Are shiritake noodles okay for phase one Medifast Diet?

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My 1st question is: Are shiritake noodles okay for phase one Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' TUESDAY - FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Yup, but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory..


Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful..


Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew...

Comment #2

Need to start today with these two posts from last night..

Thank you,.


, for the energy you bring. For making me feel like a big lazy sick slob that hasn't exercised nearly enough in the last year. Ladies....

Andi's got here groove back..

Way mo' than Stella ever could!.

And thank you,.


, you filthy crazy sick warped lunatic. I think, sometimes, we share one brain. Thank you for making me laugh out loud when I'm just not really in the mood to laugh at all. And please don't swallow anything until you check the carb content. I know this is yet another difficult task for you...

Comment #3

Addtionally, I finally heard back from.



I believe we'll see her here today..

(We better!)..

Comment #4

AFM -.

I think (think) I feel slightly more human..

Although it's tough to tell because my stomach is completely empty..

It's so weird not to pee..

At all..

I was super excited to feel exhausted and fall right to sleep last night..

I didn't think my stomach - or my head - were going to let it happen..

But before 9:00 I was sleeping..

The bad part of that is that by 2:00 - I was wide awake..

And I never really went back to sleep.. it's really tough to tell if I do feel human because I'm freakin' exhausted..

And that's all I gotz for this morning, hookers..

Carry on...

Comment #5

M orning capt- glad your feeling a little more human today. Little by little you'll be back to normal in no time..

Need to read back last night, didn't realize it was a daily thread- YEAH!!! Anyways it's a snow day here so waiting for my dad to get here to watch the kiddos while I head to work. Suppose to get worse through the day- YUCK!.

Andi- You are rockin the gym- to bad you don't live closer so that I'd have someone to go with. I need a gym buddie. Dad's been going on his own in the morning since he's retired he doesn't want to wait till I get home at night..

Robyn- Your killing me. I love the way you think...

Comment #6

Lara - I tried daily thread yesterday. Based on amount of posts - this one goes until Friday. Good morning. Have a happy Tuesday...

Comment #7

Did ya see that Kori???.

That would be Captain's foot and she put it DOWN..

(lucky - she usually chooses UP!)..

Comment #8


Andi- You are rockin the gym- to bad you don't live closer so that I'd have someone to go with. I need a gym buddie. Dad's been going on his own in the morning since he's retired he doesn't want to wait till I get home at night..


I would love a gym buddy... it seems like when I find some one to go with me they slowly start not coming, then it gives me the excuse not to go either.... honestly I think about the gym a lot... I really need to work on GETTING there!!..

Comment #9

Mornin' !.

Jill and Laraif I may make a suggestion about the gymit WOULD be great if you had someone to go with like Andi, but really, there aren't many Andi's out there (i say that with ALOT of love)...i like to exercise, to me the big obstacle is is already a daunting task without the thought of having to get myself together, drive somewhere, do it, then drive back...i have many workout DVD's of all different types and do them in my's easy to squeeze in when ever you get the chance, most of the time...and i'll speak for myself on this partthere is much to be said for being alone while working out...i think I would have been asked to leave the gym after some of the accidental farts that Medifast can surprise you with.

I hope to see Kori back today alsoso great to see how far she's come since ACi knew she would!! she was the only sister to stay OP during all of that craziness.

Capglad you are feeling a little better, hopefully by tomorrow you'll be 100%.

Hi Ang!! you're my hero.

I'm going downstairs for a Turbo Kick dvd...the dog and the cat are my workout friends, they really enjoy being stepped on.

More snow todaygreat!!!.

Everyone have an awesome OP day.



Comment #10

Morning shams,.

Glad to hear Kori will be back todaymissed her. Also glad you're feeling a little better, Lori. AFM, I went to my first Al-Anon meeting in years. There were only 3 of us there but it's still interesting to hear some of the stories and remember that it is a disease and I can't be the one to cure it. All we can do it work on ourselves. To me, that's the same for eating.

