Are Nutri System & Nutrisystem good diet plans for a 16 year old girl?

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First of all Are Nutri System & Nutrisystem good diet plans for a 16 year old girl? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Has anyone here had any experience with the Bod Pod method of body fat analysis? I found out yesterday that the hospital I work at offers Bod Pod testing and I think I'm going to get it done and repeat periodically to add another measure of progress besides the scale and measurements..

Here is a link to information about it.


On a different note I know my weight ticker below looks pretty scary. I've had a difficult time restarting this time and reverted back to the "stress eating Monday night, oh well I blew it this week, start again next Monday" mindset a few times. I have been 100% so far this week and fully expect to report a 15+ loss here in a few days...

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Ye, but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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I never heard of the Bod Pod. I have heard of the Tri-Pod and that method has worked for me pretty well. In fact below is the results from me using my Tri-Pod and Nutrisystem...

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One piece of advice: don't wait until the following Monday to restart when you screw up. Start again the next morning. It works..


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Hey Disco,.

Yes, I had the Bod Pod analysis done a month or two ago. It's very cool, not only does it accurately measure BF, it also gives you your BMR and RMR. I give it a thumbs up...

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Couldn't agree more with starting the next possible second after "falling off the wagon"....

If you don't start the next time you eat, you will NEVER make it work..



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Sounds like Paralysis by way of Analysis to me. At 435 lbs I don't think it would take much to figure out that if you do the system you will loose the weight. But yet I have seen a number of post from you asking about different gadgets to help your weight lose but what good is any gadget if you cant do the system. Sorry I am so harsh but there is no gadget that is going to give you discipline to do the program other then your own brain...

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The Bod Pod is great. It measures body fat percentage - how much water you are retaining is not relevant to the data you get from the Bod Pod. It does not "care" what your total weight is...only cares what your total weight is in relation to your body fat vs lean mass content...water retention has no impact on the calculation...

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Water weight is lean body mass. So if for example I weigh 205 with 20% body fat then I have 164 pounds of lean body mass and 41 pounds of fat weight. If I had been retaining water from a high sodium diet and quickly lose 5 pounds of water weight without any change in my fat weight I will then weigh 200 pounds with a lean mass of 159 pounds (164 minus the 5 pounds of water weight I lost which IS lean body mass) and 41 pounds of fat weight. My body fat percentage would now be 20.5% (41/200x100), an increase despite the fact that there was no change in my fat mass. So yes, body water has an effect on body fat percentage..

That is my reason for wanting to get past that initial loss of water retention because on subsequent tests it would show a large loss in lean body mass (as water IS lean body mass) even if I hadn't really lost much bone or muscle (the lean body mass that we are concerned with)..

Do I over analyze stuff at times? Yep, I like numbers and thinking about this stuff, that is not going to change. I lost 60 pounds on this before and I didn't gain the weight back because of being analytical and meticulous, I gained it back when I stopped being analytical and meticulous with my dietary logs and measurements..

Knowing my body fat percentage is important to me because I don't want my after pictures to look like I lost a huge amount of muscle...

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Obsessing about muscle loss when you are 400+ is insane. There is no reason why you can't have a very muscular physique at a much lower weight. You probably have natural genetics for strong muscles anyhow. Stop dicking the dog and lose some weight...

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I gotta agree with bdc4u and the apolytonegger.

It sounds to me like you are trying to trick yourself with the gadgets - dude, just do know it works..

Same old crap, I know but 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, a month - and next thing you know BAM - you are on the beach calling some other guy whale-man and that person gets sand kicked in his face and all the other kids laugh at him and your mom doesn't send you to fat camp and you can't play pee wee football because you are too big and (wait i've said too much, um nothing, carry on)..

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Hey, for $50, I'd sit in the pod! That would be a good data point to get - espcially if you're near or at goal. It would help to goal-set for the final few, and perhaps dispel some self-deception (not that this applies to ME, LOL) I don't think it's too meaninful when obese (I mean, we all know when we're FAT!), but it would be an interesting data point. Well worth the $50 IMO..


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I agree with the "Tri-Pod" method. I used a weekly photo session to inspire my efforts to lose weight. When I look back at the photos I remember feeling very good at having lost 45 pounds but the photos didn't allow that euphoria to translate into complacency. I kept pushing till I got my body in the size category I wanted it. Looking at pics from my last week's birthday party I was impressed with how much of a difference that makes..

Check out this photo -.

And this.

My family was excited to give me these opportunities to do what I love for my birthday because they knew I could do them and have fun doing them since I have lost the weight. And, they were right. This was so much fun and a great way to celebrate growing into my new lifestyle of eating properly and being active as I get older. While the pictures are a great memory of that weekend, they also serve as a reminder to me of why I want to continue to "live the dream.".

Sometimes, the simple solutions are the best...

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Your TriPod method really works! What incredible shots and what a terrific way to celebrate a b-day instead of the usual meal! I'll have to remember that for the future..


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Just my.

2 cents.

But I have to agree with.


And (as mucha as it pains me).



Bod Pods, Tri Pods, Body Bugs.

And all the other assorted gagets are just a huge distraction. Ultimately all you need is.

A scale, a mirror, and self control.

And you will ultimately get where you want to go..

A rose by any other name is just as sweet.....

