Are beans allowed in Phase 1 of the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Are beans allowed in Phase 1 of the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY - FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Yes sir! although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins...

Comment #2

GREAT Morning lovelies!.

It's Saturday... Got your SEXY Sizzlin' Shimmie on???..

Comment #3

Good morning Lori! Love the quote...sorry if it's always been there, I just really read it. So true. How's it going? How was Borgata, and the Kings? I had a long week...I'm up the 5 I lost, and I know it MUST be water from sodium,...pounding the shizzle out of waters now...ugh. I know I didnt gain fat....I didnt eat anything that bad. No more eating out until this is under control...thats fo sho. I have to write a paper for microeconomics today, and, if the weather cooperates, maybe a walk w/ my monkey mob. xoxo bbl..

Comment #4

And good morning Andi!! I'm trying to get a shimmie...I think a little more coffee first.....

Comment #5

So excited I got a tracking number- expeditied shipping WAY worth it!!!.

One year ago today my dad died. I have felt very emotional about it all week. Dreamed about him last night. Today I feel fine- wish I could fast foward thru the weekend tho!.

Not much on agenda today. I have a mountain of paperwork, like always. Maybe go to my moms house for a while.....

Off to grab some coffee..

Comment #6

I'm sorry Sweetheart..

I'm feeling you..

I walked in to the grocery store on Thursday after my doctor appointment, St. Patrick's Day was EVERYWHERE, and I just completely - unexpectedly - totally fell apart..

I'm here if you need to talk..

Mad love...

Comment #7

Hi Peeps!.

I made it safely to Qatar. Just got my eye brows threaded, headed to the gym, then need to prepare to teach tomorrow. My life is a whirlwind!!!!!! It is sorta warmish here, I but like 70's.....I'm not complaining, I'm also not getting a tan though......


Comment #8

Thanks, I was fine. Your reply made me misty.....

Weird how it hits you sometimes, and the emotions are uncontrollable..

My (hard to deal with, low social skill, I was sure would never get married) brother got engaged Thursday night. I love him dearly but he can be an ***! He had no relationship with my dad, and I just think that this somehow would have maybe brought them together. I have a lot of magical thinking, it's amazing the things that I sometimes believe would be different if my dad was still here..

Thanks for your support. It means a lot...

Comment #9

Morning shams,.

Warm hugs for the weekend Jill. We're always here to listen, try to heal, etc. Hopefully you can do something fun to take your mind off everything. Got a few inches of snow last night which really sucks. I'm sooooo over it and looking forward to spring. Andi, enjoy your trip and fun in the sun.

Everytime I see something new with a shamrock I think of all of us and how my life has changed thanks to the friendships I've made with all of you. Hope everyone has a great weekend...

Comment #10

I am right there with both of you. My dad passed last February and it hits me like an avalanche every once in a while. More so the past few weeks. I am here for both of you as well if you ever need to talk...

Comment #11

Glad to hear you made it safely. I heard that eye brow threading hurts worse than waxing. Now I am afraid to try it. Great motivation to hit the gym while you are away...

Comment #12

Good morning Barb! I want spring too! Maybe if we all wish hard enough it will happen really soon! Yesterday morning when I walked to the bus stop I heard the birds made my heart happy because I knew that is the first sign of spring!..

Comment #13

I am off to do some cleaning and then babysit my grandbabies. I found out my Aunt passed away yesterday morning. She had cancer and had been suffering for a while. She was diagnosed right around the time my dad was, so she suffered a lot longer than he did. I am so sad she is gone, but at the same time I know she is in a better place and at peace. I am struggling with emotions today so I am going to try and keep busy.

My mom is having a really hard time with it, so I will be visiting her to give her that extra support she needs to get through this weekend..

On a happier note...I am in smaller jeans and they are almost loose!!! I got propositioned by a 23 year-old.

, got asked to go have drinks with some visiting co-workers (they were married though...yuck! but I am looking at the fact they were interested.) and I have made it to the "Y" three times this last week! Hopefully someday the men that approach me will be a little older, have better morals and not be convicted felons! But it is a lot more than I was getting before! Ha ha!.