Follow doctors (I mean capts.) orders and go at it like it's your life we're talking about. Hope those with snow are careful out there. Heck, I live in northern MI and where my house is, it's pretty dry (thank goodness). However, DD who is about an hour away just got hammered again with about a foot so you never know up here. Have a good day all...

Comment #11

Hi all.... work has been crazy. still so busy but thinkin about you guys! be back soon... and yay for kori coming back!..

Comment #12 by from work!.

Hubby came home last night so we were all hanging out together and this morning I was running behind...I did get in 2 miles on the TM though..

I am starting to do it in the morning because otherwise it sometimes doesn't get done! I set my alarm for 5 and went down and ran...WTH!?!?!?.

DH spoiled me and brought me back a new Coach purse (from the outlet malls there!) What a sweetie!.

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!..

Comment #13

Dawn that was very sweet of him..

Robyn- I've tried the home workout thing myself, doesn't happen, too many people around even in t he basement. If I have to leave the house, I can focus on myself. I just wish that if someone went with me it would hold me more accountable- wouldn't have to be an Andi just someone..

All of you getting snow- be careful, it's coming down pretty good here. Ok back to work...

Comment #14

My co-workers daughter just called my boss.

Il douche..

Comment #15


Calories are the little bastardsss that get into your wardrobe at.

Night and sew your clothes tighter..


**had to misspell one of the wordswink wink..

Comment #16

Hello Shamrocks~.

I've been lurking for a couple days and thought I would step up..

I'm Muffy.

And I've just begun Medifast on Jan 7 so today is day 5. I am seeing results to the tune of 1 pound per day and have stayed on plan. I am struggling getting 64 oz of water down..

I am trying to figure out what Medifast meals are for me, and which are not. I like the chix soups and have added a bit of boullion to them. I like the scrambled eggs and have added a button mushroom and cherry tomato in the skillet. I am trying to be a shake fan, but not doing great with that. I did the orange soda and vanilla this morning and that is going down better. I believe the only real secret I've discovered is things need to be soaked a bit.

If you have advice, I'd love to hear your tips/tricks/tonics..

About me: I'm 42 staring directly at 43 in a couple weeks. I live on 60 beautiful acres of rolling Iowa farm. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years. He's 6'6" tall, and I'm 5' so opposites really do attract. He has recently dropped 24 lbs on Atkins, and is currently his ideal BMI weight. I was just not successful on that plan, and like Medifast because I don't have to "think" too much about what to eat and tend to portion control better on MF.

We have a german shepherd who thinks he is a teenage boy, a black cat (effective for my witchy moments), and.

28 fat happy chicken hens.

On the farm..

Medifast is going to help me not be the 29th fat happy hen..

I work full time as an accountant, so my day is desk-bound in front of a computer..

I'm thinking I might be a shamrock..

You guys have a good vibe. I like the idea of sharing my progress with people who know what I'm going through at the moment. Plus the Irish somewhere deep down in me is saying "yep, that's the group"..

Looking forward to learning more about each of you...

Comment #17

I feel good today, ya know those days where ya just feel cute and confident... and well good?!.

I feel good.

Found our thread... waaaay down page 1... whats up peeps especially since ppl keep complaining about having a weekly thread get your azzez here and post... and you lurkers like Muffy... STEP UP.

Im working, and being productive~ weird!..

Comment #18

IOWA??? Im in IOWA <3.

Sounds like you are off to a good start. I dont have any tricks for you besides using splenda, but I am a former condiment addict so I am trying to cut down my splenda use!! My fav meal nowadays is Cream of Chicken soup, mix with 3 tbsp water spread thin on a pam sprayed plate and cook for 2-3 mins.... let sit for a min they will get crispy, break apart and eat with Laughing Cow cheese..

