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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Are there any Medifast Coupon codes? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. This group is designed for anyone needing a little support, needing a cheer, or just needing to tell about their day. We are here to encourage, laugh, cry, or sing with you. We all have our issues and are all wanting to decrease our poundage for a healthier way of life.

Come one, come all, newbies, recommits and long-timers are all welcome...

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Comment #1

I'm in. I can use all the support available and love to return it. We're pretty much all in this together - or at least we should be. The Medifast community is really great when it comes to supporting each other..

Jeanne, I don't know what kind of surgery your DD had but I hope she recovers fully and quickly..


Comment #2

Hi, Im a newbie! My name is Stephanie and I'm on my first week! I started this week at 208 lbs and my goal is 140 lbs! I'm excited to lose weight on this program. I'm going to weigh myself every week but I must admit I peeked on the scale today and I have already lost about 8 lbs! I was so pleased to see that as this first week has been hard. I wish my husband or other people around me were on this diet, but they're not. So I have to watch them eat all the food I used to LOVE! I'm determined to stay strong though and get back to the skinnier me before I had my son!!!..

Comment #3

Hi Stephanie,.

I'm a relative newbie also - just finishing up week 5 on Monday. The first week for me was also hard and I've had "hungry" days since then. What I found that helped was to stay focused, busy, and to drink lots of water. I'm sure it's difficult watching those around you eat whatever they want but you are definitely worth the effort you're putting into this and the end result is worth all that hard work. I also get on the scale more than just once a week (I think many of us do the same thing) but, for me, I like to see the ongoing changes and that helps keep me motivated and OP. Of course, it doesn't work for everyone but just do what works for you..

So hang in there and keep up the good work. You're worth it!!!.


Comment #4

I just finished week 10 and am down 25 pounds. I would love to join this group. I could use all the support I can get!..

Comment #5

Hello all. I would like to join the group. I began the program on June 8 and am down 40lbs ( 9 of them were right before starting). I have been sick the last 2 days though, some sorta flu or something and that has me feeling pretty down, but I will survive and of course remain 100 throughout this illness. I am a art professor and I start school on Monday so I seriously hope I am feeling a lot better by then. SO please send some good vibes my way......

Jeanne- I am glad to hear that your daughter is doing well!!!.

Hope everyone is having a OP week!!..

Comment #6

Welcome All! It's a beautiful day here............

I went back to work this week so it was kinda hell week for me. Talk about adjustment on so many levels! If I wasn't on MF, I'd probably be destressing by bingeing and drinking a little bit. Instead I stuck it out, and took solace in my thin legs in shorts, lol..

I'll have to retrace some posts later as I have been missing and my time on the computer has suffered.............

Jeanne, glad DD2 is recouping well...............

Comment #7

Chippy: You're doing great so keep up the good work. I've found support all over the place at Medifast and I love it!!! These guys are wonderful!.

Marilees: 40 lbs is great! Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself! Good vibes and positive energy definitely coming your way..

Jobeth: I can relate to everything you said. Thin legs in shorts is truly a motivation..

Glad to be meeting all of you..


Comment #8

Jobeth~you are doing great with only 5 #'s to go. Hang in there and don't backslide. I am so proud of your success!.

Welcome Linda, Chippy, Stephanie and Marilees ~ whether it's 8#'s all the way to 40#'s you are all doing great. It is going to be so worth it too!.

Thanks for all the well wishes for my DD. she has been in pain for many months and had a bone graft in her heel for a fracture that did not heal correctly. She is hurting some now that the nerve block has worn off, but at least this part is hopefully just surgical pain...

Comment #9


You are so very right. It doesn't matter what the weight loss is - anything on that downward movement is a positive step in the right direction..

Sorry to hear about your daughter's difficulties. Non-union fractures (and those that don't heal properly) are nasty things and often do require surgeries such as the one she had. Hopefully she is on the mend and the graft will take. My best to her on her recovery..


