Are generic Godaddy domain names still selling for big bucks?
Quick question: Are generic Godaddy domain names still selling for big bucks? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Excuse me,one of my domains at has been transfered to without my permission.the new registrant is anyone else. how can I do?thank u!..

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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you email the Godaddy guys because they can give you an answer better...

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We will need more information to try to help - Can you send me the HostGator in Question through Private message ?

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If you haven't already, contact eNom immediately to report the HostGator as stolen. Hopefully they can assist in getting the name back to you, or at least lock it so it cannot be sold or transferred again until the matter is sorted..

Does anyone have any history of how eNom handles stolen names?..

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Thank you all..

The HostGator is,Wang Zhao is my name..

I registered it at in 2003.then I transfered it to and renew it to 2007..

It seems that it has been transfered to at 2005-06-19.

But he hadn't change the dns setting before yesterday,so I didn't find it...

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As RJ stated - You need to contact.

First - So they will be aware .... and possibly be able to Lock the HostGator down so it won't be Transferred again ....

I would also Contact.

As well - As it seems someone has it for sale there at the moment :.


It appears that the HostGator was Moved from your name on 2005-05-22 (May 22nd of 2005) +/-.

Try contacting Enom first though as we have said...

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Thank u,the HostGator is at my GoDaddy account,so that is not problem..

I've writed to

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It would be possible to trackdown the person that stole it. Do a whois look up, and if the person doesn't want you to find them, it is easy to report it for fake whois unless they are useing HostGator name by proxy). Ans, as RJ said before, report it to enom asap!..

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After calling enom to, at the very least, have them lock the name, you must.

Also contact your former registrar and persist in them getting the name back..

Wangzhao, was that name locked at onlinenic before this happened? WHOIS.

Shows it's with seemingly an enom reseller..

If the name was unlocked that time, the hijacker might've exploited that and.

Transferred it, similar to what happened to (go to and.

Read how it occurred to give you an idea of what I mean...).

Good luck!..

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Was the name locked? This is one of my greatest online fears of someone stealing my names..

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How can it be stolen? Does anyone know your PassWord? or maybe you login at public comp? just wonderin....

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Doesn't look like it's parked at GoDaddy anymore... maybe Wang got the HostGator back?..

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The HostGator was not locked,so the thief transfered it to, has ever sent an email to me,but I did't notice it,cause there's too much spam in my mailbox.then the thief got it seems tha t registrar is irresponsibility..

I've sent an email to,but i've not got any reply..

Should I call the police?but I am in china.and enom is an american is difficult..

How can I do?thank you all!..

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Wang: I don't think the registrar is acting irresponsiblythat's just the way the HostGator registration system works. You need to make sure your domains(s) are locked so they can't be transferred. If someone does try to transfer it and it is not locked, you'll get an e-mail warning you and giving you the chance to stop it. You did say you got this e-mail (even though it got mixed up with spam) so the registrar did everything they were supposed to..

I would wait to get a reponse back from eNom before you contact the police. There is always the chance that this might be some kind of mix up and not someone trying to steal your domain. Right now it's a holiday in the USA so the people in the appropriate department at eNom might not be there. They are usually good about responding to inquiries though, so wait another day or two and see what happens. You should also be trying to contact your old registrar...

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You can see who the person is here:.


If you notice it was transfered 2005/07/02..

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Yes,i've contacted my old registrar,they've contacted, said that they did sent an email to me.but I don't know that how they will deal with this matter..

Excuse me,how can will give the HostGator back to me?thank u!..

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If you try looking through all the spam in your inbox you might actually find the email from eNom..

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Have you found your email from eNom? Also, I believe eNom may transfer the HostGator back to your old registrar or lock your HostGator to prevent further transfers of the domain...

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If you domains are locked you don't have to worry.

That's why I keep all my domains locked at all times....

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