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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Are there any Godaddy promo codes for blogs? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Hello,.

Most of you probably know the "Net Send" feature in windows. Well, I would like to create an HTML document in which I would have 2 fields. One field to put the message and another to put my name (or whom ever is sending the message)..

Then, I would like to have a SEND button that will send the message using "Net Send" to the people working in my group..

As an example, I would need to send the message to AA001234, AB005678, BC009012, CD003456 and DE007890..

Also, when the document will register the information entered for the message, I would like to automatically add, at the beggining of the message: "Hello all... Please read this note carefully". At the end of the message, I would like to have the person's name as entered in the field where it ask for the name....

I don't know if anyone can help me with this but a BIG THANKS in advance.....

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Sorry one-leg - but I think you're out of luck here - mostly people respond to a thread when they only have a valid response.....

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The options are the machine names.

<option value="aa001234">A-A</option>.

<option value="bb001234">B-B</option>.

<option value="cc001234">C-C</option>.

<option value="dd001234">D-D</option>.

<option value="ee001234">E-E</option>.

<option value="ff001234">F-F</option>.

Where "dd001234" is your local machine name or another on the local network...

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Or machine names; see how it works is that the netbios services register by user and by machine depending on the application needs..

For instances if you use the command.

Nbtstat -n.

It will show you the names of the registered services, in net send it registers both, however using the name of the user might confuse it, and there is documentation to that affect where it would give the user the same message 2 or more times.

The actual name is encoded using at the byte level by taking and higher and lower 4 bits and adding 47 to them then concatening the result back as a string back and resulting in the mangled name that is boradcast on the mailbox addresses..

Messenger service registers both user and machine with the sufix byte of (03)...

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The thing is that even if it's easier to enter the PC number, the users don't always sit at the same desks....

Basically, I would like the document to copy the info entered in the "text box" and put it into the net send command for each user... For example:.

Net send aa001234 'Text in the text box';.

Net send bb001234 'Text in the text box';.

Net send cc001234 'Text in the text box';.

Net send dd001234 'Text in the text box';.

Net send ee001234 'Text in the text box';.


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Ok then why don't you use that script. You will note that XP SP1 disabled the messenger service though..

I have written a component that can do that in C# however I am not willing to give it out at the current time. I might do it in the future. No the componenet does not use the native net send command, rather it implements it from the ground up, including querying the remote machine for existence of the messenger service running, that excepts in coming messages...

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I don't know how to create an HTML document to run that script!!! This is the reason why I'm seeking help in this forum....

Technically, I just wanna use Notepad to enter some codes in order to do what I'm looking for!!!.


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After copying content into a file, you save the file from notepad .... to whatever.html.

And then open the file in a browser...

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That's the problem....

I don't just wanna use it only once... I wanna have an HTML document, with a text box in which I'll enter a text in it and once I click on SEND, I want it to send the info inserted in the text box to everyone in my team via net send..

Basically, I want to do something similar to what I was doing last year (see coding in a previous reply)... Except of selecting to whom I wanna send to message to, I want to send it to everyone!!!..

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