Comment #10

Welcome Chunky Mom!...its very funny we started at the same weight and our goal is the husband binges all the time in front of bothered me a little at first but now I just worry about what he is doing to himself. Your mindset will change and you will have a different look at food. Like my banner I eat to live not live to eat..

Comment #11

I would love to join this group. My name is Michelle and I am a recommiter...

Comment #12

Thanks! I am feeling a little bit better today, thankfully. I have to begin teaching tomorrow so I am hoping to feel a lot better by then. Take care...

Comment #13

Why thank you. Yes, it already is so worth it!! and I want to also say welcome to the other new members of the group too!!!..

Comment #14

Hi marilees,.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. In most cases, improvement is gradual with feeling a little better each day. Just take it as easy as you can until you're back to your old self. I'd offer you my normal advice as a Jewish mother, nurse, and grandmother but neither chicken soup nor orange juice are OP..

So hang in there and get well soon..


Comment #15

Hi everyone just have a minute then have to run but wanted to welcome all the new people to the group!..

Comment #16

Good Monday morning. Wishing you all a great day...

Comment #17

Good morning all and a good week to one and all. Weigh in day today. I'm ecstatic to report.

Another 3 lbs gone. Total lost now is 19.4 lbs and an overall reduction in size by 10"..

Marilees: good luck today and hope you're feeling a whole lot better..


Comment #18

Welcome to all the new people joining this group! It is such a great, supportive group. Thanks Jeanne for reposting and getting the group going again..

You guys, I lost 3 pounds since our trip to California! I'm at 158. I'm in the 150s! I'm so excited. And I'm so excited that I finally lost a couple of pounds. My lowest over the summer (probably early June) was 160. Since then I've just been playing and going up and down. But now that school is started again (although my little one doesn't start until next week) it feels like a fresh start and I've rededicated myself! And when you do the plan, it works.

My goal for September is to lose 6 pounds. (Thanks Jobeth for helping to to set a specific goal a while back.) I know I can reach that goal if I follow the plan and I may even be able to beat it!.

Have a great week everyone!..

Comment #19

Hi Everyone,.

Sorry I've been MIA, having lots of things going on and I think I have shingles - it hurts sooo much!!! Haven't been on program, so I need to get back into it. I tend to slip off the when I don't post here..

I miss talking wiht everyone - looks like this has discussion site has been revamped and all the old posts removed (or am I looking in the wrong place?).

Good luck everyone!..

Comment #20

If you think you have shingles - get thee to a doctor for an antiviral!!!! - it could shorten the time and the severity - you need to go ASAP for the meds...

Comment #21

I'm looking to starting the fall in ONEDERLAND!.

It will be the first time in close to 20 years...

Comment #22

Cynthia, I agree with the advice xsyarn gave - get to the doctor ASAP!!!.

Xsyarn: You will be in Onderland very soon. You're almost there and you're doing a spectacular job!..

Comment #23

Hello everyone!! I am back from my cruise - it was amazing. My very first vacation where I had an amazing time and did not think of anything (no stress). I completely went off plan, but I did stay mindful which is a huge accomplishment for me. I gained 10lbs back :-( but I am back and ready to jump right back on the wagon. I just looked at the success photo pages, there are so many people hitting amazing success on this plan. I want that to be me.

So here I am, ready, willing and able. Tomorrow is back to basics...meaning tonight I am reading the book again and planing out my day tomorrow..

How is everyone??.


Comment #24

Linda, thanks a lot for the well wishes for my first day of teaching this term and congrats for the 3 lbs lost, what to go!.

Cgillespie- Congrats on the 3 lbs lost!!!.

Well, today was my weigh in day and I am down 3.6 lbs! Very pleased about that. I am at 43.6 lbs in total which is very exciting. First day went okay. Only have one class on m/w so it's the easy day. I had a meeting too which could have been much more painful. I think it will be a good semester!!.

My doctor called me in an antibiotic for my sinuses. They are infected. Painful, but hopefully in the next day or two I will be feeling much better..

