Are salsa and marinara sauce allowed on the Medifast Diet phase 1?

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First question I got is Are salsa and marinara sauce allowed on the Medifast Diet phase 1? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Good morning!.

Today is my weigh day and I am down 2 pounds. I thought I'd get to Onederland, but I'm sure it'll be there for me next week. I'm currently at 200! I ate out three times were it was impossible to weigh my food and I'm sure there was increased sodium. I eyeballed it pretty good, but I didn't bring my scale. One night I had crab legs. It would have been crazy to try to crack open all those legs and then try to weigh 7 oz.

I'm really trying to drink all my water. I know we have to the water with no flavors, crystal light, or lemon etc. to achieve the full amount. This is different compared to most diets but I see why they do it when I read several of the Dietitian's posts..

Have a great hump day everyone!.


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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

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Good morning and happy mid-week Meltaways!.

Got my second order of stuff this week, and maaaaan am I excited to try it all. Definitely found a new favorite shake - Pomegranate Cherry - and a delicious bar - Caramel Crunch. Yumm!.

Shopped at JCPenney this past weekend, and was actually able to buy things that fit me! woohoo! I'm looking for another job, cuz mine is incredibly stressful. So I wanted something new to wear..


You are sooooooo close! It's such a great milestone, it just might call for some mid-week weighing? I know I couldn't resist! You'll get there for sure, and what a GREAT feeling that'll be!.

It's actually 2/23, rather than 2/17. We should keep an eye out for a second thread started, in case someone doesn't check inside the thread for the curent date..

Have a great week everyone!..

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Yeah, I noticed I put the wrong date. But it wouldn't let me delete it. Bummer. I will have to put something on the old post...

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Found you!!!.

-1.8 lbs for me today for a total of 9.6 so far. Had hopes of 10, but the last 4 days not much happening for me on the scale. Not what I was really hoping to happen. I have stayed 100% on program and challenges of eating out, probably stay below the amount of protein with fear of going over..

I am thinking it's time to buy the Benefiber because I am sure the lack of scale movement is impacting by overall lack of 'movement' on a regular basis!.

Congrats. on the loss Tracy and to you Jennifer on your JC Penny shopping! All things are exciting on this program!.


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Hi All..

Well, I see there have been a lot of great successes this week. I have been in Seattle for the last 5 days and have been able to check in and read posts from time to time from my phone, but it is pretty annoying to type any kind of message from there. I have been with my sister helping her out with her brand new baby. He is such a cutie!!.

I brough all meals Medifast with me out here and have been doing my best to stay op and get a walk in each day (was a little hard yesterday with guessed it....massive rain we had all day). I have been really hungry since being here, but have been doing well. The only hard part is dinner. I don't have a scale with me so I have been doing my best. Last night thought, my BIL made dinner and I know he added some honey and mustard (maybe a few Tbs. to the roast pork he made.

Another night we went to her MIL for dinner.The only veg, aside from potatoes were carrots, so I took a few..couldn't eat chicken alone. So, I am doing my best. Guess I should be proud of that but I am fearful to get on the scale Saturday. If it doesn't move I know I will be disappointed being this good on vacation and seeing no results, because it hasn't been easy let me tell you..

More than once while I was out doing errands I just wanted to hop on down to Pike Place Market and pick up a few Piroshkys. Sooooo yummmy. If you don't know what they are, don't even look them up...they will just make your mouth water..

My new food is about to come! I can't wait to try some new things with this shipment..

Gloria: good for you! You are almost at 10 pounds! I haven't had any problems, but I also hear Miralax does some wonders..

Jennifer-Congrats on the shopping excursion! It must feel awesome to go in there and try on clothes that fit..

Tracy-Congrats on the 2 pounds. Next week will be very exciting for you! Crab legs....YUMMMMMMMMM!..

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Man, everyone is just melting away!!! Gloria, I hope you find something that works that is low/no carb for the bathroom situation..

Barb, I was so excited to eat something other than chicken, turkey burger, and tilapia..

Tonight I had shrimp and chicken stir-fry. 3.5 oz. of Shrimp and 3 oz. of chicken with broccoli and green peppers. I added onions for the guys and brown rice for them on the side, none of which I ate. Do you know how hard it is to pull the food out of your stir-fry to weigh and measure? I did it though! I have a rice maker that also steams.

That's my next adventure. I also like those microwave steamer bags..

Jennifer, I heard the CherryPom shake is really good. I'm scared to try any more fruit shakes. I think I'll order a sample. My caramel bars were tough. But now, I microwave them for 5 seconds and they are nice and soft on the top. Btw, I blogged today! I put a new recipe.

Also, have fun shopping!.

See ya later losers! You guys are great!..

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Hi Everyone! Congratulations on your losses. Today was a much better day for me. I think going to the dentist helped. I am still numb and have no appetite.


Tracy, I read your blog today. We are going on a cruise in July too. We are taking our 18 year old son with us. I can't wait. A vacation is much needed..


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You know you can use ANY frozen veggie bag in the steamer? Yep, sure can. Just nip a little place to let steam out and nuke for about 5.5 minutes..


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Coffee with Benefiber and Cinnamon/Apple Oatmeal cookies. Yeap not a bad way to start the day..

The scale did get me to my 10 lb loss this morning. I am not going to change my ticker until Wed (my weigh in)..

Denise - hope your month is feeling better! Dentist = not my favorite place to be.!.

Melissa - hope you are enjoying your time with your family and new addition. It sounds like you are aware of what you are eating and maybe the scales will surprise you!.

Have a great day - SNOW in the forecast again today for us. gggrrrrrrr.


Comment #9


When my husband got home yesterday, he asked me if I had made it yet. He was excited and thought I was there. I said, "Nope, got just a little more too go!" So this morning I weighed myself and called him on the way to work. He was so happy too!.

Denise, where are you cruising too? We haven't picked ours out yet, we just know we have a certain window of time we can use when the whole family can go..

Melissa, congrats on your sister's new baby. Traveling and eating out is difficult I'm sure. I actually talked about it on my blog yesterday. You may be doing more than you think while your there, you know burning more calories so you might be surprised when you get on the scale..

Jennifer, I will have to try using frozen ziplocs instead. The steamer bags are expensive. Thanks for the tip!..

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Congrats, everybody, on your accomplishments! I had a coworker comment on my weight loss yesterday...someone who didn't know I am on a diet. He is the second person to tell me how nice I look and stating that I must be losing a lot of weight just this week. Yes!! *big fist pump* *belly dance shimmy* My dh and I are going on a cruise this year, too. I have never been on one and my ex-husband never wanted to leave our farm. I was married to my first husband for 15 years before we took a vacation.