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #14

Melissa -.

I'm effing loving your energy today..

We could use a LOT more of that around here lately..

Mad love!..

Comment #15

Afternnon sexies!.

Lori- love the quote this week! Hellz I love you!.

Jill- I can't imagine loosing a parent. Keep busy and try to remember the good memories!.

Melissa- yeah for y 3x, smaller jeans and younger men! Buy hoping a nice older man propositions you soon!.

It's my baby's birthday today! She's 7! Hard to believe. We will be having a family party and then a kid party later. Have a great day..

Comment #16

Happy saturday.

Jill I know how you feel as will be 3 years this August that my Dad never gets easier, you just get used to it...there are definitely beautiful things that can happen when someone is no longer physically here that I believe they had something to do with...your Dad is with you to him, and listen very carefully because he will talk back.

Melissa you're such a tramp!!!.

Hi cap! barb! andi! lara!! toni! eileen!!.

AFMit's quite warm here today in NJ so I took the opportunity to bathe my's really great when he's all clean and shiny and promptly takes himself to the biggest poop pile in the yard and rolls around in it....i love that!! got a work out in, doing some laundry..think i'm gonna do a clothing purge for my child who is now a full-grown man and only wears 5 things....and, i'm very happy because this morning's scale said i'm down 20lbs!!!! YYYYAYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY...i'm going for 1 more before official WI on Mondayyep I am!!!!!.

Love you hookers...have a great Saturday..

Comment #17

ReRun - Nice job..

Lara - Love you too. And happy b'day to yo' baby!..

Comment #18

Got surpirsed by my dtr. and her family coming over. I knew her hubby was coming by to help with an outside job but had no idea she and the kids were coming. Sure was fun seeing them again. They love running around this house seeing what they can get into...

Comment #19

Big hugs to Jill and Lori.

Toni - glad you are safe - you can do this!..

Comment #20

Have you ever went out to eat and got your L and G and wanted to cry?? I got a Cobb salad today and made adjustments based on the menu... then it came with all kinds of other stuff in it...carrots, corn, onions... Thankfully DH didnt mind me picking through it!!.

Hanging around .... relaxing.... BBL : )..

Comment #21

Melissa - congrats on the smaller size..

Lori - I also loved the quote..

Andi - have fun..

Lara - hope birthday party is fun..

Robyn - I am hoping for 1 more for you also..

Comment #22

Barb - nice to hear about your surprise family visit today..

We went to see King's Speech today - I enjoyed it...

Comment #23

Kori - Hope you have some time for you today; you are one busy lady...

Comment #24

I wanna nap. **grabbing pillow**.

Will work out in AM - promise!..

Comment #25

Andi - hope yu get some good sleep. Sleep is important. I know you are going to do your plan...

Comment #26

I do not like plateaus. Come on scale move..

Time to go practice piano..


Comment #27

Evening lovelies!.

Ended up doing homeowrk instead of nap but willl get to bed in moments to prep for an AM workout. see you all after..

Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks!..

Comment #28

Quick hello dolls,.

Busy day planning for DS#1 birthday. He has friends over tonight and I will need to sleep with Prince Ambien to get any sleep at all..

Hello warm Qatar, the misty eye posts left me verklempt, and I have had a not so on plan day. Going to bed.


Comment #29

Gooooood Morning..

Washed away 3 of my 5 uninvited lbs. Take that! I'm going to become a Saturday weigher...I just decided. I had a battle royale w/ hubs over a cleaning lady...and lost. But, he did agree to start helping me get my 3 monkeys to start helping- he cant always be "fun Dad". Spent y'day on 3 homework assignments/papers. I have a Baptism today (who, by the way, the Dad is the grandson of a filthy millionaire..I feel weird handing him a 25$ gc to target...) but, thats what you get when you roll with me....

Tomorrow I have a meeting (w/ 2 other chicks) with an officer of our company,,,yayyy.

Thats me....

How are you Lori? Is it warm n rainy?? Its crp* here...filthy mess..

Good morning Andi!.

