Are bananas allowed in the first phase of the Medifast Diet?

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My first question is Are bananas allowed in the first phase of the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... MAGICAL MARCH ~ A MONTH OF POSSIBILITIES!!!!.

31 days of MAGIC ahead of us to find the whatever we need to truly transform our lives!!!! Let's commit to taking this month one day at a time and living each day to it's fullest..

Being on plan ( whatever phase you are in).

Exercising and feeling great about it..

Making personal goals for ourselves ( and let's face it for each other too.


31 days of Magic ~ what are you going to do with it????..

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Hello again! Well since Pamela has thrown down the gauntlet of challenge, I will pick it up and say that I am going to re-visit my New Year's Resolutions and re-commit to them. I have been doing fairly well in the getting enough sleep, exercising and staying OP categories. But the practicing and the business plan parts have been lagging so I commit to adding those back into the scheme of things this month!.

Cheers all!.


Comment #2

Kids are off to school ~ did I tell you all that Jeff got assigned to a jury trial so it is throwing off our whole week of scheduling but he said it is quite fascinating. It is a medical wrongful death trial..

My goal for the month. 31 days OP. No excuses. It is also the start of Lent so I will be adding in something positive ~ meditating for 20 minutes a day..

I have a whole drawer full of jeans that are too uncomfortable to wear ( if I can even get them on at this point ). So I need to be able to shop in my own closet.



Will soon be here and this year I want to be sooooo ready for it!.

Today will be tough since I am hungry already.

I have a baddddd habit of not eating everything all the time ( like yesterday) so today I must suffer through the horrible hungries. I can feed the hunger or let it feed off me!!!.

Time to get a bit of work done before I go sing and dance ......

Comment #3


I also like that the gauntlet was thrown down. I am committing to:.

OP every day this month, and.

3 workout days per week.

I did weigh myself the next day and was down about 2lbs. So it must have been the sodium from having so many meals out. I am feeling very focused right now about changing my behaviours (yes a canadian spelling I lived there for 14 years!). I am going to start with working out.

Definitely a weak spot for me. I talke but do not walk and that has to change..

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!..

Comment #4

Just popping in to say 'Happy March!' Weather isn't much different here, but just knowing we're closer to springy days is nice (and this coming from the winter-lover!) I am looking forward to walks outside again!.

Happy Birthday, JodiNY!!! Hope you had a great day and enjoyed yourself!.

Today was a great day with baby smiles and baby belly laughs (the belly laughs were while he slept on my lap and I couldn't help but laugh myself!).


Comment #5

Happy Birthday JodyNY! Enjoy your day!.

Today is also my DGD's, Maddie, 4th Birthday..

She is coming over later and will stay the night with Grandpa and me. We will only give her one gift tonight and the rest will wait until her official party on Saturday..

I am committed to re-starting the program and be 100% on-plan for Lent! I will start the process slowly this week and work my way up to it. By the end of March (my 2 yr anniv starting MF) I will be below my goal weight!!.

Gee, Pamela, you had to mention Lent!! Ahh, the guilt and the promises we make during this time!.

Then Nancy has to bring up the need to exercise!.

Gee, Nancy, a few of us just like to read about and watch others exercise..

Jane, hope you got that haircut today and the scale was rewarding. I know you are looking forward to going to work tomorrow!!.

Hi Amanda, I know you are getting plenty of exercise with your two adorable children. I hope you are able to get some rest. Isn't it usually 6 wks. when the baby will figure out his night time routine??.

Hi's to Michele, Judy, "Jodi," Sondra, Marie and Denise..

Just got home from a great lunch with two best gal friends. We laughed, cried, ate, laughed, drank and made plans to meet again in a couple of weeks..


Comment #6

Well, my business coach was nearly a half an hour late so that made me too late to get the haircut but I got an appointment for Thursday so that is OK. I have told myself that he will be so busy the next few days trying to catch up from the last 4 days gone, write his sermon for Sunday and prepare for the Annual Meeting that takes place after church on Sunday that I should not expect to see him that way I won't be disappointed and might even be pleasantly surprised!.

Happy Birthday to JodiNY and Sondra belatedly..

And Happy Birthday to Renie's DGD! - wow that's alot of birthdays all together!.

So I told my business coach that I was working on my basic problem with networking and that is self-esteem I walk into an event and immediately think "Who would want to talk to me?!?" I then told him that I decided the key to it is that I am unhappy with the way I present myself. He did not seem to understand what I was getting at and I pointed out that he always is dressed to the nine's and is in great shape. So I told him that I have lost 30 lbs and that a friend is helping me put together a wardrobe he was suitably impressed and supportive. So that made me feel good. He is a great guy and is very generous with his time - and is particularly proud of the work we do together. He even arranged for me to get an award at the final big event of the year in December..

So now I am revved up again to get the business plan going. He gave me the names of two women's entrepreneurial networking groups that he wants me to look into..

So that will be my next big hurdle!.

Have a great evening all! I still have one more student and then I am on my way home!.



Comment #7

Jane - believe or it not but I really have a hard time with networking ~ I would rather talk to a group of 2 hundred than mix and mingle in a crowd. What helps me is setting little goals ~ like I need to leave with 5 new business cards or tell a story of myself to 3 people..

Shake those little voices in your head and replace them with " these people are goin gto lucky to talk with me today!".

Do you pay your business coach? How did you find him? XOXOX..

Comment #8

Ladies, ladies here is a gentle reminder that exercising can be fun!!!! And it is such a good work-out for the body , mind and spirit!.

Find something you like and just do it!!! Turn on the radio and DANCE wildly ( that one works really well for me)..

Walk ( yesterday's class we learned to walk and breathe through our feet - 4 counts in and 4 counts out ~ breathing in earth energy to ground us)..

Okay let's discuss ~ besides the gym - what else would you like to challenge yourself to do to exercise that you will ENJOY!!!!..

Comment #9

Hello lovely ladies! I'm not going to respond to individual posts because my internet connex sucks.

I'm ready to throw my laptop out the window, but I won't since it's a company asset.

Sooooo, Pamela ... the gauntlet has been thrown down ... so here are my commitments:.

1. Read the Transition and Maintenance Guide that's right, I have not read it! But, I went to the T&M discussion board and read through some comments there and realized that I really need to read through that if I want to ensure long-time success and be a forever member of the 5% club..

2. Weigh 140 by the end of Marchit's just a few pounds, but I'm finding that I'm "hovering" at the high end of my 5 lb. range rather than the low end, and I want to be at the low end..

3. Hate to say it, but exercise is another commitment I want to make. Three times a week at least 20 minutes each time. It can be whatever form I decide, but it must meet the 20-minute minimum..

So, those are the Magical March Commitments..


XXOO Judy..