We divorced after 23 years of marriage. I couldn't stand the all work and no play way of life any longer. I've been dreaming and planning for a cruise to Alaska for the past 10 years. My new hubby is more than happy to go with me. And now I will be thinner!! I'm so happy, I am crying...Life is good...

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Barb, Alaska sounds fun! Congrats on everyone noticing your weight loss achievements!..

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Wow, everyone is doing so well!!.

Congrats to Tracy on reaching ONEDERLAND! And Gloria, you are doing great as well. Ten pounds is ten pounds! Woo hoo!.

I am losing, but slowly. I have not been entirely on plan; for some reason, I am having a hard time lately. (Not eating sweets, but still craving salt and extra protein). Maybe the shiny new novelty has worn off? I have my 6 week weigh in tomorrow. As of today, I lost 27 lbs. so I am happy but would like to see it come off a little more quickly.

I am drinking A LOT of water today to help it along, lol..

I might have to check out the Miralax, too. Never really had this problem before..

Melissa, are you still in Seattle? Are you sleepless with a new baby in the house? (Okay, bad joke).

Barb, nice to get a shout-out!!.

Alaska does sound fun. One of my best college buddies now lives in Alaska; he is really out in the wilds (especially to me, a Jersey girl, lol) Gorgeous, though..

Thanks for the tip about the steamer bags. I know they are convenient, but does anyone else worry about the toxicity from plastics in the microwave? Unless I am rushed, I usually just cook the veggies on the stove top (even the steamable ones)..

Did you survive the dentist, Denise? I had my first (hopefully last) root canal and crown this year. Not fun, but not totally awful. Could have been worse. (Not that I want to do it again!).

So my DS made it home safely from his trip to AZ. Thank you, God! He had a good time and really impressed me with how self-assured he was, going through security on his own, finding his gate, etc. I guess he is growing up!.

Here's something funny. A guy tried to pick me up while I was waiting at the airport! I'd gotten there early (left right after work to beat the traffic, as rush hour anywhere near Newark Airport is a nightmare). I was fine, though; I had essays to grade, so I got a Diet Coke and set myself up at a table in front of one of the little food stands. I was grading away, when a youngish guy started chatting me up. I must have a friendly face, b/c random strangers do approach me and chat with me a lot, so I just thought that's what it was, but then he asked to sit down at my table. He was showing me his I Pad and just chatting me up.

I thought he was going to ask for my number and I didn't know what to do (didn't really want to give it, not into dating right now) but I think he realized that. He said that he'd like to keep in touch, but since we live far apart.... and asked if I was down in that area often. I told him I wasn't. So that was kind of funny.

Okay, gotta do a little work and then head out to my son's basketball game. Seriously! Who wants to go out now? The game starts at 8 - we won't get home until at least 9:30. And we're gonna miss The Office (grumble, grumble).


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Double post! Sorry. It seems like this has been happening a lot on MF. Or maybe it's just my computer..

Is there a way to delete a post?..

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Congratulations on making it to Onederland, Tracy. That is awesome. We are cruising to the Western Carribean. I just booked the cruise last week. We are sailing on Carnival. This will be my third cruise, but first time on Carnival.

I did survive the dentist, Tammy. I hate going, but it was only to have one filling done. I need to go back next month for a cleaning. It must be good to have your son home. How was the basketball game?.

Have a good night everyone..


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Barb - I looked into an Alaska cruise this year; but opted to do a Black Hills trip instead. I want to put in a hot tub, and since both DH and I are retired at such an early age I have to stretch our income. It would be fun though, and good for you that you are now getting the opportunity do things..

Oh Tammy your story was great!!!!! A true.


You are! Glad your son is home safe with you and hope you enjoyed your down time. Oh how I remember the traffic around Newait!!! Did you notice the new picture I put on My Page and my picture - Yeap taken in Yankee Stadium!.

I just returned from the doctor, I have either torn a muscle in shoulder, have a pinched nerve or a possible rotartor cuff problem. ugh! Don't know what I did, nothing like falling or anything, just woke up Tues morning with it sore, thought I had slept on it wrong. It has progressively gotten worse the last few days. Taking some antiflamitory and have a few exercises to work on and appt with an Ortho in a week..

At least they didn't put me out to pasture. When doctor asked me what happened, I just said, "I turned 58". New aches and pains. LOL.

Off to make my brownie - highlight of my day. My second shipment should arrive tomorrow, I am as excited as when the first one came because I have NEW stuff!!!!..

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Tomorrow I weigh in after after several days in Chicago for vacation with my three sisters. It was great to be with them. I didn't follow plan. I'm not sorry. Will see what tomorrow's weigh in brings. But today, I'm back on plan..


Comment #17


- WOOOOOHOOOO!!!! ONeDerLanD!!!!! Congratulations a million times over..


- Other than my first week, I've been a slow loser too. This week I think itll be less than 1 pound. oy. If you've gotten a little bored and want some more protein, I wonder if it'd be beneficial for you to spend a week or two on the 4/2 plan. Beat the boredom, get more meat, AND stay OP..


- yeah! Go have yourself some fun! You spent a lot of years with a bit too much serious business..


- Congrats on getting to the 10 lb. mark! Good tip on the benefiber. Is it carb-less? I definitely need something to help in that department..


- Welcome back OP..

All of the cruisers.

- man, you're making me want to cruise too! I've never been. Remember The Love Boat? I loved that show. Is that at all realistic? If yes, can I take a cruise to Fantasy Island? ;P Loved that show too. I've heard you can get a really good deal if you don't mind what your destination is...

Comment #18

Tammy a.k.a. The Melt Away Cougar! I know that must have put a big smile on your face! Yes, I wonder about bag toxicity too in the microwave. I know some bags can be put in the microwave and freezer bags, I think, have a different polymer make-up, but even some "microwave-safe" containers are popping up with carcinogenic leaching problems. I used to sell Tupperware and they pride themselves on having safe products (lots of studies, etc.). Some of their lines are made with the same stuff airplane windows are made of. There's a weird factoid for you!.

Gloria, girl don't break down on us! Shoulder problems are no fun. And, having to take off work for PT appointments and all that mess, BLAH! I feel for you. I had a repetitive-use shoulder injury problem a few years back..

Denise, is the Western Carribean, the one with Belize, Roatan (Honduras), Caymans, and Cozumel? If so, I have the low down on the shore excursions. I'm one of those people that obsessively researches things like that, to make sure I'm getting the best deal and the most appropriate excursion for the family..