I am constantly on the go for work so I mix up a shake and just chug it quick when I need a meal but dont have a ton of time. I think they are fine, but not very satisfying....I have never tried the pop/ shake mixture but have read on here about it..

Glad you joined us this is a fun thread, post lots k?!..

Comment #19

Hi Muffy and welcome. I'm Barb, 61 yrs. old and recommitted to Medifast a week ago and have lost over 7 lbs. so far. This is a great group and we have lots of fun but do a lot of azz kicking too. We have all stages of members.

The shake cakes are good and making pancakes out of the oatmeal mix works well too. I use Walden Farms 0 calorie syrup on them. We have been a little slow here lately but we go in stages. Several of us met up last year in Atlantic City and had a blast. Stick with us and you'll do fine...

Comment #20

Hi again and welcome Muffy..

I am about an hour or so north of Philadelphia. I'm married with three lovely little girls (for sale), a rabbit and a cat. I have lost around 160 lbs but keep dicking around with the last 10 lbs.

This is a great supportive group that brooks no nonsense...

Comment #21

Hi Hookers!!!.

I am back after a really bad two weeks. Let's just say my inner brat was running amuck the last couple of weeks. I just didn't have the strength to reign her in. Plus that Beotch is mighty strong and smart!.

So...back to it, hoping the up will be down soon so that I can start feeling better..

Thank you for all the shout outs and the stalking that went on. Have to try and get caught up at work. Had to extend my trip in Texas due to the bad weather causing flight delays. So...I am back now and have a million and one things to do...

Comment #22





- Welcome. We're glad to have you and honored you picked our team..


- Good to see you back, beotch..


- I found out today I'm losing my job..

Good times, baby..

Good freakin' times.....

Comment #23

OH LORI! My heart hurts for you, coming from a household where my hubby has been unemployed since MAY, I understand how much that SUX!!!!!..

Comment #24

This cracked me up.


I had the same response sister!!!.

Dawnyour DH is the.


Comment #25

We so need to win the lottery as a group. Life would be much easier if I led a life of luxury and leisure. I could so be one of those housewives that don't work! Just need that endless supply of cash. Hmmmm. Sorry you are losing your job chica...

Comment #26


I wish I had some advice for you on making the Medifast food more palatable, but they don't bother me..i like it all.....if the tasted like black licorice, then we'd have something to talk about.

Your home sounds beautifulpost some pics!!!..

Comment #27

Do I remember you?????? Hellz yes!!!!.

BTW, I think we need a Shammy reunion soon...

Comment #28

Day 1 not so bad. Wish I wasn't working. Trying to get caught up. Tons of work to do...

Comment #29

Muffy- Welcome- glad you stopped lurking and joined in. My husband is 6'7" and I'm 5'4 so I understand the opposites attract statement. We also were high school sweethearts and have been married 14 years. I'm 34 and we have 2 girls 9 & 6. 9 yo is a goalie in soccer in a competitive league and they are both into Girl Scouts (which I somehow am a co-leader for this year) I've been on Medifast since Oct 09 weighing in at 241. I met my goal of 150 in June 2010.

So I've restarted 5/1 at the beginning of the year and lowered my goal another 10..

Jill- I bet you are cute and confident today. Glad your feeling good. Love those days..

Kori- I'm so glad your back. One thing I have learned is that when that inner brat shows her face, I need to be here even more. I also had a bad couple weeks at Christmas and gained 15 lbs, yes in about two weeks. But I've been back on 5/1 for a week and lost 9.2 lbs. You'll get your gain off quickly. Glad you came back and reigned that strong, smart Beotch back in!.

Capt- I'm so sorry about your job, but on the positive side at least you know now and aren't just hanging. You will find something soon because who wouldn't want a nice azz like you in their office..

AFM- stayed late again and then when boss was in an interview with the state I left and emailed him to let him know. Needing to find something for dinner as I just ordered pizza for the family. OK check back in a little bit...