Comment #10


I found my business coach through a friend - actually she was the board member of the Symphony that the President of the Board stuck with the job of sitting with the Executive Director when she let me go! She felt really badly and was really impressed with the way I handled the meeting so she put me in touch with a gal who worked for a coaching firm called Action Coach. They are a national company with many small offices. Anyway, I went to an introductory meeting and decided to jump in. It is not cheap - I pay $200/month but the bang for the buck is huge. I get two hours/month one on one with Josh (his normal fee is over $100/hour) then I have a class once a month with other business owners who are in the program. We come up with topics and Josh gives us reading assignments to complement the topic.

It has been really helpful to me so far so much so that I was going to stop after the year but I have decided to keep going simply because it keeps me on track with where I want my business to go!.



Comment #11

Mornin' Melters!.

No gym today - I am off to my networking meeting at 7:30 am..

I have a question for you all - I am about to put in my order for my next month's food and I want to get some recommendations. So far I have filled my cupboard with bars, oatmeal, puddings, pancakes, shakes and cocoa. I have not found anything I don't like but I am thinking that with spring almost here (it HAS to be almost here!), I want to look into some other things. Can you tell me your favorite soups, soft serve, smoothies, drink infusions etc etc.? I have heard enough wonderful things about the brownies that I am definitely going to try those this time around. I will always do the bars because they are so convenient to take with me but I thought it would be fun to try some new things as well..

Have a great day all!.



Comment #12

Good morning Jane and Melters yet to come!!! Jane you have most of my favorites - I also like the mango ice cream but it is a bit more work to make but well worth it. I also like the broccoli soup but tend to eat that now and I lived on teh cranberry mango drink in the summer. There is so much more variety than even a few years ago ~ imagine I could only have one bar a day.

I woke up extremely TIRED today!!!! Really feel like crawling back into bed ~ hmmmm I have nothing on the calendar but a class tonight at 7:00pm.


Anyone still doing their wall push-ups? If so ~ are you feeling stronger yet? I need to figure out the gym ~ was planning on going to Zumba but the knee has been giving me twinges of pain. In my head I am planning on running a 5K race ~ my body says otherwise ... I wonder which one is going to win?.

Michele - everything OK?..

Comment #13

Morning ladies - everything is ok....really!.

I need to find some balance and some time to check in lately. Yesterday was my day off - I made 17 stops ..yes 17!!! ( I think I beat my old record - can you just see me speed walking in and out of the stores?) Then it was a whirlwind with the kids and you all know I am not the mommy who does a gazillion activities - We didnt walk in the door until 6:30 and TOM is coiming any minute.......

I was vile last nite....just vile. I was snapping and explianing to the kids how cranky I was etc. I hate to be that way - at bedtime Jordan got a hug from me and said "Mommy BE HAPPY" Oh that just broke my heartj. I apologized to all - kissed and snuggled and after an hour of just watching some mindless tv was better. Poor family!.

Anyhow - gotta run to test my first kid ( woo hoo - there is no way he is gonna qualify for more services - he's the little guy who hits and kicks me and his momma says - oh isn't he just darling???) :EEK:.

Will check in later and read all the posts..

No wall push ups for me but I have been a dedicated gym rat and I am going out of my comfort zone this weekend........YOGA here I come!!!!.


Comment #14

Hey all, I weighed in and did good even though I ate out. I tried to stick OP and I managed the best I could with good choices, so I kept that in mind getting on the scale. Focused on the long haul!!! That is it, no short goals of cramming a huge loss in a very short time span, that was always a failure! So, last night I went to see the Broadway show, JERSEY BOYS. My family gave that to me as my birthday gift Sunday. We had a wonderful family night. WONDERFUL PLAY great family time! Happy today!!!..

Comment #15

Jane - Pamela mentioned the Cranberry/Mango drink which I really liked. I also liked the puddings (of course chocolate was my fav) and they are easy to make. I think the beef stew and chili are also really goodyou just need to give them at least 4 hours to rehydrate, so you can make them the night before or that morning and use them for either lunch or dinner. I also liked the pretzels and they are just as portable as the bars and will give you good variety. XXOO Judy..

Comment #16

Pamela - Let your body win! Remember you are going to need those knees for the rest of your life and you want to be able to walk for as long as you shall live!.

I am intermittently doing the wall push-upsnot consistenly. I definitely think they are strengthening my muscles. I am going to recommit to them and move the number up to 30! XXOO Judy..

Comment #17


Making right choices now and for the rest of your life is what it is all about. Just remember, you are learning new habits that you want to keep after you loose all your weight. It is one of the things that will ensure your long-term success and make you a member of that elite 5% club..

XXOO Judy..

Comment #18

Michele - WOW! You are one busy lady. Again, I have so much respect for all you working moms. You juggle so much while trying to keep yourselves available for your children so they feel loved and secure. You are a wonderful mother and spend great quality time with your children..

XXOO Judy..

Comment #19

WOW, sounds like everyone is motivated and committed to improving their bodies and thie lives! It helps to keep me motivated and on track..

Judy-that is quite a list of commitments. As your sister, I will now hold it over you head.

You are a great inspiriation to me..

Sondra-I was also OT and it was difficult to have all the food, eating out, etc right in front of me. I made the best choices I could (except the three glasses of wine-which I have NO regret for). I am new to the program, I started in January and it does take focus, planning and changing your thinking about food and most importantly about yourself. You are doing a great job..

For all the woman who are working and at home moms-YOU GO GIRLS!! I was a single parent for 15 years and it was the hardest thing I ever did. There are no handbooks and sometimes we just are not as good a parent as we think we should be. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. I am living proof that we can all come out alive and with good relationships with our children..

I have a short work day today, but tomorrow is a full day. I must say that I am having some difficulty in only working 2 days a week. I would really prefer four. I got me social security information and realized that I now make 30K a year less.

That does take some adjustment mentally and financially. I am grateful that my DH has such a great job with benefits. He has been with the Feds for 30 years..

I did walk for 20 minutes yesterday. That is one down for my three day commitment!! Unfortunately right now it is blowing, raining and only about 40 degrees! I think that I may go to the gym after work...

Comment #20

Nancy -.


On getting in some exercise! It wasn't all that difficult after all, was it? Because you have bad weather, it's great you have a gym membership. If you didn't I'd highly recommend you went out RIGHT AWAY and bought some of the in-home walking DVDs. Keep up the great exercise momentum and YES hold me accountable!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #21

Okay just had a great dinner tonight I had to share - I simply put chicken in the crock pot with some buffalo marinade (Ken's, 1 carb, 20 calories perTBLs) shredded it and put it over fresh spinach with some yellow peppers ... yummy! If you have a fat you can also add some sour cream..

Well I am off to teach YogaDance tonight ~ I went to Zumba this morning but left after 45 minutes and just finished up with weights ... new instructor and a twinge in the knee..

I listened to my BODY ... now to dance.

Once again ......

Comment #22

Good Evening, Melters!.


Many years ago, I developed overuse injuries in both my arms by not listening to my body and pushing through pain in order to practice. Through that I learned that pain is your body's way of telling you something. I would vote with Judy and say to let your body win the argument!.

