Are Healthy Choice & Medifast Diet Frozen foods just as effective as NutriSystem?

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My first question is Are Healthy Choice & Medifast Diet Frozen foods just as effective as NutriSystem? Many thanks for any response. Second question.. Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

Morning Penny!.

Having a cup of Joe now - tell your hubby thanks! Crazy weather up your way - hopefully we won't have it down here and ruin all the pretty flowers/trees blooming........

Down 1 lb today myself. Carbs were a bit on the high side this past week and it really showed in the weight loss...

Comment #2

Good Morning! I was fortunate enough to join your team this weekend and am starting OP today. Will check back this evening. Everyone have a wonderful, super groovy OP, no sludge day! This is my 4th time around with MediFast and I am determined to make this my final, successful round........


Comment #3

Good morning, thanks for getting us going on a bleary Monday..

Today is my weigh in day and I am...drumroll please...down another 2.4 pounds!.

Penny- congrats!.

Hope everyone has a good start of the week...

Comment #4

Morning V, morning Zoe!.

V - welcome! You can do it!.

Zoe - Great loss - congrats!.

Heading out to the J.O.B. so have fun in the playhouse today!..

Comment #5

Good morning all!.

You can do it, V! Just remember this first week is the roughest.....

Penny thanks for starting us off and thank your hubby for the coffee..

Congratulations on your losses you Monday weighers!.

Sump pump continued to run as it should through the night. I have a fairly dry basement now. Still have a trickle of a stream in the one corner but overall it's much improved...

Comment #6

Good morning all.

Penny.. we're having the same weather too and a 2hr delay also.. woo hoo... I took advantage of it and got on the elliptical...

Weigh in today 136.2... down 3.2... Love MF.

Zoe congrats on the loss...

V... Medifast is great good luck!!.

Have to update my ticker an get coffee... I will be back..

Comment #7

Morning all!.


Thanks for the coffee, hope your weather clears up! Great loss!.


Good job on the loss.


Welcome! If you get through this week it gets easier..


Glad the basement is dry!.


Hope your weather clears up also, great job on the weigh in..

Having my dh home sort of messed with my mojo, I didn't eat off plan at all, but I did not drink all my water. Plus I started TOM Saturay. I lost 1 lb for the week, I'll take it.


Only 4 more days until he heads out again, going to be working on some "honey dos" for him today (cleaning out the garage and emptying the attic)..

ANyone that sneaks in! Have a good day all..

Comment #8

Morning, all. Thanks for the coffee Penny/'s all I'll get til after my blood draw this morning.

Cyber coffee, although delicious, just doesn't have the same punch as my regular stuff..

WI for me today, too. Slow week....down 1/2 lb. Right direction!.

I'm leaving early this morning to get this darn blood work over with so I can have my capp. Nothing but water for me til'll help keep me afloat..

Have a great day! Hope to catch you from the orifice...

Comment #9

Sooooo glad this is my last full night shift this week! I have no patience left..

Holy cow... EVERYONE seems to be down in weight today! That ROCKS! Looking forward to checking my own progress after my sleep cycle! I've been dealing with the frustrating night by lots of water and walking! (At least it's positive!) .....

Comment #10

Happy Monday..

Thanks for the coffee..

We are having beautiful weather here. Rain, freezing rain, Sleet and Snow!.

The schools are no longer on a 2 hour delay but closed!.

No shout outs this am, I left my glasses downstairs and well... I did see lots of losers! congrats..

Have a great day...

Comment #11

School just called a snow day! It's continuing to get worse. Normally I'd take the gal to the YMCA, but their snow day schedule runs on the school schedule of the next city over, where they're located. So I'm home today...

Comment #12

Bought my Starbucks at the airport. Will sip in a minute. Had to eat my bkft before we went through security, so feel stuffed..

I have to do alot more research on Transition, etc. because I am putting on weight. Up to 150. I want to be 140, my goal, on my b-day April 21. I want to turn 63 at 140..

Being in the 140s just felt so normal and good..

I am so excited to Daisy&Co. today. DH will be returning to Indy-then-home on Friday. He will carry my boots and big winter coat. Yay!.

It is so exciting to be out in public with live people so close to me. Yestaerday, did NOT get the inital fabulous Vitamin D results from the tanning session (3"). I will see if increasing the time to 4 minutes helps, or 5 minutes..

So, sat in bed, organized in spurts, and listened to one of Charlaine Harris's books from 1992 from Audible. Before cell phones and minus all the elementary police procedurals we're so familiar with on TV. Quaint..

Anna: Hope DH enjoys his ToDo list. The normal things in life feel so good when you haven't been able to do them in a long time. Have him put on his favorite music and join him in a dance whenever you can..

Congratualtions on all the losses recorded so far. Tough Love is the best group there is..

Have a great day OP..


Comment #13

I just joined this group today. The coffee is wonderful this morning because today is a SNOW DAY and I'm a teacher!!! Yea me!! I just weighed in this morning and I'm down 1 lb. This is wonderful because I was away on vacation two weeks ago and I didn't see any weight loss for two weeks (but no weight gain either..I was very careful on vacation)..

My challenge this week is I'm going away again for three days, but this isn't really a vacation. My oldest son is leaving for Iraq and I'm going to see him off. The emotions are already taking hold of me and being strong for him isn't easy. I hope to find the strength to stay strong both for him and for me!.

Have a wonderful snow day everyone in the North!..

Comment #14

Good morning TLers!.

