Anyone understand how the Medifast Diet works?

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First off, Anyone understand how the Medifast Diet works? Hoping for any response. My other question... Welcome!.

I moved the thread as per kurtiekittys suggestion because there seems to be not so many people in this section, thus affording us some privacy and well....a clubhouse!.

I vote that we pretend our clubhouse is up on a tree..

Feel free to bring curtains and your favorite cups..

Hope to hear from all you at some point today!.

My goal for the day is to drink more water..

I havent been doing so good at hydrating myself... My skin looks fine but my fat isnt melting fast enough!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Cool, I have always wanted a tree house!.

Ok, so here's my story, in high school I was in the 180's, dropped to the 160's when I started playing soccer. Was 165lbs when I met my hubby at age 18! he was deployed on his 2nd tour in Iraq and I lost weight before his return home. I got down the 137lbs, lowest adult weight. I was so motivated and did it the old fashion way. Used a pen and paper and ate between 800-1500 calories a day and did 30-90 minutes of exercise daily. I lost it within 3 months! Time went on, and the stress of nursing school made me get back to the 160s! I graduated nursing school in 2007.

I started Medifast a couple of weeks ago and the hardest thing is staying on an eating schedule, I work 12 hour night shifts so it's hard. I am an exercise fanatic and am most happy if I can workout at least once or twice day! Looking forward to this group to stay motivated and lost those last lbs. Ok, just ran over 2 miles...going to go eat some Medifast eggs with a few chopped bell peppers scrambled in. Good luck ladies!.

Name: Lida.

Location: Bay Area...California.

Age: 25.

Height: 5'4".

Start Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight: 144/140.2/120's.

Goal size: Jeans 7 or 9.

Married/Engaged/Dating/Single/Asexual/Borg: Married for 6 years!.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? My makeup is still on from last night!?.

Whats your life motto? Hard work pays off!....If you can dream it, you can do it!.

What's your favorite Medifast meal? Peanut Butter Crunch Bars...MMmmm.

What's been your biggest surprise on MF? The food is not as bad as other diets.

What are you most looking forward to about maintenance? Eating Fruit!.

What's your biggest Medifast worry about the rest of losing/transition/maintenance? Going off plan..

Comment #2

Hi All! So excited to be a part of the club - the view is amazing...awesome sunsets after an on plan day.

First, Cicely thanks for organizing!.

A little about me - I started last week of May and my goal was to lose 36 pounds to hit 125. I actually have been a really slow loser! I also early on had some problems giving it 100% but have managed to lose 20.5 pounds in 4 months. That has made an amazing difference on my sizes/frame. I think 125 is where I want to be but I am considering adjusting that down to 120 if it still looks like I need to lose weight. I do lift pretty heavy weights and have put on a lot of muscle so that might make 125 a better goal. I LOVE having a group that will support me through these last few 15.5 pounds! In return I'll support you too! I promise to share a pic as we get further along in private so I'm not just a cute cartoon picture.

Name: Medilina.

Location: Philadelphia.

Age: 37.

Height: 5'2".

Start Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight (if not in signature): 161/140.5/125 (for now - I think I will end up going down to 120).

Start size/current size/goal size: 12p/8p/6p-4p.

Married/Engaged/Dating/Single/Asexual/Borg: Single!.

Don't want to be single for too long.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Wow I don't have to pin this wrap shirt at the chest anymore - no way it's flying open actually fits!.

Whats your life motto? Live and Let Live..

What's your favorite Medifast meal? PB and Cinnamon Bars (and brownies!).

What's been your biggest surprise on MF? That it actually works - nothing has budged me off of that 160 mark like MF! And it brought my A1c down in to normal range, I got off meds in 2 months!.

What are you most looking forward to about maintenance? I have to second both of the previous responses - moderate alchol and fruit..

What's your biggest Medifast worry about the rest of losing/transition/maintenance? I'm not worried actually - I'm already preparing/printing out transition/maintenance info - I bought Dr. A's book too - excited about it. Actually I do have a fear - that I won't like myself. Up till now it's been easy to blame low self esteem about how I look on the weight - but what if I'm thin and I still feel that way? That's something I'll have to work on.

Ok - leaving for my personal training session - check in later!..

Comment #3


My story is I've been a yo-yo-er for about seven years. Each time I gain weight, I gain more than the last time. I arrived in the 120's a few years ago and kept it off for about three years, then slowly gained everything back. The 120's was lower than I had been even in high school. This time, rather than say 'wow, I've never been this thin before, pass me the pizza' and then just start eating all kinds of junk and/or starving myself for a few months until I give up and eat junk instead, I'm learning how to actually transition and maintain the weight loss, and how to eat healthfully. Also I'm learning how to handle stress, which is a big trigger for me (subsequently: how to avoid the vino and comfort foods)..

I'm excited for this group- the big hurdle is that I need to figure out where exactly I plan to stop: 113, 115, 118? Not sure yet. Whatever it is, I want to have a number and not stop until I get there, rather than waking up one day and no longer dieting like I have in the past..








5'5 1/2".

Start Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight (if not in signature).

: 179/135.8/115 (really, somewhere between 113-118).

Start size/current size/goal size:.

Unknown- just wore stretchy things but I think: 16-ish?/8-ish/2-ish.


Married- you'll see me talk about poor old DH all the time since my hobby is observing him lol..

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?.

Negative self-talk ACK: 'ewww a zit! and boy my hair's tangley'. That has GOT to stop. The third thought I thought though was probably 'ooh, I look skinny' lol..

Whats your life motto?.

I'm trying to embrace this one more: "Do what you want to do, don't worry about what other people think.".

What's your favorite Medifast meal?.

I can't pick: chocolate shakes, brownies, PB bars, cocoa. There are lots of tasty things lol..

What's been your biggest surprise on MF?.

How good it's been for the whole fam. Eating healthier, getting more exercise. It's not just a food thing anymore, it's a health and wellness thing. It's led to me taking more care of my appearance (I had really let that slide for a while) and taking time for girlie things, quitting smoking.

, and staying OP when faced with temptation. I'm really learning to see the bigger picture, gaining tools to use in the long-run in my life, and learning to pick my priorities. It feels great.

What are you most looking forward to about maintenance?.

Being at goal weight.

What's your biggest Medifast worry about the rest of losing/transition/maintenance?.

That I won't be able to combine multiple L&Gs into my daily life without getting overwhelmed, and that I will just start cheating toward the end and never officially transition. I really want to have a number picked and to actually reach it. 115, for now, is that number, although it feels impossible to reach- never been that low in my adult life..

Off to do a work-out video and blog quick about my weekend. Will also post the food I've eaten today. Have a nice evening!..

Comment #4

Daily report:.

Just quit smoking a week ago, yay!, but my weight has now stalled because *ahem* no more stimulants in the system means my body has to reprogram to become more regular if you know what I mean. Weighed-in today and yes, still stalled. So I'm taking fiber pills and hoping that they'll kick-in. It's been a week of weirdness, and I'm hoping things will straighten out soon. Not to mention that 1 pack/day makes your heart beat as fast as it would if I were 90 pounds heavier (I just read), so that was an extra 200 cals./day I was burning..

So: no loss this week, but for good and understandable reasons. Just wish me luck that this doesn't last too long.

Just got back from my sister's wedding and had a lovely OP time. Family was a big stressor, but I survived without eating, drinking, or smoking anything I shouldn't lol..

That's the summary, but as always, check out my blog for more details- I usually post something every day..

Today's food:.

Shake x2.

Pancakes with a tiny bit of SF syrup.

PB bar.


Turkey burgers in lettuce wraps with diced tomatoes and grilled mushrooms. With a side of 75% reduced sugar heinz ketchup..


And of course: fiber pills. Citrucel caplets, which according to the nutritional information I looked up, has no carbs and 5 calories per every 2 caplets. We'll see how effective they are..

To counteract the lower metabolism I'm going to do a boot-camp cardio video on Netflix Watch Instantly. It should be fun, at least that's what I'm saying to myself..

Comment #5

Carise we are going to have to work on this part:.

Negative self-talk ACK: 'ewww a zit! and boy my hair's tangley'. That has GOT to stop. The third thought I thought though was probably 'ooh, I look skinny' lol..

You're gorgeous! I think we all fall into traps of negative talk with outselves! I get that way too - lately especially because I've been getting a lot more compliments..and they are hard to accept....(Kurz didn't you write a blog about this?)..

The one thing I am looking forward to (hopefully tomorrow) is reaching the 130's! I've been teetering at 141/140 for weeks now....looking forward to getting to the next decile!!..

Comment #6

My story is I moved to the USA and even though I was raised on a Mediterranean diet, I must've forgotten all about it, because as soon as I arrived I started eating all sorts of fast food..

As a result (surprise!) I got fat. But I didn't know it..

I didn't even realize it until I hit 190 pounds. Now it's time to correct the situation once and for all, so here I am..

* Name.

: Cicely (you can call me Cic for short).

* Location.

: Phoenix, AZ.

* Age:.