OK- coffee....



Comment #30

Eileen you cracked me up once again about the $25 gift card....well, how do you think he got so rich?.

Getting ready to go to church...i did weigh this morning and it's +2 from yesterday which bums me out cuz there is no reason on this earth that it should be more than yesterday....other than I got a late start with the 5/1's after working out and bathing the dog....whatever.

Today I am giving my sister a pedicure because she is going on a long awaited vaca with her husband on, you may be thinking to yourselfwhy doesn't she just go to a salon and get a pedicure?? well, it's not that easy for sis is an extremely beautiful woman, but there's a little problem with her feet...i like to call them finger-toes...her feet could possibly be the missing link between humans today and humanoids of the past....a pedicure for her would involve going to the I have all my pedicure tools readyhammer and chisel, chainsaw, and blindfold....fortunately she said she'd shave the hair off them before I have to get in there, so maybe I won't need a blindfold.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!.

Lots o' love.


Comment #31

Morning lovelies!.

Long day at fun meeting then longer flight back home. Missing you already..

Have a GREAT OP water-guzzling day!..

Comment #32

Morning everyone..

Robyn - nice of you to do the pedi. My SIL had surgery on her hammer toes..

Andi - safe travels.

Lori - I hope you do something kind for yourself today. Time to heal...

Comment #33

Morning lovies!.

Parties yesterday went great- looks like Christmas around here but that will be up to her to pick up. She spent the night with my mom last night and they are having a shopping day togather today- so more things to bring home!.

I'm working on the cookie thing again today and trying to figure out the accounting for the troop. Last year (before I got involoved) no one really kept track on whose money was whose. Its a BIG OL MESS now, so I'm gonna do my best to figure out how much each girl has in their account. I'm sure it won't be perfect but it'll be better than it is today..

With everything going on, I've caved into too much food this weekend, so now I've got to get back on track and guzzle me some water. Have a great OP day- I'll BBL...

Comment #34


I am work... trying to get some stuff done, it feels so much better to get ahead so I can start the week off right!.

Pre weigh this morning and down another 1 lb! Drinking lots of water today hoping for a little more by my official weigh in tomorrow : ).

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #35

Today is clean house for me. I think the dust is out of control. Happens here in the desert...

Comment #36

Robyn, you crack me up too. What a great sis to do her toes. I asked my dtr. if she would do mine (which are pretty normallol) but she said forget itdoesn't handle feet. Oh well, I love getting pedicures so all's good. Cleaning house this morning and yacking with my downstate sis for over an hour.

So I gotta get my house done now since hubby is still having lots of breathing problems and isn't much help with anything. Do have someone coming over later to plow the drive, thank goodness. Pretty out today with lots of sun so hope it stays this way for awhile. Have a relaxing day everyone and Andi, safe travels home...

Comment #37

Barbie - you need a temp helper to come vaccum and do laundry after your surgery. Do they offer such things where you are? We have a service here, called Home Instead, and they do a great job with stopping in, running the sweeper and loading/unloading a dishwasher, popping something in for dinner. (A friend of mine started the service here for the elderly and it blossomed into much more including help for people temporarily incapacitated due to injury/surgery/etc.) I'll be thinking of ya...

Comment #38

Muffy - what a great service. I agree that you need that service Barb...

Comment #39

Thanks Muffy & Sandy. I'm going to make calls tomorrow to see about in home PT instead of going into town. I don't have the best insurance (it's self-pay) but it's worth a try. Too funny - I'm watch GAC and Trace Atkins has a new song: BCBC (brown chicken, brown cow)...

Comment #40

Hey peeps! It is 12:45 am here and I am up for the day! I'm not even trying to adjust myself to the time. I am up tweaking lectures for the day and then I will hit the gym at 4:30. It is a bit harder to track meals with this timing thing, but I am managing. I did cave on the plane when I was bored, but have been back on track and to the gym 1 or 2 times a day. It is warmish here, and I will try to get in one outside run, but the second 5 minute inetrvals are killing me..

I also found out I may be going to Nepal in June! I am way excited about that, but back to steerage class!!!.