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Tri-pod? i'm curious, sounds more like a method than a gadget..

Comment #15


Actually I get a mental image of your AVATAR every time I hear the term.



Comment #16

Technology is the the means to loss, but it is a nice way to monitor your progress and adjust your methods as needed...

Comment #17

The TriPod method just means I use photos to help me keep track of my mirror vs scale moments. I never want to forget where I've come from because I definitely don't want to go back there...

Comment #18

Oh I've got all sorts of gadgets, including a tripod and digital camera and trust me I've taken a lot of pictures and will continue to do so..

I'm a doctor and I like having lots of information. Why do you think we order so many tests?.

Technology won't help me lose an ounce, but it can help me know whether that ounce was muscle or fat, and can help me fine tune things in order to better lose the next ounce...

Comment #19

Well said disco, to each his own. and thanks dw - it sounds like a good idea - and once again, you are an inspiration!..

Comment #20

Eff worrying about whether you're losing muscle or fat! Get your ass on the program and don't get off until you reach your goal. If I can put muscle back on at my age you can certainly put it back on as young as you are. Thank God you aren't my doctor. Sorry for being so blunt, but my doc is very fit and a role model to me..

You keep coming back touting this or that gadget only to fail each time. Either get on a program or get off a program. Just do something and stick with it. How do you have the drive to get a degree in medicine and don't have the drive to take control of your diet?.

Doesn't it bother you that people look at you as fat as you are and don't think you are smart? How seriously is someone going to take your advice when you tell them they need to lose weight to control their diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc.?..

Comment #21

Dude, not to just whack away at you...and I totally respect your taking the remark from Mobie...but....

I think you still have an athlete's spirit. Perhaps even athletic ambitions still. If you really want to throw, competitively, fine...stay at 20% bf. Those guys do have guts. You still need to get down a LOT from where you're at though. Oh...and you'll look like a thrower...not a Greek statue.

The other thing is you could just channel the SPIRIT of athleticism, rather than being focused on discus specifically. To me, the whole darn program is kind of a fun game, a sport, etc..

And you could also seriously consider regeared yourself to more healthy sports than being a thrower. Had a buddy who was a washout NFL tailback...and he has actually become quite a good cyclist. HAve a lot of respect for that. Also, I remember a LOT of college linemen, who became military officers. They had to take fat OFF (that had helped them when playing) to pass pullup tests and the like. They did it.

Basically were healthier and more functional for everyday life and military service. Would be worse playing line of course, because they were too light. But that is really not an all around activity. And they sure as hell did not become muscle sticks. Mostly they just took off FAT.

Who were MORE healthy and looked BETTER than when they were lineman blobs...

Comment #22

I never thought a simple post about checking body fat would generate the responses it did, after all there is a whole thread devoted to the subject and those people aren't getting criticized. If I had posted that I was going to have a personal trainer do some skin fold testing I bet the response would have been different, but since there was a technologic bent I get criticized. There is also a whole thread devoted to the Body Bugg (the other gadget I assume I'm catching crap for) and I don't see them catching crap either..

I'm kind of glad though, I'm pissed off, and that will motivate me. Mobay didn't say anything that I haven't already thought, but it did piss me off coming from him..

You are entirely right about having an athletes spirit and athletic ambitions. Even as an athlete I struggled with my weight and it held me back. When I was throwing the longest in the discus I was 290 at about 15-18% bodyfat..

You are wrong about the best throwers being fat, the world class guys are lean (mostly in the 8-12% range, and a few who pass for bodybuilders) and big..

My athletic ambitions are of course different now. Ideally I would like to be around 225 at 6-8% bodyfat. I would be muscular enough that I could still do the throwing events but small enough that I could do some mountaineering and hiking. I fully expect to lose some muscle mass on my way to that goal as my lean body mass is well above 210 at the moment. I don't have a problem losing lean mass, but I want to quantify it, because my goal is 225 at 6% body fat, not 225 at 16% bodyfat. I also know fully well that in these initial stages I just need to stick to the program as written and no fine tuning is necessary and I've never said anything to the contrary, although many seem to have made that assumption.

Yes, by fine tune things I do mean doing other than straight Nutrisystem dogma...

Comment #23

Mobay45 is totally correct and I am happy to see you understand his message..

I happen to work in a hospital and have daily interaction with physicians (work in IT)..

It seems to me that most physicians love the "details" and sometimes get so into the details they forget the basics..

The only problem that I see is that you want to start at step 8 instead of step 1. The first step needs to be losing weight. You can worry about BF% and muscle mass later. Lose 100 lbs then worry about those things..

You also need to stop allowing yourself to "cheat". You are just setting yourself up for failure..

Accept the fact that you need to change your lifestyle and JUST DO IT!.


BTW...Physicians are not the only ones putting in long hours. Stop using that as an excuse to eat incorrectly!..

Comment #24

Disco, I'm glad that it looks like you heard where I'm coming from and took the criticism in the spirit in which it was meant. I also think that Clark has some really good points above..

I wish you nothing less than success...

Comment #25

Im late to the party but heres my take. Measurables are nice to have, so if you want to have a bod pod done then by all means have at it. But waiting to start until the next "X" day is absurd. When you fall off the wagon you get right back on at the next meal...

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