Overall, I am tired. Hope you all had a great day and remained OP. Take care...

Comment #25


Congratulations on your 3.6 lbs gone! That's great and the total of 43.6 is wonderful. You should be excited about it. Glad the first day of classes went alright and I'm sure that you will feel better in a couple of days with the antibiotics. It normally takes 24-48 hours to feel the effects..

Get some rest..


Comment #26

Just stopped by for a fly by>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

Cathy that's terrific. You are very welcome and you will get's time to finish up that dance with those same few pounds, lol. When I was on WW I did that too...September is a time for renewal!.

Tani, glad you had a blast! Bet some of that is salt weight and your body in shock, lol. Getting back on the horse is how you will do it. Sounds like you are geared up and ready for business!.

Hey Steph, Jeanne............

Jeanne thanks for the support. I bought an inexpensive scale since I won't have time to weight in too much with the Coach, especialy to see a stinking half pound or nothing! I'll go to him every few weeks.........This new job taking up my time is throwing me for a loop!.

Hey Kendy good to see you here..

Cynthia, that's supposed to be very painful! Please take care of yourself.......Nice to see lots of new faces.

Have to go, have a great day!..

Comment #27


Hope you are feeling better soon!.


Congrats on the terrific weight loss!.


Congrats on starting the fall to onederland!.


Congrats on the 3.6lb loss! You are doing fantastic! Hope you feel better and that sinus infection clears up soon!.


- Hi! I am sure running around with this new job will melt those last two pounds right off!.


Glad to hear you had a great time on your cruise. I am sure a good amount of that weight is water and you will be back on track in no time..

About a month left until the wedding in October! eep! Just had hubby go get measured for the suit and my MOH dress is done the middle of September so I will pick it up then..

Completely forgot to weigh this morning so I will have to do it tomorrow morning...oops!.

Just so tired this morning did not want to get out of my nice warm bed. Just tried the Walden Farms Caramel dip with the Medifast cinnamon pretzels last wasn't to bad. The caramel was a little too sweet and after a couple of bites could taste a bit of the chemically flavor but was still good. The store near me finally started carrying some of the WF products and they were on sale so I stocked up on more dressing yay!.

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #28

Morning Everyone -.

Lots of new friends here - how great is that!.

I am going to the doctor today for sure! I am 99.99999% positive I have shingles and the pain is keeping me up at night. I got the rash now, so there really is not doubt. Hopefully they will be able to get me some relief!.


- I gained weight after vacation too - a little more than you - about 11.5 pounds. I didn't post it because I was sure it had to be a fluke. Well 2 days later when I weighed in, the weight was gone - all but a couple pounds. So don't worry, I'm sure you will see the same results. Most definately probably water weight..


- The 150's really! WOO HOO!!!!! How I wish I was there with you! You are doing great - I'm still teetering back and forth with the same 3-5 pounds. I need to focus and drink my water - but with all the crap going on right now in my life, I find it hard to focus on what I need to do. I will get there - you have motivated me!.


So how is the new job? It must be such a transition when you are used to working on your own schedule and now you have to juggle this new job. You seem to me to be a very organized, together woman - so you will manage this well! Glad you flew by, always nice to hear from you!.

Everyone else - sorry I don't have time to call you all out personally, but I do thank you for your support and advice about the doc. I'll be going today so I'll let you now how accurate my diagnostic skills are!.


I did want to tell you how great it is to be in onderland and you will get there too! I'm barely in it (at 192-194 dependig on when I weigh in), but I'm there. I've been in the 200's almost 20 years myself so it's great to finally get on the scale and see "1" as the first number. I want and NEED to get out of the 190's - too close to the 200's for me!.

Good luck everyone and I"ll touch base later!..