Today starts week 3 for me. I had success in Week 1 but not Week 2. It's my fault. I didn't come here and get some tough love. I've learned my lesson and I know that Medifast can work for me. I realize my trigger was eating out instead of at home.

I learned that food has a snowball effect....once you start eating one thing then it becomes another and then it's a cycle of food misery! I'm hoping that at some point my body does not want anything salty, carbs or sugary. Please tell me this happens!.

Congratulations to all the losers!! Keep up the great work!!..

Comment #15

Morning TL'ers!.

Down another 1.9 today. Loving that!.

Wow - Penny and Mia - sorry about all your snow but, hey, a snow day would sure be nice right about now. Our highs are projected to be anywhere from 52 to 72 degrees all week. It's always a rollercoaster here - except in August where we have triple digits all the time..

I'm lovin me some pancakes this AM. Put some SF carmel syrup in the mix and it was a nice touch..

Jan - good luck with your blood work!! I'm sure it will be awesome given your tremendous weight loss. My doc didn't say anything about blood work so I'm going in this morning without fasting. If he wants blood, I can fast in the morning and just go to the lab. Harder to do the fasting thing now that I wake up at the crack of dark every day! LOL.

Anony - Awsome Loss!! Congratulations!.

V - Just settle in, remember all the newbie tips - or ask. WATER sleep WATER sleep Tylenol... you get the drift. All the best!.

Welcome TLC - so sorry about your son's emotional deployment. Just remember off plan foods won't help. And I'm sure he would want you to be strong and healthy. You can do it!.

Thank you for supporting him, and please give him our thanks for his service..

Lynnsie - yes it does happen, BUT, when you want something salty, eat puffs. When you want something sweet - well - eat almost any Medifast product. Off plan foods are NOT an option, at least not in this group. And, whatever it is that you're going through, the off plan foods won't help. Tell your inner brat to SHUT UP and YOU take control of the situation. Or not.

Just remember, it is a choice you make. No one is shoving the food down your throat..

Beth - enjoy your trip!! You sound pretty upbeat today. I like that!.

Anna - don't wear the poor guy out! LOL I honestly don't blame you for the honeydo list! Enjoy your time together, even if you're just doing chores. So happy he is home..

MT - hope you stay dry!.

Cindy - WAAAA HOOOO on the loss!.

Waving enthusiastically to those who will come in after my post. I'll have a very full workday after the doctor's appointment, so may not get in again till late..


Comment #16


, he won't be here again before we move, so there are a few things he has to do so I can rent out the house.


Comment #17

Morning all!!! Glad to see all the numbers going down today. Sorry for all those with bad weather. I think we're headed into the 70s again today. My son didn't make it home from school on Saturday because of bad storms and tornadoes over near Baton Rouge, but made it in yesterday. Am looking forward to getting to spend a couple of days with him. before he heads back on Wednesday..

Do not want to start back up the TL thread that's going on up in MC, but just had to can HONESTY ever be wrong? This whole weight loss thing becomes so much easier once you're willing to be completely honest with yourself and take responsibility for your own decisions. LOVE it here!!.

Have a wonderful OP day everyone!!!!!!..

Comment #18

Good morning Peeps!.

Unfortunately, the scale gods are NOT smiling on me today. Zippo this week, but honestly, I expected that. Gotta love the infamous week 3 stall. NOT!.

Coffee hasn't kicked in yet so I can't remember a thing I just read..

Congrats to all the losers..

I can't tell what the weather here's going to be today. It was getting cloudy last night, and it's still pretty dark out right now. I did, of course, perform the ultimate rain dance yesterday by washing my car, so we'll see..

Be back when more coherent...

Comment #19

Freya - saw your post from last night. I know some of the maintenance foods aren't OP for 5&1 and you're not supposed to talk about those here - BUT - if there is a way for you to share what you're going through, it would be of great value to those of us who will one day face transition. You're one of my "canaries in the mine" flying ahead to let me know what is waiting for me. I have no doubt you can power through this. Definitely interested in how you're dealing with hunger. I wish you all the best!.

By the way, I finally blogged my NSV list last night. Felt good to get it going..

Anna - that's why I said I don't blame you. You've certainly had to carry a lot of the "weight" all by yourself for a long LONG time! It will all pay off though, when you get settled in your new home and community. I should be in San Diego this June for a conference. LOVE SD. My ex step-mother lives there and we're great friends, so I always try to take an extra day or two and hang out with her. She's not much older than I am!..

Comment #20

Good morning!!!!!.

Hi Penny (thanks, the coffee was delicious!) V, Karen!.

Zoe, congrats on the weight loss!!! You too Cindy! Hi Jan - good luck with your blood draw this morning. I work (in accounting) in a lab that does blood analysis for dialysis patients....

Hi Ella, Mia, Beth, Lynnsie & Tracey!!!!!.

TLCChild, welcom aboard!!!!! This IS the best place to be..

Tracey, I'm jealous of your pancakes, they sound wonderful! I eat most of my meals at work, so I don't do the pancakes for breakfast - but I might for dinner!!!!.

Anna, I'm with you all the way babe. Honesty is not for the faint of heart, either you're here to lose weight, or you're not. Either you're here to do this, or you're here to play games, your choice. I chose my hard, and now I'm putting 100% of myself into it by doing this 100%..

I'll try to keep checking in, I'm at work, so I am somewhat limited. Loved my s'mores bar this morning!.


Comment #21

Good morning!!!!.