Comment #30

Kori!!!! So glad you came back to us girl! We were missing you!.

Going to back read...BBS!..

Comment #31

Jill~I totally get what you mean about feeling "cuter" some days than others. Today was a "thin day" for me...not necessarily any different on the scale, but the clothes! WEIRD!!.

Robyn~Have to agree with others...I love your posts! They make me smile/laugh/almost pee my pants if I read them at the wrong time! Hubby is the man...he earned some major brownie points with me! I got a souvenir form his trip and it wasn't a dorky tshirt!!.

Lori~So sorry for your job news...hope this means something better is waiting for you!.

Lara~What's for dinner? Sorry you had to stay late again today!.

BTW-been wanting to say way to kick those pounds to the curb! You ROCK!!.

Muffy~WELCOME to the best group. This is the KEY to success, in my opinion! Stick to the plan...don't try to mess with it...the simpler the better! I do use splenda/cinnamon in some of the oatmeal..

Off to make some dinner for DS and I. DH is out plowing the snow we got today...might be home late! have a great night is almost hump day!!..

Comment #32

G=Forgot to ask.....

1. How are we all doing with our water???.

2. Any wall humping happening at your house today!?!..

Comment #33

WHOA! That was kinda BIG! (Can you hear me yelling at you?!?!? haha!)..

Comment #34

I like that you snuck out today.... That's funny..

Comment #35

Hi dawn- that's awesome about your new coach purse!!!..

Comment #36

Yay for Kori being backhi chica!! Glad you had a nice visit with BF. I know your willpower and the weight will fly off you. Light snow falling here today making for some bad roads. Glad I got home safely after driving a couple hours in it taking friend to his appt. I hate Tuesdays for this reasonyuck. Decided to do a getaway since DH has been acting up lately so I'm heading off to a casino over nighter by myself.

The hotel was free for me so I'll go there tomorrow night and may spend one night at her house too. Who knows, I just wanted a break from here. Lori, so sorry to hear about your job but you know you're marketable and something great will come your way. Hope everyone has a great night and I'll check back with ya in a couple of days...

Comment #37

There is such a ridiculous amount of love in this room..

Thanks, hookers...

Comment #38

Welcome, Missy..

Kori - I missed you and are glad you are back..

Lori - sorry to hear about your job. I hope we find a great new job on your schedule..

Love all the shout outs..

Done with golf for today. This new Board position makes my Tuesdays long. Had a great piano lesson yesterday and the Lang Lang concert was super. Need to go have daily chat with Mom. BBL...

Comment #39

Heading home now. Need to figure out what I am going to eat for dinner. Been drinking my water today like it is my J-O-B!!!.

I am flipping freezing, so I am going to head home to cozy up for a bit. Have an appointment with the personal trainer tonight. Haven't seen her in a couple weeks so that should be fun..

Peace out hookers...

Comment #40

Dawn- ended up having an egg white oamlet- it was HUGE and I.

Couldn't eat it all and now my tummy is not liking me much..

Kori- you'll kick butt with the trainer, if not they'll kick yours. Have fun and hope you warm up. I'm freezing too. Turned the heat down evem further after last months gas bill..

Sandy- /glad to see you tonight..

Barb-Have fun with your get a way. Plan ahead of time so that you take your Medifast with you and are able to stay OP!.

Kiddos heading to bed, may head there shortly myself. yes I am a huge whimp!..

Comment #41

Thanks for all of the great welcome greetings. <<.

Swooning with warm fuzzys.


Here's a photo of the farm. This is in 2008 when we were just finishing the house..

Here's what I'll call the ".


" photo. Now if you love NASCAR, don't get excited. I'm only happy in this photo b/c DH kept me loaded with Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade so he could see one whole race..

Finally, here's my tiny-baby-lap-dog..

Hope this helps you get to know a bit about me visually..

Now about Medifast day 5, <<.