Sally, welcome back to the plan and welcome back from your trip! How was the windy city?.

I have nothing exciting to report. But, if you are not a veggie burger eater. Please reconsider and purchase the Tomato and Basil Pizza Burgers. They are to die for!!! Close your eyes and it tastes like pizza. I don't even use low sugar ketch-up or mustard. Very tasty! I do have to watch the veggies I eat with them b/c they are a little higher in carbs.

And, you don't have to weigh the burgers (2 equals a lean), so if you're running late or feeling lazy, it's a winner!..

Comment #19

Had my weign in today - it seems everyone is starting to lose slower as the weeks go by. I had a 3.5 loss this week. I see my doctor on Monday and was so wanting to hit the 25 lb mark before I saw her, but alas, I don't think it is meant to be - by Monday anyway..

Has anyone noticed any difference in their losses after they've started exercising?.

Tracy - congratulations on getting to onderland. My next goal is to get to twoterville. It's 12 pounds away, but I haven't seen the scale in the two's in at least nine years..

Congratulations everyone on your losses!..

Comment #20

3.5 pounds is awesome!!! You'll be in twoterville in no time!!!!!!!..

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Gloria-Congratulations on the ten pound mark. Ckinsella, 3.5lbs is a great weight loss for the week..

Tracy- We are going to Key West, (which is sort of funny because I live in Florida), Grand Cayman, and Ochos Rios. Let me know what info you have on any shore exercisions for those places. I am traveling with my husband and 18 year old son..

I hate veggie burgers, but maybe I will give the tomatoe and basil ones a try. I have never seen them..

I am glad the weekend is here. Tomorrow is my weigh in day. I had that one bad day, so I am not expecting much..


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Hi Everyone,.

I will be back later on to celebrate your losses and be supportive to those of you that need it. I got in last night from Seattle...very late. Got home at 1:30, didn't get to bed until 2:30 and my son had me up just before 6. I don't function on 3 hours of sleep. I don't usually get jet lagged so I am attributing this more to the fact that I just got NO sleep last night. I am tired and cranky.

So, me and my cranky self are going to go figure out what to eat for dinner because there is no food here either.


I feel bad being like that, guess I should tell you my son was SOOOOOOO excited to see me this morning and has been quite the cuddle bug all day.

He is 6.5..

Comment #23

Weigh in this morning, down 1 lb. A little surprised after last weekend's trip to Chicago. Good to be back on plan and working toward my goal. My heart feels lighter just knowing that the future will be happier as I lose weight and can move around more easily. Be more healthy. Thanks for all your support...reading everyone's posts helps me feel connected..


Comment #24

Congratulations on your weight loss, Sally. I lost only 1.2lbs this week, but I am happy with that because I was not perfect this week. Any weight loss is a good thing, and I am down almost 18lbs in 4 weeks. As I enter my second month, I feel good about how things are going and how I feel..

Have a good weekend everyone!..

Comment #25

Denise, - Yes your right any loss is a good loss. 18 lbs in 4 weeks is fabulous!!!!.

Sally - just staying the same would be wonderful after your trip but to loose a pound is GREAT! Your right, back on track! It makes us realize we can still function with all of life's challenges and still loose weight..

Melissa - get some rest!.

Cathy - 3.5 loss is fantastic. I haven't had over a 2 loss since my first week. Even though you aren't at the 25, your still doing great!.

Sally - welcome back from your trip and to the Plan!.

Tammy - Yankees first Spring Training game today. whoo hoot! Spring has sprung as far as I am concerned, even if the ground is still white!.

Struggling yet with the scale and "movement". LOL That's all I will say..

I received my second shipment yesterday. I was excited as the first one, because I have new stuff. The pretzels were actually good, and I can't wait to try the Chili. Have new bars too - just had a smores with my coffee and loved it. I may be different than most, I haven't found anything I didn't like - Hot cocoa at first until I made them into Bon Bons and now like better than the brownie!.

Going to spend the day on crafts. I am making a quilt for my granddaughter and putting all the blocks together today - it's a queen size one and has been a challenge. I will post a picture on my page once I am done (I am kinda proud of it). Plus now crocheting a shawl wrap for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Keeping my hands busy keeps me from eating!.

Happy Saturday Meltaways..


Comment #26

Good morning, girls!.

I am still in (well, back in, I should say) my pajamas. I love Saturday mornings. I did get a few things done around the house, and ran out with my son to get his Saturday morning bacon sandwiches on bagels (skinny teenage boys! grrr!) but now I am back in sweats and a t-shirt. Should shower soon, I guess..

Denise, 18 lbs is awesome. Way to go!!.

Melissa, sorry you came home to a mess. Didn't he know that it didn't matter how messy things were until the day you were coming home? He should have been scurrying around, cleaning up. So cute about your little boy missing his mama..

Gloria, yes, game one. I have the YES channel, I wonder if it will be shown. Probably. I do have some grading to do, so maybe I will watch while I grade. DS has still not changed my ring tone for me. I will make him do that today.

Sally, I agree that being on a trip and still losing a pound is pretty darn good!!.

Cathy, the 25 lbs is right around the corner. I am chasing 30 lbs right now! Hopefully that will happen this weekend. Hang in there..

I forget who recommended the basil and pizza veggie burgers, I will have to check them out. I don't mind the veggie burgers, but I do not even think of them as burgers at all. There is no comparison between a cheeseburger and a veggie burger. I LOVE the spicy blackbean and the Asian patties from MSF, but they are too high in carbs for this plan..

Ckinsella, I haven't started exercising yet, but I plan to start this weekend. I have wondered that, too (how it affects the weight loss).

Gloria, I use beef broth when making my chili. I have sodium free broth. I also let it sit in a tightly closed thermos for hours..

Tracey, so cool about Onederland!.

Laughing at cougar remarks. I am.


Not a cougar. I actually like older men. I doubt I would date anyone in their 30s (and certainly not in their 20s!)..

Have a good weekend!..

Comment #27

Happy Saturday everyone! TAG you are right - 25 lbs is just around the corner for me. I got on the scale this morning and it shows 24.5 pounds so hopefully, I lose that other 1/2 pound by Monday morning..

I started doing Sweatin' to the Oldies this morning. I got further into the DVD than I thought I would, but couldn't quite get through the first half. I used to do this workout about 15 years ago, and remember when I did it then, I barely got through the warm up the first time. By the end of the week, I was doing the whole thing, so each time I put it in, I'll push myself to get through the next number until I get through the whole thing..

