Are there any hidden cost for 123 ? For a 8.99 domain name?

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First of all Are there any hidden cost for 123 ? For a 8.99 domain name? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... Hi all,.

Would be interesting to know what your best geo + keyword HostGator names are. So go ahead and post your, lets say 5, best ones..

From what I understand geo+keyword HostGator names are getting more and more popular as people use direct navigation searches from the address bar..

Mine are,.

NewYorkCarParking .com.

NewYorkCarSpa .com.

NewYorkCommercialMortgage .com.

NewYorkRealtyServices .com.

NewYorkNeighborhood. com.


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Ye, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the 123 reg guys because they can answer your 123 reg question better...

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And lots more..

Time to buy some more..

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Yes, anyone making good parking revenue with any geo names?..

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Yes , so far I do..

Both of my domains parked last month , one of them generating a good CTR and I received 4 clicks in this week " $3.91 , $2.33 , $1.55 , $0.78 "..

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Here are a handful of some of geo-domains that I own. I'm a huge fan of such domains, as I believe this is where direct navigation has been heading for a while now, and will continue to grow rapidly. I say this because if someone is in need of a Phoenix-based plumber (for example), people with simply type in, or Some of the rather big players in geo-domains (that I've seen) include Marchex and Fabulous..

Incidentally, we post several geo related names each day on Here are some available geo names that are available as of my typing this message..

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How is your parking revenue per month for these domains?..

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Decent. Anywhere from 0 to 5 uniques per day...

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Mine don't get a lot....

A few a day - max, usually..

They are really best used for development... IMHO...

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Not much traffic Jeffrey. Of the ones I listed,.

Gets the most traffic. Not much though, some 10-15 a day on Bodis. Have Alexa ranking of 5,235,417...

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I have:. (Los Angeles in Spanish) - Wikipedia Entry for.

Losngeles. (One of the Largest States in Germany) - Wikipedia Entry for.


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Looks like I have some competition with doggyowner..

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As long as you stick to .us I am happy.

Good luck and Go NY!..

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These are few of the geo + keyword I have..

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I've found that the quantity of traffic is not the most important factor, it's the quality. For instance, many of my .us names only get about 10-30 hits a month, but the clickthrough rate is high and revenue is not bad. Also I've found that pure keyword domains seem to have the best revenue/visitors ratio..

GEO domains I've found are among the best PPC performers in my portfolio. Among them:.

I have one HostGator that gets only 1 or 2 hits per day, but the CTR is 50% and each click brings in $1.50 - $2.50. Funds the renewal of quite a few other domains..

The great thing about it is, you only need about $0.03 revenue per day and you could keep that HostGator forever without any cost to you. One day someone will want to buy it..

It seems that, surprisingly, my .us domains are performing reasonably well in PPC parking. A good proportion of them are paying for their own upkeep..


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