Are there any Godaddy promo codes for Canada?
My 1st question is: Are there any Godaddy promo codes for Canada? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Well first of all I'm using notepad to make the GoDaddy site lol and well I'm making it with tables. The problem is when I make a new table it's overlapping. I know it's a simple solution I just cant see to find it.

If you dont know what I mean tell me i'll try explain a bit in more detail.

What I mean is when I make a new table it wont go underneath my others it just over laps onto them.

How do I make it go under?.

Thanks in advance..

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<td>Your content</td>.



Every cell needs to have an opening and closing <td></td>, if you want to make a new row then you wrap <tr></tr> tags around it. You might want to read up on HTML. read and learn...

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Dang ive totally wrecked it I think it's showing up all messed I think I did what you told me too right.

Please check.



<STYLE TYPE="text/css"><!.











<div style="direction:ltr;">.

<body bgcolor="#ff9900">.



<table border=10 bordercolor=blue.


Height=150><tr><td><font color=black><b><img src="">.



<table <td><Tr> align=left border=4 bordercolor=blue>.

<tr><td bgcolor=yellow>.

<font color=black><b>Rare Trade Values</b>.

<tr><td bgcolor=blue>.

<font color=black><b>Forum</b><tr><td bgcolor=yellow>.

<font color=black><b>Room Of the Week</b>.

<tr><td bgcolor=blue>.

<font color=black><b>Chatroom</B><tr><td bgcolor=yellow>.

<font color=black><b>Upcoming Events</B>.

<tr><td bgcolor=blue>.

<font color=black><b>Radio</B>.

<tr><td bgcolor=yellow>.

<font color=black><b>Habbo Of the week</B>.

<tr><td bgcolor=blue>.

<font color=black><b>Articles</B>.

<tr><td bgcolor=yellow>.

<font color=black><b>Staff</B>.

<tr><td bgcolor=blue>.

<font color=black><b>Help</B>.

<tr><td bgcolor=yellow>.

<font color=black><b>Contact Us</B></td><tr></table>.


Align=center border=13 bordercolor=blue bgcolor=yellow >.


<font color=black><img src="".

<font color=black> This GoDaddy site is owned and was made by <b>A1</b> Co-Owners are <b>MANGO</b> and <b>B0BST4</b>. We will be making sure this.

Site will be updated reguarly to keep you informed of all the goings on at habbo USA!. Check Out our Newsie, Forum, Trade Values And others!.

We also hope to have a radio station coming up soon so thats something to look forward too! As this GoDaddy site is new we will be hosting a competiton so look out for that.



<table <td><Tr>.

Align=left border=13 bordercolor=blue bgcolor=yellow><Tr><td>.

<font color=black><h3><b> News 29/07/05</b></h3>.

<P>Zariaz is stolen!! Yes the Zariaz Dragon has been stolen.

It is your duty as a habbo to find out<br> who took it!.

I advise every habbo to join in as the prizes are amazing!.

200 coins, birdbath,<Br> and the dragon itself + more.

Good Luck my fellow habbos!!<Br>.


What you have to do basically is find out who took the.

Dragon There are 5 suspects and<Br> you must quiz and interview.

Each of them. We dont know what habbo has install for us<br>.

But it promises to be an adventure!<br>.

<img src="">.


<table align=right border=13 bordercolor=blue bgcolor=yellow><tr><td>.

<font color=black><h2><b><u><i><p align="center"></font>Habbo Concepts</p></u></i></b></h2>.



Radio station Coming<br>.

Soon! We hope to.

Have the radio.

Station up and running by next week!<br>.


<b><u>Wobble Squabble</u></b><br>.

The Competition for name.

The Wobble Squabble Tournament.

Has reached a winner. The winner was BriBri123 who came up with the title <b> <font color="#ff0000">Wobbleplooza</font></b>.

She now gets 20 free tickets for WS and 1 survivor point!..

But for everyone who entered they receive 5 free wobble squabble tickets!<Br>.




<b><u>Hobbas badges gone!</B></u>.


No more hobbas for a while?<Br>.

Well thats how it is gonna be for a while!<Br>.

Well keep you updated!<br> <img src=""><td><tr></table>..

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Ok I found out what made the GoDaddy site look mad it was the <tr><Td> things you told me to add.

Ive read that website you told me to try out thats how I learnt what I know mainly but instead of me deleting all of done could you just help me fix it please anyone.

Very very much appreciated..

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To be honest your code is a mess. I would do it this way..

You can read about CSS at and

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Yea thats all well and good but it centers everything I want 2 tables next to each other how do I do that?..

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Which tables do you want next to each other?..

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Well erm the table with alot of rows is going to be my navi-bar so I want that on the left going down ......

Then the tables ''News 29/07/05'' and Habbo Concepts table at the bottom I want together but the habbo concepts table to be like going down the right hand side ........

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You see all this is it html or Css I dont understand CSS..

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