* Height.

: 5'4".

* Start Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight (if not in signature):.


* Start size/current size/goal size:.

No idea (again, I didn't even know I was fat).

* Married/Engaged/Dating/Single/Asexual/Borg.

: Living in sin with a hot guy I met on the internet. Rumor is we're getting married next year..

* When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?.

Oh my god! I think I'm in control. (and sang it in my head).

* Whats your life motto?.

A healthy mix between "Carpe Diem", "Razzle, Dazzle 'em" and "You ain't gonna get hit by a bus tomorrow, so plan accordingly.".

* What's your favorite Medifast meal?.

S'mores bars.

* What's been your biggest surprise on MF?.

How easy it is to follow the program. It's a no-brainer. And apparently that's good for me :P.

* What are you most looking forward to about maintenance?.

Being at goal weight, being able to eat fruit and yogurt.

* What's your biggest Medifast worry about the rest of losing/transition/maintenance?.

I worry if I'm actually learning, if I'll be able to change my habits and not get lazy with food again..

My food report for today is:.

Shake+Oatmeal Cake.

Chili Cheese Puffs.

One Jell-o snack.

Parmesan Puffs.

Cinnamon Pretzels.

7 oz. Shrimp.

3 cups lettuce.

1 tsp. olive oil.


Can you tell I was craving carbs like crazy today??..

Comment #7

Hi Ladies, thanks for letting me join the club in the treehouse. Here's a little bit about me. My name is Robyn, and I started Medifast on June 21st. I've always been a little overweight my whole life, and never really tried to lose weight before. Ten years ago I moved from New Jersey to New Orleans, and at the time I weighed 205 pounds. Somehow over the past ten years I lost 35 pounds without even trying.

Anyway, this past June I went back to NJ to visit my dad and he was 60 pounds lighter than he had been when I saw him last December. I couldn't believe my eyes and he told me that he had been on MF. I was so curious and he told me all about it and how "easy" it was. I was really intrigued, because I've never been happy with my weight, but I didn't think that there was a diet out there that would work for me. I am a chef, and I am around food all day every day.

I actually didn't. My problem was not the quantity of what I ate, but the quality of the food and the time I would eat. Basically I would have coffee in the morning and then nothing all day long except for "tastes." I would come home starving late at night and eat pasta, pizza, or a sandwich. Carb city! Oh yeah another favorite was sugary cereal! My metabolism was so slow from starving all day long then eating pure carbs right before bed. Anyway, my dad said that if I wanted to try Medifast he would help me out financially so I signed up! At first it was really hard eating so many times a day, especially first thing in the morning.

Name: Robyn (Kurtie is my cat...he's 6).

Location: New Orleans, LA.

Age: 40.

Height: 5'7 1/2.

Start Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight.

(if not in signature): 170/141/129.

Start size/current size/goal size.

: Tight 10/Loose 6/4.


Newly single.

[b]When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? [b]"don't be upset if you didn't lose this week" (I lost 1.6 pounds).

Whats your life motto?.

Be happy in whatever you do.

What's your favorite Medifast meal?.

Chocolate crunch bars, chocolate pudding semi-frozen with 1 Tbsp SF coconut syrup, peach oatmeal, cinnamon pretzels.

What's been your biggest surprise on MF?.

That I am actually sticking to it and enjoying it!.

What are you most looking forward to?.

Wearing cute smaller clothes, and not always being self-conscious. Going out with friends and not being the "fat girl" that the guys don't talk to.

What's your biggest Medifast worry about the rest of losing/transition/maintenance?.

That I still won't be happy with my appearance even when I reach goal. I mean, I'm the lowest weight I've been since I was 14 years old, but I still see so many problem areas when I look in the mirror. My thighs are way too big, and I don't believe that in 14 pounds they will be skinny. Also my boobs are non-existent and I'm going to have to wear training bras! LOL! I was a 38 B before Medifast and now I can't fill out a 34 A. My BFF said not to worry and that I really don't want boobs, but I DO!.

What I ate today:.

Peach oatmeal with 1Tbsp SF syurp (no flavor, just sweetener) and cinnamon.

Cinnamon crunch bar.

Chicken wild rice soup.

Vanilla pudding as a shake with 1/2 tsp LorAnn Peanut butter flavor.

5 Oz filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms and 1 cup lettuce with FF Italian dressing.

Frozen chocolate pudding (later)..

Comment #8

Hi! I love the group name! i'm pam. I am a registered nurse on a medical oncology floor at a hospital. I started medifast june 1st. I hit rock bottom on may 12 at my mom's 80th birthday party. I bought a size 14 dress and had to squeeze myself into it. I was so uncomfortable throughout the entire party and I looked huge in the pictures.

A friend of the family is a healthcoach for TSFL and I decided I had to do something about my weight once and for all....and just 3 1/2 months later I am 45lbs. lighter. however, it seems to be getting a little harder the closer I get to my goal. I have been more hungry and I have been guesstimating my lean and greens. I need this group to re-motivate me so that I can get to my goal by christmas..

Name: Pam.

Location: Ocean City, NJ.

Age: 42.

Height: 5'4".

Start Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight: 193/148/130.

Goal size: size 8.

Married/Engaged/Dating/Single/Asexual/Borg: married, 1 daughter and 2 kittens.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? wow this scrub top is slimming, I have to order more. should I order a size smaller?.

Whats your life motto? don't happy.

What's your favorite Medifast meal? chocolate crunch bars.

What's been your biggest surprise on MF? how fast the weight came off.

What are you most looking forward to about maintenance? fruit and hummus.

What's your biggest Medifast worry about the rest of losing/transition/maintenance? gaining weight and losing conrol.

Food Report:.

Vanilla shake.

Chocolate crunch bar.

Salad with hard boiled eggs.

Cappucino shake.


Lemon bar.

Cheddar soy crisps..

Comment #9

Made a logo if you all want to use it, feel free. Cic- you might want to save it to your desktop/photobucket to have an original copy too..

Here's the code you'd use:.


Just erase that last period after the '/IMG' to get the code to work properly..

Here's what it looks like:.


Comment #10

Hows your day starting, ladies?.

Mine is looking pretty nifty, but it's only 8 AM..

I made some tea last night to have with breakfast this morning..

I always have plain tea, i.e. water with herbs..

This mornings flavor is chocolate & coconut. Not too shabby!.

Heres to the Femme Fatales have a wonderful OP day!..

Comment #11

I love the logo too, thanks for creating it! Someday I'll figure out how to use it. Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #12

HI LADIES!!!! Sorry I was MIA yesterday.

We went camping over the weekend and extended it another night soooo I ended up taking the day off & was not around a computer. Excited to be back though and to get to know all of you!!.

So here is my story..I am 28 years old (pretty sure I have to answer that again in the little bullets) and I live in beautiful San Diego.I got pregnant at 16 years old and had no idea what my future held. I got a basketball scholarship and went onto college as a single mom and received my teaching credential. (I have ZERO clue as to why I ever wanted to be a teacher). When I had my daughter I ballooned up to about 210 but dropped it quickly with the constant exercise and demands of being a single parent & full time student and athlete. When I graduated I went on to teach Kindergarten and realized it was not the job for me....Wanting to be very spontaneous I picked up and moved me and my little girl to Hawaii, lived there for a year...which in that time I gained...and Gained...and GAINED!!!.

When I moved back to SD I was so ashamed that I cut out a social life all together and was miserable. So up to this point I was a single mom...fat...and so unhappy. I went on the atkins diet and lost about 80 pounds. I felt great! That eventually crept back on over the years and I finally decided to start medifast when I was up to about 160 and realized that I was not in control and would not allow myself to go back to the weight that made me miserable. So now Im here..Im loving medifast but still have not found a way to make it a lifestyle change as I do (and I hate to admit this) go off plan EVERY weekend...Its almost like I am keeping it at the current weight but I am not losing..and with not being at goal I feel like I am wasting money and cheating myself. I have faith that this small group will motivate and support me and help me through the weekends.

* Name: Sam.

* Location: San Diego, CA.

* Age: 35.

* Height: 5'4".

* Start Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight (if not in signature): Starting weight (when I decided to go on medifast) 158/current weight 145 (gained 2 pounds)/ goal weight 130.

* Start size/current size/goal size: start:12 Current:9 Goal:7.

* Married/Engaged/Dating/Single/Asexual/Borg: Very happily living with my amazing and supportive Boyfriend.

* When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Welllllp...I def gained weight this wkend.

* Whats your life motto? "La Bella Vita"...its written on my wrist to remind myself every day that I am living "the beautiful life".

* What's your favorite Medifast meal? Peach Oatmeal (crazy huh).

* What's been your biggest surprise on MF? That this might be the one thing in my life that I cant cut corners on.

* What are you most looking forward to about maintenance? Being able to EAT FRUIT!!!!!!.

* What's your biggest Medifast worry about the rest of losing/transition/maintenance?I worry that the same thing will happen that has happened with every diet..I will feel good and then sabotage myself thinking that I am in some sort of fat burning permanent state and that just one binge wont gain..