It was a little chilly this morning, but supposed to warm up into the mid-70's today, so I'll probably go the zoo and walk it. It's a small zoo here in town, but it's a one mile perimeter, so I'll get some exercise there and enjoy seeing the animals too. My goal is just to get all the way around zoo no matter how long it takes me. At least it will get me outside in the fresh air, and out from in front the computer which is where I'll be the rest of day, because I have a deadline to finish on this project I'm working on..

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day, and is able to start getting some exercise incorporated into your daily / weekly routines...

Comment #28

LOL, sweatin to the oldies! That is what I used to do. Richard Simmons is a total goofball, but he's sooo supportive. Made me feel okay to be a heavy, huffin-puffin exerciser. Unfortunately, I had it on VHS, and now I only have a DVD player. So I have to find something new. I love things with music I can sing along to, and dance!.

Confession time - I LOVE to dance. I LOVE it!!!! But I am way too embarrassed to do it in public. I get so dang red-faced and sweaty. Not attractive. at all. LOL If I have a weight loss fantasy - it is to dance and dance and dance without getting sweaty, red, and huffing.

To be picked up and swung about! Ooohhhhhhh that would be ever so nice!..

Comment #29

Jennifer - Sweatin' To The Oldies is now available on DVD..

It's amazing how many of the moves my body still remembers...

Comment #30

Hi everyone..

Today was a MUCH better day. I am well rested and ready to go..

I just finished reading the posts since Wednesday and had to take notes ; ).


-Congrats on making it to ONDERLAND!!! I am soooo excited for you.I just got back from the store and picked up some of the veggie burgers you recommended. I remember how much you detested them when I first mentioned them a while back so I figure if you like these, they are worth a try. I agree though about watching the veggies when you eat themthey are higher in carbs. When you made the shrimp stir fry the other day, did you use a recipe, or just a little evoo and garlic? In the past, when I make stir fries, I usually concoct some kind of sauce to go with it, but am not sure how those ingredients will fly on this program, so I have been avoiding stir fries. Also, did you eat all of your protein as shrimp that day? Cooked 7 ounces of shrimp is sooo much...and expensive. I was wondering what you did..


-I am so excited for you when the day comes when you can go out and dance. I am way too self consciouseven when I was thin, to go and dance.

What is the Pomegranate shake like? I got the mango one in my first order and didn't care for it..


-Glad you had a great trip to Chicago. -1 pound while not being on plan is great...looks like you made some good decisions while you were there even if you didn't stay OP..


-Congrats on the almost 10 pounds! I am looking forward to my pretzels arriving. I had some last week from someone in Seattle and didn't think they were bad. I also never tried the original ones that people wish they still made, so I have nothing to compare them to. I ordered the mustard ones for sure, and know they will help out with the salty/crunchy things I have been craving. I will be thinking for a speedy recovery for your shoulder. Those injuries are NOT fun.

What colors are you doing?.


Glad things worked out for you at the dentist. I think I am one of the lucky few that has never had to have any work done except for the cleanings twice a year..


-We did a Carnival cruise once. I don't have anything to compare it to, but we had a blast. Two years I traveled to Alaska to do some mission work with a group from my church. we were there for 10 days and it was AMAZING!!! You are going to love it..


-I wasn't Sleepless in Seattle, but for now I think my sister is. I was staying at her MIL's house. Even though I offered many times to stay all night and sit up with the baby, she declined. I did help out all day though. She has a very tiny house and there is nowhere to go. I think they needed some alone time at night as well.

I bet he enjoyed the nice warm weather out there. You mentioned going to the bagel shop this morning. I REALLY miss bagels. Not that I even ate then once a week, but I do miss knowing I could have one when I wanted one. And CONGRATS on the guy in the airport!!! Even if he was much younger, it must have been a real boost to the confidence level!! Congrats!.


-I bet that you will be at 25 pounds in no time. Irregardless, I am sure your doctor will be SOOOO excited about the amount you have lost already. Did you have a nice walk at the zoo today?.

It seems like so many of you are going on cruises. I have to be honest, the first thing that pops into my mind when you say that is the food. It is soooo good...and abundant. How are you going to handle it?..

Comment #31

Oh, I forgot to mention my good news. I got on the scale today and.

Lost 3.8.

Pounds!!! I did awesome op in Seattle except for one night. My sister's SIL brought dinner over and it was not op. I did great the rest of the week and realized I just.

Can't control every situation.

I ended up doing great for the week though. I tried to get out and.

Walk every day.

Yes, even in all that rain lol..

And one more thing!! I.

Left a pair of pants.

There....on purpose. I put on this pair of jeans I had brought with me and I looked.


In them they were so big. I usually donate my clothes, but.

Threw this pair away.

It felt.


Stinking good knowing I.

Will never wear them again..

Comment #32

DENISE: 18 pounds in 4 weeks. Awesome!!!.

GLORIA: Oh, I love quilts. I am not a seamstress of any sort. I'm limited to sewing buttons. But, I have always wanted to learn how to knit..

CATHY: You go ahead and sweat to the oldies, girl. You'll be doing the whole work-out and then some by the end. My crystal Medifast ball says that you will get to the 25 pound marker in a flash..

JENNIFER: You made me giggle about dancing. I remember when I was in college, my roommate and I loved to go to clubs and dance. We would see the girls with their hair made up, sipping their drink, not wanting to get on the floor to break a sweat. We were a sweaty red-faced mess too and we never met any guys that way. And, I probably would have lost some weight dancing so much, but alas, we'd always stop at the gas station on the way home and get a gigantic Big Gulp of Coke and drink the whole thing before we got home..

MELISSA: Congrats on 3.8 pounds gone forever and pants that are to big. Woo! Hoo! for you!!!.

I love the Morningstar Farms Tomato and Basil Pizza Veggie burgers. They don't taste like any of the others. Hope ya like em! I used shrimp (3.5 oz.) and chicken (3 oz) in the stir-fry. I actually did not use any oil in my stir-fry, just PAM to cook the chicken. I used to use sesame oil. But, now I put water in the bottom and kind of steam everything after the chicken cooks through.

Then, when it was done I used the allotted amount of low sodium soy sauce and poured it on top. If I would have put it in the mix during cooking then it probably would have been more bland. After I plated mine, I added some Hoisin sauce to the rest of the stir-fry for the family. PAM, plus garlic, plus soy sauce was all my condiments for the day..

I sent Writermom (Debbi) an email to see how she was hanging in there. She's doing well! Just so you know, if I haven't heard from you in two or more weeks and you're not on vacay, I'll send you an upbeat non-stalker, non-harassing email to make sure you haven't died from getting too skinny..

Be well, be OP!..