I am still doing the wall push ups - I have incorporated them as part of my gym routine. I could not tell you if I am feeling stronger because of them or the machines that I do at the gym but in general I am feeling stronger. Actually, I am feeling more of a difference in my lower body than upper body. But I have to admit I am not doing so well with the plain water. I drink constantly but it is herbal tea -albeit VERY weak herbal tea my mom used to laugh that she and I like to just wave the tea bag over the water!.

Good evening, Melters! I had yet another person notice and ask about the weight loss AND she asked how I was doing it. I told her about Medifast and gave her the website. Once I gave her a few details, she backed way off and said "Oh I could not do that". It is true that for a lot of people, this program is too restrictive but it suits me and my lifestyle just fine. I put in my order for the next month and I included some new things - a couple of different flavors of bars, the cranberry/mango drink, brownies, mango soft serve and a new flavor of shake. I am looking forward to branching out a bit!.

As I expected, Paul was swamped today and never once emerged from his office while I was there. But his office window is right by the door that leads from the nursery school to the play ground. So when I opened the door to call the kids in, I bellowed in my least lady-like fashion and then realized he could probably hear me. I looked up and sure enough I saw a hand waving at me. Oh well.....

I am quite tired tonight so I am headed to bed. The wind is kicking up around here tonight and it is supposed to get COLD again. I am totally ready for spring now!! And I am someone who actually enjoys the winter!.

Have a great night all!.



Comment #23

Just wanted to stop in and say Hi........

I'm having a tough time. Not giving up the ship though, still fighting the fight. I'm really not being very social at the moment, hoping it will pass soon.........I do think of you all. Hope the Melters are doing well.xxxooo..

Comment #24

Good evening lovely ladies..

SOunds like everyone is doing ok......Jodi I am going to get in touch tomorrow..

Just watched Monday's episode of HEAVY......very intense and more so bc I felt like I was watching a show about myself and my struggle with food..

Tomorrow to the gym and then a surprise conference with Jolie's speech therapist and THE PRINCIPAL!!!! Got a letter - the darn speech therapist kept ignoring my request to have a phone conference and instead they want me in tomorrow. Either she is trying to intimidate me with the principal's presence (NOT) - or she is intimidated by me (perhaps.....I did finally tell her that I had NO CONFIDENCE WHATSOEVER IN HER SKILLS SINCE SHE HAS BEEN WORKING ON THE same sound...."sh", with Jolie for the whole year - a sound she mastered last year) - but hey I did start out very nice and polite. heee heee Should be an interesting conference esp since she let my kid have it today when her battle is with me ( she is really messing with the wrong momma)..

So I will be letting off all this anger at the gym early in the am so I am respectable tomorrow !.

Nite ladies..



Comment #25

Hi Melters....just stopping by to say 'hi'! Where's Renie these days...I see so few post from her when I drop in...not like she used to post! Jodi~hope to hear more from you and sending warm thoughts and hugs your way! Michele~LOL!! Please post tomorrow about your meeting with the speech therapist, b/c I am very intrigued to hear how it goes AND hear how you tell about it! I don't blame you...if she's working with your girl she better be working on what actually needs work!! You go Mama!.

Pamela, Jane, Judy~hi to you all..

For being on maternity leave and not working, we sure have a busy week with something going on everyday this week. Still waiting to win the lottery so that I don't have to go back to work.....guess I better buy a ticket if this is my plan, huh?!..

Comment #26

Good morning, Melters!.


My daughter-in-law just said EXACTLY the same thing about wanting to win the lottery so she does not have to go back to work! It is really great to hear new moms talk that way. I have to confess I was skipped over when the mothering genes were passed out. I did not have that all encompassing feeling of wanting to always be with my son. So it is lovely to hear you and my daughter-in-law express those things. BUT I was given a double dose of the grandmothering genes I think. When I saw the video of Baby Evie rolling over I was really excited but also heartbroken because I feel like I am missing watching her grow.


I am off to the gym this morning and a visit to my friend Mr. Jim Scales. I did not go yesterday so I am hoping the news will be good. I have to admit the weight loss has slowed down considerably this week must be the week 11 slump!.

Today I will get my hair cut and hopefully some good practice time in I got the music for the next Bridgeport Symphony concert an all Rachmaninoff program - he sounds really beautiful but the music is HARD and even though I have played both pieces before it will behoove me to have the notes under my fingers and up to tempo by the first rehearsal which is next Wednesday (and the concert is the 12th so once rehearsals start, there is not a lot of time to do the basic technical work).

Have a great day, Melters!.



Comment #27

Good morning Jane!!!.

Can I start by saying how amazed I am at how quickly my routine has changed? I now come down and put on the tea kettle and sit at my desk which has been moved to a wondow and sip my lemon water as I watch the birds feed at their birdfeeders. It is very Zen like ~ yeah! then I put on the coffee..

Anyway - Trevor asked me being hte wise 8 year old that he is " if the house caught fire, beside all living things what would you want to take with you?".

Hmmmmm... great question ~ what would you take?..

Comment #28

Whoa Jane.....I know from my uncle who is a musician ( and from listening) - Rachmaninoff IS hard!!! Good luck with that practice. Sort of like me trying to get the new dance moves from my friend's teenagers - eeh gads!.

Oh the lottery- Amanda I remember feeling the same way and crying when I had to leave Abby ( my oldest) after 3 months to work part time. As we know, it is hard but it gets easier and being out in the field part time actually lets us have the best of both worlds. I am so glad you are enjoying the time with the two. I laughed so hard about your dentist appointment! To this day I will never forget the girls getting shots and Jordan with me - all three kids hysterically crying ( Jordan only crying in sympathy) and me......laughing - as usual it's my nervous response!.

Pamela - As long as I got all living things out ( tho not sure how we would manage the 95 gallon, 27 gallon and 10 gallon tank as well as the frogs, turtle and gecko.....but I digress.

It would have to be photo albums. I would have to save the photos!!.

I was upa at about 3:30 this am and couldnt go to sleep so I was at the gym when it opened and worked out hard. I even ran a little - my usual sideways dance routine - only five minutes bc I don't want to mess up my foot and back - Made me realize how much I miss dancing. Been ging over what I am going to say to the speech therapist so I am prepared - I dont like confrontation and get flustered with conflict but I feel up to this..

Will keep you all informed!.


Comment #29

Nancy I just read the posts from yesterday - single momhood for 15 years is certainly no easy feat. We, as a gender, simply put......ARE AMAZING. We criticize ourselves, and ridicule ourselves. We see our faults before we see our achievements..

For today everyone think of five positive things about themselves.......and what would you save if there was a fire....thanks to cute little Trevor!.


Comment #30

Good sunny morning melters!.

I have asked myself this question often and even planned for it...What would I take if my house was on fire, of course the living things but what else?.

I have stored in my dresser top drawer for all of my adult life a large envelope filled with all the important papers and documents that make up all my families lives. I know I would grab that and if I had time I would grab any photo albums in my reach!.

Five positive things about me:.

1. I am loyal.

2. I am trust worthy.

3. I am a hard worker.

4. I do not judge.

5. I am a good cook.

Happy day to you...JodiNY..