Comment #29

Hey all, just read all the posts. Hope everyone is feeling well. Thanks for all the well wishes for DD2, she's still having post surgical pain and I hope by the end of the week she will be much better. She doesn't have to attend school until after Labor Day, so we are working on school here. Celebrated my son's 13th birthday yesterday. Now I have all teenagers in my home..

Have you all thought about your weight loss goals? Short term goals are a good way to keep one motivated. For the month of September, I would like to decrease by 13 #'s. What is your goal for September?..

Comment #30

My goal for September is 7 pounds....I have a ball to go to on September 24th and I want to weight 169....I know that I can do it...maybe a little more too.

I do have to have foot surgery on September 29th so I am hoping that it will not interfere with my loss...I figure if I made it through two weeks in Scotland and coming back with a 3 pound loss, I can make it through a foot surgery...I really need to start lifting weights to tone, but I started working this week and I have finals this week, so needless to say I am very exhausted...I hope that I can work this in a few times a week, I must make it a priority...glad to see some new faces in the group....I hope everyone is well and congrats on all those great losses....we can do it..together..

Comment #31

My goal for September is to be squarely below 170 lbs. My end fun goal is to be at 160 lbs. I'm scheduled to have hip replacement surgery on 11/15 and need to get as close to my final goal as possible..


Comment #32

Cynthia- you poor sweet thing! I am so sorry for you with the shingles. The women in my family have always had problems with that. I do hope they can do something for you to relieve the pain and to make you feel better. And I know you may not be thinking this way right now, but I actually do feel much better physically when I'm OP than when I'm only a little OP. So try to take care of yourself both through medication and good doctors and through your plan! Let us know what support you need!.

Jeanne- you are my hero. 3 teenagers at home! Because I had my little one a bit later (43) I will only have the 1. And she is only 4 so a long way from teens. I do have a stepdaughter who is 11 and the attitude is already starting! I used to think I wanted several kids (maybe even twins as they run in my family and the older I got I knew I would only do it once.) God knew better than I did! I now see that I am a one kid mom. I wish Caitlin had a sibling closer to her age, but I also know that she and I are good just the two of us (with Daddy and half sister along of course.).

Jeanne thanks also for encouraging everyone to have a specific goal for September. I'm in sales (and now sales coaching) so we always have a goal and a stretch goal. My goal is 6 pounds so that would be 152. My stretch goal is 8 and my "you go girl" goal is 10...

Comment #33

Hi everyone well weighed in today as I forgot yesterday so I am down 1.4lbs for the end of week 23! 160's watch out cause here I come!.

My goal for September is to lose 7-10lbs. I am in a wedding on October 2nd so I would love to be in the low 160's high 150's by then. Also have my doctor's appt the end of Sept and she hasn't seen me since before I started Medifast so I am excited to see what she says and what my bloodwork will show...

Comment #34

Morning Everyone.

Thank you all for the well wishes!!! I did go to the doctor yesterday and they confirmed it is shingles...$300.00 later at the pharmacy I'm hoping to get some relief!.

Cathy - Thanks - I agree, I think if I eat right it will help me in the long run. I am back OP and hoping this heals quickly! As far as the kids - if you have attitude at 11 - watch out! My step-daughter (who doesn't live me with) referred to me as Hitler (thinks I'm too strict). Oh well - little girls don't need to be on the phone with boys until 4am! Go figure - oh well - if that makes me the wicked step-mom so be it. I won't let any child on the phone until 4am..

Kendy - Aren't you just booking right along! Very impressive that you lost weight on vacation - you are one of those that is going to beat your goal...I have no doubt. Sorry to hear about your foot surgery....hope that doesn't lay you up to long. Keep us posted on that for sure!.

Steph - Girlfriend you are right up there with Kendy. Lose, lose, lose...that's you. Can you send me whatever good luck charm you have so I can use it.

You will look great at the wedding!!! And, your doctor will be so surpised. I didn't want my doctor to see me until my appointment in October to shock him, but he saw me last week and was shocked anyway!.