Comment #13

I love the logo! so far i'm having a good day. I just finished doing wii fit and i'm going to make a bannana shake..

Comment #14


Do all of the Femme Fatales work out? I'm interested in everyone's work out schedule..

How many days a week do you work out:.

What is your favorite exercise:.

Have you started incorporating weights in your workout:..

Comment #15

I guess I should have answered those myself.

How many days a week do you work out: I try to work out every other day at least! I spend about 40-50 minutes at the gym each time I go.

What is your favorite exercise: I was a runner but have lost the "love" I had for it seems like such a I do the elliptical or bike for cardio.

Have you started incorporating weights in your workout: That is a big fat (no pun intended) no...I really want to..every time I tell myself "ok sam..time to start toning..I talk myself out of it"..UGH..

Comment #16

Kurtie, if you'd like, I can show you how to use the logo and to add other things as your signature..

Sam, what you said "That this might be the one thing in my life that I can't cut corners on" made me laugh out loud. It's so true that cutting corners will not work with MF! Hopefully what we both can learn from that is some self-discipline and to be in control..

Sometimes our greatest enemy is ourselves..

That's why I like the group. I feel you ladies will be my anchor if/when I try to sabotage myself..

You help me keep my eyes on the goal..

Thank you...

Comment #17

My work out consists on paying for the gym once a month..

I signed up 3 months ago and have gone maybe 8 times..

But I do swim at least twice a week..

I really should have a more consistent work out schedule but that's always been a problem..

I used to skip P.E. in school..

But... I didn't mind doing ballet 4 hours everyday..

If you've ever done ballet, you know it isn't for the faint of heart..

I danced ballet from age 3 until I was 20..

Let me see about something....

I just tried my shoes on and they still fit wonderfully!.

Maybe I could do that....

I still remember the routines..

You ladies are wonderful!.

I'm starting my ballet routine today!..

Comment #18

Yes you should start doing that!!! I always wanted to do ballet but my parents made me play basketball every free second I had. Turns out playing so much basketball did get me a scholarship and my college paid for but I was always so envious of ballerinas.

AND they have amazing bodies!! Let me know how your first routine goes..

Comment #19

Hi ladies! Happy Tuesday!.

Carise - thank you for creating the logo - I love it!.

Cic - I love that you're putting on your ballet shoes - I love ballet shoes!.

To the rest of of the ladies I love love reading your history - we all come such different places/situations and yet we're all doing it!.

On working out - I work out with a personal trainer 1-2 times a week. We do a 30-40 minute heavy lifting routine (weight that is heavy enough to tire out muscles in about 12 reps). It's totally helped me get stronger - I was weaker on the bottom (top heavy/apple shape) and it's really helped proportion me out. I also do yoga once a week. Pre- Medifast my routine was two days eight lifting, 2 days yoga and one day of something else. But since Medifast I have cut working out back quite a bit.

So OP today - Caramel Crunch bar in the AM, Medifast soup for lunch (I'm running behind on my meals today - it's 1:39 and I've only had 2 so far!). Got caught up in confernce calls..

I wanted to share something with you guys - I think Medifast makes you so much more of a postiive person and changes your outlook. Last night I found out this guy I have had a crush on for the longest time (and who I thought had a crush on me) doesn't have feelings for me - he in fact is encouraging me to get out there and heart was a little crushed - that fantasy is over now - but I didn't seep into a depresssive mood - I said "well, you're looking good, there are other guys out there, be positive.".

Anyway - have a GREAT DAY!!..

Comment #20

I just started belly dance. Which I am AWFUL at but which I love. I've never been very athletic, but I've been trying to change that since college. So now I hike, bike, whatever, and don't psych myself out about potentially dying somewhere along the way..

Another 'sport' I like is riding horses, the trail ride type. There are no places near me, so I only go during the summer when I'm out of town, but I loooove trail rides, and believe it or not, you get quite a work-out..

I don't own bikes where DH and I live (we just got a house less than a year ago and 'bike' hasn't made the shopping list yet), but we do walk or go to parks and hike. I am not a big fan of walking with no goal in mind, so I'll walk to the belly dance class, walk to blockbuster, walk to the store, walk to a restaurant, things like that. It's nice having that option in this neighborhood. I just go on 'liesurely walks' only a time or two a week, while the other times I walk someplace in particular. Tonight, the plan is to walk to Blockbuster lol..

Did the work-out video yesterday which almost killed me lol it was a CHALLENGE! Netflix is so handy- we have a way to play netflix on our tv so I can do their work-out videos in my living room. It was only a half hour long (thankfully), but it worked-out the whole body. Some exercises required weights which we don't technically have, but I used DH's big barbell free-weights and just held onto two five-pound ones, one in each hand lol. The last time I tried this work-out a couple months ago, I couldn't do it with ANY weights, and barely survived it using no weights. This time, I did it with 5lb weights. I hope to build up to 10lb weights and to be doing the push-ups the 'real' way instead of the 'girl' way lol.

That's something I can maintain becuase it's a small, rather than a huge, change for me..

And as far as going off-program on the weekends, Sam, you can totally do this. The goal would be to survive the first day you usually fail, or the first night as the case may be, and then check in. Then survive the next chunk of time and check in again. Since it's been so long since you've made it, it sounds like it's become a sort of a mental block Definitely a demon worth fighting before you get to T&M. If you moved your whole life to hawaii once upon a time, I know you can eat OP for a weekend..

Comment #21

Thanks for the motivation Carise....Your so right though! Its almost like I tell myself "I cannot stay OP during a weekend"...but I know in my heart I can. It will only take doing it one full weekend and then seeing the results on the scale for me to stay put and not cheat!.

Where I grew up..we all owned horses. I love to ride! I could do it for hours..

Comment #22

My report for the day....

Hey Ladies,.

Hope everyone had and will continue until they lay their pretty little head on their pillow tonight a very OP day!Because I am so slammed with my daughter's homework..dinner..and trying to fit it some exercise I rarely go to my computer at I will report right now before I leave work for the day so I cant be held accountable.

My meals today were as follows:.

Orange Shake.

Peach Oatmeal.

Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Bar.

Chicken Nood soup.

1 oz raw almonds (so happy they are now approved snacks).

(1) Diet Dr. Pepper.

(4) liters of H20...and counting.

And tonight I will have.

L&G Chicken, salad, & broccoli.

Banana pudding.

Have GREAT night and we shall chat manana..

Comment #23

To eat today:.

Turkey burger lettuce wraps (like last night).

Beef Stew.

Banana Shake Frappe.

Chocolate Shake Frappe.


Hot Vanilla Shake.

To drink: water and some diet gold peak iced tea.

Exercise: walked to blockbuster and back (about 25mins walking)..

Comment #24

Pretty good day today. I ate:.

Chocolate crunch bar.

Bananna shake.

Lemon crunch bar.

Caprese salad.


And i'm going to make a shake after my shower..

I did about 30 min. of light exercise on wii fit today..

To drink: seltzer water and regular water...not enough however...

Comment #25

Look Carise, I did it! Thanks for the instructions..

I don't really exercise formally but I do a lot of heavy lifting at work, and cooking for 8-10 hours a day in a huge kitchen must burn some calories. I do a lot of walking around there too. It's a huge event venue..

Today's meals:.

Hot cocoa.

Chocolate crunch bar.

Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks.

Vanilla Pudding Shake with 2 Tbsp. WF Blueberry Syrup.

Egg Beater Frittata with Mushrooms and Broccoli.

Brownie (later).

I was really hungry all day until my L&G. I find the drinks, bars and pretzels the least filling and it was poor planning to have those as my first three meals. I usually like to start the day with oatmeal because it seems to keep me full longer, but I was running late so I had to dump a cocoa in my coffee and drink it in my car this morning. Hope everyone else had a great day!..

Comment #26


Oatmeal + Shake Cake.

Chocolate crunch bar.

Parmesan puffs.

Chili nacho cheese puffs.

Flounder + mrs. dash salt substitute seasoning blend + romaine lettuce + tomatoes + 1tsp olive oil.


The hardest part of my day was.


I decided that it would be nice to surprise my fiance at work, just say hi and take him a treat since he was in meetings all day and didn't have time for lunch..

I asked him what he wanted, as a treat and he said he'd love a particular item from a particular chocolate place..

It took me an hour to psych myself up, to convince myself that I was gonna be ok, that I could indeed go to that store, buy the one item and walk away. And not touch it while in the car driving to his job..

The psyching up worked and I was certainly successful..

He was very happy with his treat, and that made me happy..

Nevertheless, I'm not gonna try going back to that store there anytime soon..

I did not do my ballet routine, so I get a big fat fail on that area but hey, maybe tomorrow!.

I'm enjoying very much this gathering of special ladies..

Thanks again to all of you!..

Comment #27

Cic, I have to give you an A+++ for not giving into the temptation of the chocolate store! I'm sure just the smell in there must have been hard to handle. I made 20 gallons of ice cream today and didn't have a taste. That was an easy one though because I know what goes in it....pure fat and sugar!..