Surpressing whine.

>> Hmmm, kind of a hungry day. I have figured out that a day at home is much worse than a day busy at work. Today was a snow day for my kids so I worked from home with lots of temptations in the pantry. I stayed OP but my my my, was my tummy growly. Counting the 20 minutes until Medifast pudding...

Comment #42

That's the only humping that's going on at my house!!!..

Comment #43

Muffy - Your farm is BEAUTIFUL! Now, please tell me more about your puppy!!!!.

Here's mine.....

Comment #44

Cedar, my puppy, is a 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd dog who is tipping the scales at 110 pounds. He is a guardian for my chicken flock, and won't even hurt them when they steal his dog food pellets. His naughty habit is chasing deer, and someday he hopes to catch one. He believes that he is human, specifically he believes he is a teenage boy along with my 14 and 15 year old sons. He adores teenage girls (just like my sons) and he tries to "herd" children when they run and play on the farm. His best friend is the 4 lb cat (Kitty).

He loves me when I sit on the couch and eat, so as you can imagine, he would like to go back to a pre-MF world of chips and dips and leftovers..

He sheds terribly and if witches rode vaccum cleaners, I'm sure I would fit the bill due to this..

Your shepherd is lovely, beautiful long hair...

Comment #45

Welcome Muffy! I love your farm! I am Melissa, 44 years young. I have 3 kids son-27 w/2 grandsons (4 & 18months), and two daughters (20 and 13.) I live in Colorado and restarted last week with MF. I agree with Dawn - keep it simple..

Lori - So sorry about your job. Better days are on the horizon for you...I can feel it!.

Welcome back Kori!.

Dawn - I think with all that talk about wall humping your husband got a little jealous! Did the coach purse work, or are you still humping those walls???.

Lara - I don't think you are a wimp at all! It's only 7:30 and my bed is calling me!.

Robyn - OMG you crack me up!!.

Hi Sandy, Jill, Ang, Andi, Andrea, Barb....who am I missing????..

Comment #46

OOO ooo - I love my 10 minute solution DVDs (found at Target, WAlmart... in exercise section). they each have 5 workouts on it and you can do one (10 minutes) or all (50 minutes) or any combo of them..... LOVE!!! I have BellyDance, Latin DAnce, Dance..., and kickboxing... GREAT options for the time I might have.....

Comment #47

You know...I have a kitten named Kitty..

And Sparky is his best friend...

Comment #48

So...I was exhausted tonight..

Exhausted from waking up at 2:00 last night..

Exhausted from e'thing at work today..


Went to bed at 9:00..

Woke up at 12:00 like my butthole was on fire and feel like running like Forrest Gump..

Watching the snow fall.....

Comment #49

Capt- If yo azz was on fire you are suppose to go outside and sit on the snow- it would have cooled it off. Hope you get feeling better and have a better day than yesterday..

Muffy- Love the pix of the farm, yo'self and the dog. He's sounds like good entertainment to have around..

Melissa- Glad I'm not the only one going to bed so early. I hate this time of year. 8 feels like midnight..

ODD alarmclock just went off, so hoping she's getting up. School is back in session today- thank goodness though I do think that my dad had fun with them. Gotta love it too when he scraped the driveway, made more chilli (which I'll freeze since we made some earlier this week and still have) and even left 2 lbs of ground sirloin and "extras" for me. Ok gotta go get YDD up. Have a great OP day girls! Its hump day so make sure to get some form of humping in...

Comment #50

The roads are pretty clear now and Joe shoveled and is on his way..

Despite the fact that I've already been awake for 8 hours and am delirious and my stomach is upset again and I have no food and...(you get the picture) I should probably shower and head in to work..

I'll catch up w/e'one later...

Comment #51

Snowed here too. need to get going cuz roads will be STOOPID!.

Salon night tonight. can't wait to get my hairs did.

Catch you lovelies WAYYYY late...