I'm very happy to say that I finally had a woosh sometime last week. I'm down 4.8 lbs!!!!! This also puts me past my half way mark!!! Yippeeeeeee!.

I promptly put my scale back in it's hidey hole after weighing this morning..

Congrats to all the other losers today!!! Monday's rock! (most of the time anyway. lol!)..

Comment #22

Just caught up on the morning posts... Don't have time for individual shout outs so hugs to all congrats to all with losses...

Off to drive son to school and go to work.. Be back tonight...

Hope everyone has a great OP day.


Comment #23

Morning TLers. Thanks for the coffee. Much appreciated..

Well So Cal is back in yucky rainy mode. The sun was fun while it lasted..

Congrats to all the losers. You are all doing fab..

Hello to all the newbies!.

Morning wave to all the TLers checking in..

Off to get ready for the Monday games, also known as work..

Have a great one!..

Comment #24

'morning all!.

Welcome to the new-to-the-thread people (and a special thanks to tlcchild's son for his service to our country)..

Congratulations Chickie on the big loss and on being on the downhill side of your journey to goal..

Beth, hopin you have safe and enjoyable travel today..

Other than chopped tofu (meaning no individual shout-outs) since I need more coffee if I expect my brain to retain anything else..

Happy Monday! (well, it is a good thing Monday only comes once every 7 days - so that is a plus)..


Comment #25

De, have you still been Zumba-ing? I'd be surprised if it wasn't due to the gardening and car washing. Tomorrow if you weigh again, you might see something. Have you measured yourself?.

Chickie, nice woosh!.

I'm taking advantage of the snow day and I have all of my supplies spread out here, getting super creative... I feel some more listings coming on!.

I had a cuppa cappy for breakfast and I think I'll have some chili in about 30 minutes for my morning mid-meal. Love that stuff!..

Comment #26

Penny - Nah, I've been holding completely steady with no fluctuations at all for a week. I have not been able to get back into Zumba mode. I have been sleeping hard, which for me is very rare, and just can't get up early enough to get it done. Tonight I'm going to work on the abs. Either Crunchless Abs or Abs Yoga. I did take my measurements unofficially last week and I am dropping inches so it's all good.

I try to measure once a month unless the scale isn't moving and I need reassurance. hehe. You know that I'm taking a big leap of faith going back on 5&1. I have 2 doctors that feel it won't work again, but I have faith in Medifast and am determined to prove them wrong!.

LOVE the new stuff!!.


Comment #27

OK. I must have officially lost my mind! I just went in and updated my weight and I DID lose .4. My average losses the first time around were .5 so I can live with that...

Comment #28

Checking in......I've had my first cup of coffee and enjoying the beautiful sunshiny day here in Florida. I'm off work today and feelin' fine..

I did some shopping this weekend and it felt great to walk into the store with confidence and buy what I wanted. I even bought some fall/winter stuff off the clearance rack, so I'm showing confidence and faith I'll maintain the loss..

All is well here in booty camp (past 2 weeks) and I'm going to add in an extra serving of veggie this week. I've already been through transition, but a recent episode made me realize I needed to go back and touch base..

Have the TLers ever thought about a TL t&m board? There is a tremendous need for tough love during maintenance and it would be nice to share some of the issues that aren't really allowed on this board..

See ya'll later...

Comment #29

I agree Della, it would be great to have a Tough Love approach to transition and maintenance. Once I've reached goal, I'm still going to need support, and the ability to talk about incorporating new foods without demoralizing everyone who's in the weight loss phase...

Comment #30

Hi everybody! Unfortunately the ground is way too soggy to dig up the septic in my back we have to wait until it hardens up. It's suppose to rain again on Wednesday so probably won't be able to dig until Friday or even Monday (depending on how much rain comes down on Wednesday). I'm not happy, but at least I still have running water and bathroom service. I am just disappointed we haven't got the source of the problem fixed yet..

De: I'm so glad you actually lost and it's something you are ok with..

Wowzers! So many Monday weighers! I love it though. Congrats to all the losers!.

I am very excited when someone who doesn't have much to lose gets over 2 pounds in a week, so Yay Penny! That goes for Zoe and Cindy too! and Chickie with her whoosh 4.8!.

Tkd: Any time I get even close to 2 pounds, I consider it a victory, so I know you are celebrating that 1.9..

Anna: My D-I-L calls TOM "Shark Week". I don't have to deal with shark week anymore, but I know it messes everything up. You'll probably have a great drop next week..

Jan: I'm happy to see that you realize your number, while small, is in the right direction. I think my toughest weigh in ever was on Christmas Day. I had a zero week that week and then I had to watch my whole family enjoy Christmas sludge without me. (Most of that sludge didn't bother me but I'd be a liar if I said there wasn't sludge I wished I could eat.).

I stayed OP though and lost a good number the next it was all worth it..

Karen: I know 1 pound sometimes seems like hardly anything but have you ever seen a representation of 1 pound of human fat? It's pretty decent in volume..

I'm anxious to see Ella's number today too. Oh, and also excited to cheer on both V and tlcchild. Tlc, I too, am grateful for your son's service..

Della, you look fabulous...and I love your idea about TL T&M. I'm not quite there yet, but I sure would love to have that resource when I get there..

Allright, I've got work to do, so I'll check in sometime this afternoon. Have a great day...and stay on plan!..