Ishabat - Sorry to hear about the hit. I know so many people that have had this done and most definately the ones that are not overweight had a much smoother time at recovery than the overweight ones. Your goal should have you at a very healthy weight for your surgery..

Jeanne - thanks for retarting this thread. My goal for September is 10 lbs - I want out of the 190's. I would prefer 15 pounds, but with this shingle pain I'm not sure how much exercising I can do. I haven't lost 10-15 in a month since I started - but I'm hoping that my break from program is enough to trick my body into losing weight again..

Ok all - going to down some pain killers and get back to workYES....I am still working through this mess, OUCH!..

Comment #35

Sounds like you all have a, let's remind each other and encourage each other through out the month..

Cathy~ actually, I have 4 teens 19, 17, 16, 13. Like all the different goals you have..

Cynthia~ hope you feel better soon. Shingles can be brutal, not that I have had them, just had patients with them..

Well have to get ready to take some stuff to the high to you all later..

Comment #36

Where is everyone? don't like being on page 2 of the discussions...LOL.

Has anyone had any problems staying on plan today? so far so good for me.. need to get a lttle more water though..ttul..

Comment #37

Hi Everyone,.

Doing a little better today; but had a bit of a scare last night. Looks like I'm getting cellulitis in my arm by the shingles and when the pharmacist saw it last night she thought it looked like strep. I think she might be onto something, so I'm keeping an eye on it and if it spreads anymore then I'm off to the ER..

Good news - I'm drinking my water - YEAH. Have been eating bars today so I can't wait for dinner because I'm starving!.

I have a question for anyone that's lost quite a bit of weight does the skin on your face look like it's starting to sag - mine does and I swear I look older since I've lost weight. May be time for a trip to the plastic surgeon if this doesn't tighten up. If I was 20 and not 45 I wouldn't worry about it so much, but I don't feel my age and sure don't want to look older than I am!.

Take care everyone - I'll check in later...

Comment #38

Hi Jeanne, Good for you - no problems today. I haven't had any trouble staying OP today. Just took a turkey breast london broil out of the oven - planning to have that with some roasted veggies. I'm saving a soft serve or maybe a brownie for the final thing tonight..


Comment #39

HI! Things are going well here. My classes are over for the weekend I have a four day weekend! Nothing exciting planned though, just preparing for next week, relaxing, going to the gym, ect. I am feeling much better from the sinus infection, a lot of the congestion is gone..

I do not want to make a number goal for Sept, as all I have read says that is a negative and a way to set ones self up for failure ,we cant control how fast our bodies will release the weigh, all we can control is if we are on or off plan. But I do have some other goals. To continue to remain OP 100%, to continue to exercise daily, to continue to drink 1/2 my weight in water..

Thanks for all of the encouragement! I hope everyones week has gone well!!..

Comment #40

Cynthia- hope you are on the road to recovery! Watch that arm and take care of yourself. And by the way, you scared the hell out of me with the comment about your stepdaughter on the phone until 4 am. I can't imagine! Unfortunately my stepdaughter does have a cell phone now (not our idea) so I'll have to watch that..

Hey, here is a little victory for me today. I bought a pair of size 10 pants and they looked great! I was in a 16 when I started this, and when I would shop some 16s were too small. I was so excited when I got in 12s and now they are getting baggy. So fun!.

Have a good night everyone..


Comment #41

That is awesome Cathy! Glad to hear everyone's successes. Sounds like everyone has some sort of goal to work towards. My goal for today is to drink all the water I can and stay op plan. Meal by meal, drink by drink. Hope everyone has a good day. What are your labor day plans? how are you going to meet your goals for the weekend?..

Comment #42

Cathy, that's wonderful. I'll be it feels amazingly great to be able to wear smaller sizes. Keep up the great work!!!.

Marilees, I'm glad you're feeling better. Antibiotics do work but they usually take 1-2 days. Take some time to recuperate and drink lots of water. That should help..