Comment #52

Good morning !!!.

Just did a quick scan through and love all the pics....Sparky and Kitty in love just made my whole day.

In work already, sweaty and totally soaked from shoveling out my sister picked me up (we work together) in her husband's giant Excursion and then drove like an a-hole all the way here....more sweat.

It's these kind of days that make me feel like schedule, off kilter I came here to get my head on and not go off plan.

Love to all.


Comment #53

So...I decided to make myself breakfast first..

Now lounging..

Then will shower and drive in to work..

Now I know why they never give people advance notice when letting them go....

Wicked tough to be motivated about it..

But, because I have mad love for some of my peeps and they have a big meeting tomorrow to prepare for...I will go..

Just have to shovel more grassy area for Sparky..

I hope like hell he freakin' sh!!!tz before I leave..

Wish us luck!..

Comment #54

Good mornin' all peeps. Sounds like everyone got a sprinkle of the snow storm. We have 9 inches at the farm, and the skidloader is down with a broken part on the bucket. That led to DH and DS#1 shoveling and teaching each other to cuss properly in true man-bonding style. DH drove me to town this morning instead of me driving alone and I'm at the desk enjoying my oatmeal. ***now time for a tempature dip into superior cold status*** The low this week is supposed to be -1 degree at night.


So... I learned today why they say "don't weigh daily". Uh huh, no scale movement. I was ssoooo on a roll with that 1 lb down a day thingy..

Capt, looks like we have lots in common, at least pet-wise. Thank goodness I didn't have that 2am scampter to the porcelin throne thing in common..

Here's to hoping it's a good day for all <<cheers with my Diet Mtn Dew>> (No, it's not a darn water... I'm trying, k?)..

Comment #55

Morning Chicas! I just got into work and have a shitload of work to do. I guess I will be locked at my desk. Won't get my daily dose of eye candy today....

Proud to say I have been 100% OP and getting all my water in!! Yippee for me! Have a great day today...keep warm, keep safe, and think positive thoughts!..

Comment #56

1. I made it to work..

2. My stomach hurts..

3. I'm so tired..

4. I don't want to be here..

5. I had to sell my soul to the devil to get my jeans to get up my fat thighs and zip over my fat gut..

Carry on.....

Comment #57

Good morning lovely shammies!.

Made it to work only 1/2 an hour late so not bad. But I was up at 6 shoveling snow..

1.5 hours of snow shoveling = 650 calories burned ... whoop whoop!..

Comment #58


Baby slept AWESOME last night so Im rested and ready to go (sorry capt.

) Hanging around home til 1 then out and about for some appts. I am out of my grab and go Medifast so I premade 2 pancakes and some soup chips to eat on the road between appts today... we will see how those are not freshly made....

Days like today are hard to get my water in since I will be in my car all afternoon, I will chug as much as I can now and then again tonight..

Ang~ great on the shoveling... good calorie burn.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!..

Comment #59

Hi all I'm alive and trapped insie with kids.... help. no school, no work, not time to chat!..

Comment #60

Finally squeaking in for an update. 3.4 pounds for the first week back. Not fantastic, though it's better than nothing and I wasn't expecting the pounds to come off as fast this time around..

So here's to a better week!..

Comment #61

Checking in from work. Glad everyone is safe and hopefully warm inside , whether at work or at home..

Yeah fo planning ahead, shoveling and water!!..

Comment #62

Lara - My electric blanket stopped working sometime while I was in Texas, so I had to go out and buy a new one last night.

My mom told my Dad to make sure he turned on the heat when he got up (He goes to work at 3am) so it was warm when we got up. Unfortunately, he turned the heat up so high, I woke up sweating! One extreme to another! Trainer was awesome! Worked through a good circuit!..

Comment #63

Glad the kids had fun with your dad. Love the response to Capt! Guess I will jsut have to be satisfied with some wall humpies this Hump day...