Comment #31

Della - When the Rogues existed, so many of us hit goal at the same time that it was almost mandatory that we have a second thread over there. We do have several here that are or have been in t&m, but my personal opinion is that we may not have quite enough to warrant a second team thread just yet. T&M is a trickier phase than 5&1. There are no set in stone rules and not every phase of transition is exactly the same for everyone, so to say that TL is needed there is not entirely true. We basically started a thread so that we could discuss openly the changes in our diets without causing those still in weight loss any discomfort..

It is not easy maintaining 2 team threads. Trust me on that. If you want to start one, though, feel free!..

Comment #32

De, why don't the doctors thing Medifast will work for you again?..

Comment #33

Morning everyone. Day 2 for me....

Feeling pretty good. I do feel a headache coming on, but I havent been overly hungry..

Karen, where in ATL do you live? Im in Marietta..

Congrats on the losses ladies!! Im so inspired by seeing everyones weight loss!!..

Comment #34

Because of the amount I have to lose and the low calories. I'm kind of the freak in this group. If I don't eat enough calories or manage the every 2 hour thing, I will actually gain weight. That's how I gained weight the first time. 60 lbs on less than 1200 calories a day. They both think it worked the first time because I had considerably more to lose..

This time, the eating every 2-3 is not a problem. I have actually experienced hunger this time around, which for me is VERY unusual! So, we'll see. I plan on proving both of them wrong...

Comment #35

That it is! Looks like it's going to be just as slow this time around though <sigh> Stewpid thyroid!..

Comment #36

Hi all!.

Had a really great weekend. My daughters dance team won first place again in their competition on Saturday. They will be headed to State on March 16th. They have worked so hard. If they win state it will be their 4th state victory in a row!.

I had a small pitty party that evening when the family celebrated by eating "Sludge" I chose to sit in the car and read my kindle. We also celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday last night. They all went to dinner and then to our home afterwards. I kinda felt selfish by staying home, although I think my husband understood. I stayed 100% OP and am so proud of myself..

I weigh myself everyday, however only log it on Mondays. And I had a 3.5 lb loss for the week. I was worried as the scales didn't budge all week, and then Saturday morning they started again. I switched my L&G meal to breakfast and watched my water intake and that seems to have done the trick..

I love being a part of this group and Thanks for all the support!.

Have a great Monday!.


Comment #37

De, just keep in mind I didn't lose much faster than you and there's nothing wrong with my thyroid..

And like you I tend to gain from not eating enough. Maintenance is a quite a wire walk for me...

Comment #38

Okay, that's it! I'm jewelry'ed out! For now anyway..

I opted for Chili Nacho Puffs instead of chili because I was feeling lazy. I'm freezing, but for lunch I think I will have my last mango soft serve..

I hope the roads clear up soon. It's still looking pretty treacherous out there and I don't want to take a chance on venturing out in my Tupperware car...

Comment #39

MT - It was for me too, as you well know!.

Penny - Be safe. Oh, and go put your pants back on already! <snicker>..

Comment #40

De: I don't have a thyroid at all. I had to have it killed a few years ago due to graves disease. Most people lose wt. with graves...I gained. So finding that right dose has been very frustrating. Some times I am draggin & cant get warm and then a couple weeks later I am about to melt out of my skin! Since I started MF, I think I have been runnin a little high.

We will see. I just wanted to let you know that I understand your frustration. Hang in there!.

Anyone know if headaches are common on MF? I have had one for the lat three days!..

Comment #41

Hi everyone, Hi De!.

Major floods here this morning when I got up - I drove through a couple of small lakes before they closed the road down. I'm hoping I don't have a problem getting home for lunch, but I'll have a bar with me just in case..

I tend to weigh every day as well, but I won't update my ticker until my offical weigh in day of Wednesday.... I'm doing well - 100& PAYS OFF!!!!!.

Penny - LOVE your new pieces!!!!.

Be back later, love to all!.


Comment #42

I had my thyroid removed when I was 8 due to cancer, but weight was not an issue until my first son was born. Took some time, but I got that weight off. Then I got preggers with DS2 and my metabolism did a complete shutdown. It's been a struggle the last 15 years, but I got the weight off. They they changed my thyroid meds about 6 months into maintenance and within less than 2 months, I gained 25, which I successfully maintained for 3 years. <sigh> They just changed my levels again and I am feeling really good, so I figured that this was the time to try again.

I'll take it!.

As for the headaches, they are common if you have not achieved ketosis. I get frequent headaches that have nothing to do with MF...

Comment #43

Pretty sure that I am in Ketosis? Have all the symptoms. So, maybe my brain is just growing? LOL!..

Comment #44

Hi Everyone!.

Just got back from the doctor's office and YES! they moved the big weight down to 200. I let her fish around with it on the 250 mark for a moment, and then told her she would have to move it. They were floored at how much I had lost in just a couple of months. It was pretty cool. They also did an A1-C right there in the office and it was 5.2. The doc says the cutoff is 5.7 to 6.0 so I'm GREAT.

Love a doc who's willing to get aggressive about prevention..

He is going to keep me on the Crestor and Metformin until I'm at least under 200lbs. He's a firm believer in keeping things the same as much as possible during a weight loss phase because the introduction or removal of medications always require an adjustment by the body..

And, according to the doc's scale, even with clothes on, I was 238. YIPPEEE YAHOOOO.

On the issue of a separate thread for T&M, I just would like to cast my vote for keeping it all here as much as possible. I mean, I think I could handle it if someone was saying something about "adding dairy" or "adding fruit" or "adding grains" without mentioning specific food itesm. Can't speak for everyone else on that though. I know we're all different..