Comment #31




And TREVOR! Thanks for that question and challenge!.

The no brainer for me in case of fire is to get all my flutes out and then any recordings I have made that actually has given me the thought that I need to get all my recordings into my computer and then get the on-line backup service I keep promising myself!.

The challenge from Michele to think of five positive things to say about ourselves just to show you where I am at with THAT one- I will work on it but I am SURE I would have trouble saying them out loud and even MORE trouble putting them into print! HA!!.

Pamela, after posting that I was having trouble getting the plain water in, I measured the little (metal) water bottle I take with me to the gym and it turns out to be 16 ounces! SO I got myself to fill it and drink all of it while doing the circuit machines so now I will be able to meet that challenge. And I met Judy's challenge of increasing the wall pushups to 30. Mr. Jim Scales is getting sluggish but I guess that is to be expected. I am OK with it as long as we keep going in the right direction. I am sure my average in the last several weeks has been closer to 2 lbs/week rather than 3..

Cheers all!.


Comment #32

I am thinking of my five ... really I am ... and I would never want to find us on page 2.

Off to pick up my girl at school!..

Comment #33

Good early evening, Melters! I am taking a break from practicing my back is hurting which is NOT a good thing! That ole Rachmaninoff is nasty! (We are doing his third piano concerto which we affectionately call "Rocky III". That one is not so bad but the Symphony is murderous!) Not to bore you with yet another detail but things with Paul are looking UP! He came in the office and gave me a big hug and when I said it had been a while he said "You were hiding - or maybe I was hiding" interesting choice of words I thought but then I told him I had been traveling. You should have seen his eyes when I told him I had been to a shaman! HA!! I told him I would tell him about it some time. Very funny..

My first student of the day is due in 15 minutes and then I am either teaching until 8:15 or 9:15 depending if my last student decides to show up. I am tired already..

I did something really fun today I went to a yarn store today and bought a pattern, yarn and knitting needles to knit Baby Evie a sweater I bought a pattern for 18 month old and fall colors because it will take me close to a year to do it I am sure! I used to knit in college and actually have a picture of Andrew (when he was around 2) and me and we are both wearing sweaters I knit. So this is a fun thing for me to look forward to doing in my copious amounts of free time!.

Cheers all! Have a great evening!.


Comment #34

Hmmm...good task to put us to, Michele! why is it that this is somewhat hard and my mind tended to go towards what I need to do better at?.

~I'm loyal.

~I'm trustworthy.

~I am a good mom and wife.

~I have good morals/good conscience.

~I have a good work ethic.

It's almost 50 here today and back to 30s tomorrow...the ups and downs of spring weather! Looking forward to warmer days when I can get baby out and go for walks...

Comment #35

Jane~that is so neat and awesome that you will be making Evie a sweater!..

Comment #36

Hi Melters: I thought I would stop by to read your posts and say hello..

I'm in the middle of helping getting things ready for Maddie's official party on Saturday at my son and Dil's house. They are expecting about 50 people (kids/parents)..

Tomorrow we celebrate my husband's birthday with a quiet dinner with another couple..

I typed up a post explaining "where" I've been and "where" I would like to go next in my weight loss efforts. I'm still working on it and will post it "raw" or clean it up. Thanks for asking about me Amanda. My post will explain my absence..

If there was a fire and everyone was safely out, I would grab the "fire" insurance policy (remember I used to be an insurance broker), then photos and small jewelry box with my most cherished items..

Five positives: Loving, truthful, supportive, hard-worker and spiritual..

That wasn't too hard..

My DGS just got dropped off to spend the weekend/week? with us..

Keep up the good work my dear Melters..


Comment #37

I need Laughing Cow help: I only have 3.4 oz of pork tenderloin and I thought maybe I could put to wedges of Laughing Cow in my salad to make up the 1.6 difference it is exactly what I need. any feedback welcomed..

Comment #38

Sondra - I think you should be okay with that. XXOO Judy..

Comment #39

Evening Melters!.

Pamela - Your chicken recipe sounded fabulous. Something to make when I get home. Maybe this weekend, although it really sounds like a good recipe for during the week..

Jane - Do let us know how you like the new foods you've added in. I think you'll fall in love with the brownies.

BTW you MUST put pen to paper about 5 positive things about yourself, so I hope you're thinking about them right now!.

Michele - So how'd that meeting go? Hope you worked out most of your anger at the gym so you could be cool-headed and get your point across at the same time. Sometimes it does take a fight to get done what is right (like my rhyme?)..

Amanda - So true ... if you want to win the lottery you gotta buy a ticket! I never buy lottery tickets so I never dream about winning it..

JodiNY - When you put down important documents, just like Jane was reminded of something she needs to do, I was reminded about spending a few bucks and getting one of those fireproof safes for all the important documents..

THEN all I'd have to think about is photographstruly irreplaceable..

Renie - Insurance policies ... I think you were an insurance agent too long.

I would NEVER even think to grab the insurance policies. Of course, most of us never think about our insurance policies until we have to use them..

5 positive things: Generous / Faithful / Organized / Caring / Fun.

Traveling home tomorrow morning. It was chilly here in CHI, but at least it was clear! Had a great workshop with these dealership people. Have great things lined up for the future, so I'm excited about my job today..

XXOO Judy..

Comment #40

Jane, I like the brownies, bars, swiss mocha shakes banana creme hot cocoa, I make them in a little pasty and then drop them on the parchment paper and freeze, a little treat I like the coffee soft serve and this time around I tried the chili, I soak it overnight and then have it next day...

Comment #41



Made me do it! Five things: nurturing teacher, passionate performer, caring friend, trusting colleague, honest business person. Now time to finally go home!.

Have a good night all!.


Comment #42

Good Morning, Melters!.

We were almost on the second page again! I slept really well last night the alarm actually woke me up! So I am drinking down my cappuccino and running off to the gym and a visit to Mr. Jim Scales. Today is the first day of my Twelfth week on MF!! Woo Hoo! Eleven OP weeks done unbelievable! Thanks to all the support from you Melters! People are noticing Paul gave me a look yesterday that said he is also noticing so I am starting to be OK with that. When I lose .4 more lbs, I will have lost 33 and be 1/3 of the way through the first phase (AKA EASY phase) of this journey. So I am pumped to get to the gym..

Cheers all! Have a great day!.


Comment #43

Oh my we have been very lax in our postings haven't we ladies. Hopefully it is because we are all busy with good things..

So I never wrote my five things about myself that I like....Amanda it is so true that it is somuch easier to think of what we want to improve on..

1. I am a bit kooky and crazy and impulsive ( cld be a fault too though ! ).

2. I am trustworthy.

3. I am very affectionate and loving.

4. I am forgiving.

5. I am open minded.

Now I should also say.....I am late! Still have to put on my makeup. DIdnt go to the gym this morning adn it actually makes me later!.

