Are common web hosting services like 123 reg the same as shared web hosting services?

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My first question is Are common web hosting services like 123 reg the same as shared web hosting services? Thanks for any response. My other question... For the first time I am looking to try and sell a HostGator name outside of a HostGator forum. The name I want to sell is

I plan on emailing some organizations that deal with disease research and see if they are interested. Can anyone think of any specific organizations that I should approach with this name?.

Would these organizations look down upon me for approaching them and trying to sell them a .org HostGator name, especially if they are a nonprofit organization?.

I found a thread that has a lot of letter examples so I think I am o.k. in that department. If a company does want to buy the name, would they just cut me a check and then I transfer the name once the funds clear? Any legal stuff I need to worry about? I have only used PayPal before when I sold some names..

Any other tips you guys could give me would be great? Thanks for your time...

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You betcha! but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can give you help better...

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I would suggest that you never state a price. Why state you would sell at $5k when your buyer might be willing to buy at $10k..

On the multiple email question. I haven't been in that situation so hopefully another member can help you out here..


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Sending out an email multiple times is SPAM. Don't do it. ALWAYS send out these kinds of email individually...

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Yeah, if I send multiple e-mails to the same person. I am smarter than that. I have no intentions of SPAMming anyone..

I was talking about sending to multiple organizations. Should I wait for a response from one organization or should I send out multiple e-mails to multiple organizations instead of waiting for responses?.

So far I have sent 3 e-mails to 3 organizations that were on the first page of google for disease research and funding, or something like that, can't remember of the top of my head what keywords I used. Do I just sit and play the waiting game? Or do I pursue other organizations and continue sending out e-mails? If down the road these organizations reply to me and multiple ones show interest, do I try to start a bidding frenzy?..

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Be prepared that selling is never a easy thing to do. They may not reply to you, they.

May not even interested in it etc...

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As I've already stated. Sending the same email in bulk to multiple recipients is SPAM. don't do it. Sending the same email multiple times to different recipients isn't spam...

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And as I have already stated, in the post that you quoted, just not in the same words, I am not sending out the same e-mail in BULK, and nowhere did I use the word BULK. I said MULTIPLE e-mails to MULTIPLE recipients. I read that as 1 e-mail per 1 recipient, multiple times, but I guess I could have typed it a little more clear. Sorry for the confusion..

I handwrite each e-mail and I send it to one e-mail address. I search around and find a different organization and then I write another, different, proposal aimed at that organization...

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Just to clarify RockDiesel what I think you are doing isn't spam. So I don't see a problem..


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1 email to 1 recipient is the way to go. Clearly not spam. Glad we could clear that up...

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