What I would like to do is soak up all the learning about T&M that I can while I'm on 5&1 so it doesn't catch me off guard when I get there. The better prepared I am for something new, the better I am able to handle it..

Just my .02. I certainly believe people on T&M may need a separate thread to talk recipes and other food related details - don't want to prevent them from that..

Okay gotta get to work now! HUGS!.

De - so glad you got your .4!.

Kd - GREAT job on powering through the family SLUDGE events. Now THAT"s a TL'er for ya!..

Comment #45

Ooookay, I cracked. Reading about all the weigh-ins this morning made me jealous. And then there's that one little voice in the back of my head that's afraid that I'll go all month without stepping on a scale only to find that I've only lost 2 pounds at the end of it..

So I told myself... I will look for the scale... if I can't find it after looking for 5 minutes, forget about it..

My silly DH... it was in the VERY first spot I looked. Behind a laundry basket in the master closet... not 4 feet away from where it usually sits on the bathroom floor..

Color me happy though. 206down 5.8 from a week ago! That's the lowest I've been since getting back on the proverbial Medifast horse this year. And it leads me to believe that by my doctor's appointment on the 24th, I'll be within 10 pounds or so of where I was the last time I saw her in August. I'd love it if I didn't have to tell her, "Oh, no, I haven't REALLY been gaining weight since then, you see, because I actually gained 40 pounds and have lost almost all of it! I'm actually doing well!" I'll consider it a personal victory if we don't have to talk about it at all! She didn't mention it at my last appointment, when I was well on my way out of obesityand this is a doctor who will say something if she thinks progress is not being made..

And now the scale is back in it's (pitiful) hiding place and I will be happy if it stays there another week. At least I am on the right track, by far, to be under 200 by the first of April. Wheee!.

Nowto call TSFL to make some product exchanges, and Progressive to tell them I'm not renewing my car insurance policy. Wish me luck.....

Comment #46

Morning TL peoples. Well this week is starting off with a dull thud. TOM won't make an appearance although the bloating, calendar, and general crankiness say it should, and that's making me a little pissy. I've always hated fairly thin people who talk about feeling fat, but holy cow, I feel fat today..

Nice to see so many newbies showing up here. Maybe it's an upside to that ridiculous thread in Connections that so many people are finding us..

Glad to hear about so many good losses. That's starting to sound like the Good Old Days to me; I miss my big losses every week that made this so easy to stick with..

Wow, I sound mopey..

However, I'm a firm believer that everybody needs to indulge their mopey side on occasion so this may be mine. On-plan, though, regardless of my attitude...

Comment #47

Checking in to say hi and wave to everyone! I'll catch up on everything tonight after work. I started to read but my lunch is over! We are a busy group!.

Have a great OP day!.


Comment #48

Congrats to all the big losers you rock!!! Chickie yay for the halfway point!!.

TLCChild: thinking of you and your son. Watching him go well, I just cant imagine. Hang in here, and remember that food will NOT make it any easier. *hugs*.

Lynnsie: our relationship with food does change, and our taste buds do change. But if you have an unhealthy relationship with food (as so many of us do), it might be better not to think in terms of getting cured and more in terms of learning new coping skills/strategies, and taking one day at a time. Welcome!.

De: good luck with that scale. I dont know why you have such a deadbeat. (And then I read further and congrats for that .4!).

TKD: PMed you about transition. Congrats on the great news at the docs!!!.

Della: If you start a thread, Ill join you there! But I do hear Des point about it being hard to maintain 2 team threads. I dunno.

Rachel: I feel you. I had a resolution to not weigh for 2 weeks, and I lasted 1. But I was proud I lasted one! And major congrats on your loss. Wheee!.

Gigi: good luck with those grumpies. Hope you bleed soon. *grin*..

Comment #49

Tlc, I'm so sorry I missed that your son was going to Iraq, my dh just came back Tuesday. If it makes things any better, he said it is probably the most stable country in the middle east right now. He said it was a ton different from the last time he was there..

I know it sucks, but I've made a vow during every (of the 5) deployments that I would keep a good attitude and it makes a huge difference for both of us.


Comment #50

Raging headaches, lack of energy, just feeling generally crappy and it lasts 3-5 days. Or that's what I've read. I have personally never had the issues with going into ketosis that others have. I have also never experienced the upside of being in ketosis - That sudden burst of energy I read about all the time..

Tracey - I have no problem whatsoever discussing the individual weeks of transition. I know Freya's been struggling with it and there are lots of people that can help her through it right here on this team. I think if we can keep the mention of the sludge to PM's, it would be a great learning tool for everyone..

Freya - I really to feel your transition pain. It's very scary and overwhelming to suddenly start to add carby foods back in when it's been beaten into your head for so long that carbs are bad! My biggest concern was the grains. I would eat nothing but low carb stuff for months. I was 3 weeks into maintenance before I overcame my carb-phobia and actually ate a REAL grain..

Just know that there is no rush. You can stay on any particular week as long as it takes for you to be comfortable with moving on to the next...

Comment #51

Thanks, De. Well, if you're going to go giving me permission like that, maybe I'll add in grains next week and postpone fruit until I feel ready. I just know my body - even before MF, sugar/fruit had to be carefully monitored in order to not make me pitch and crash. Now I'm extra scared of what it will do to me. I've downloaded some fruit carb info and made myself a table, sorted by grams of carbs per serving, and all converted to 1/2 cup amounts..

Ah, the terrors of 1/2 cup of fruit. I'm actually frightened. *grin*..