Had the meeting with the principal adn the therapist...I was dignified but got my point across....made her and the system which is so flawed look like nimwits while maintaining my cool. The district rule is that they can't work on the three sounds JOlie has trouble pronouncing until she is 7....she's 7...oh wait...BUT you also have to be 7 and in 2nd grade, she's in first! SO SO SO instead of getting a kid in and out of the system and iproving their function sooner, you want to encourage them to stay in it for longer and pay more money into the system ?????DOnt get it!.

Anyhoo - off to put on my face and will check in when I get home. 'lovely day girls.


Comment #44

Have to check back in because Mr. Jim Scales gave me a lovely gift to start my 12th week I am 1/3 of the way to the goal!! I am down 33.2 lbs as of today so just under 66 to go. WOO HOO!!!.


I am very impressed with your ability to stay cool under those VERY frustrating circumstances! You are amazing! I hope they can find a way to help your daughter. The director of my nursery school is a wonderful advocate for the kids in the school and she had to fight to make sure her own son got what he needed (he has cerebral palsy) so I am going to ask her if she has any insights of course we are in a totally different state. It is my understanding, that in the state of CT every child has to get what they need in school without cost to the parent - but she had to fight tooth and nail to get what her son needed so I feel for you!.

Have a great day all!!.


Comment #45

Good morning Jane!!!! How great that people are really starting to notice ( especially Paul.

) but more importantly how YOU are feeling these days!.

You are so right - this is the "easy" part ~ I had an EXCELLENT training yesterday on the Habits of Health - that is only one of the benefits of beign a health coach ~ all the wonderful support we get ... ebign able to do it ourselves so we can help others too!.

Today is class, YogaDance and then taking my MIL, good friend and kids to see Smuckers Stars on Ice tonight!!! This was a CHristmas present. Creating Memories together! XOXOXO..

Comment #46

Good morning fellow melters!.

I weighed in on Thursday and I am down to 233.6 which is a total loss so far of 23.6lbs! BYE BYE NOW! I am now in week seven and feeling really good. I wore a pair of pants yesterday that I have not been able to wear for awhile and they were fitting almost loose in the legs?? I am so excited to buy new clothes but have the body type that does not change much until I lose 30+ lbs. That is a good/bad thing. It is very easy for me to gain weight and no one can tell but me. On the other side, it doesn't show for awhile. I am not complaining just explaining.

Jane-33lbs GONE FOREVER!! That is fantastic. You must feel great. Can you feel me right on your heels. You are doing so great with the working out part. I have started working on that. I tried knitting once, but was really not getting it.

I THINK THAT BEING A GRANDMOTHER ROCKS! It really beats the heck out of parenting. My daughter and grandaughter (4 yr old) are up visiting my son, dil and 6 month old grand daughter in Victoria, BC. The 6 month old is already crawling! she is a real cutie patootie..

I really have not caught on to all the posting that you guys do. You are so amazing. I am going to work on checking in every day. I do post my food every day on my page to help keep my on track and honest. I am looking forward to Kick my weight to the curb!.

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #47

Thanks Jane - but it could be worse. Jolie has some minor articulation issues, other than that she is ok. Since they told me they don't work on "her " sounds until 2nd grade I will take a break and see if she still needs it come September. SIlly rule if you ask me but oh well..

Back from work and oy my back......I realize what is going on. My back was doing great until I upped my days and caseload at work and put on a few lbs. So I am not changing my caseload - in fact it will only increase next gotta get rid of these extra lbs..

Ladies - it is so silly, but I am so anxious about an upcoming visit with my brother and sister in law. WE had a falling outover the summer and if you all remeber I made multiple multiple.....did I say a lot ? of attempts to reconcile and put it behind us. Big bro rejected all of my attempts until almost 5 months later. Damage done. I then tried to invite them to us many times or see if they werew willing to see us and we wld go there....finally got a date ( four months ago)..

So we are going on more than 9 months of not seeing one another - going for my nephew's bday and my SIL has this thing about asking me about MF, weight, what size are you, are you exercising etc....every single time we talk, text or email. I heard she has lost a ton of weight and is very skinny now and I feel like she will be giving me "the eyes" when she sees me. I look the same as when she last saw me and so wanted to be in my new skinny pants which fit in Sept!!.

To think - 41 adn still feeling like people care what you look like - but she does and as soon as she saw I had lost weight she got very competitive and lost a ton and the competition thing - esp in the weight dept is so not me..

Ok that is my rant for the afternoon..



Comment #48

Nancy - Let those pants fall to teh ground! Amazing! I wish I had saved some of my bigger sized pants as a reminder. Keep it up! Not the pants that is! As for shopping problems......I think many of us who suffer with our weight have other issues as well.

- said by the woman who just placed an order....ooooooh cant wait till it arrives - gotta talk to teh UPS guy so that he doesn't ever deliver things on the weekends when hubby is home! hee hee.


Comment #49

Mishy, I totally understand about being subjected to glares. Since I first met my SIL over 27 years ago I always felt her eyes checking my weight out. Also the comments about loosing... I know she means well BUT when will it stop??? She is 13 years older than me and also is heavier than me, over the years we both have been much heavier and thinner... But never did I ever look up and down at her and bring her weight up. Just a totally different kind of person, I am!..

Comment #50

Michele: I remember the pain and hurt you felt last year dealing with your brother. After reading "your" list of positives, I have no doubt you will handle the meeting well and just focus on the kids and be gracious to your brother and SIL..

1. I am a bit kooky and crazy and impulsive ( cld be a fault too though ! ).

2. I am trustworthy.

3. I am very affectionate and loving.

4. I am forgiving.

5. I am open minded.

As respects the looks and remarks regarding your weight, diet, exercise don't have to give her detailed answers. Just respond all is going well. She should thank you for giving her the incentive and motivation to lose weight..

Michelle, you are a truly beautiful woman!.

Expect those looks and don't ever feel shame. Just feel the love and the smiles of the ones who love you..

Keep things simple and don't expect much from your brother so you won't be disappointed. Heck, he may even surprise you..

Hugs, Renie..

Comment #51

Good evening, Melters!.

I am at the studio - I agreed to see a student from 7-8 tonight and now I am regretting it since I am tired enough to go to bed right NOW! I forgot until too late this morning to cook my food for my L&G so I said I would take myself out to dinner. Then I realized when I got here that I forgot my shake shaker. Rather strange day it has been! So I took myself out for a very late lunch and ordered a grilled vegetable salad - the menu said it had feta cheese with it but it arrived with MAYBE a tablespoon on it so I am feeling like I can have my "lean" when I get home. The salad was really good..

So I think I will try to get a few more of the Rachmaninoff notes under my fingers before my student arrives a 7:00!.

Have a great night all!.



Comment #52

Hi Melters: Just have a quick moment as I have to pickup DGS from school and buy some cards for my hubby's birthday today..

I will try and write more when we get home from our dinner date..

Jane - YAY!! You totally rocked and rolled out of the 190's!!.

Nancy - You are giving Jane a run for her money..

Congratulations on your achievements too..