Comment #33

Today is a good day on program. On work days, I rarely eat everything I'm supposed to. Today, Saturday, I found myself watching the clock a bit and looking forward to next meal. Still one left to get in for the day. I don't like to cook but my interest is peaked reading how others are finding creative ways to fix food. So far, microwaving frozen vegetables and grilling a chicken breast is as creative as I get.

Very heartening and encouraging. Thank you..


Comment #34

Woo hoo! Girls, I am psyched. 30.4 lbs. gone. I really wanted to reach 30 by Friday (6 weeks) but I'll take it. I've also been wavering slightly as to continue on Medifast or not, so this is a great confirmation that I have found something that I can work. And will keep working it..

Sally, I know what you mean about some days being easier than others, as far as fitting meals in, etc. I am kind of the opposite in that I have an easier time fitting meals in during the work week; I am usually hungrier during the late afternoons then, too. I think b/c I get up so early on work days, and go to bed kind of late, I am able to fit all meals in. On the weekends, I get up a the time I would be eating my second Medifast meal during the week. I do not always fit my 5 Medifast meals in on days off. (Though I am more apt to think about food more while home; more free time and options available, I guess).

Someone asked this on another thread: What is your hungriest time of day?.

Sally, I just realized I put the same motto under my new ticker! Too funny. I hope you don't mind if I leave it. (Too lazy to make a new one! Plus, it's true!).

Gloria, our boys didn't win yesterday. But it was close; so many new faces and very little time with our regular boys. (Boy, did that sunny weather look nice. It's sunny here in NY today, but still on the brisk side. Supposed to get up to the 50s during the day, pretty much for the next few weeks.) You sound very crafty. I am saving shirts from my son, ones that were his favorites, or that I just really associate with him.

Jennifer, dance now, girl! Just shut the blinds and crank up the tunes. Dancing can definitely help you lose weight! When I was younger and cooler, lol, we used to go to Dead shows all the time, and man, we did not stop dancing the whole time. I always thought that if I went to more concerts, I would be thinner..

Speaking of dancing, does anyone go to Zumba? A couple of my friends swear by it, but I am way too fat to consider going. I do think it would be fun and I might do it once I lose some more weight..

Cathy, I used to do Sweating with the Oldies, too. Richard Simmons used to have weekends at the hotel where I worked many years ago; he was always really nice to the people (mostly women) who went to his classes. My mom got to talk with him..

Tracy, good to know you will track us down if we wander off, lol..

Melissa, glad things are calmer now for you, and love the big pants story...

Comment #35

Zumba sounds like fun. But I think they move too fast for this large size womanat least for now. I belly dance, which is a gas! Any dance experience or none at all is fine....

I get up for work between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. so I am hungry all morning. Not so bad on the weekends, though, when I sleep in until 6 or 7. rofl!..

Comment #36

Ladies I'm over 300lbs and I just did my first Zumba class and if I can do it you can too!! I found a friend that was going and I was scared but the lady told me I can stop and take a break anytime I want. Also you have your water with you and if it gets tough just stand in place and move your arms around while you give your legs a rest. It was sooo much fun but yes I wanted to die about halfway through it and I thought I would pass out. I am going back on thursday and sundays and hopefully I will be able to learn the moves better after a few times. I highly recommend it !!! Also does anyone know if I should eat a 4&2 today since I did 1hr of zumba.. The instructor said I burned around 600 to 800 calories!!! I usually eat only 860ish for the day...

Comment #37

Hi. I am having a great op day here in NJ. The sun is shining and the Yankees are having a great spring training game.

I got in a15 minutes of one of the Walk Away the Pounds videos and about 15 minutes of weight lifting. I am excited about this and hope to start slow and get a minimum of 15 minutes in a day. That is my goal for this next week.

I have wondered about Zumba. Does anyone know of a video that is good for Zumba? I would be interested in that, but am not going anywhere right now to take a class. We are off to my son's basketball game in an hour...guess I should think about getting some real clothes on before we go..

Comment #38


- you're supposed to add a Medifast meal if you exercise more than 45 minutes. So it'd be 6/1..

WOW! 600 - 800 calories? WOW! They have that for the Wii Fit, so I might have to go pick that up. What's the music like? I guess I should go youtube it. I want something that gets me excited!.

How's exercise been working for everyone? Did adding it affect your losses at all?.

I'm kinda scared to start seriously exercising. Don't want to slow my weight loss even more..

Have a great week everyone!.

Spring is arriving here in TX, and it's lovely!..

Comment #39

Mellissk27 I found this on amazon.. idk anyone that has the videos but the reviews dont look bad. I know in class we used the 2.5lb toning stix and this set comes with only the 1lb..


Comment #40

Jennifk the music was fun and made you wanna dance around. I remeber one was "living la vida loca" (spelling?) I think thats ricky martin lol..

Comment #41

Ohhh I saw that you are having such a great day..Whoo Hoo.

...and another Whoo hoo to the Yankees having their spring traning ...True Bronx girl here...thanks for adding to my day..

Comment #42

Hello All,.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. And, Tammy, I think you are doing fantastic!!.

I've tried a few Zumba classes. I think it all depends on the instructor. Some classes the instructor doesn't really speak a lot (you follow their movements) and if you go at a prime time, classes can be packed and it's hard to see what's going on. However, if you get into a non-cramped class with a good instructor, I think it's really fun. I heard the videos are really good, but I haven't tried them. Curves does a class that incorporates Zumba into it.

You just get a taste of Zumba with the traditional Curves work-out. If you wanted a slower paced class, you may want to try Zumba Gold. It's typically for the older population, but I would think if you want to try a class to get to know the usual steps, this may be for you. All of the gyms I have taught at, had Zumba classes and they were really popular. Gals would even come in with Zumba shirts and pants they sell on-line.

And, you meet new people that share the same interests as you. I had the same type of group when I taught Spinning classes. Folks would come in and share about their day and enjoy working out together. My class even gave me a send off party when I moved away!.

Darianna, I was reading a few posts that the Personal Trainer responded too recently. They say, if you have a cool down and a warm up in the work out, it's usually considered a 45 minute work-out even if you are in the class for an hour. So, I don't know if that applies to you. Most of the Zumba classes I've been to have a warm up and cool down..

Jennifer, I don't think my exercising has caused a slow weight loss. I know I've been weight training, so I don't expect to have high numbers, the whole muscle weighs more than fat thing. But, I try to keep it to a 30 to 45 minute work-out five days a week..

Well, today I cooked for my Dad's birthday party. Dry rub ribs, potato salad, and field peas. None of which I ate. And, they had birthday cake too. I had none of that! Me and my chicken noodle soup and bottled water were doing just fine. I didn't even want anything else.