Comment #28

Thank you, thank you!.

Yeah, some things are easy to avoid on account of their grossness, that's true..

That said, I still think you are super woman to have a job like yours and be able to do Medifast (or any diet, really)..

I think it must take super strength...

Comment #29

Cic with the oatmeal+shake cake how do you do it? do you do half a packet of each to equal 1 full Medifast meal? I haven't tried that yet, but the shake cake is pretty good...

Comment #30

The shake cake is great, but I found a particular recipe in the forums when I was looking for ways to use the oatmeal (which I absolutely hate), that allows you to mix the oatmeal and shakes to make something really filling and actually yummy..

This is how I make it (Im sorry I dont know who invented it):.

4 oatmeal packages.

4 shake packages (55 ones).

1 Tbsp baking powder.

2 tsp vanilla extract.

1 1/2 cups of water.

1/4 c. egg beaters.

1/4 c. sugar free syrup (any flavor).

A couple dashes of cinnamon.

You mix all the dry ingredients first..

Then add everything else..

Cook it at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. ( I use a 9x9 pan, so it's easy for me to cut 8 even pieces once it comes out of the oven).

What I love about it the most (besides the yumminess), is that it makes 8 portions, so I can make it once a week and have a piece every morning. Like I said it's very filling and it allows me to use the oatmeal that I hate so much..

Ive divided each pieces nutrition info and this it (for each piece):.

Calories: 103.

Calories from fat: 8.16.

Total fat: 0.91.

Sodium: 358.22.

Carbs: 14.7.

Fiber: 4.68.

Sugars: 5.13.

Protein: 11.75.

Vit. A: 1251.21.

Vit. C: 21.

Calcium: 243.63.

Iron: 5.4.

Best combinations so far (in my humble opinion): maple oatmeal + banana shake, apple cinammon oatmeal + chocolate shake, maple oatmeal + swiss mocha..

By the way, inspired by Kurzs thread and Craneys opinion, I decided to have a hot chocolate shake instead of my customary brownie this evening and I must say it's delicious!..

Comment #31

Ooh that recipe looks tasty.

Ya as far as the hot shakes, I just started doing that! I shake them in the shaker jar first then pour it into a mug and heat it up. It's really mmmmm. lol I'm annoyed I didn't think to try it out sooner lol..

Comment #32

Today's good so far. Having ciggie cravings ugh. To combat that I'm working on a banner for the group. Will post shortly. Have a great day all!..

Comment #33

Here is a new banner anyone can use..


Just erase the period at the end of [/IMG.].

It's on my signature so you can see what it looks like..

Comment #34

Yay, for using creativity against our urges!.

Good job, Craney!..

Comment #35

Looks like you all did great yesterday!!! I need to get to the point where I can:.

1) Go to a CHOCOLATE shop & get something for someone else and not me.

2) Make gallons of Ice Cream (which is like a drug to me).


3) Experiment with different Medifast recipes!.

I really think if I were to try out some of the recipes then I would be less likely to sabotage myself & cheat! I really think that is one of the main things we are supposed to learn being of MF! That we dont have to suffer through not eating enjoyable foods just cause we dont want to be fat anymore. Sure I cant have store bought cake...but it looks like I can make something with my Medifast meals that will take off that craving! I am going to be more daring and try this recipe too.


Comment #36

Let us know how it goes when you try it!..

Comment #37

Hi Friends!!!.

Im about to leave for the day and am checking in to do my daily log.

Today I had..

CC Pancake.

Peach Oatmeal.

Beef Stew.

Almonds (1 oz).

Strawberry Crunch Bar.

And in about30 minutes I will be sweating it out at the gym. I plan on doing the elliptical for 20 mins and the bike for 20 mins.

I put some new tunes on the pod and that always gets me through a work out.

Tonight I'm going to a some salmon lettuce wraps for dinner & prob a shake before bed..

I'm super hungry today & have been trying so hard to stay out of my work kitchen..OMG I think I forgot to mention....I work in an office with 12 guys. AND my boss's wife is OBSESSED with buying everything sweet and salty for the office. Its crazy! I stay out of there as much as possible and today managed to stay away from the deep dish pizza with garlic sauce and chocolate dipped strawberries she brought everyone for lunch....

Hope you ladies have a great night..

Comment #38

I had a great day today! my friend and I went on a shopping spree. I forgot how fun clothes shopping is. for the first time I was able to buy clothes from ann taylor loft..

Today: strawberry shake.

Lemon crunch bar.

Salad with grilled chicken and unsweetened iced tea.

Chocolate crunch bar.


Vanilla shake later.

I am going to try the shake cake and my shakes heated up. thanks!..

Comment #39

It's late but I procrastinated. Going to do that Crunch gym Boot Camp video. ugh. Don't want to, but it's just 30 mins out of my life. I can do this! lol.

Oh and I just posted WL photos on my blog from the wedding I survived this past weekend. Yay!.

Food log: shake x2 (frappe).

Chicken noodle soup.

Cinnamon pretzels.


Steak and asparagus.

Drinks: need to drink more!!! I'm a couple of bottles shy of hydrated. Will do before bed..

Exercise: crunch gym video and possibly a mini-walk...

Comment #40

Hey gals! I am SO sorry. I have been swamped since Monday, and probably am going to be just blasted until Sunday. I promise to be a better team member soon!.

Here's what I ate today:.

- Chili Puffs.

- Hot Cocoa.

- Parm Puffs.

- Crystal Light Energy Wild Strawberry packet.

- 5 oz filet & sauteed spinach (dinner out with the fam).

- Brownie.

- Parm Puffs.

See a theme? LOL.

Hope you all are KICKING booty!!..

Comment #41

Hey girls! You are all inspiring! I haven't checked in because I have been so busy working. Was doing great for the week until today.

I had an awful night at work last night....had a patient that kept me on my toes all night. Then I was exhausted because I didn't sleep yesterday so on the drive home, I was a zombie. I have 35 minute commute and fell asleep driving. Woke up halfway in the opposite lane with a pickup truck coming towards me. So I pulled off and there it was....the place my hubby calls "McKankles"...yes I bought junk to get me through the drive home...kept me awake but I felt sick to my stomach and guilty after.

Ok, well, tomorrow is a new day! Hoping to be 100% on plan. Will plan my meals for tomorrow, tonight! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Tried the A/C on full blast, Music super loud, Karaoeke... uuggghhhh recently switched to the night shift cause I transferred departments, I think my body just isn't used to it yet.....

Comment #42


- Your boss' wife is evil. Step away from her. Slowly..


- Clothes shopping is the absolute BEST when clothes fit as they're meant to! Loft is beautiful. You'll have to model some of your new acquisitions for us! Let us know how the shakes turn out!.


- You looked amazing at the wedding! Breathtaking and pretty dang close to your own wedding photos! I love pics without back-fat rolls....


- Hello! You and I seem to have a common theme when it comes to the food we choose.

Sunday is almost here. Hang tough!.


What a terrible adventure you had! I'm just glad you're ok. Also, nurses saved my life in a whole different way than doctors did, once upon a time. Thanks for everything you do for others. It means a lot. I REALLY want you to stay awake on the way home so here are my 2 cents of suggestions: maybe munch on some celery or a bag of pretzels or puffs on the way home?.

My day was uneventful except for the part where I went to the movies and had to eat my L&G there..

I had packed a salad, but I didn't have time to eat it until we were at the theater..

When I opened the salad bowl, the lady behind me leaned over and asked me what was that I had opened that smelled so good. I was thinking the popcorn was smelling pretty sinful, but when she complimented the smell of my salad, I smiled and I ate it proudly..

Today I ate:.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Dutch Chocolate Shake.

Parmesan Puffs.

Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs.

Salad with lettuce, tomatoes and yellow peppers. For my protein I did 3 oz. of chicken & .5 cups of low fat ricotta..


I didn't exercise one bit..

Like nothing at all..

So no gold star for me today..

My arms are jiggly, though. I better do something about that...

Comment #43

Lol that's the thing- I weighed more at my wedding lol. 144 I think it was. Whatever, gained it all back and then some anyway so what difference does it make. It's that poofy cute dress, I tell ya. lol.

But yes, can I just say- no back rolls. can't put a price on that.

Hmmm...i'm exercising so I look like such a great citizen, but honestly, it's just because I'm teetering on the edge of a true blue plateau. Weigh-in this Friday and I'm dangerously close to having lost nothing at all in two whole weeks. I really really really hope I lose. *sigh* whatever, I'll lose eventually one way or the other lol...

Comment #44

LOL, it must be the poofy cute dress then! Whatever it is, you look amazing..

Plateaus are awful but dont stress about it yet..

Lets see what happens on Friday and well take it from there..

If one of us needs an extra something, we can always organize a challenge!.

How does the song go? "Oh I get by with a little help from my friends"..

Except that we dont "get by", we excel, we shine, we wipe the floor with the pounds we drop. Together.