Weekend plans - BF and I are going to his parents up in NJ tomorrow to celebrate his Dad's upcoming 90th birthday. They haven't seen me since I started to lose weight so I can't wait to see their reaction. I asked him to find out from his Mom what she's planning to have so I know whether or not to grill some chicken breasts to take with me and I plan to take some Medifast packets anyway - and keep drinking lots of water. Not sure about Sunday but may be going to DC to see my son and celebrate his recent 40th birthday. If that happens I'll probably take him out for dinner but that should be OK because I know I can stay OP at a restaurant. As for Labor Day itself - not sure of plans yet - if any.

So what does everyone else have planned?.

Stay OP and have a great weekend whatever you do..


Comment #43

Hey Kendywalker! sorry it's such a late reply as I havent checked this thread in awhile. It is funny how we started the same! Such a random number! I love your banner too..

Comment #44

Hello all! I must say I don't have a specific number in how many #s I want to lose in September. My goal is to lose the most amount of #s I can by staying 100% OP and drinking lots and lots of water!.

Also, I am in my 2nd week (10 lbs lost week one!) and I must report that everyone was right! The food gets better and better as the days go on! I didn't find anything that bad at first but now I think everything is really good! lol funny how that works!..

Comment #45

Morning Singers.

Wooooooooooowwww going back to work is crazy, lol! I haven't known what hit me for the last week and a half. I'm finally "getting" the job...I haven't worked in an office in 17 years! So I'm happy to say I stuck to program, and saw it through even though my stress level was to the roof. It even pushed me to goal!!!! I am still not going to transition because I have a few more pounds to lose. STill in the stomach area, and I'd like to lose more boobs!.

Cynthia, I have to say we are about the same age, and my face does look good! Did your face start out thin to begin with? Sorry to hear your not feeling better. I know shingles is very painful, my DH had it..

I am actually not organized at all, lol so this job is whipping me into shape!lol.

Jeanne and Cathy.....I was having a snack every night with those soy crisps and LC cheese...hey if it keeps my OP why not? I would like for it to not be every night though since I just discovered them about 2 months ago so now I feel I'm eating more..

Welcome to all the group newbies.....I have alot to get done in this house. Enjoy your weekend..

Hey STeph, congrats on your are breaking through those number walls!.

Okay have to run.........have a great day all...

Comment #46

Hello all! I am 2/5 mf's down and my L/G had chicken brocolli and cauliflower. Yum. Hope your Saturday is going well...

Comment #47

My scale needs a new battery and I forgot to get one at the store...its driving me nuts not knowing what the weight was today....must get a battery DH is thinking about doing MF...does anyone else have a spouse that started after you? How did it work out?..

Comment #48

Hey gang. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! It has been pretty good for me. Today has been great and 100% op. Friday night I had "date night" with my husband and had some wine so, not on plan. Yesterday I was 100% op but I helped my girls make cupcakes last night. I didn't take a single bite of cupcake, but I did lick frosting of my fingers- a few times.

I am trying to drink lots of water! Have a good day everyone!..

Comment #49

Hey everyone just checking in quick before bed. Was doing good OP today then had a couple bites of ice cream.... definitely not OP we will see how the scale looks this week. Tomorrow is a full day at the lake and I already packed Medifast meals, veggies, and a bunch of water. Will be swimming a bunch so that should burn off a bunch of calories! Hope everyone has a great weekend!.


Thanks! The 4+2 really helped kick the stall I was having...

Comment #50

Hi everyone! I hope you all have a great day!.

So, I lost another pound last week. (Maybe 1 1/2 but I'm only taking credit for 1.) I'm happy with that! I can't believe that I am at 157 now! I finally weight less than my husband for the first time since I met him. He is my exact height (on a good day) and I've always weighted more, by quite a bit! But not now! And I can't believe I'm only 13 pounds from my goal weight. I know these last pounds will be so hard! My little one is going to start school this week. I hope that will help me to stay focused and to finaly start exercising..

Have a good week!..