I wanted to ask if any of you have tried the banana creme shake. What do you think? Do you know that I tried the blueberry oatmeal again and I think my taste buds have changed. Yes, it still is like plaster, but tastes better..

Well, I've been SUPER chatty the past couple of days. See you later!..

Comment #43

The banana creme shake is allright. 1000 times better than the strawberry creme! XP It was my favorite until I tasted the french vanilla (not mixed with my coffee!) and the cherry pom..

OH WOW! I just watched a youtube of zumba and I loooooove it! I loooove it! It looks like a much better balanced workout than just legs. As a top heavy gal, that is very appealing to me. And the jiggling is more controlled. And the music is awesome! And it's dancing! I don't know if I can get through a single number, but i'M RUNNING TO THE STORE FOR IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!..

Comment #44

Jennifk.. dont forget a very secure sports bra...i tried to go in my normal bra and lets just say I wont be doing that again next week!! No need for anymore facial injuries hehe..

Comment #45

Oh my, you are so right about the sports bra, Darianna!.

Jennifer, pls let us know how you like the video and which one you got! I love the music. I think you can buy CDs of the songs...

Comment #46


, This is how our tastes are all different. I absolutely.


The banana shakes.

I have 3 more and can't wait for them to be GONE!!!.


, I just picked up a new.

Sports bra.

From Amazon today. I have such a hard time finding plus size ones and for someone large on top. I don't like ordering this type of thing online without trying it on, but had to give it a try. if I like the one I will buy more..

I am going to look at the.


Site posted above and see if it's something I will like..


, let me know if you like the one you bought....I wonder if there is one for the Wii. hmmmmm......

Comment #47


-I haven't been doing too much exercise. Week 3 I started with 15 minutes and did that about 5 days. Last week I was in Seattle and tried getting a walk in most days, especially since we weren't doing much but looking at a new, albeit absolutely adorable, new baby. This week my goal is to get in 2 hours of exercise. So I guess I haven't been doing enough to see it stall my weight loss. I will be interested in seeing what others have to say...

Comment #48

You girls mind if I jump right in here? I was supposed to be with you from the beginning but I've been trying to find my way around the site and just get settled in. I am almost through week 2 and am feeling great. I also have been looking in to the Zumba and it looks really fun. I think I'll get a DVD in the next couple of weeks. I've been trying to make myself wait for the 3 weeks to end. They do have one for the Wii.

Anyway, I've been reading most of your posts and you girls are are doing great! It's exciting to watch your progress!.


Comment #49

Kim, Of course....welcome to the group. The more the merrier. I am glad that your first two weeks have been successful for you. Hang in there, I hear some people experience a stall during week three, so don't be disappointed. We are here for you!! Can't wait to hear more from you. Have a great OP week!!!..

Comment #50

As always, everyone's posts are encouraging. Today was another good day, on plan. Started exercising today on my recumbent exercise bike...all my knee could take was five minutes and I dare not incite it to riot. No cartliage in that knee and the other's nothing to write home about either. I use a cane to walk. At this point, moving anything is an improvement.


Comment #51

Welcome Kim, by all means jump in!.

It sounds like everyone is in the exercise mode! I checked out some Zumba videos on you tube, even though it looks fun, I will be sticking to my Walk Of the Pounds and the bike at the gym. I had total knee replacements when I was 46 on both knees, too many softball injuries over the years, wore them out fast! I broke my ankle bad when I was 23 and I have never been the same....add 35 years to the age and we are in the present and slower!.

Water Aerobics is actually the best for me and was doing them 3 -4 times a week until I got a part time job and the schedule conflicts with my work time..

Having a good week with only a few challenges this week - so hoping for a good weigh in on Wed..

Off to bed and sleep - hope the fat fairy comes for a pick up! I'll let her take 10 lbs if she can carry it with those little wings!..

Comment #52

Well, another rainy day here....just hoping it melts some of the massive piles of snow that we have here. I would like to see my backyard sometime soon.

My 2nd shipment of Medifast is supposed to arrive today. I feel like it is Christmas. Can't wait to open up all those little packages and try out some new things. While I still have food to last me maybe another week, it is not stuff I really like so I am excited to have some variety again.

I am back to work today after a week off. Is it too much to ask for just one more day??? lol I am exhausted. Traveling most of the week, while great, didn't give me much time at home to get things done. I spent the weekend recovering and trying to make up for lost time. Alas, today is back to the grind..

Hope everyone has a GREAT OP day. Make it a great one!..

Comment #53

Good morning ladies,.

Mercy, send the fat fairy over tonight after she picks up at your place! LOL!.

Sally and Mercy, My DH has had many knee surgeries. He's going to get full total knee replacements in a year or so, right before he retires from the military. He's actually looking forward to new bionic knees..

Kim, WELCOME! I'm glad your first two weeks went well!.

To All: Do we want to start a challenge this Wednesday with the new thread? Liquidstayce did an accountability type thread which I like. You post your calories and carbs, yes or no to drinking all your water, yes or no to exercise (some list what they did). We can add or delete to items to it. What do you think? We can call it the On Track Challenge or suggestions on a name?? Or other ideas???..

Comment #54

Melissa, I know you are excited about new Medifast meals. Let us know if you've found a new fav...

Comment #55

Tracey - I like the idea of a challenge and the items you mentioned would be good, since all of us are past the 3 weeks and exercising..

He will not regret the knee replacements - even though I was quite young when I had them done, I am out of pain! Heck, I even have a total toe replacement in my big toe! Pins and screws in my left ankle - needless to say I don't fly without pat downs. I had no sympathy for all those who complained about getting them!!.

I stepped on the scale today - had a whoosshhhh, and almost screeched. Since I started 3 weeks ago it's my first - gotta love that Benefiber!.

Melissa - you sound like me, I was as excited about my second box as I was the first. I had lots of new stuff to try. I really like the snacks (I was missing crunch). Chili was good. But I really haven't found anything I don't like..

If only it could all rain on us and Melt Us Away!!!!!!!!! (oh it is, it's raining Medifast Meals)...

Comment #56

Hi. I haven't even read any of the posts today, but I just checked with UPS and my next shipment has BEEN DELIVERED!!!! I will be home frmo work in 53 minutes and and saving my after school snack so I can have something new when I get home....and after dinner.

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED. THere have been slim pickins the last few daysmy fist shipment was one that was a variety pack and I am so thankful to get things I picked out!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!..