Comment #45

...yeah I hear fat makes a good floor wax.... lol.

Thanks for the encouragement cic. I may take you up on that depending on how this week goes. fingers crossed..

Comment #46

Hey Craney! How do you make Frappes? I love your artistic talent BTW..

Comment #47

Lol thanks.

Cravings make me creative lol..

I make mine a similar way to most people *I think* lol. Here's how I do it- I got a magic bullet which helps with the shakes. I use just over 1/3 c. of cold water, 1 packet of powder, and 4 ice cubes. Then I blend it all until the blender is done dealing with the big ice chunks. Take the top off, have a look at it, dip a spoon in, then add anywhere from 0 to 3 more ice cubes depending on how thick I want it.

You can also add the sugar-free flavor shots before blending if you want. I like raspberry in my vanilla shakes..

So sorry to hear about your falling asleep at the wheel. I'm glad you're okay. As far as McD's goes, it's really up to you what your plan would be. Personally, I'd try to get more sleep during the day and have a cup of coffee before I left work that I can sip in the car on the way home. Coffee tends to give me more energy than food does. Also, carry some Medifast snacks in your glove box so you can get into a crunch bar if you need to and if you have a Medifast meal left.

Just take care of yourself and have back-up plans. Hope tonight's better than yesterday was. Hugs...

Comment #48

I just switched back to night shift recently so I think my body isn't used to it yet. I have only been able to sleep 3-4 hours during the day so I feel like I'm in Zombie mode! I'm going to steal a cup of the good coffee from the doctor's lounge for on the way home from now on lol! And I just placed my 2nd order of Medifast and ordered the puff snacks that Cis recommended, I think those will be good cause I can focus on one piece at a time or something if that makes any sense?...all I have is the basic starter pack and still trying to figure the plan out exactly....I will try the icy frappees at home! Sounds yummy. I have been using a blender bottle and adding ice cubes which isn't so bad either. And it's pretty convenient. Yesterday I had chocolate Medifast pudding an added mint extract but I think I went a little overboard cause I felt like I was eating breath mints mixed with chocolate pudding lol...My weigh in is Saturday morning, so hopefully my screw up wont be too harsh on me!..

Comment #49

Hi ladies!! sorry I was mia yesterday...i was swamped at work and was dying to get to the computer to update but was stuck in meetings. then I tried on my BB but it was way too small. I had a tough start to the week emotion wise but handled it pretty well - no cheats, on plan all the way! And I wanted to share my great news - I reached a new decile this week! I was teetering at 141 forever - I am 139 today! So glad to be in the 130's!!.

Yesterday I went to a party for an old boss who is retiring. Many people haven't seen me and I got so much attention it was almost uncomfortable. My old boss pulled me aside and said 'i dont want to say this in front of everyone but have you lost weight?" I said yes and he said "You look absolutely beautiful!" I had women asking me what I was doing, and they just kept taking me in...I was kind of surprised. I guess it's hard to see on oneself than for others to see. I'm still adjusting to looking in the mirror. Even when I was fat (I think Cic said this) I never really noticed it in the when I'm thinner, I dont really notice it either.

Robyn - I agree with your observation that the plan is EASY. I don't think I've been on an "easier" diet my whole life...I'm glad your dad was able to introduce you to MF!.

Kurz - I notice you like puffs.

He he. I had ordered the Parm ones and really didn't like them but this time I ordered the chili ones and wow, they hit the spot! I love em..

Lida - I am so sorry to hear about your car incident ...I hope you adjust to your schedule Cic said, maybe pack some healthy snacks (the puffs are a great idea) and try to stretch them for the car ride safe! I give nurses so many props - you work so hard at taking care of others..

Carise - thank you for the support on my blog the other day - it was a hard day. I care for him. I just have to remember him not being in love with me doesn't mean there is anything wrong with me...I'm trying to meditate on that fact and have a positive outlook on my future - maybe you'll have another wedding to go to someday.

Congrats on the smoking cessation! You're doing two amazing things at once - dieting and quitting AND working out - kudos to you..

Cic - I just caught up on your choco store story... yay!!! awesome willpower!.

Pam - we're neighbors! I summer in OC every now and then - my dream is to buy a house down there so I can summer there all the time! Congrat on fitting into the loft clothes! one of the plus plus's has been the clothes shopping - it's so much FUN.

For me I actually am starting to wear necklaces for the first time weight was all up top so they didn't fit right around my neck or fall right on my big upper body...NOW...different story...they are the perfect accent so I've been shopping for more necklaces - I got a beautiful one from AT the other day! The only problem is that I have a nickle allergy so I have to be careful with the costume stuff...but it's still fun to shop.

Ok ladies - my day started off with CC Pancake and 1/3 of my lean (2 morningstar links). I am trying to start earlier today because for the last couple of days I've been eating into the night to catch up....

HAVE A GREAT DAY FF's. (Sorry if I missed anyone above - I want to try to get to know each and everyone of you!)..

Comment #50

Hi everyone! I didn't get a chance to report in yesterday because I had a dinner date with a friend. I was stressing all day over what I would order and if I could stay on plan. As it turned out, it wasn't a problem at all! I had a grilled shrimp appetizer which consisted of 3 shrimp on top of a black bean cake. I ate the shrimp and left the cake on the plate. My entree was hangar steak with asparagus and fingerling potatoes. There was maybe 3 ounces of meat, exactly 3 spears of asparagus, and ONE tiny finger size potato cut in quarters lengthwise.

All in all I know I was way short on the green and probably even a little short on the lean but I would rather be a little under than over! Oh yeah, I have to be honest, I had 2 Ketel One and club sodas. I added up my calories and carbs for the day and I was under 900 calories and 80 carbs. I did skip one Medifast meal to allow for the 130 calories of vodka. I don't make a habit of tweaking the plan, but this was a special occasion and I did it. I've done this a few times in the last 4 months and it doesn't seem to negatively affect my losses.

I think being able to have a drink like once a month keeps me on plan the rest of the time. It may be a coincidence, but the last few times that I did have a drink or two, I lost more weight those weeks than the weeks that I didn't have any alcohol. What can I say? I live in a party town! Where else can you get a cocktail from a drive thru window?.

Today it's back to 5&1 with no alterations. Hope everyone else has a great day!..

Comment #51

I'm betting it was coincidence because whenever alcohol gets in your system it gets turned into energy before anything else does. So your body doesn't burn carbs or fat or anything like that until the alcohol is out of your system. At least that's what I found when I looked it up, because I was curious why something that's low or no carb and few calories would be bad for weight-loss. It's something I need encouragement on because I looove my wine and am looking for reasons why I don't want to drink it lol. Here's the blog on that for more info on what I found:.

If you uncover more info, let me know!.

Congrats on being able to make good food choices for what you chose for dinner. Dinners can be the absolute worst kind of challenges for me. I have that same problem you mentioned too- people always complain about how food portion sizes at restaurants are too big, but I've found, especially with the green part of my meals, that even ordering a side salad doesn't always make it so that I've had enough to eat. Weird, right?..

Comment #52

Huge congrats!!!!! And what an awesome NSV you had at the party for your boss! It was so nice of them to notice (but to stay polite about it lol).

) AND you're wearing AT necklaces?! Fierce! Go you and all your hard work!..

Comment #53

Got on the scale and have actually lost weight since my official weigh in last Saturday...but I don't want to jinx it, so I'll post my weight on Saturday! Just got back from my run and it's the first time I've worn shorts above my knees in years and they haven't "rode up". I'm sure you all know what I mean lol....ok, now time to hit the shower than Medifast eggs with a 1/4 cup of mixed bell peppers scrambled in..

Comment #54

Thank you!!.

I just got on the scale before I hit the shower and I was down another .5 pound. ok I have to stop weighing myself today.

LOL. How is the ciggie thing going? Are you ok?.

Lida - awesome on the running. Wish I could run but it's just not my strong I stick to weights and yoga! has anyone done those rock climbing walls (indoor). I'm drying to try one but ..intimidated...

Comment #55

Hello Femme Fatales! May I join your group? Seems like I have a lot in common with y'all...especially the struggles with the wine and Ketel One! LOL..

Comment #56

Sorry LisaB but, at this time, the group is full..

There are only 10 member "positions", and the 10 spots are currently taken..

Also, there's a minimum requirement: that you have 20 pounds or less to lose..

You're almost there, so if you wanna check in a while, we'd be happy to have you!.

Best of luck to you and watch out with that Ketel One!..

Comment #57

Happy Thursday Friends! You know it's funny I used to celebrate Thursdays by having "Thirsty Thursdays" with the girls.

Its so funny to look back and think about how pretty much every day revolved around food...Taco Tuesday..Thirsty Thursday..and D-U-H every Friday was HH after work..followed by bar food..etc. UGH.

I like that it's not like that anymore.

Although I do always think about when my next meal will be..its not thoughts of "bad for me food"..its "good for me food". (side note..I had a piece of string cheese cause I thought I was going to sabotage..and it was probably the most amazing thing I have eaten in 2 months). add to our fun we have on this blog lets start answering daily questions about ourselves.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up on Saturday mornings?.