Comment #51

Hey all... I hope everyone is having a great week! I just finished my 2nd week and have lost a total of 17 lbs. I am loving this diet! I am staying OP and drinking lots of water and am seeing results! So easy!!!.

Congrats Cgillepsie! You are doing so great! I cant wait to be that close to my goal!!!..

Comment #52

Where is everyone?!? We must be a busy group because we sure aren't hanging out here..

OK, let's get a discussion going. What was everyone's biggest success this week and biggest struggle..

My success- Lots of water!.

Biggest struggle- Sneaking around the edges of the plan by having just a tiny bit of this or that..

Have a good night everyone!..

Comment #53

I would have to say that my success is being able to say no to the ice cream and candy bars and other junk food my husband has in the house!.

My biggest struggle would be making sure I write down everything I eat... it helps me out alot and the past few days I keep forgetting and I dont know why!.

I weigh in on Tuesday and I'm a bit nervous because this is my third week which from what Ive read is notorious for zero/low losses... and I peaked at the scale yesterday and I had lost 0. BUT I'm not going to get discouraged because Ive already been expecting it!..

Comment #54

Just ordered another month supply! It's hard to believe that I'm about to start my 4th week! time has flown! It's been a good 3 weeks! lost 17 lbs the first 2 and although I didnt lose any this week (official weigh in tomorrow) I know my clothes are fitting better so I need to measure myself again!!! Hopefully I'll begin losing lbs again next week!.

Hope everyone is having a great Medifast week!..

Comment #55

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? My son started kindergarten last week. He is still nervous, but it is going great. I am so proud of him. I am doing well this week, it's hard, but worth it. I am finally back to my pre cruise weight. I started school too, it's keeping me busy.

It's great..

I have also found that I am enjoying shakes again. For awhile, I did not want to look at a shake. Has anyone tried the ready made shakes? I am thinking about ordering those for my next order..

Cathy - water is helping me so much, when I get it in I do much better on plan..

Well hoping to move the tickler soon :-).


Comment #56

Fantastic Tani. I admire you going to school. I am sure you will enjoy the intellectual stimulation though it may be tough juggling parenthood with school, I know you can do it..

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #57

Tani-congrats on starting school, I am now working full time, a full time student and a full time mom...its crazy....but worth it......

Comment #58

Hi Everyone,.

Sorry I've been MIA - a lot going on. Shingles got me down, my son has to be go the ER - my hubby threw his back out and our company is in the middle of a fat IRS audit..

I'm having an allergic reaction to who knows what! OMG!!!.

I did get a call from the Medifast Center - new director wanted to know why I haven't been in - so I spilled the beans. Told her I get more support and advise from the boards that I ever did from any counselor at the center. It was like they just read a script from a book and I need to talk to real people..

Anyway I've made an appointment to go in Monday and "recommit" to this thing 100%. Being sick and everyone else in my family I've been taking care of - I can honestly say I have NOT been on program. Haven't gained any weight - but still where I was..

I thought there would be a lot more posting here since I've been gone - let's get this going again - I can't do it without everyone!!!..

Comment #59

I have to admit, I am having a rough time with this. Part of it is that the rest of the family is not eating it so the food is so tempting. Then there's the fact that I honestly do not like most of the food. I lost 5 lbs or so in 2 weeks and then gained 2 back and now I'm stuck not losing and I'm so depressed about it. Also, not so happy about my coach. Maybe I expected more of a ra ra and lots of recipe ideas, but it's not been so great...

Comment #60

Hey Carmen- I'm sorry that you are having a rough time. I would really encourage you to spend some time thinking about WHY you want to lose weight and get healthy. In order to really commit you have to get really clear on why you want to do it once and for all. And we all know that we can't always only eat what we really like to be effective at losing the weight. Eating what we really like it what caused us to lose weight. This is an amazing program if you just do it!.