Hope all is well!!!!..

Comment #41

Toni, you get to do all the traveling we can only dream about (and not pay forlol). Enjoy all of it and hope you get some sleep. Slow day here - where is everyone? Well, think I'll go watch a movie or play some online Texas Hold Emsee ya tomorrow...

Comment #42

Toni - thanks for checking in.

Barb - it sure is slow..

Just had a nice lunch on the patio and watched the hummingbirds. I love this time of the year...

Comment #43

Lori - I can not find your stuffed pepper recipe. Can post yet again?..

Comment #44

Just went shed hunting with hubby and DS#2. We found only one and another small one that the mice had gotten to already. Walked about 45 minutes up and down the hills, in and out of the brambles. I'm wearing a turkey feather in my tossled hair now. I know, trendsetter, that's what you're thinking. But I was sure huffin and puffin. It's about 32 here but a nice sunny day for a walk...

Comment #45

Extra lean ground turkey (1 package).

Mix with onion powder, parsley, whatever you like.

1 can drained diced tomato (low sodium is gross but better for you).

Mush together.

Cut off tops of peppers.


Drizzle top w/olive oil.

Spray deep skillet with Pam Spray.

Flip peppers upside down.

Add extra can of diced tomato and extra stuffing mix around sides of peppers.


Cook on medium/lowish heat for an hour.

Sprinkle a little parm cheese on top before serving.

I always loved mine with a fresh salad..

For the love of Pete...I swear I have cramps..

A week early..

Of course I do..

Because I have an ob-gyn appointment on Tuesday..

Luck of the Irish..



Mad love...

Comment #46

Just checking in, another great OP day down! I'm hoping for a great WI tomorrow. I chugged my wawa and had a few glasses of green tea.

Sweet dreams shams!..

Comment #47

Evening lovelies!.

Safely back to Seattle. Hubbie enroute to get me -had to finish his shift... Laundry waiting for me and a good sleep with hubs and pup....

Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks!..

Comment #48

Morning Shammies! Rough day yesterday but back on the wagon today. It was a weird day with my head in the wrong place. I did not WI yesterday or this morning, so I'm waiting until next week. Hope everyone has a great OP day!..

Comment #49

Good morning hookers,.

Muffy - It sure is..

Sand - You're welcome..

Andi - Welcome home..

Jill - I hope you kill it..

Lara - Sorry you had a crappy day..

Need more coffee..

Mad love to all...

Comment #50

Good morning! 90 min delay for it. Had a good weekend, got to snuggle someone else's baby...he was a doll. My hubs better feel lucky that hes fixed, or we'd be pounding out another baby...I have an illness for puppies, and babies..

Anyway, big long day today!! xoxo to all!..

Comment #51


Just the puppies for me, thank you very much...

Comment #52

Morning lovelies!!!.

Runnin late. Brownie cookin..

Question of the day: Will Andi retain her crown????.

Tune in later to find out........

In the meantime: have a GREAT OP water-guzzlin day!..

Comment #53

Although I'm cutting a tooth and feel a bit like a baby.....

Comment #54

Hi shams,.

I feel bad. Woke both hubby and I up early thinking he had a doctors appt. at 8:45. He's been really sick (probably bronchitis or pneumonia). I woke up too cuz he falls asleep really easily and I really want him to get better. He just gets back and tells me it's NEXT MONDAY.

OOPS! Now I want him to go back this afternoon when the clinic is open and he's not crazy about that idea. With my surgery tomorrow I want him getting better so that's one less thing I have to worry about. Hope this is the start of a good week for everyone. Talk to ya later...

Comment #55

Weird a delay for wind?? I have never heard of such a thing!..

Comment #56

Yay. Down 1.2 for the week. I wish I was a bigger loser each week but a loss is a loss.

I went down an underwear size this week. tee hee... it seems like it takes forever between pant sizes but for whatever reason I cruise through underwear sizes....

I have a pretty busy day, my mom is coming here to watch the girls. Its so much easier when she comes here!.

I will BBL, I hope you all have a great day!..

Comment #57

Morning sexy thangs....