If you were to have any name other than the one you were given at birth what would it be?.

What is your "I CANT WAIT TO WEAR" outfit after you hit goal?.

What is one compliment you gave YOURSELF in the last week?.

Are you reading a book right now? If so...which one?.

Thats all for now..

Comment #58

What is the first thing you do when you wake up on Saturday mornings?WELLLL...I love love love to sleep in on Saturday mornings!That is if my Bulldog will let me.

So after I get an extra hour or two then my normal weekly sleep schedule I make coffee (of COURSE) and then read the paper outside on my patio. Before Medifast I would convince my SO (just learned that means significant other) to go get us Breakfast Burritos from my fav. Mexican joint because I was usually hungover from drinking the night before. I WANT TO SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOP THAT THIS IS NO LONGER MY LIFE!!!!! Now I enjoy my coffee, read and usually make a CC pancake cause I have some more time.

If you were to have any name other than the one you were given at birth what would it be?.

Growing up I LOVED the name Mackenzie. I always envisioned a Mackenzie to be tall and skinny with perfect skin, teeth, hair, etc....FYI my daughters name is now Mackenzie! AND she is all of the above.

What is your "I CANT WAIT TO WEAR" outfit after you hit goal?.

OH EMMMMM GEEEEEE...I cannot WAIT to wear a little black dress. I talking one that will look like it was made for me..showing off each awesome curve..and a pair of bright red satin pumps.

What is one compliment you gave YOURSELF in the last week?.

I noticed that I am def getting some calf definition..way more than I have even had in my skinny days..LOVE IT.

Are you reading a book right now? If so...which one?.

I am re-reading Eat Pray Love.. It really moved me when I read it before..but now I feel like I have opened myself up in so ma y different areas of my life and think I will get so much from reading it again...

Comment #59

Ok this should be fun.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up on Saturday mornings?.

Go back to sleep! I love sleeping.

If I can't go back to sleep I usually turn on food network and lay in bed, surf and watch FN. somehow it satisfies cravings!.

If you were to have any name other than the one you were given at birth what would it be?.


What is your "I CANT WAIT TO WEAR" outfit after you hit goal?.

This is a toughy! there are so many but if I had to pick one I would have to say a very sexy pair of jeans with a tank tucked in - I carried a lot of my weight in the belly so jeans never felt right...i know it sounds casual but I think that's the one..

What is one compliment you gave YOURSELF in the last week?.

I'm not sure I did! oh wait, I did say to my trainer "I looked cute today!".

Are you reading a book right now? If so...which one?.

Just Dr. A's Healthy Habits ...trying to prepare for "after Medifast life".

Thats all for now.


Comment #60

What is the first thing you do when you wake up on Saturday mornings? Feed Kurtie, make coffee, read my email, then get ready for work. If I'm off, I stay on the computer for a couple of hours..

If you were to have any name other than the one you were given at birth what would it be?.

When I was younger I wanted my name to be Jessica. Not so much anymore..

What is your "I CANT WAIT TO WEAR" outfit after you hit goal?.

I would love to be able to wear sleeveless shirts/dresses, but sadly I don't think my arms will ever look good enough, even at goal..

What is one compliment you gave YOURSELF in the last week?.

These jeans are getting loose! Maybe someday I WILL be a size 4 OMG!.

Are you reading a book right now? If so...which one?.

I have Drew Brees' Coming Back Stronger on my coffee table (autographed!!) but I haven't had time to read it yet. I LOVE Drew! I've met him twice in person so far and I get all goofy like a teenager with a crush when I'm near him. LOL..

Comment #61

Hey beautiful ladies! Been good all day! Made my shake cake! Thanks for the recipe! I'm glad I could use up the oatmeal! Yuck! I will have a piece on my way to work tonight. Visited my hubby at his fire station for dinner and had a baked chicken thigh, little bit a of salad with light dressing and some zucchini. It was yummy and filling..

What is the first thing you do when you wake up on Saturday mornings? It depends if I'm off....I usually will get up go pee, weigh myself, brush my teeth, then make breakfast for the hubby if he is home or go and workout..

If you were to have any name other than the one you were given at birth what would it be?.

Hmmmm I dunno That's a hard one...I like names that are unique, different, or exotic but I don't know a specific one.

What is your "I CANT WAIT TO WEAR" outfit after you hit goal? a bikini, or short short, or a short dress....anything to show off my skinny legs I've never had!.

What is one compliment you gave YOURSELF in the last week? I don't think I've given myself one.

Are you reading a book right now? If so...which one? I am in the middle of many books...I think I have ADD! A couple are Eat for Health by Dr. Furhman and Women & Money by Suze Orman..

Comment #62

I disappointed myself tonight..

The good news is that I found a trigger I can't resist, so I know to avoid it from now on..

I made tortellini for my fiance and a friend of ours, who came to dinner..

For my own dinner I had something legit, but after dinner, when I was alone in the kitchen, I shoved 2 tortellini in my mouth and threw away the rest..

Now I've looked up the nutritional info, calculated the weight of 2 tortellini (by pulling 2 out of the trash bin, to make sure I was accurate on the weight) and realized I didn't throw myself off ketosis. All my numbers are perfectly fine for the day, on the high ends, but still fine..

Still, I'm so very...I've never felt more like an addict than tonight, and I absolutely hate knowing that I can't use self-control around pasta..

After 4 months on MF, I thought I had it all under control and I got cocky..

I guess I need to shake it off and realize that there are things I'll always have to be careful with. Forever and ever..

I'm ok with that..

I can stay away now that I know..

Sorry, ladies..

I feel i've failed all of us tonight..

So here's my report:.

CC pancakes.

Shake with coffee.

Parmesan Puffs.

Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs.

2 oz. crab + 5 oz. clams + romaine lettuce + tomato + 1 tsp. olive oil + Mrs. Dash Salt Substitute.

2 tortellini.

CC pancake.

And you ladies are funny with the questions and here are my answers:.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up on Saturday mornings?.

Call my mom in Spain. It's Saturday afternoon there..

If you were to have any name other than the one you were given at birth what would it be?.

Tomato. Just kidding. I have never wanted a different name..

What is your "I CANT WAIT TO WEAR" outfit after you hit goal?.

Cute stuff from Anthropologie..

What is one compliment you gave YOURSELF in the last week?.

Your wrinkle cream is really working. Wait, I think that's a compliment to the cream... myself....You look really pretty today!.

Are you reading a book right now? If so...which one?.

I'm always reading a book. Right now it's.

Under the Covers and between the Sheets: Facts and Trivia about the World's Greatest Books.

Hope you ladies had a wonderful day..

Here's to a brighter tomorrow, with unyielding-determination skies looming on my horizon...

Comment #63

Sorry to hear about the tortellini cic..

I have actually gotten addicted to pasta (i think) at one point in my life. I had a host family in Italy and for the first course of dinner they always had a pasta or minestrone, second course was always a meat or cheese and a vegetable/salad, and third course was fruit. Drat the pasta course which was, obviously, my favorite part. I thought to myself, there is no way I can eat pasta every day for a year without it getting old. WRONG..

The days my host mom would serve minestrone (read: broth with tiny pasta dots in it and some veggies) I would get sooooooo annoyed. I mean: no comparison. A heaping plate of pasta rocks, minestrone is the devil. Sometimes it was minestrone with tuscan bread in it instead of pasta- like...bread soup sort of. It was all I could do those days not to throw a fit and pout all dinner long. I would literally have a physical reaction to not having pasta lolol.

It's a wolf in sheep's clothing, as they say. It's even worse now that I own Lidia's Italy cookbook and took a couple cooking classes while I was in italy. Cause now I make pasta in a really tasty way. Boo.

So yeah, I just avoid it like the plague, because I know I can't stop at just one 'eentsy bite'- luckily I learned that lesson about myself before I started Medifast so I never make pasta any more for DH ever since I started the program lol..

I'm curious to get into spaghetti squash and shredded zucchini. Both of them look pretty pasta-ish. I'm hoping, if I get the free time, to try to perfect a good recipe for that so that I can get my pasta fix without actually eating pasta. Sort of like how my new recipe for 'pizza' at my house is the cauliflower type- from now on that's the only type allowed past the door lol. I know there's a spaghetti squash casserole recipe lurking around on the boards which looked good, but I have no idea how OP it is or how much to eat per serving. One of these days I'll get around to checking that..

If you were to have any name other than the one you were given at birth what would it be?.

Star. Except that I'd want it to somehow sound fancier than 'star' without being 'stella'. I want to name any kids I have names that are highly uncommon (wonder so thinking up names has been my hobby since I was 12. The problem is that names like 'carise' aren't on the internet anyplace, so I can't research it, I have to invent it. And so far, no luck. Apparently I lack imagination.

So yes, to answer the question: either carise or star. And if anyone can tell me a good invented name that no one else has, by all means put me out of my misery lol..