Let the shopping begin!! Just kidding. Save your money and wait til you get closer to goal..

Sondra - You are doing so well and everyone says it so much harder the second time around. I also saw Jersey Boys in NYC about 3 1/2 yrs ago. Loved, loved, loved the show. Totally took me back to my teen years..

Oh Shucks, have to go. Hi to all of the other Melters..


Comment #53

Renie - you should have a newspaper column - muah!.

Sondra - it is amazing after 27 yrs isn't it? I wonder if bc they are family they feel they can be so obvious - though I do think there is a side of maliciousness there too - We will continue to be ourselves and they will continue to do their old thing..

I just have to laugh bc I was making challah french toaast for the kids ( my first time and hey did you know.......putting in the sugar is a must -sugar is an important ingredient to avoid the EEEEEWWW this is gross mom, response - LOLOL wont forget it next time I try it for them)anyhow.

Hubby comes over and gives me a hug and kiss and says soo.......did the UPS man come today???? I have a puzzled look on my face and he laughs and says you left your last Medifast post on the computer - it was staring me in the face when I went inthe office! hehehehe so funny! Oh thank goodness he is a good natured man..


Comment #54

Jane - Those are wonderful attributes ... and that wasn't so difficult after all, was it? The truth never is.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #55

Michele - It sounds like you did a great job handling that meeting with the school. Sometimes they are sooooo dumb ... unfortunately you are soooooooo right.


I counted 8 (yes eight) wonderful things about you.

Hope you weren't too late today..

Got my 30 wall push-ups in before I left the hotel this morning. Did a really dumb thing ... accidentally left my purse on the hotel shuttle bus. Thankfully I realized the mistake quickly, the hotel was very close to the airport, and had plenty of time before my flight. They came back to deliver my purse and I still had time before they started boarding my flight ... WHEW! Getting old is one big bummer.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #56


You are ALMOST out of the 190's!! This is so amazing. You are rockin' this thang! Don't you feel just wonderful? Isn't it too exciting? Wait until you get to goal and you keep looking in the mirror at yourself, and that skinny person REALLY is you!!! XXOO Judy..

Comment #57

Nancy/Jane - I also tried knitting a couple of times ... I just can't get it! My fingers just .... I don't know ..... they just can't! My girlfriend bought some sort of knitting machine and she made me a cap and scarf for Christmas. It was so cool. Now that's my kind of knitting!.

Nancy - DO NOT ... I repeat ... DO NOT buy any clothes that cost too much money. You cannot believe how fast you will rip through sizes. I barely had time to wear some of the clothes I bought and ended up giving them away. Don't waste a lot of money on clothes until you get almost on top of goal.

Second hand clothing stores will be your best friend until you are at goal. Then, all he77 breaks loose and you have to buy new EVERYTHING! Start putting money aside for that shopping spree..

BY THE WAY, I will be up in Seattle the week of April 18th. I'll call you later to see about meeting up the weekend before. XXOO Sis Judy..

Comment #58

Michele - I say "kill them with kindness" and be the loving, caring person you are. Life is too short to let petty things get in the way of relationships. Let your SIL do her "thing" and be so complimentary that she is speechless. You are a wonderful, loving, woman and no one should let you think differently. We are here to boost you back up if she gets you down. XXOO Judy..

Comment #59


Is this "Confessions of a Shop-a-holic" time?.

BUSTED! I confess, I was dragged kicking and screaming to the outlet malls in Aurora, IL by our workshop facilitator a man, no less. You talk about a shop-a-holic, this guy is worse than any woman I've met.

Anyway, we went to the Premium Outlets and I bought two silk/cashmere shells from DKNY for $15 each (originally priced at $65), a really nice long-sleeve shirt and black cords from Jones New York for a total of $30, and then a black turtleneck and two pairs of earrings from New York and Company for a total of $21. I spent $85 for all that! So, you see, I was compelled beyond reason to break my buying fast.

Hmmmm, do I need to restart my three months? XXOO Judy..

Comment #60

I do have one sister (who is not overweight in the least and is an exercise fiend) who is a little bit like that, so I know how you feel. There's not much you can do about it though we can't change them, we can only control our own attitudes and outlooks. Now, my sister won't be able to say too much, but I do hae to give her credit because she is really supportive when you are trying and lose weight and start exercising. XXOO Judy..

Comment #61

Jane - Don't be afraid to eat out! I'm not advocating what I did, but I lost all my weight on 2 L&Gs a day and most of them were eating out at restaurants because of my travel schedule. There's always something you can order that you can modify to be a L&G, so roll with the forgetfulness punches! Besides that, it provides a nice change of pace from a normal routine so you don't get bored ... and I get bored VERY easily! XXOO Judy..

Comment #62

Renie - Have a great dinner date and birthday festivities! XXOO Judy..

Comment #63

The workshop facilitator (you know, the shop-a-holic???) took a photo of me because he is so amazed at how I look now that I've lost all the weight. He couldn't get over it (and it's not the first time he's seen me since I've lost all the weight), so I've included the photo here..


Comment #64

I was able to upload the photo to MyPage under my photos. It is the one where I'm in a black pantsuit. I do have a funny look on my face, though! But that's me! Yeah MF!!!..

Comment #65

Well hey there you sexy, hot, young momma you ! Judy you look amazing! Hey, you still have time for your fast......give it up for Lent....(hee hee). You really got great deals tho!.

Thanks for the advice - I am going to kill em with kindness.....I do better with that approach and still walk away feeling respectable..


Comment #66


Great picture! And good advice for Michele kill them with kindness -.

I do eat out once a week at least I have a friend whose finances I take care of so once a week we go out to dinner so I can give her her allowance and she can give me her bills and she pays for dinner. So it works out!.

I am really tired now so I will catch up with you all tomorrow!.

Cheers *sleepily*!.


Comment #67

Good Morning, Melters!.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me this weekend actually the season is kicking back into high gear. This morning is a mini-flute festival that I am responsible for. Then I have a lesson or two to teach and this afternoon I am meeting a former flute student of mine to talk about what music she wants me to play for her WEDDING in July..

Tomorrow I am again going to hear Paul preach and after church I have a rehearsal with the assistant organist for a mini-concert we are giving on March 20. Then a couple of makeup lessons and a gig with my guitarist at an assisted living place. After that is dinner with my friend (whose finances I take care of). No gym today - I have to be at the festival by 8:00 to set up..

Have a great day all!.



PS - My reward for reaching 190 (sports bra) arrived yesterday - but I am not opening the package until I actually reach the goal - .8 to go!..

Comment #68

Good morning Jane!.

Hello to all my lovely Melters!!! We did not get home from the ice show until after 11 last night.

It was so beautiful though and amazing to watch them spin and jump and surrend to the music!'.

Judy you look amazing!!!.

Michele - simply breath and be yourself. If they do not accept you for who you are right now in this given moment it is there lost, not yours. I know you have been thining about about yoga and I can say it has truly changed my life ~ internally. I live my life differently and more spiritually than ever before..

