm things on the fitness ball with weights so I am no help...

Comment #28

Week Four Results.

We lost 2.4 pounds and .38% body weight. We went 55 miles and earned 125 stars..

We have lost a total of 44.2 pounds and 2.66% of our body weight. We have gone 221.61 miles and have earned 572 stars..

The most miles we have gone in any one week is 71.2 and the most stars earned are 167..

When Lauri gets back I will add her data...

Comment #29

Kori is our Rockstar for the week..

Andi is our second Rockstar...

Comment #30

Try to have a good day at work. Thinking of you chica!..

Comment #31

Thanks for the stats, sandy..

Hey kori... wtg rockstar!..

Comment #32

In the weight loss category, we have the following week four winners..

Third place: Andrea .5 lbs. and .34%.

Second place: Kori 1.4 lbs. and .82%.

First place: Andi 2.5 lbs. and 1.43%.

Congratulations, Shammies for a week well done...

Comment #33

25 mile awards:.

Kori and Andi earned their second star..

Darlene earned her first star..

Next week, I predict that Angela will earn her first star...

Comment #34

Lara stayed in her goal weight range during week 4..

Yay, Lara...

Comment #35


- Thanks for working so hard at this challenge and for giving it - and your weight-loss - 110%..!..

Comment #36

Lara, I am cheering for you this week. You can stay in range with all you have going on and we are going to help you..

Barb - I know you are going to have a great week. You have this exercise thing on plan...

Comment #37

Lori - thanks for your comment and your message. You are a great captain...

Comment #38

Week five, We are still doing our own special focus. Remember, it is your focus so you can change it to help you in anyway that you need to. Let's all earn our special focus star in week 5. Also, week 5 we add crunches. We are going to have flat bellies! I predict that week 5 is going to be our best week so far. We are rockin this challenge...

Comment #39

Love your support and enthisiasm, Sandy....

Gotta go out of office for a while... plan to check in later! much love, hommies!..

Comment #40

I have done two non shammie challenges and have this observation. A lot of people drop out. The ones that stay in the game win. Challengers have bad weeks but when I look at the data, at the end of the challenge that one week was not so bad. But the over half that just go away I wonder about. Maybe they are gaining the SEVEN pounds I gained last holiday season.

We are going strong. Please do not quit on me, any of you. I do not want a broken heart for my Christmas gift. Ok, enough blah, blah..

Hope you all are having a great day. I am going to go walk and chat with Mom...

Comment #41

Hey, I might earn my second 25 mile star this week...

Comment #42

Thanks Sandy- virtual hugs and stars right back to you for cheerleading and logisticts deluxe!.

Kori is a head banging rockstar for sure! congrats..

Water-40 oz so far.

Gonna go hump the wall...on no thats not a lady like thing to say..gonna try a wall push up-push away I think. Timmy is laying on the couch watching Riverdance, the beat is inspiring.


Comment #43

Actually, I think - from this point forward - we should always refer to wall push-ups as "humping the wall"..

I am amused!!!..

Comment #44

Me either! I have 54 oz. in already and on my next 24 oz. already!..

Comment #45

Sucks about canceling golf but really??? If there is that much of a frost delay I would cancel also..

Hit the gym this morning but got there way late and didn't have time for crunches. Will get somre more in today...

Comment #46

BF would definitely approve if you were thinkin of him at least, right??..

Comment #47

I hear ya Darlene! I am freakin' freezing!!!! It is too cold for me, I am such a wuss!..

Comment #48

I think we are going to float away today. I am loving all the water. Ok, I am losing this race so I am going to go chug...

Comment #49

As a friend of mine would say..."You are such a spoon." You like to stir shitz up!.

But I love that about you!..

Comment #50

I think it is a bcbc day in Shammieland. Lori and her quickie and the rest humping the wall. Is this going to make the front page...

Comment #51

Totally stole the words out of my mouth! Sandy you are freakin' amazing!!! Thank you for all your hard work! And you are rockin' the program and challenge yourself, chica!..

Comment #52

This is very true. I have done challenges with other groups. I stopped doing them because I didn't feel the push and support that I get here every day. We are going to finish this challenge and you are definitely going to get a good gift for Christmas from us Shammies!..

Comment #53

You will, fo'Sho'!!! Make a goal and make it happen!..

Comment #54

Fun day in Shammie land..