Comment #57

Hi, Meltastics!! I love the idea, Tracey! I had my third weigh-in this morning and learned why not to excercise beyond your means and why it is important to eat all of your meals and have your water as directed. I have deleted one pound this week. I am not complaining, but feel that I would have done better had I been more accountable for my actions. Do we want to start the challenge thread on Wednesday?.

I am committing myself to posting again every day as I know that also makes me more accountable. I am slacking a little as I get more comfortable and I need the wee smack from time to time! Also, I miss knowing what you guys are up to! I have to git along and start some yummy supper! Pork tenderloin over here. What's everyone having tonite? Anyone have some new recipes for their L&G? Share share share!!.

Miss ya, girls!.


Comment #58

Hey, everyone. I was hoping it was all right for me to join this group you look like a bunch of great people, and I'd love to have the extra support and motivation to keep up with the good work (and help you all to do that, too, of course!)..

My name is Claire. I'm 22 years old (just turned 22 on February 17th... I'm officially old!) and I started Medifast near the beginning of February. Since then, I've had one weigh-in and lost 5.4 pounds!.

I look forward to getting to know everyone...

Comment #59

Welcome to the Melt Aways. If you would like to add the banner to your signature, here's the code to use. Copy it and paste it in your signature. Be sure to ust delete the spaces where ever there is one near the symbol.

[ ].


[ URL= ][ IMG][/IMG][/URL ].

To center it, just highlight the code and click on the center formatting in your title bar...

Comment #60

Well...I came home and.


!!! While it was.

Not sunny.

Out and quite dreary, I SWEAR there was a glowing.


Around the.

Two brown boxes.

By my door. The moment I have been waiting for for days, had.

Finally arrived!!!.

I was giddy with excitement. And it was all it lived up to be. Inside were.

Packet upon packet.

Of yummy new food was waiting to land in my tummy! I tore open the boxes looking for the crunchy goodness of the.

Never-ending bag of puffs.

I have heard SO much about. They lived up to their expectations. I have missed snacking on crunchy things SO much. They hit the spot. I will never order the variety pack again!! I am enthusiastic about the new foods.



-Again, welcome to the group!.


-I think a.


Would be an excellent idea!! Let me know if it will be a separate thread, or on here..


- I have also missed my crunchy snacksin case you couldn't tell from above! I bought one box of.


As well...I want to try it and see if it's something I can have at lunch..


-Hey, one pound is one pound....deleted forever!! I was going to email you today anyway. I noticed you haven't been posting and was wondering what happened to you. For.


Tonight we will be having turkey burgers, salad, and some other vegetable. We go to my parents' house every Monday for dinner. Kind of like the Gilmore Girls, just not on Fridays.

The way I see it, any meal I don't have to cook is a welcome meal. I WILL work around it with my L & G..




To the group. We would LOVE to have you! And, no, by no stretch of the imagination are you old... lol..

Comment #61

Thanks for the welcome, Melissa and Mercy..

If there's a challenge going, I'd love to take part the Mardi Gras challenge is ending soon, so I'm hoping something in the interim between that (March 8) and the next challenge, which is not until June 23. So, I'm thinking: something for Lent? Here's my catchy title: "Lent Descent"! What do you think?..

Comment #62

Welcome to the group Claire. Melissa, enjoy your new food. It is always exciting trying something new. You will have to let me know how the chili is. I have been afraid to try it.

Kelly, losing one pound is better than gaining one pound, and exercise is always a good thing. Congratulations on your loss..

I have been super busy at work. I am counting down to my spring break. I really need some time off. Just two weeks to go.

Have a good week everyone...

Comment #63

WELCOME Claire!!!.

Love the Lent Descent! Hilarious! Scroll up the thread and you can see the challenge we are thinking about. However, we can add or delete. It's more of an accountability challenge..


, I'm glad your boxed angels came in. The puffs are good! I just changed my BeSlim TSFL order AGAIN, to add more of the Parm Puffs. They seem to be my afternoon go-to snack with my one and only diet soda of the day. Girl, don't forget to SOAK that chili. It's one of my favorites, but there's nothing worse than eating what tastes like a raw hard black bean..


Congrats on your loss! I'm starting a new work-out, so I will see if it effects my losses. I had crock-pot baked chicken, romaine salad, and some turnip greens..

One thing I'd like to mention about my crock pot meal today. I usually am not hungry eating every three hours or so. But, my stomach growled and growled today. I thought to myself, what is going on? I think smelling that food cook all day made it so. My nose was talking to my brain which sent an email to my stomach and said something smells good, you should be hungry. UHHHHGGGG!.

Well, I found out today what the free week of food is for my order which ships out March 5th. It's the same free week as my last order: Hot Cocoa, Reg. Pancakes, Dark Choc. Antioxidant Shakes, Vanilla Pudding, and the dreaded Strawberry Shakes. What shall I do with all those Strawberry Shakes? The shake cake was just ok. Does anyone know if there is a shipping charge for an exchange? New, on my order is the cinnamon pretzels and I'm sampling the cream of chicken soup and something else I already forgot.

On a final note, if you have a Dollar Tree store nearby you may want to try this. I saw a Light Ranch by a company called Riverton Valley. The labeling seems to fit the criteria for a healthy fat salad dressing. So, I said what the heck, for a dollar I'll try it. I sent the nutritional information to the Dietitian, who said I could enjoy 2 tablespoons as one healthy fat. It is DELICIOUS, the best light ranch I've ever had.

I will be purchasing more and only for a buck!..

Comment #64

Hi all! A new challenge sounds great! I'm not officially supposed to start exercising until next week but I know I'll be playing tennis twice this week anyway. Anything to help keep me accountable. Great idea Tracey! My 2nd official weigh in is tomorrow and TOM may slow me down but ONWARD I march! Thanks for the Welcome Melissa! Enjoy your new food! On another note, I don't know why I can't figure out the signature thing. DUH! I'll keep working on it. I feel so technically inept!..

Comment #65


- you crack me up! Your excitement was totally showing through, with all that font coloring!.


- I'm all for the challenge! Technically, I was grumbly about it cuz I'm lazy about those things. But y'all usually get me excited about stuff, so it can be a good thing! It'll be our same chatty thread, yes? Both combined? Good to know about the crockpot. I'm still very sensitive to smells, so that would not work well for me!.


- Welcome to the group! ".

Lent Descent.


Is so goofy I have to love it! Along the same holiday lines, how about.

: ".

Bunny Honey challenge.

- Sweet & Sexy by Easter.


I bought.


For my Wii. Haven't tried it out yet. Think I'll check it out over dinner... which I will spice with my newly purchased orange and lemon pepper spice - a.k.a. my emergency alternative to buying candy!..