Comment #52

Freya, I'd love it if you blogged about it. It's really great hearing about what a person goes through who's a step ahead of me. I've perused the T & M board a bit too to see what life will be like for me soon!..

Comment #53

Try sticking to fruits that have a lower sugar count. I honestly don't recommend jumping ahead. The transition guide is designed to add specific items back in a specific order. I really don't care what Medifast says. I can understand switching out fruits and dairy, but not jumping ahead to the end until you've mastered weeks 1-3. If it's any consolation, even with the additional carbs in week 2, I still stayed in ketosis.

We're talking 1/2 C of fruit. It's a very small portion and should really not do you much harm...

Comment #54

Noelle, all the negative stuff happens to some people the first few days BEFORE ketosis kicks in. I just had a mild headache and nothing else. Once in ketosis all that goes away. You should have more energy and not be physically hungry (not too much anyway). Some people get a slightly sweet/metallic taste in their mouth. I wake up with a sweet taste every morning and experience it sometimes in the day too.

I promise, it's great!!!..

Comment #55

Success has been mine! Both of my official "tasks" on my Google calendar for the day have been crossed off. Making the TSFL exchange for different free food was the.


Call. Canceling my insurance policy, though, required another call an hour later because the computer system was down when I called the first time. Been there, done thatsure, I'll call back. No problem..

I've been blessed with a large percentage of nice people in my daily encounters the last few days. Everyone on the phone today, and all of my patients and their family members when I worked last weekend. *happy sigh* I must enjoy it while it lasts..

Freya, count me in for wanting to hear about your transition and maintenance experiences! One thing I know I'm going to try and figure out: should I do a 12 or 16 week transition? On THIS round of doing MF, I started at 227.8 with a goal weight of 128. When I started last year, I started at 233.2 with a goal of 150. (I'm fully aware I will probably end up changing my goal weight when I get closer and can see what thin looks like on me.) BUTmy highest weight ever was 250. No matter what my end goal weight is, I'm almost positive it will be less than 150, which means an overall lifetime net loss of over 100+ pounds..

Now that I've typed it out, I don't have a question anymore. *laughs* I'll just suck it up and do a 16 week transition, then...

Comment #56

Argh, my work lunch to celebrate 5 years was rescheduled to tomorrow at a place that might as well be named 'pasta pasta pasta palace'. I'm going to see if they can give me a dry salad for lunch. One of my coworkers asked me what I was going to eat, and when I said, probably a dry salad, he told me I should 'break the diet'. Um, no..

If the menu was online, I'd post it here for suggestions. I know they have lunch salads, so I should be able to pick something. My one and only failure so far was at a restaurant. I'm determined this time will go fine...

Comment #57

Rachel, I blogged. I didn't want to, but I did it. *sigh*.

5&1 was easier...

Comment #58

Yeah Im only on day 2. I havent had a headache at all, and I feel fine... not overly hungry or anything either. I keep bracing myself expecting to feel like hell, but it hasn't happened yet??..

Comment #59

The restaurant does not have to defeat you. Here's my advice (copied from 2/15, sorry for the repeat):.

First of all, menus are no longer lists of meals, they are lists of ingredients available in the kitchen. You make up your own meal, asking for exactly what you want. Anytime you ask for them to modify an existing dish, it's a nightmare of "does it have this?" and trying to think of every off-plan thing that might come on the plate so you can confuse the wait staff with an eternal list of exclusions that WILL be screwed up by the time your food gets to you..

I order like this: "Steak/chicken breast/fish, grilled/baked/steamed, no butter no oil no sauce, dry spices okay, no sides. What can you steam for me?" They tell me, and then I say "big pile of broccoli/green beans/etc, no butter no oil no sauce." If you want to get a salad, then read the menu looking at their listed salads for OP veggies. Then order what you want: "Spring greens, cucumber, tomatoes, hearts of palm, no dressing (or on the side).".

It comes, I salt the plate, and voila - delish OP food!..

Comment #60

Can anyone help me set up my spark people tracker? I know I need between 800-1000 calories a day, and 80-100 carbs, but how much fat and protein should we have? thanks!!..

Comment #61

Noelle, if you follow the plan guidelines you can ignore all the other numbers. Eat 5 Medifast meals and 1 weighed/measured L&G. The stats will take care of themselves magically..

If you work it the other direction, trying to make the numbers work out instead of following the plan, you're back on Medifast before you know it...

Comment #62

Freya, you rock. I'm going to practice this for tomorrow. The lunch is with all the important types, so I don't want to be engaged in some endless back and forth with the waitress. I'll practice this and ordering should be a snap...

Comment #63

Ooh ok. so I should just ignore it when I put the info in?.

Im having trouble with the condiments and stuff.. my L's&G's are confusing me...

Comment #64

Noelle, what's your problems with your L&G and condiments?..

Comment #65

I get what De was saying. Without a lot of participation, it would defeat the purpose. I think one of the hardest parts is not really fitting neatly into a nice neat compartment once you hit goal. I still need support, but I need to discuss foods and issues that aren't really appropriate for newbies or those that are at a struggling point in 5&1. My maintenance plan cannot be a repeat of Weeks 4 transition for the rest of my life. I lost the first 75 lbs.

I regained 25 lbs. in year 6, so I know I have the ability to keep it stable, but I don't want a repeat of year 6. I'm rambling, but you know what I mean..