I am freezing here in Sunny, Southern California. As soon as I get in all my water, think I am going to switch to hot tea to keep me warm..

Hit the gym this AM but my sister totally bailed on me. Since she did, I went a little bit later but miscalculated so I didn't have enough time for my ab exercises like I wanted to. Will get them in later hopefully. Have an appointment with the trainer tonight..

Need to get some work done....

Comment #55

I never got my quickie this afternoon..

I got stood up because of meetings..

Kori - with all of this exercise you got going on - are your losses slowing down? Are you upping your calories a bit to compensate? Tell me what's shakin' witchu..

Much love to all..

24 minutes and I'm outta here!..

Comment #56

Don't everyone be talking all at once now..

I'm starving..

Like...I'm so hungry it hurts...

Comment #57

Hi all. Wicked proud of all my shammies today. Just finished up the last of my 75 wallies or humpies, lol...about the only action I see lately. And I walked around my building at lunch today for an additional 1.5 miles..

Comment #58

I really need to get back on track with exercise..

I'm so damn tired all the time...

Comment #59

Lori, think of it as a chore you need to do...i was doing good for a while but have totally slacked off, especially working the two jobs..

I'm going to try and go in the morning EARLY while the kids are still sleeping...

Comment #60

Boys are lucky...they dont use all the toilet paper like us water swilllin',fat dissolving, peeing a river every hour girlies....

Just thought I'd share..

Comment #61

Darlene - you make me laugh..

Lori - I love that hungry feeling. I think it means I am losing..

I am off to the play and dinner. I have another golf meeting in the morning but know I will be OP and here as soon as I can...

Comment #62

I know that once I get back to it...I'll get it back...I just have to get back to it..

Eh...I'll get it...

Comment #63

Quick check in to say hi and I'm finally back from dtrs. house and shopping today. Besides running with the boys, I made sure I walked alot and fast in the stores for my exercise. Boys tried to eat part of my crunch bardon't they know they're like gold to us. Lara, sorry to hear about problems with DH. You all know I've been thru alot of problems and even tonight when I got home, I'm kinda suspicious that maybe he drank today.

Hopefully I'm wrong and he's just not feeling well (like he says). He's got his physical with internist tomorrow to get approval for knee replacement surgery next Tues. so be better not screw this up. Sometimes I get mad at myself for always waiting for the "other shoe to drop" and since I've been back he's done great but today just seems a little off to me. I'll keep you guys updated and pray for the best.

I'll be gone all morning but try to check back later in the day...

Comment #64

My losses are slowing down. I have not upped my calories to compensate. Maybe I need to try that this next week and see if it makes a difference. Will play with the numbers and see how it shakes down...

Comment #65

I second that. I am really hungry now too. Need to go home and figure out what to eat for L&G. Hmmmm...decisions, decisions, decisions...

Comment #66

I have done the early morning thing for the past 2 days and it hasn't killed me as I thought it would. I will wait to pass judgement for a little longer but I think it might work. I need that structure and routine to help. Plus I feel like I get so much more done when I get exercise done in the morning and get to work early...

Comment #67

Hope everything goes well. Relax and have a great night!..

Comment #68

Need to get my butt home and make something for dinner..

Going to an AA meeting with my sister. She has to go for her college class so I told her I would go with..

Oh, and my cousin had her baby but we are having drama because she did not even call or text or anything to tell us she was going to the hospital or anything. Hurt my feelings big time cuz we are like sisters, I threw her baby shower, and we were talking about us wanting to be at the hospital just the other day. She was just being super selfish and then acted like nothing was wrong. I haven't even heard from her what the baby's stats were, if she named the baby or anything. I know I am being a little bitter and I am going to get over it but I am still too hurt to not say anything really hateful and mean to her so I ignored her phone call today. Oh, well..

Gonna try and find a flight to see BF over Christmas break and then heading home..

Have the trainer at the gym tonight..

Mucho love..

Peace out...

Comment #69

Kori, Kori, Kori....


Barb - Hope e'thing is okay for you at home..

Hi e'one...just a quick check in..

Joe just got home and it seems his G'ma isn't doing well..

Comment #70

Did it - DONE it! ROCKED IT! and still suckin down the "juice"..

Comment #71

Got in my humpies to get rid of the lumpies..

Comment #72

Start slow sweetie - you know it will give you energy.....

Comment #73

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.