Comment #66

Well since I have posting basically just in here I guess it's time I ask if I can join you guys lol. This is my most read thread and 95% of my posts are here sooo pretty please can I melt away with you lovely ladies???..

Comment #67

By the way, Claire is the awesomeness! I met Claire in the chatroom before I started and she's been such a sweetheart ever since. I prodded her to come join us and I'm super psyched that she's here. Now I have to stop talking about her. Pretend I always said nice things, okay ladies!?.

Tracey: When I put a chicken in the rotisserie and could smell it all day, I thought I was going insane. It was the first day that I was starving all day. I kept going outside for "clean" air. It was a gajillion below zero, but I didn't care. It was killing me. Then, I went to church the next day and realized that my coat smelled like chicken.

How rude!!..

Comment #68


-Let me know how the Zumba is for the Wii. I hope it is as fun as it soundsin the privacy of my own living room.


-Of course you may join us! Welcome to the group!!.

Kelly, Tracy-.

Thanks for the advice on cooking food that will smell awesome all day. I may have to avoid that for a while...or set it up and go shopping for the day while DH stays home all day and smells it lol Kelly...too funny about the coat in church.


-I hope your two weeks passes VERY quickly.

Maybe by the time it comes it will be a bit warmer and all the snow will have melted..


-Thanks for the advice on soaking the chili...wouldn't like crunchy beans in my lunch.

Just got off the treadmill15 minutestaking it slow in the beginning. Like I said, just want to hit two hours this week. :0..

Comment #69

Happy Tuesday Melt Aways!.

I haven't been posting much but read the postings everyday to get inspired by you all and your success! I weighed in today and lost 4.5 pounds! I feel great and I can't even tell you what this diet has did for my mood! Before I always seemed to be grouchy or down and lately I haved been all smiles. I weigh myself everyday just to see if that number has gone down - I know I shouldn't, but I love the rush I get when the scale moves down!.

Tracy - congrats on ONEDERLAND!!!!!!! You must be over the moon! I read on one of the blogs that one of our fellow MFers is going to buy herslef a Tiffany charm bracelet when she hits Onederland and then buy a charm for every 10 pounds after that till she reaches her goal weight. Seemed like a cool reward for all this hard work and thought I would share. I may do something similar since I am a jewelry fiend..

Claire, Kim and Darianna - Welcome! Hope I didn't miss anyone and if I did - welcome to you too!.

When I started Medifast I ordered the women's variety pack, I received 2 shipments and I need to branch out! Seems they would mix up that variety pack every month, but no, same stuff. So I changed up and ordered some different bars (chocolate mint!) and some puffs and pretzels. One of my biggest challenges is wanting something crunchy and salty so hoping these help. I also noticed that my taste buds have changed and now that gruel (oatmeal) doesn't taste so bad. LOL.

Jennifer - Oooh girl, let me know about that Zumba for Wii. I LOVE to dance too. I remember being in my 20s and dancing till they closed the club - to hell with looking good and trying to be cool - we were there to get down. LOL Ah, I miss those carefree days, these days it's in the privacy of my own home (with no one home!)..

I will be 42 on 3/3 and this is the best present I could have given to myself. I hope by this time next year I too am in ONEDERLAND..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #70

Kellie: I am also loving this jewelry ideal. A bracelet with charms would be an excellent idea, though for me to get a Tiffany bracelet, a lot of talking to would be required of the husband. Even ONEderland might not work on him. Something that really makes me happy would be enough, though. Then a charm for ten pounds is divine. What a special idea.

I still have 50lbs to go for that to be a reality. I'm okay with that goal!..

Comment #71

Good Morning Ladies. I actually have a Pandora bracelet and was going to buy myself a charm when I hit twenty pounds....haven't made it to the store yet though. I like the idea better though of a charm for every 10 pounds....does this mean I have permission to go and buy 2 now?..

Comment #72

I can give you permission, but exactly what is that going to do for you? Oh yes, a make-believe friend of mine told me I could? I'll give you pixie dust while we're at it...

Comment #73

Hey, thanks for the letter of recommendation, Kelly..

I am pretty great, if I may say so... just need to gain control over my eating habits and I'll be even more awesome...

Comment #74

Afternoon girls! I was so proud to get my signature line done. Whew!.

Tracey - congrats on making it to onederland. I can imagine it feels great!.

Jennifer - I'm curious about the wii zumba so I can't wait for your review. I also was thinking of getting the Just Dance game. My niece was playing it at Christmas and it looked like fun and very good exercise!.

Kellie- love the jewelry idea. Not sure I can swing that but Wow what great motivation!.

It'll take a while to get to know everyone but I look forward to it! Weight loss was slow this past week so I'm trying to stay motivated and active on the boards! Have a good day everyone!.


Comment #75

I can't remember who recommended the tomato-basil veggie burgers, but I want to say thank you. I tried one today and it was really good. I have always hated any veggie burgers, but this was delicious..

I hope everyone had a good Tuesday..


Comment #76

Yawl are cracking me up today. Pandora makes pretty jewelry, Melissa. Of course, Tiffany does too, but it's pricey. Glad KellyAnn can give you permission. I second that. Buy away, as long as you have enough money to keep purchasing Medifast meals..

Claire, you're too funny. It's refreshing. Everyone should think to themselves that they are great. Kick the low self-esteem to the curb. We're making positive changes here!!.

Kellie, glad you branched out your food. I love my crunchy Medifast meals! Let me know how it goes..

Denise, you like the tomato basil pizza burgers! Yay!.

Kim, you added the ticker and now you are an official Melt Away. KellyAnn the Princess of Darkness will now tap both of your shoulders with her sword of skinny!.

Mercy, I hope the fat fairy has visited me in my sleep this week. I will see shortly!.

Well, if everyone concurs, tomorrow we can start our accountability challenge. It seems like everyone would rather just check in here with your results. Send some crafty names for the challenge! Yawl, are so creative. We need something fun! So far here is the info we plan to report with an example included..

Calories: 950.

Carbs: 82.

Required 64 oz. or more of water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes (You can include what you did if you want) Zumba etc. This can also be other types of exercise like you parked your car far away and walked to the mall. You took the stairs instead of the elevator etc..

Logged on your meals: Yes.

On-plan: Yes.

Do we have any other suggestions? Anything to add or take away? I figured our weigh dates are different so we wouldn't include it. This would be a daily challenge to record the items listed above, but if you're busy, you're busy. Life goes on. But, let's try to make it happen!!! Yay, motivate, lose the weight!.

OK, I'll shut up now. Love ya Melt Aways!!!!!.


Comment #77

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.