Know I have been MIA...was CRAZY busy weekend...we had grandbaby all weekend long(all the other baby sitters were out of town this wekeend) and made a trip to Wisconsin to see my sister on Saturday..

WHEW...almost feels good to be back to work to get a break...can I have another weekend?!.

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!..

Comment #58

Good morning all... sorry to have been mia. weekend and today have been crazy... bbl..

Comment #59

Hello my favorite Irish chicas !.

Welcome to Monday. Now.


, gals, because we're having an.


And there will be SO much.

Water guzzling.

On this thread that Medifast Admins might have to install a cathedar on this thread. (gulp the water here)..

I'm walking EVERYWHERE I GO this week. (Except the 50 miles to/from work). How about you?.

Today, I'm in a new jacket which is smaller and my new excuse to shop!! Doctor tomorrow, hoping we can lower the BP medicine in light of my loss so far..

Check in later,.

Mad love at ya'll...

Comment #60

I am for the puppies..

Today is get ready for golf league tomorrow - I have 74 ladies playing as of right now and I have piano lesson today..

It is windy here today as well..

Barb - I want your life calm so you have the environment to heal. Drink extra water for your surgery. You want all your organs hydrated and healthy...

Comment #61

Stupid people need a forehead tattoo so the rest of us know not to waste our time...

Comment #62


Checkin' in from work cuz I didn't have time this morning.

BARB!!! thinkin' about you and keeping you in my prayers for comfort and quick healing!!.

As for the rest of youMWAH!!!!!!.

I'll try to BBL.


Comment #63

Wanted to check in since this is the first time I was able to get on the computer at work today. Our resident tech guy came in this morning and said I was getting a new computer...but it has taken almost all day for it all to come together so I am happy for the new computer but sad I haven't had enough time to catch up..

Just wanted to say hi and now I have to go back to the kids...

Comment #64

Muffy- Love your good mood!.

Jill- Yeah for help coming. My mom and husband both be out of town next week- not sure how well I'll handle it..

Dawn- How is your sister doing?.

Barb- Hope Dh gets better, with sx tomorrow you don't need to be worrying about him..

Eileen- Love me some babies too but don't want anymore. I just love on others too...

Comment #65

Hey Robyn and Kori. Yeah for new computer but Boo that it took you away from us..

AFM- Have a vball game tonight so wish us luck. Been drinking my water and have spent a lot of time in the bathroom, which I need to go now. Have a great evening...

Comment #66

Just wanted to say thanks for the well wishes and hopefully I'll be back here Fri. Doc called in antibiotics for DH so that should help him too. Don't have to leave too early so if I can't sleep well, you may see me early in the a.m. Otherwise, have a good week everyone and I'll talk to ya in a few days...

Comment #67

Hi all....

Barb... sorry I missed you and hope all goes well....

Hey lara, jill, robyn, muffy and sandy and andi.... id love to get caught up, but feel like I have missed so much. checkin from home tonight while kids watch the knicks. we have to support our NY teams...

Comment #68

Hi lori... awesme recipe..

Hi kori... hope that pc is working better tomm..

Lara... sorry this weekend was rough for ya..

Did I miss a hello from toni...? hope she's doing well...

Comment #69

Hi dawn and melissa when you guys are here. quiet night for me at home after working out. I'm kinda becoming a fan of the gym... kinda helps I bought new work out tops, socks, and put great music on my ipod. looking good makes me feel excited about being there..

Anyone watch Nurse Jackie ??? I got the second season on dvd and have no one to talk to about it......

Comment #70

Back from piano lessons - my teacher is so great..

Getting ready for golf league tomorrow..

Need to drink some more water and have one more 5..

Hope everyone has a good night and see you later tomorrow..

Barb - if you check in. I will be thinking about you and let us know how you are doing when you can. Life without pain...

Comment #71

Good morning Shams,.

I have back-to-back doctor appointments all day..

Have a happy Tuesday..

Catch ya'll later..

Mad love...

Comment #72

Capt- Hope all goes well with the doc appts today..