Funny one of Jeff's aunts called yesterday for his mom and she just does not like me. She is a one upper with weight, house whatever and I simply choose NOT to play into it ( okay I do get a few zingers in ~ I am only human.


So good to hear you Renie ~ I love your essence!.

Me - I am on plan and engaged in the whole process. NOT getting on the scale has been interesting. Wednesday I weigh in ~ start of Lent. 40 days to lusciusness .....

Comment #69

Ha - I love that 40 days to luciousness!!!.

Yup - the old one uppers, sock it to ya's , really get the best of me. This Sunday - yoga - I am determined to walk the walk and just try it already..

SOunds like a busy day planned Jane. Here I just have some paperwork and think me and the kiddos might gather together some stuff for the animal shelter. Tonite hubby and I get to reconnect bc we are getting a sitter. Looking forward..

Off for more coffee..



Comment #70

Morning Melters!.

Pamela~all I have to say right at the moment is 'THANK YOU!' and your thoughtfulness touched my heart! I will send you a more personal message, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!.

Michele~heehee! That made me chuckle that your shopping was exposed to hubby by yourself! Mine would have done about like yours reacted! Funny!!.

Ok, gals, this weekend is preparation of shopping list for healthy foods. I am starting my plan on Wednesday, so will do grocery shopping on Tuesday while DD is at preschool. (For those that don't know, I am going to be doing WW since I'm not doing Medifast while breastfeeding). I was looking at sports bras online and really don't want to spend the $$ as they are kinda pricey to support a girl like me (and my girls!), but I need to do it so that I can actually exercise. I'm thinking starting small...a certain # days/week for a minimum time limit....maybe 4 days for 20-30 minutes and working from there. At least that would begin to make it a routine for me.

I'm also going to take measurements. I'm ready to get this thing started and feel good again...but I have a looong ways to go. I might break my goals down into 10% of my body weight and then another 10%, then another, etc....or I might focus on 10lb. increments~I haven't decided yet. Sorry for blabbering, just psyching myself up!.

We had a great playdate with my work friend yesterday! They came to visit us and meet the baby! She has a girl 7 months older than my DD and her baby is 5 months and Colby is 5 weeks, so we have so much in common and it was just great to have a social time for me, too! The girls played great overall, but a couple issues, which is expected for that age, I guess..

Ok, have a great day all!.


Comment #71

Amanda I think getting that motivation going anyway you can is great. Do what you can and in no time you will start to feel like yourself....well as much like yourself as you can with two little bitty ones!.

Off to get this day rolling - love lazy mornings..


Comment #72

Can you believe I'm going to be 60-years-old this month? I swear when I look in the mirror I'm convinced that they made a mistake on my birth certificate and wrote 1951 instead of 1961.

(LOL). When people find out how old I am they almost gasp ... makes me feel good, though. I actually owe it all to genetics my father's side the Italian side of the family (my maiden name is Buzzetti). My dad is 93 and he hardly has a wrinkle on his face seriously!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #73

Jane - Tell us more about the flute festival what happens at one of those? Sounds pretty cool for a flutist! You have some fun things planned. I bet flute music at a wedding is just wonderful. And I love the fact that you and a friend play at an assisted living home I know that your talents are going to be very appreciated. So many of the people living there don't have visitors so anyone from the outside is a blessing to them ... have fun being a blessing!.

When you bought the sports bra, did you buy a size smaller than you normally wear? Inquiring minds want to know.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #74

So, Pamela, when does Lent start? I guess I need to us Lent as my 40-day clothes buying fast time since I haven't been doing so well on my own.


The ice show sounds fantastic what a nice gift from someone for your whole family to enjoy, and I'm sure the kids enjoyed it just as much as you and DH. Plus, you love to dance, so I'm sure it was extra special for you to watch them float on the ice to music..

UH OH ... I feel a challenge coming on!!!!.

Who's up for this?.

40-DAY LENT CHALLENGE ... You pick your challenge, but you commit to it for 40 days!.

Besides the clothes buying fast, I have another concern that I need to deal with and so I want to make that my challenge for 40-days..


Portion Control!!! For 40-days I am going to keep my protein to maximum 6 oz. and my greens to maximum 2 c. at a meal. NO OVEREATING ALLOWED FOR 40 DAYS!.


Comment #75

Amanda - You're doing all the right things to get back in the game. We are your cheerleaders, your support group, your therapy, your shoulder to cry on! Have DH take front, side, and rear photos be dangerous so that when you lose the weight you can see just how incredible you look based on how you looked (very past tense!)..

Developing a routine for exercise is even more important than how much you exercise, and they say 20 minutes is really the baseline. So, a routine of 20-minute intervals is perfect! Put it on your planner so it's like a "date" and you don't want to miss a date, do you?.

How wonderful for you to have friends with kids close to your kids ages. That can make it so much fun for moms not that I know from experience, only hearsay!.

Love having you back and active Amanda. You were so missed! XXOO Judy..

Comment #76

Morning! I am having my young niece sleep over tonight, she just arrived and we are gonna get our day moving! Lots to do!!! TalK MORE TOMORROW..

Comment #77

Well I am getting ready to go out tonight ... I think Jeff and I are going to see The Adjustment Bureau ... grown up time though I would rather just sleep tonight ... ahhh trying to be a good wife..

Comment #78

Pamela - Let me know how you like the movie. My DH and I want to see it ... especially DH does. He heard the director do an interview so now he's really excited about seeing it. Have a great time and enjoy yourself!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #79

Happy Saturday morning.

I weighed myself this morning (I have to confess I have always weighed myself every day!) and I am down 25lbs! That is a big number and it starting to show in clothes and my face. I feel great. The weekends are my hardest time. My DH and I go out to eat every Friday night and go out for breakfast every Saturday morning. Breakfast is usually with daughter and granddaughter and is a long standing tradition. For breakfast I just have two scrambled eggs and coffee.

For dinner we usually go to this small local Italian restaurant (Yes, Judy you have been there). Last night their special was salmon with veggies and polenta cakes. I forgot (?) to ask them not to put the polenta cakes on the plate. Anyway, I tasted them and they were great. It was almost sad not to eat them all up.

That was actually rough.

I am feeling great and have a ton of motivation to finish this and beyond..

Judy-Your picture shows that DARLING YOU LOOK FABBBUUULLOOOSSS! This is said with an accent to make it really special! Also Dave said that I should thank you and I told him that I have on numerous occasions. But, in case I did not THANK YOU.

Amanda-I know that you are a returning MFER after having a baby. Congratulations on climbing back into the saddle! It is not easy to restart after having been away for awhile..

Mich-I agree with the kindness theory. It will help you to keep your heart and mind in a good place..

I want to say that you all are a very supportive and open and I want to thank you all..

I have walked twice this week so far and will be fulfilling my commitment to working out 3 days a week. It did not even kill me!..