I'm not going to start a new thread/board, but I would definitely participate if anyone else started one. Team Pink has a t&m board, but it is only open to previous Team Pink members. They've all been together a long time, so they prefer to keep it closed..

Have a nice day...

Comment #66

Have you tried the Medifast site food tracker? I think it's way better for 5&1 than an outside app - it's set up for this plan. Just go to MyPlan: Log Foods..

If you're having trouble with condiments, you can just go without entirely. You'll find pretty quickly that plain simple food tastes fantastic when you're hungry..

But otherwise, the rule is up to 3. They're listed on the condiments sheet, so it's pretty easy to see serving sizes and count them once you get used to it..

Have you printed out all the plan guidelines yet? Go to Success Tools: Eat Right, and print out the pdfs. You need lean, green, meatless (cheese is here, so print it even if you're not vegetarian), condiments (your healthy fats are listed here, to go with your lean), and snacks..

I carried the printouts with me everywhere for weeks while I figured out my routine. I was never at the grocery store without them when I started...

Comment #67

Noelle, I use another site to do my tracking and when I'm perfectly good on 5+1, my counts are something like this:.

Calories - 900.

Carbs - 85g.

Fat - 20g.

Protein - 90g.

That's just a guideline and what works for me. Many times I am under in carbs and over in protein, but it seems to be a good baseline for me...

Comment #68

Hello everyone, I'll check in more as time goes on. I'm so glad I stumbled on your thread COUNT ME IN.

I'm on Day 4, but am 100% on Plan and I can't imagine not giving myself the best chance for success, by staying 100% On Plan..

Love the idea of tough love, because sometimes you need that swift kick in the....

Looking forward to getting to know you all!..

Comment #69

Della - Just start a thread. There are lots of people that post over there, not just on the Team threads. You'll get lots of help and support..

Freya - Re: Noelle - Took the words right out of my mouth..

Now. As for you, my dear. If you want to continue to be a member of TL, you have to do transition right!.

Face your fears. You are the one in control, not the food. You have gone through the hell that is 5&1 and passed with flying colors. Why would you want to deviate from the proven path of transition? You have to trust in the plan and trust in yourself. If you don't, you'll end up right back where you started and I don't see you letting that happen. If I can overcome my phobia of grains, YOU can overcome your phobia of fruit...

Comment #70

Yes ma'am. I solemnly swear to have some fruit next week. I think..


Comment #71

I am due to start T & M in a few weeks. I'm with Freya... fruit scares me..

I will let Freya try it first...

Comment #72

What does ketosis feel like? Being fricking cold. All the time. But it sure beats feeling cold than feeling hungry!!.

Thanks for blogging Freya!..

Comment #73

I can understand why fruit scares people. It can totally trigger sugar cravings for me...

Comment #74

Hello everyone!.

I have been so busy, that this is my first time checking in today. Congrats to all you losers checking in today! Great job! Any loss is a loss!.

Had a little relevation last night... Had turkey meatballs in spaghetti sauce with spaghetti squash. I measured everything perfectly. I was pretty hungry and just ate it all. Big mistake! I was uncomfortably full. I guess I need to get out of the mindset that it takes a lot to fill me up.

Also... so excited! I mixed in some of the squash with the regular spaghetti for DH and DD. DD didn't even notice and DH said he thinks next time he'll just have the squash and no spaghetti. Yay!.

So, what happens when you are carrying a stack of papers you just copied, a mug full of chicken noodle soup, your trying to open a door, and someone startles you??? You end up with soup down the classroom wall, all over the papers, and splattered on your clothes..

Good thing it was a minimum day, students are gone, and my conferences are finished for the day!.

I'm returning to my DPX/Zumba class tonight for the first time since starting MF. Wish me luck. I miss it so! It's the only exercise that I can honestly say I LOVE doing..

Hope the rest of your Monday goes well!..

Comment #75

Happy Monday, all!.

I've never really posted here before, though a lot of the discussions that have gone on elsewhere have got me thinking. Particularly about my own personality and childhood and how that has shaped my approach to medifast. I'll start off by saying that I did begin the program once before, and for a variety of reasons that I'm not proud of left the program. I'm not happy I did that. At the time I rationalized that it was the right decision to make, but lets be honest here, it wasn't. And all the reasons I came up with were BS made to make me feel better about doing it..

See, growing up I had two incredibly supportive parents. But supportive in completely different ways. My mother was the one who was all sunshine and flowers all the time and my father called it like it is. Both of them would bend over backwards for me or anyone they cared about, but where my mother tended to do things FOR people from start to finish, my father was someone who said "Tell me what I can do to help and I will, but I can't do it for you." I've always been more like my father in personality. We're both very dry and very good at dealing a biting remark through clenched teeth. But I'm also more like him in that I believe that for any change to stick, you need to do it on your own and you need to do it right.

I'm the person people love to hate being in a group with because I will make sure that each person has a specific responsibility and I WON'T take over for them nor will I hide that someone else did. After all, in the end what do you learn if you let someone else do it for you?.

That has shaped my approach to Medifast this second time around. No more waiting around for someone else to call and ask if I need something picked up for dinner. No more hoping that someone will prepare something OP for me. If I'm going to do this, and I am, then I have to take the reins 100%. And that includes having someone to call my bluff if they thinks I'm only doing it half-way. I said elsewhere that a lot of us got to the place we are by losing touch with the reality of what we were doing.

Sometimes reality is ugly, but no matter how much we want to distance ourselves from it, it exists and will continue to exist...

