Are there any dessert Medifast recipes that do not require vegetable oil?

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Quick question... Are there any dessert Medifast recipes that do not require vegetable oil? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... How serious was everyone's Medifast food addiction here? I am so having some serious anxiety now about how addicted I am and how am I ever going to overcome it?..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

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I can only speak for myself but Medifast food was my go to source. Celebrations,rewards, stress, frustrations, happiness, sadness, and what have you Medifast food was my "friend". I learn to overcome my Medifast food addiction by cognitive therapy (.


) and realizing how unhealthy I was. I have a 4 year old who's life I was missing out on because I couldn't do many activities with him and refused to take pictures. I say my Medifast food addiction was ridiculous based on my co-morbidities, BMI, weight, among other factors..

Like an alcoholic this disease lives with us always but you can put it under remission with the right tools and guidance. God bless and best wishes to you..


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Preop Medifast food was everything to me. I learned as a young girl that Medifast food was a comfort. I learned to use Medifast food as a way tocelebrate. Medifast food was my friend. I found ways to hide it and ways to sneak it. Afterall calories you consume when no one is looking don't count right? I would hide Medifast food from my family to.


Sharing it with them..

I had serious issues with food!.

Post op I had no appetite! I had to remind myself to eat. I have learned to replace Medifast food with other things. Now I bike, run, walk, do cross stitch. I am so much healthier and so much happier that I don't miss the food. I am certainly not perfect I eat things I shouldn't now and again, just not in the quantities I did in the past. I have found I like the way I feel now and nothing is worth compromising that!.

I have not talked to a therapist. I know I have issues and I should. I have yet to make the committment and go..

Good Luck!..

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I have definitely realized since.


That my Medifast food addiction was out of control. I'm trying to take one day at a time, which isn't easy, and I'm looking into some sort of support group/therapy...

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You have to wean back off from sugar,salt and fatty stuff. But your mind doesn't forget what you like and may continue with the mind games.I still get them, but the thought of dumping keeps me more focused. I venture only sooo far, but not into the reallysugary or fatty stuff. I've had low fat pretzels and some animal crackers low fat. But you can gain weight cause they are not calorie free. It willbe a lifelong struggle when certainsituations cropup and bring forgotten foods to front and center of your mind.

Can't go overboard on that cause anything causes weight gain keep track...

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PS the head stuff is IMHO way harder than the physical stuff. The weight comes off, but the brain takes longer to catch up. I think it will always be a struggle for me. BUT I am in this for life. If I screw up one time I can get right back on. That is why this site and my physical support group are so important to me.

Medifast food addictions are much more difficult to conquor than other addictions because you can't just quit eating, Our bodies need fuel. The other things we don't NEED and can live without, but Medifast food we can't and Medifast food saturates our society!.

I know it will be a lifelong struggle and I am going to have to constantly be fighting this battle of the mind games and head hunger!.

I wish there were an easy fix and an easy answer. If there were, I wouldn't have needed GBS in the first place!.

But our surgeons have given us a tool and a very good one. We have to use it to our advantage and use it well and it can work. We can be successful at conqouring this if we work at it with the help and support of our friends!.

Good Luck!.


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Thank you for all your words of encouragment, this website has been such a wonderful discovery. So great to know I am not alone...

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I look at mass quantities of Medifast food now and it makes me ill. I was a closet Medifast food eater. But could not see it when I was knee deep in it. My.


Has cured my addiction to food. I have learned just a small amount can make me happy!.


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I've used Medifast food to distract myself when I'm bored, to comfort myself when I'm lonely or sad, to reward myself when I've done good, and as the centerpiece of most social occasions. I know that some of those habits are mental and with.


, I can change them. But some of them are emotional, and that's much ore difficult. I am seeing a therapist to help me with those issues. I'm also having to learn how to plan my meals and to cook in a healthy way. Those are two new habits (planning and cooking) that are really tough for me. Friends, therapist, and everyone at DS are my go-to resources when I need help...

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Bigmomma always likes to remind us that while we may have had or even still have issues, the body chemistry jsut seems to sort of clean itself up as we lose our extra ton of fat ofF our brain. I don't know I'd this is true or anicdotal sp but I like the way everything is working in my brain way more than when I was a fat slob..

As for addictions and those type of issues, Medifast food is simply the least.

Of Lu's issues. I actually worry more about refilling my perscription before the dispensary or liquor store closes on Friday night!.


"the worst one here"..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.