Comment #80

Nancy - Thanks for your kind thoughts about my new look! DH and I just got back from the gym and I had a great workout. 35 minutes on the treadmill with interval training (walking, running, incline) and then another 20 minutes with weights. WHY do I fight the exercise? I always feel so great afterwards. I just don't get it. I have got to get over having to fight to get there and somehow get my mind wrapped around how fun it is to feel so great.

If I discover a magic formula, or if I find the magic "I love to exercise" wand, I'll be sure to share it with all of you.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #81


When I ordered the sports bra, I ordered the size I used to have when I weighed 160 so we shall see if I can get into it!.

The flute festival is sponsored by the Fairfield County Schubert Club a club for music teachers and their students. It is mostly for pianists and singers. Once a year they have the Young Musicians Festival which again is HUGE for piano students but we have a nice little woodwind division. The theory behind it is that the kids enter to play at their own level of ability. There is a list of required pieces to choose from and then they play a "choice" piece that the teacher picks for them. They perform for a group of other kids who have entered as well as their parents and two judges.

The score (5 is best - 1 is least) then becomes points toward a gold cup. Once they have accumulated 15 points, they have earned to the cup. It is a great experience for the kids, they love the gold cup part, I love the fact that they get comments from other teachers about their playing. It helps when they hear the same thing I have been harping at them about from someone else!.

The flute can add a whole lot to a wedding ceremony and I play lots of them in the course of a year (I am working to do more of them actually it is GREAT money!) It was really fun to see my student and her mom - we had a wonderful relationship all the years she studied with me!.


Get yourself pumped up any way you can I post on these boards ALOT (as you know) and no one has told me to be quiet yet.... it really helps to keep me going to post often and to read what others have written..

Well, I am off to bed I want to get to the gym tomorrow and then church - rehearsal after church and then the gig in the afternoon. I LOVE my life! - I tell people that I feel so lucky because I get to make a living at what I would choose to do in my free time!.

Woo hoo!.

Cheers and good night all!.


Comment #82

Evening Melters! Just had to post that I make Pamela's Cod with Salsa & Spinach again tonight ... that is one yummy recipe. DH loves it too. I also made a salad and then we had snap peas and carrots as a veggie. It was a wonderful dinner. Lit the candles and put the jazz station on the DirectTV.

Listened to soothing music and experienced a nice, romantic. healthy at-home dinner.

Sleep well, Melters! XXOO Judy..

Comment #83

Morning Melters!.


- Lent actually begins this Wednesday, March 9. I will pledge to stay 100% OP, get to the gym 4 days/week (including 30 wall push ups) and drink 32 oz of PLAIN water/day for the 40 days. I am also doing a spiritual practice during that time..

Good morning, Melters!.

My busy weekend is going pretty well. I topped it off yesterday with dinner (Greek salad) with a friend of mine that I haven't had a chance to have an in depth conversation with in a long time so it was really wonderful..

Right now I am headed for the gym and a visit with my friend Mr. Jim Scales. Then off to church, a rehearsal, two students and a gig. I will top today off with dinner with another friend..


You had commented on the benefits of music for the people in the assisted living place. They love it when we come. We play old standards and make them guess what the tunes are and we always end with "I'll be seeing you" and they all sing along - I did not realize it but that song was a big deal during WWII when the troops were leaving for war. Last time they requested that I play something classical so I am making my poor guitarist (FABULOUS jazzer but that is a totally different animal from classical especially on guitar!) figure out the chords to this one piece that I think will be great and they I will play something solo as well..

Have a great day all!.



Comment #84



The movie!!!! It has instantly become one of the classics for me that I knwo I will see again and again..

Gives food for thought on predestination and free will - HIGHLY recommend!..

Comment #85

Good morning Jane and all you other lovelies yet to come ....

My Lent looks a lot like Janes except 2 times at the gym needs to be aerobic and to work out with weights 3 times. So I can continue my yoga practice but I need to expand it!.

Today is church and then home for the day getting caught up on "house"stuff and then yoga tonight..

Enjoy your day everyone..

Comment #86

Morning ladies!.

Judy - I just cannot believe you are almost 60! Great genes and now GREAT JEANS are doing you good!!!!.

Nancy - 25 lbs is a big number and you are really working the program. I am very inspired by you that you are incorporating eating out from the very beginning - that is a plus. Makes it much easier to transition into maintanance when the time comes. I was very black or white and had a hard time going out - once I did it made it easier though, to go out and not feel like it was a free for all..

Almost came home with another kitty and a beautiful , friendly lab from the shelter....pitfalls of being an animal lover - lol - but I took hold of myselfStatus quo is just fine now..

Last nite hubby and I saw The KIng's Speech....there was a reason it won the Academy Award....fantastic!!! Really loved it..

Rainy day here and gettting the girls ready for Hebrew school - mommy has to do paperwork!.

Bb soon.


Comment #87

So The Adjustment Bureau was good? Iam going to have to add that to our "next movie" list. I would like to see the Fighter as well, but at the rate we are going I doubt they will all still be in theatres when we get to them..

No yoga today.....TOM and my first day is ugly..

Nuff said.


Comment #88

As for the Lent challenge...I am up for it - hey I used to give up candy in solidarity with my girlfriends growing up - lol!.

So my challenge to myself is two continue my gym dedication ( making sure I dont overdue it and hurt back, knee, foot....pick a body part gals any body part).

AND dare I say binge free for 40 days? I can do that - I wont say on plan but binge free....that I believe is a doable one..


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LOLOL Being Jewish you will all understand my question....when does Lent start???..

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Wednesday ~ Tuesday is traditionally known as "FAT Tuesday". 40 days end on Holy Saturday April 23. SUndays are not considered part of Lent so if you do it straight through it is an extra 6 days.

Just came from church!..

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Good afternoon, Melters! OK - here is one for you - I went to church to hear Paul preach I had told him that I had thought of not going because in this church, the first Sunday of the month is Communion Sunday and I felt weird going and not taking communion - you kind of stick out like a sore thumb when everyone else gets up and you don't - but I wanted to hear him preach so I went. Afterwards I was getting ready for my rehearsal with the assistant organist (we are doing a concert together after church on March 20) and Paul came by and said something like why am I playing now instead of during church or something like that. Then he looked at me really funny and said "we have to have a discussion". I IMMEDIATELY felt like I had done something wrong - I went STRAIGHT do-not-pass-go-do-not-collect-$200 to a place of "what did I do wrong now?" - and of course along with it I wanted to just go run and eat - WHICH I did NOT do. When I was a kid, my mother would come to the foot of the stairs and yell my name up them "Jane Louise" and the feeling of dread would be overwhelming - that is exactly how I felt today. BUT today I am an adult and I was able to tell myself that it could be a good thing that he wants to have a discussion with me and that he is initiating it and that I have not done anything wrong etc etc etc.

OK - there is my vent-instead-of-eat rant for the day! I have to get ready to play at the assisted living place now!.

Have a great afternoon all!.


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Well, that settles it ... we are going to go see that movie ... maybe when I get back from my trip next week. Sounds very interesting at that! I guess it was worthwhile being "the good wife" after all, huh?.

XXOO Judy..

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