Comment #76

I think that Freya and Sunny need to really sit down and determine what exactly about fruit scares them so much and to make a plan on how they are not going to let it get the best of them. Yes it may create sugar cravings, but we know how to deal with those from being on 5&1, right? If they can't learn to control their cravings now, by introducing a very small portion back into their diets, how will they handle it in the future? There were certain fruits that I tried to stay away from in Maintenance because I did love them and 1/2 cup just didn't cut it. You just have to know your demon and squash it, not let it rule your life. Fruit is a nutritional, healthy part of every diet, when you're not on 5&1 anyway..

Comment #77

Im trying to figure out how I can count tonights dinner....

Its chicken breast, olive oil, shredded 2% cheese, spinach, canned italian diced tomatoes, and mushrooms. with broccoli..

So it's a protein, and a fat (though it's 2 TBSP for the whole recipe, and Ill be having a 6th of it, so not sure how much Oil Ill actually be eating).

But cheese? Im assuming thats a fat? the spinach and mushrooms are obv veggies, but Im not sure on the canned tomatoes, and I cant find it on any of the listings, so Im not sure lol!..

Comment #78

Well I was using the other site cause I have an app on my phone, and Medifast hasn't made an ap (HINT HINT MF) lol!.

I did print out the lists, though I think I missed the green list, Ill have to go print that out. Its so confusing to me lol! I think because Ive got recipes already, that Im trying to figure out if I can eat, cause it's what IM making for my family... rather than making everyone eat a grilled chicken breast or something... trying to keep it as painless for them as possible...

Comment #79

Noelle - Cheese is considered a protein and is substituted oz for oz for meat. So you would want 4 oz of chicken and 2 oz of cheese to count as a total lean. How much does the recipe call for? The canned tomatoes are also a veg so unless you are cutting the serving of one of them in half, you have one too many servings of veg. Again, how much does the recipe call for?.

This is kind of a complicated recipe to count, but we will help as we can...

Comment #80

Ok... Ill list it out thanks!!!.

Its a bit over 2 lbs chicken.

2 Tbsp Olive oil.

1/4 cup water.

Salt and pepper.

Bag spinach.

4 oz sliced mushrooms.

1 can italian diced tomatoes.

1 cup shredded 2% italian style cheese.

It serves 6...

Comment #81

De, I think what worries me most about fruit is actually eating something other than either a Medifast food or L & G. I have been so low carb for almost 6 months. I love fruit. I'm not really worried about craving sweets or sugar per se. I think I'm more concerned about adding the foods back in to my diet. What will it do to me physically (as compared to emotionally).

So I don't know what anything other than the above mentioned foods will do to my stomach. Or to my carb count. Or to my weight loss..

I have trusted the plan and followed it 100% so far. I will continue to trust it and follow it 100% into T & M. Right now it is kind of unchartered territory though...

Comment #82

Hi tl'ers.

Wow..way too many posts to read so hugs to all.

Just got home from an extremely busy and exhausting day at work.. Looking forward to a nice relaxing night.. started a fire (it's sooo cold out) will make dinner soon and then hoping to curl up with a book in front of the fire... My cats can hang with me I just hope my ds & dh don't bother me too much..


Comment #83

Hi everyone! Lots going on here today!!!! I just wanted to drop by and say hello..


: I am cold ALL THE TIME. It is ridiculous! I had to borrow a sweat shirt today at work because I'd forgotten to bring in a sweater with me. I was so cold my fingers were numb - and everyone else in the office was just fine. So it's me. Or me on MF!!!!!.

Hello and welcome to.


- you're in the right place!.

Hi De - I see you're holding down the fort well! I'm learning so much, thank you!!!!!.

Hope everyone is well this evening - I'm off to join dh for dinner - I've split my L&G so I'll just have a salad with him, which works beautifully here..


Comment #84

Noelle, sounds to me like you're trying to jump to MF'in Calculus without starting with arithmetic. Recipes that complicated are fine for the family, but while you're getting the hang of things you'd be better off baking/boiling/grilling a chicken breast for you, and having some steamed veggies or a salad. You need to be able to weigh your lean cooked weight. And you need to be able to measure your veggies. And you must make sure that if you are having 6 oz of chicken breast you're having 1 healthy fat serving with it..

I would recommend reading the plan materials very closely. And then picking simple, basic L&Gs for yourself for a while. After you've got the hang of it, you might decide you can cook the chicken the same way for everyone, and you'll be comfortable putting in 36 oz of cooked chicken + 9C cooked veg + 6tsp olive oil and dividing by 6 to serve, but really - that's more complicated than you need right now..

Good luck!..

Comment #85

I guess I'm lucky; the only fruit that scares me comes with a fritter attached...

Comment #86

Is there any way you can portion out own separately? I think you could get away with this if you can..

5 oz chicken.

1 tsp Olive oil.

1.5 C spinach (it will cook down a lot).

Mushrooms? Hate them so not sure about this one, but maybe 1/4-1/2 C?.

1/2 C tomatoes.

1 oz shredded cheese.

Anyone - Jump right in here........

Comment #87

Trust me Cheri. It will be fine. My phobia with grains was really with one item in particular, not because I craved it or it was a trigger, but a) I didn't eat much of it BEFORE MF, and b) I just couldn't wrap my head around the carbs. It was a birthday present for one of my Rogues that I eat it during a meet up we had. LOL. They were SO proud!..

Comment #88

Thanks Clariborne it is good to hear your dh say things are more stable there. My son will be in northern Iraq for 1 year. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and comments...

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.