Comment #64

We want pics of the hair!! Hope the roads aren't too STOOPID!..

Comment #65

Just think, the sweat is calories out! So get sweaty girl and be happy about it!..

Comment #66

Hi again from work...i really hate my job some days...le sigh...

Comment #67

I could totally see where the lack of motivation is coming from. Hope the shiitz all came out ok!..

Comment #68

Holy Crapola! -1???? I so shouldn't be complaining about my 39 degrees. But I will. Cuz I am cold!..

Comment #69

Make time for the eye candy! Makes the day way mo' better!..

Comment #70

Well the devil must full of souls today cuz he got mine this morning too!.

At least he is in great company with both of us there with him!..

Comment #71

Great planning Jill! It is always a good thing when the baby sleeps well through the night for everyone in the house!..

Comment #72

WooHoo!!! Down is down girl, take it and run!..

Comment #73

Hope you get out a little early tonight and get to bed early too! Got to get that beauty sleep in!..

Comment #74

I do too. But a co-worker just reminded me that I needed to suck it up and remember my job really isn't that bad. I work 184 days out of the year and just had 3 weeks off. So...I am sucking it up and making it through the day. Plus the kids are out early and the week is half over..

Comment #75

Enough playing on the boards...I have to get to work now. Boo!.


Comment #76

I realize I haven't been dieting or exercising for almost four weeks now..


But I really really hope that JACK is looming, because the relationship I had with my jeans today and that I'm still having with my body right now that they're off is a REALLY REALLY BAD HORRIBLE TERRIBLE thing..

The scale was not so unkind to me last I checked, but - I'll tell you - working out makes such a difference..

There's a chance you may not see me back here again tonight. I'm so tired I can't see straight. Am going to try to do a few things around the house, hang with Joe when he gets home, and stay up as late as I possibly can....

But PLEASE send me mad love shammy vibes for a good night's sleep..

I really need a good night's sleep..

Mad love...

Comment #77

Lori - I am wishing a good night sleep for you and that you walk up feeling like you..

I got all my golf stuff done; the golf software we are working with could use some design input. I made a run to Kohl's, they are having a sale, and bought me some Zumba shoes and workout clothes. I am still not in touch with what size fits. I guess it takes awhile..

Hope everyone has a good humping day. I need to go and chat with Mom and then practice piano. Tomorrow I golf with my new fun Thursday group. We start at 8:00. I do not do morning so much any more. Oh well, swing club - drink coffee, swing club - drink water.


Comment #78

Kori- Yeah for heat- boo have having to spend more money on a new heated blanket- BUT YEAH for HEAT! Yeah for awesome trainer last night too. Didn't get out of work early and I'm staying up late BUT will be sleeping in tomorrow because I have a 5 day weekend-WhooHoo!.

Lori- Here comes my mad shammie vibes for a good night sleep. JAck hasn't shown his face for awhile it seems- may definately have something to do with your jeans today..

Sandy- Glad you got some new clothes. I still look at clothes and aren't quite sure if it will fit. My hubbie does a lot of our laundry and when he's folding my stuff he always comments that there is no way I can wear it (too small) Many time my ODD will bring down my clothes because he's put it in her stack. Definately takes some getting used to..

AFM- Busy evening. Came home to get my humps in.

Then picked girls up from school, then headed out to pick up DH car from the mechanic, ran my MIL house to pick up mail which BIL had already done, dropped car off at exhaust place to finish being fixed, ran out to outlet (Zappos Outlet- they renamed it for some reason) as they had ALL sandals $10!!! So I bought 3 pair all of which were originally $80-110, kids each bought a pair and my ODD is trying to bring back Kangaroos (yes 80's all over again), ran into mom at outlet as I had told her of sale today so we went out to eat then headed to Meijer's to pick up a few things. Now FINALLY home. Wanting to watch that new show Off the Map. Another great OP day!..

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