Are there any free iPage web hosting companies that support wordpress?

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Question I have... Are there any free iPage web hosting companies that support wordpress? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... I was wondering how people typically make certain columns widths of a table static while some are dynamic. For example, if I have a three column table and want the two outer columns to be 175 pixels in width while the center one scale according to the rest of the browser width, what is the standard method?.

On a related note, is a wildcard width (width="*") supported? I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was but can't seem to find any reference to it..



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The answer is Yes, but you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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You want the column to adjust in relation to what? If you don't specify a width, then it will adjust to the width of the content. If you specify a percentage, it will adjust to the width of the browser...

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Hope you won't mind if I refer you to.

This thread.

As opposed to typing it out here. It deals with a three column layout where each columns content remains independant of the others. I posted there with a cross browser friendly method I'd recently used..

In summary, yes. Specify the widths of your two outer columns and keep the middle column stretchy width="*". Hope it may be of some help...

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I don't think anyone has understood my question fully. I don't need a tutorial on tables as I already understand how to code them..

As for what the center column adjusts relative to...well, if the table spans the entire width of the browser window and the other two columns are static, that would mean the middle column adjusts to fill the remaining width of the browser window..

I want the center column to be as large as possible (depending on the width of the browser window). Using a static width obviously won't work. Using a percentage also doesn't make sense to me because the actual percent of the middle column changes depending on the width of the browser window..

So my question is, what technique is the properly one to use? Should I just "wedge" open the outer two columns with a spacer.gif (using the desired width of the two outer columns) and then set the middle column to be 100%?.

Is width="*" even supported? It works but I don't think it is compliant with html standards...

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Now I'm confused too, because I've just been reading an article at NetMechanic.

Making a wildcard column width.


But I've seen (width="*") used in table layouts by some.


Experienced coders. I've also seen it used in html reference books (in tables as well as frames), therefore I've used it several times and have to say I've never encountered problems. Also the code passes validation tests, w3c and wdg..

But I'm intrigued now, what is the correct method to retain a stretchy column? I can't go for the transparent gif image thing as that isn't stretchy?..

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I would say that if you have three columns, and you specify two - leaving one blank (the width attribute I mean) would be sufficient. just do the following:.

I put the above code on my website, so go to.


And hopefully I answered your question. if not please keep trying to clarify lol, sorry..

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Thanks guys. Funny thing is I have this working properly on a few sites. However, I posted this question because I don't know if the method I used (width="*") is proper. With the link to webmechanic, I guess I have my answer!.

As for not defining a width for the middle column, I was hesitant to do that as that typically means "width of the content". However, if the table tag has a width of 100%, then I guess html should interpret this as "width of whatever is left over". But what about the problem of the old Netscape interpreting the width attribute to mean "minimum width"? Wouldn't this mess up the other two columns then?.

Why would something so theoretically easy be so damned difficult in practice? LOL!..

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BTW. How do I change my status from novice (Level 1) to something else? I'm not a novice html coder!..

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I've just turned up.

This thread.

Answered by the great Doc Web. I reckon it's just down to your preferred method and cross browser friendliness, either width="*" or no width specified and let it flow to the content. As you say the main table itself is set to width="100%". Although width is deprecated in favour of css, I've seen width="*" used many times by experienced coders, and it validates (transitional)..

As for changing your status thing - U don't! It changes according to post count. I'm obviously not the only one to think that a little odd?..

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Level # = ((# of posts)/10 rounded up)*10.

Level name corresponds with level #.

So I guess it really doesn't tell how good you are at html. it just tells how good you are at posting...

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Well the above is true for the first several levels then it get weird..

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