Barb- If you check in this morning- hope sx goes well and that you feel better..

Andrea- Glad you checked in last night. This week is going much better now that I'm back on schedule. Never seen Nurse Jackie- sorry..

AFM- Just a typical Tuesday, meetings, meetings, meetings. I do pick up a new kiddo for therapy this morning, so that will be fun. Have some kind of national disaster drill this morning, which will throw a wrench in everything. Have a luncheon for new employees to welcome them to the dept (I will be having my MF) then a training. Home to GS meeting which luckily I don't have to do anything for but show up as another older troop is leading our meetings this month. That's it from here- catch you later- have a great OP day and guzzle that water...

Comment #73

Good morning Lara, Lori, Andi(rea)- I start gym next week!! ...preparing ipod now...g'morning Barb...Andi...Toni...Sandy.....

I have a day full of math related activities...<bleck> it's part of my new job...wish I read the fine print a little closer.....otherwise, the floods are going away- yesterday was buuuull** you know what...floods, schools closed...mess.....

Coffee...bbl..have a shamtastic day..

Comment #74

Morning shams,.

Andrea, I watch Nurse Jackie all the time. I know it's starting up any daycan you tell me when (PM it to me since I may not be able to back read all the days). I'll be glad to talk about itlol. Heading out of here in about 20 min. I miss my morning coffee. It also snowed a couple inches last night so hopefully roads won't be too bad. Catch everyone soon...

Comment #75

Good morning all.. feels so good to be here at my regular time of day. nice quiet office before others come in at 9..

Lori.. hope all goes well at drs today..

Sandy.. piano sounds great. got lots planned for today?.

Lara... that is a busy day you have planned. wow.. good for you getting that Medifast in at lunch. I'm going home for lunch today to put dinner in the crock-pot. benefit of working 3 miles from home.

Hi eileen.. I'm with ya on the coffee. need to get me some now. sucking off my company and drinking the free coffee when I get to work. hope your work day goes well. gym sounds good.....

Hi andi, muffy and kori when you guys get here...

Comment #76

Ugh, barb, I just missed u. I will PM you and ill be thinkin about ya today...

Comment #77

BARB - I think I missed you but know I will be thinking of you today...

Comment #78

Have a long day at work today. we are piloting a new process and the change is small but HUGE - and staff will need lots of support. AND I have a late meeting. and (whine) my mouth hurts. 3rd molar erupted.

Need to find a dentist. definitely on my list of to-do's for the day..

No time to read. will try to catch up tonight and WILL get the Lucky Charms Princess crowned tonight.......

Comment #79

Poor andi... I'm so sorry your mouth is in pain. I am super phobic of the dentist. hope the day goes quick and you find a good dentist...

Comment #80

Andi I hate the dentist. Need valium to get teeth cleaned..

Barb - Thoughts with you today..

Everyone- I'm stuck (within a pound) a current weight. First real non-movement of scale. Not pleased. Something's gotta change..

Doctor appt this morning to review BP meds considering weight loss. He's thrilled with loss considering week 5 was illness. Changing up meds a little but not dropping them. Back in 6 weeks for another looksee at results..

Meetings from noon until 6pm today. Probably won't be back in so all of you have an OP day and take care..

Oh, forgot to tell you. I'm getting a green hair extension next week in honor of my new Irish-ness. It's a fundraiser at my hair place. I'll have Sham-a-licious hair...

Comment #81

I almost peed myself reading this! Hope everything turned out ok and there was no collateral damage after handling your sis's feet...

Comment #82

I had to do a cookie booth with my sister and my neices yesterday. UGHHHH!!!! I so do not likey those things. I was freezing and we sold about 15 boxes in 2 hours. So not worth my time...

Comment #83

What an awesome business opportunity. I agree Barb, it sounds like you might need some temporary help after the surgery...

Comment #84

Nepal? You have such an exciting life with all that traveling girl. I know it is a lot of work and all that. But really, it is a bit fun too!..

Comment #85

Agreed! Oh wait...I don't even have any puppies either. Just students. Definitely enough for me..

Comment #86

Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way...

Comment #87

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.