What is your "I CANT WAIT TO WEAR" outfit after you hit goal?.

Anthropologie me too!! Also: a brazilian bikini. And last of all: whatever 'hollywood starlets' wear that I think is cute. There are sites that list (and sell) the brands 'as seen on' celebrity X, Y, or Z and hey, if they can wear it, why can't I when I hit goal? Here's one of those sites that I go eye-shopping on. As you can see some prices are awesome and other prices..ummm...not so much:.


What is one compliment you gave YOURSELF in the last week?.

Nice stomach! And go you with the not smoking!.

Are you reading a book right now? If so...which one?.

I usually read about 3/week but this past week I slowed down a bit. Right now I'm reading Crossfire by Nancy Kress and Crewel Lye: a Caustic Yarn by Piers Anthony (the 7th-ish book of his Magic of Xanth series). Yes, I like escapist fantasy/sci-fi type books. They're entertaining and relaxing lol.

Wish me luck tomorrow- DH needs to make a couple phone calls tomorrow to try to get himself into a company's system so he can take an exam that can give him a big raise and promotions for his line of work. He signed up a year ago but for some reason they have no record of him even though they cashed his check. So yeah..I'm nervous that they'll say no. If they say no, they just changed the requirements about ten months ago, and he'd have to get his Master's degree before he could take the test, not to mention we'd lose the money from the first check they cashed. UGH. So he's gotta make a convincing argument about how they dropped the ball if we can hope for him to be able to be allowed to take the exam.

Wax on, wax off (my motto for today) lol...

Comment #64

(((Hugs Cic!))).

Please don't beat yourself up over two tortellini! It was a minor slip, not a major failure! The way I see it is as long as you weren't over calories or carbs, you are fine!.


Huge congrats on not smoking. It must be soooo hard to quit, especially while dieting! I am a smoker too and although I would like to quit, I'm not even going to attempt it right now. I really admire your willpower and determination! Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #65

Ok, new day!.

Happy Friday!.

Carise: How were the phonecalls? How was the scale?.

Anyone else has something important going on today??..

Comment #66

Carise - I've been doing this A LOT to get my pasta fix. I experimented with Spaghetti squash but really do like the Zucchini much better. I've made "spaghetti" using a serrated peeler - just use the outside, not the seed part, squeeze out the water and just do a quick saute in pan and then add 4 tbs sauch (1/4 cup which is one green). So often I do 2 servings zucchini ribbons or "spaghetti" with sauce and a little cheese..

Last night I was really craving pasta so I did a "bake". I did two servs peppers sauteed with 1 cup veggie crumbles, italian seasoning and then added the 1/4 cup sauce and topped with half cup redued mozz and broiled the cheese on top. It was yummy and took care of my craving..

Cic - no worried - you did it, you logged it, you recognize and caught the out of control feeling you get - you're still good! You didn't let us down - instead you're giving us the opportunity to lift you up.

Keep your chin up!!.

Ladies have a great day - late start again - it's 11:18 and have only had a dutch choco shake so far!..

Comment #67

So I have a question for you ladies.....your goal weights all seem a bit lower than mine. now I'm wondering whether mine is set too high? I'm only 5 foot 2 inches (shorter than most of you I think) but I do lift weights and have right now at my current weight I'm a size 6. I'm guessing when I'm down to goal in 13 pounds I'll be a 4. What size are you guys aming for? I have a medium frame and kinda volputuous on top...I'm afraid that if I go anywhere below 125 or maybe 120, it might not look good..

Do you think I should just keep my goal or do you think I should adjust it down to 120? just wondering what other's thoughts are...

Comment #68

Cic: I HEAR ya!! I am full Italian and the fact that I have sworn off pasta the way I have lately is making my family want to disown me! We get together fpor these big Italian dinners and there I am with some grilled chicken breast and a salad..or sometimes a bar if I have already had my L&G and my 5 (yes I said it FIVE) brothers are all against what Im doing...And their wives/girlfriends but that I account to them all being overweight...So I just look at them and tell myself I wont ever be there.

Makes it way easier actually!.

I keep telling myself that pasta will be there when Im done with MF. Def not the way that it was in the past but in moderation and on a special occasion I will enjoy some! AND not feel guilty about it. All of the foods we crave now will be there when we are done..but hopefully (and I pray this hppens) I have learned to control my cravings and overeating and will able to eat it in moderation. I swear..When this is all over (11 POUNDS!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO) I am going to enjoy eating good. I will learnt o taste all the different flavors and to savor food as opposed to mic it all together on the plate and get it down the hatch as soon as I can so I can have seconds! haha..I swear I ate every meal like it was my last! UGH.

Good for you thought o only have 2!!! If I would have had 2..forget about it!! The rest would be down my belly! I made brownies recently and was so silly and cut myself a huge one and sat on the couch. I looked at it...finally came to before eating it and put it in the sink and poured soap on it!! HAHAHA Cant believe I admitted it..But I wanted it soooooooo bad and knew if it was there it would taunt me. So I had a choc mint bar and called it a night. It gave me that fix..

No big plans for today..We are throwing a baby shower for a co-worker whos wifey if preggo and they have a catered lunch coming (pick-up sticks chinese fav) and a big cake/cookies, etc). I WILLLLLLL not cheat! I am promising myself I WILL NOT CHEAT! My boy-toy is taking me away for the night Saturday to some fancy smancy hotel..and a dinner I have to wear a dress to so Im planning on having a couple of drinks with him then. If I dont cheat today then in my mind a couple drinks are justified. Even if you ladies dont agree it will help me get through today! I just know it will..

Comment #69

Medilina: Your goal weight is perfect for your height. I went to a Medifast counseling center before I just decided to do it on my own and they give you this scale of what is healthy for your height..and you are right there! They told me that I should be around 135-140 for healthy (im 5t my goal is 130 because I was there for a year and felt my best. I was able to maintain that and that is when I bought ALL of my expensive clothes. Im that girl with over 10 pairs of $300.00 jeans!!! YIKES!! I want to wear them again.

I am a size 8 right now and will be at around a 6 when I hit goal...and that is perf for me..

Im very top heavy (thanks to $10,00.00 and my plastic surgeon) so when I'm super small on the bottom and have these giant melons on top I look silly....Not that I have ever been super small on the bottom but I just wanna look proportionate..

Comment #70

Sam, you crack me up!.

Medilina, I think that maybe when you get to goal, you can re-think again. If you look fabulous and feel fabulous, then that's where it's at..

If not, then re-do your goal..

I'm 5'4" but have the smallest bone structure so I think 115 is good for me...

Comment #71

MediLina: Your normal weight range according to BMI is 99-136 so, your goal is perfect! As long as you feel comfortable in your own skin, I think you are good!.

Cis: Don't beat yourself up over the tortelini! I bet you are an excellent cook BTW.

Craney: Congrats on the non smoking!!! You rock!.

Have a great day you all!.



Comment #72

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?.

Do you watch sports? If so, what is your favorite team?.

Have you ever traveled out of the U.S? What was your favorite place you visited?.

What color are your toenails painted right this second.


How much water have you had to drink today?..

Comment #73

What are you most looking forward to this weekend? Lets see here....I think I am most looking forward to a night away from the house this weekend. I was told to pack a dress cause we were doing a nice dinner and that we were staying overnight somewhere. Super excited...mainly cause I can sleep in without Buster (my bulldog-or boyfriends dog I should say) waking me up!.

Weather here in San Diego is so beautiful right now so I'm hoping it stays that way tomorrow.

Do you watch sports? If so, what is your favorite team? I love the Dallas Cowboys football team. I should be a die hard charger fan (being born and raised in SD) but I just cant do it... One day I want to go to Dallas and watch them play in the new stadium! Maybe that should be my goal reward.

Have you ever traveled out of the U.S? What was your favorite place you visited? I am a world traveler I must admit but my favorite of all places has def been Italy. I went this past June for 2 weeks and stayed in a little villa right on the coast. Dont know If I mentioned but that definitely attributed to my massive weight gain!.

What color are your toenails painted right this second? Bright Neon Orange. My daughter wanted the color the other day so I said what the hey..and have been getting lots of compliments on it!.

How much water have you had to drink today? I have had 56 oz....thats all.

Bad Sam!! Im gonna fill up my quart now!..

Comment #74

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?.

I have to work this weekend! So sad! I haven't worked one weekend in the last 7 years. I'll do my best to enjoy it..

Do you watch sports? If so, what is your favorite team?.

I do not..

Have you ever traveled out of the U.S? What was your favorite place you visited?.

I'm from Spain. I've been to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, England, Ireland, Mexico and of course, the U.S..

Switzerland is my favorite!.

What color are your toenails painted right this second.


Commander in Chic. It's taupe-grey color..

How much water have you had to drink today?.

Not enough! I'll try to drink lots at work tonight, though..

So today my fiance and I are completely out of debt, except for the mortgage. We bought the house last April..

To celebrate Nate wanted to go to a restaurant..

So today this is what I ate:.

S'more Crunch Bar.

Tropical Punch Drink.

