Are there any good Medifast recipes for pimple pus?

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Question I have... Are there any good Medifast recipes for pimple pus? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... I'm lost. I don't know what to do. I hate this time of year.



Is scheduled for Monday. I don't know what to do..

This time of year was my sons favorite. He loved the fall and he loved to take his son trick or treating. Nov. is just as bad because that was when him and his son were born..

Dec. is the worst because my wonderful 28yr. old son who was in graduate.


For religion died on Dec. 10th 2005..

Everybody on here says the first three months of recovery are the worst. I just don't know if I can make it. Maybe I need some meds. to help me through. I do know I need all the prayers I can get! Any advice would be appreciated. Patti..

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Ye, but you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

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Hi P - I do understand, you're feeling grief and loss. I lost my son and daugher-in-law as they were on their way to his Airbase for his new assignment. We hugged goodbye on a Friday afternoon and Sunday night at 1:00 a.m. there were two Chaplain at our door to give us the horrible news. This happened 3 years ago, his birthday is Dec. 7th on Pearl Harbor Day.


And spent some time grieving and trying to make sense of it all. It will never make sense to me but I do know one thing, when I let his voice come through me it always says to not worry, do my best and he always told me how beautiful I was (even as a big woman). He made me so proud and I miss him terribly and I add my making him proud of his momma to my list of reasons why I'm doing this. It's not just the co-morbities I'm dealing with, it's the legacy of my son and daughter-in-law, my new grand daughter and the memories I have yet to make ahead of me. I want to ride a bike with my little grandbaby. Turn it around, your son is with you always.

I wish you all the best. Remember, we make decisions one minute at a time. are not alone, never, ever!..

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Thank you guys so much for your thoughtfulness. I do know my son watches over me and he always said if anything ever happened to him to make sure his son was raised right. So I guess to get healthy I will see this through. Patti..

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I can identify with your feelings a lot. I lost my sister and my best friend in November and my father in Decemberall within 23 months of each other a few years back. I haven't celebrated the Winter holidays since. It's a tough time of year. BUT, doing the.


Is a positive thing to do for yourself, and as far as Medifast food and it's addictions go, there really is no good time of year to face them. That said.....

Obesity sufferers and those going through GBS are prone to depression even in good times. IMHO, you would be well served by a good anti-depressant and a therapist. If those resources are available to you, make use of them. Take the support and the time that you need. If you believe that postponing your.


Is right for youdo it. It's your healing journey, and only you can make the choices, take the steps. Either way, we're here for you...

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There is something about this time of year...

I also lost my daddy in October, then 2 weeks later my precious baby girl....

I nearly lost my mind....

Five years later, ans still October brings tears...Especially the 21st...thats when we lost Libby....

The only comfort I have is knowing she is with my daddy...He came to me in a dream about a year after their deaths, and told me, I got her...I will hold her til you get here...I know it was her sitting on his lap, as she looked just like my husband...I mean just like him...Now, daddy's gone, she's gone, and so is the ex-husband. October is hard.....

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Wow, I feel for you and your loss and am very sorry about that. There's nothing anybody can say that makes it better. One way of thinking, however, is that you need to be "good" with you so you can also be "good" with others. If wls is a tool you've committed to in order to be good with yourself, then by all means you have, don't give up, stay on plan and work it. If you're having problems with depression, which is common, see your psych. You know, perspective is hard to find when you're constantly looking backward due to hurt and pain.

Best wishes.....

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You have my prayers. Have you thought about seeing a therapist... I don't think you need your butt kicked. ((((HUGS))))..

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I can also understand your grief. Something about the end of the year is right... I lost my twins in December 3 years ago and I still have a real hard time when the holidays roll around. Hang in there...

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Hi P,.

My heart goes out to you for you and what you're feeling... Some time ago I ended a 12 yr relationship and six weeks later lost my best friend to a freaky illness, 2 months later lost my aunt (aged 49) to breast cancer and 2 months later my other best friend got diagnosed with 3 different types of cancer and finally lost the battle 6 months after that... I lost my family and well... there's no explaining what it feels like until one experiences it. My two best friends who I lost, my bday and my anniv were all in October and truthfully, my bday and life has never really been the same without 'em..

But I do know this... both of them were trying to convince me to have the.


Back then. I couldn't imagine going thru this without 'em and then the decision was made due to health reasons beyond my control. I know that they would have unanimously approved of this.


, held my hand and cheered me on and honestly, knowing that they are in my corner I had the strength to move forward with my decision and with each day I struggle..

This is not an easy thing to do however, keep in mind that only a handful really have issues and that the majority of people having this surgey do well post-operatively. Yeah, there are some challenges however, that's what we're here for :).

Take comfort and knowing that you are not alone and that you can do this : ).



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