Pamesan Puffs.

Miso-Sake marinated sea bass (grilled) with grilled asparagus.

Peanut Butter Soft Serve.

S'more Bar (I'l have it tonight at work).

So today I've tried my first soft serve ice cream and I LOVE it!.

Hope you had a wonderful day!!.

I'll read about your days when I get back from work!..

Comment #75

What are you most looking forward to this weekend.

? I have to cook for a wedding on Saturday night, so I'm looking forward to being off on Sunday and Monday.

Do you watch sports? If so, what is your favorite team?.

Only NFL football. THE SAINTS!!.

Have you ever traveled out of the U.S? What was your favorite place you visited?.

I've only been to Canada and Mexico. I'm planning to go to Italy next summer with my BFF..

What color are your toenails painted right this second?.


How much water have you had to drink today?.

64 Ounces of plain water, plus two cups of coffee.

Today's meals:.

Peach Oatmeal (watered down so I could drink it on my way to work...running late AGAIN!).

Cinnamon Crunch Bar.

Tomato Soup.

Vanilla Pudding as a shake with SF peanut butter syrup.

Lasagna with zucchini strips for noodles, extra lean ground beef, and 1 grated string cheese.

Brownie later..

Comment #76

Thanks Sam! We have something in common...only mine were gifted to me by the guy upstairs ...I've cursed them for years but kind of liking them on my new bod.


Thanks for the input on the weight!..

Comment #77

Thanks Cic - I think that makes sense. I'll get there (hopefully soon!) and then readjust depending on how I feel....

Comment #78

Thanks Lida! How are you faring with your schedule?..

Comment #79

Oy vey - have to guzzle soon. only 32oz. i'm grabbing some now!..

Comment #80

Medilina, I used to live in New Hope, PA. Do you know that town?..

Comment #81

Yes!! that's such a quaint town! love going antiquing there sometimes.....

Comment #82

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?.


Do you watch sports? If so, what is your favorite team?.

Does ice skating on the olympics once every 4 years count? If not, then I'd say the Yankees..

Have you ever traveled out of the U.S? What was your favorite place you visited?.


What color are your toenails painted right this second.


Just keeping them natural for now.

How much water have you had to drink today?.


So my update: on the plus side- I lost a pound! So maybe this plateau is over!.

As far as that phone call: gosh what a stressful day lol. Not only was I stressing about the plateau and what that means as far as my 'goal weight', but then this DH problem happened lol. DH called and got to talk to some 'important person' on the phone who said they'd call back later that day or on Monday. Well the lady didn't call back later so he's awaiting a call back on Monday. He said it went well, since everyone is confused about why his check was cashed but yet he's not in their system. It gives him room to negotiate.

We really could use that extra money..

So now I'm just thinking happy thoughts- happy about the WL, and I'm excited tomorrow to go bowling and to dinner with friends in honor of my belated bday. And I have big plans to try out a new aerobic video.

It feels good to re-incorporate exercise into my daily routine- it's been a couple of years since I let that slide. So hooray for that and hooray for the weekend!.

Hugs everyone,.


Comment #83

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?.

Getting my computer fixed!.

Do you watch sports? If so, what is your favorite team? The Phillies.

Have you ever traveled out of the U.S? What was your favorite place you visited?.


What color are your toenails painted right this second?.

Jade is the new black by OPI (green is my fave color).

How much water have you had to drink today?.

It's only 7:45am so none yet.

I haven't been able to post for a while because my computer died. We are going to get a new one tonight. hope everyone has a great OP weekend. it is going to be a beautiful fall day here in NJ today...

Comment #84

Hey everyone...i'm a little behind due to my computer troubles. anyway...i was pleasantly surprised by a almost 2 lbs loss this week...those uggs are almost mine.

Question: I am 5'4" and very small 130 too high of a goal weight...should I switch to 120?.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up on Saturday mornings? sip a big cup of coffee and read the paper..

If you were to have any name other than the one you were given at birth what would it be?.

Angelina after my grandmother.

What is your "I CANT WAIT TO WEAR" outfit after you hit goal?.

I can't wait to look good in a bathing suit...not necessarily a bikini, but a cute tankini..

What is one compliment you gave YOURSELF in the last week? I looked in the mirror and told myself that my butt looks so much smaller..

What are you reading right now? I just finished reading a book called critical care and I am waiting for Dr. A's healthy habits book to come in the mail. so for now i'm reading magazines...

Comment #85

105-145 is normal BMI for our height! I think 130 is fine psull! I am also 5'4" and my goal is 125-128. I have never been in the 120's since elementary school. So we'll see..

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?.

My hubby coming home on Sunday, he's been on shift since last Saturday to due an injured firefighter than he had reserve duty.

Do you watch sports? If so, what is your favorite team? Yes, 49ers.

Does ice skating on the olympics once every 4 years count? Sure!.

Have you ever traveled out of the U.S? What was your favorite place you visited?.

Yes, Venice, Italy has been my favorite profile pic is from Paris France in front on the Pantheon.

What color are your toenails painted right this second? Blue French Tips and flowers on my big toes.

How much water have you had to drink today?.

About 3 cups.

Down 1.6lbs for the week!..

Comment #86

Medi, I am doing ok...feel good today since I slept 6 hours. But the drive was still tough. I had an ounce of beef jerky and a diet coke on the ride home but still sleepy.

We were so busy last night I missed my lunch break and was hoping to take a power nap then....oh well, maybe tonight! Thanks for asking chica!.


Comment #87

Pam I agree with Lida - stick with your current goal and see how you feel. I was also questioning my goal weight thinking 125 is too high but the girls suggested I wait and see when I get there..

Lida - the silver lining is you were munching on beef jerky and diet coke! (not fast food.

Go you!! be safe! (i forget - do you work at night and you sleep during the day?).

I had an ok day - lots on my mind. bracing for more rain here in the Northeast!.

Goodnight all!..

Comment #88

Ladies, fatal ladies!.

How are you doing?.

My thought of the day: I don't like working on weekends. Not one bit..

Food today was:.

S'mores Bar.

Hot Cocoa + Coffee.

Parmesan Puffs (x2).

Cottage cheese + salmon pattie from trader joe's + tomato + basil + 1 tbsp trader joe's salsa.

CC Pancake.

After work, my love and I went to the park and threw a frisbee around. Since I'm kinda bad at it, it involved lots of running. So yay me!.

Tomorrow is weigh day..

No need to wish me luck. Who needs luck when you've got MF, right?..

Comment #89

I had no extraordinary reaction when I saw my weight on the scale today..

Ive crossed into the 120s..

Im definitely not sad, but I dont know how to shake off this strange numbness about my weight..

14 pounds to go, unless Im completely happy with my body before that...

Comment #90

Ummmm...I SWEAR I didnt post that message 3 times..

My apologies for whatever happened. Its annoying and I wish I could delete them!..

Comment #91

That is awesome Cic!!! You are at my goal! Be happy!..

Comment #92

Cicely, that's great! congratulations! what's going on with your reaction? what do you mean strange numbness?.

I did very well this weekend so far. I did some yard work this am for some activity. I had a strawberry shake today and it was soooo good. does anyone remember those taffy lollipops called bb bats? the strawberry shake tastes exactly like the strawberry bb bat..

Tonight I am going to try the bananna pudding for the first time..

I hope everyone had a great weekend...

Comment #93

Psul: Also, everyone's body shape is different and bone structure too. I would love to be nice and slim, but definitely don't want to lose my butt! My chest is small enough as it is lol p.S. I love the banana pudding! Even more than the chocolate!.

Medi: Yes, I am on nights...mostly 12 hour nights but sometimes I work OT 8 hour nights....what's killing me is the sleep during the day I average 4-6 hours of sleep during the day.....

Comment #94

I just got back from Germany Friday night and spent the nights with my girlfriends last night.. I was so worried about gaining weight but only gained 1/2 lb!!!!! We didn't eat much and drank a lot! I am back on track today! I read through the first few pages and will catch up with the rest tommorow.. I have been a yo yo dieter my whole life.. As a teen I was very thin but smoked so that is what I did instead of eating.. In my adult like I would start diets on every Monday, be off by Wed, pig out to the next Monday and start all over..As far as exercise, I have been doing C25K. It is a program that gets you walking to running a 5k in 9 weeks..

Name: Susie.

Location: Orlando FL.

Age: 45.

Height: 5'3".

Start Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight (if not in signature): 154.5/135/125 (May try to get to 120..).

Start size/current size/goal size: 14/10/6-8.

Married/Engaged/Dating/Single/Asexual/Borg: Married for 22 years next week.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Man, I am looking good!!!.

Whats your life motto? Haven't really thought about this...

What's your favorite Medifast meal? Probably the brownie frozen!!.

What's been your biggest surprise on MF? How easy it is to follow....

What are you most looking forward to about maintenance? Having meet goal!!.

What's your biggest Medifast worry about the rest of losing/transition/maintenance? That I will start eating bad stuff again and gain it back....

Comment #95

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.