I heard an amazing coach once say "if you want to lose weight, eat your Medifast meals every 2-3 hours, weigh and measure your L&G and drink your water." Someone said "yeah, but what if..." and she said it again" if you want to lose weight, eat your Medifast meals every 2-3 hours, weigh and measure your L&G and drink your water." It really is that clear..

Regarding your coach, I would encourage you to tell him or her what you need. I'm a coach (but I don't coach on this site) and I have clients who want all different kinds of support. Some want phone calls, some emails, some want almost nothing. HOpefully you can say what you want and get it!.

And good for you for coming here for support! This is a great group. Good luck!..

Comment #61

Sorry been MIA a lot of stuff going on. Had a hard day yesterday. We have a shelf outside the work area to put drinks during the day. I bring my purple nalgene type bottle everyday from home so I make sure to get my water in. Well someone left a mug with something in it there for days so it was all moldy and had fruit flys (gross) so my boss' assistant said anyone who did not grab their stuff by 4:45pm would have it thrown away. Well I go to leave at 3:50 and my water bottle is gone along with the rest of the stuff and the assistant left for the day.

It was from my favorite store had the name of the store and a wolf on it......that is also the town and shop we went to the day he asked me to marry him. I know it is just a material item but it meant a lot to me and it bothers me even more that they would throw it away and not even give people a chance to claim their items by the deadline they set. I am going to insist that I be reimbursed for the cost of it at the very least as that was my personal property kept in the designated area for it. My DH is calling the store where we bought it see if they happen to still have them and if they can ship it to me. I spent all last night crying and trying to see if they had any online that were remotely like it and no one did.

Sorry for the rant but I wanted to let you all know I stayed 100% OP during this! My old self would have dived into a bowl of "comfort food" but the new me realizes food is not the answer..

How is everyone else doing?..

Comment #62

Where are we all lately? Is our group falling apart or are we all just crazy busy since summer is over? I know that the last couple of weeks have been crazy for me. My hubby left today for 2 weeks in Columbia. He will be doing 2 weeks there and then 2 weeks home, etc. We'll see how long he does this. We'll also see how I do with him being gone..

Hsl011- I'm so sorry about your bottle and the distress it caused you! I'm a very sentimental person so I understand how you feel! I once got so mad at my husband for getting rid of a coffee mug I had from my old company. (By the way, I found it later.) I hope you are able to find one or a great replacement. It's important to have those special things. (And isn't it funny how you don't realize how special something is until it is gone?) And good for you for not eating over it!.

I hope everyone has a good week. I'm doing pretty well, but I continue to have little cheats around the edge, or to eat a couple too many Medifast snacks. Silly and it is making my weight loss slower than it should be!.


Comment #63

I am think our group has fallen apart too! such a shame too. Well, in my life, last week DD3 suffered a concussion at basketball practice. She is going to participate in a study for athletes with concussions and is to go in to be evaluated on Wednesday. DD2 is getting a new cast tomorrow and stitches removed from her foot and I have an eye appoint on Thursday. Haven't been faithful in Medifast land. so today I am back doing it right.

It is my fault with a whatever attitude lately, but I am determined to get this weight off. so if any one in the singers group cares that is about it. If you have found another group that is great and I wish you all success. I will lurk this thread a little longer if it doesn't pick up then I will just do this on my own other than with my coach who is great, btw. It is difficult for me to try to come up with interesting things to keep the thread alive, so I will see what happens..

The only thing I will discourage people from doing is when some one says they have a certain goal in mind do not and I repeat do not tell them in your post that you don't state your goal a certain way or have that type a goal because you read somewhere or heard some where that you would fail if you do. That is negative. People in this part of their lives need to be encouraged not discouraged. We all hear enough about how something won't work. People have their own way to measure their successes, some are by numbers, some are by how clothing fits, some are how they feel. Please keep this in mind when you are supposed to be an encouragement to others...

Comment #64

Hey Jeanne. At least we "old timers" are here..

I am so sorry about your daughter!!! Now I know why I haven't talked to you guys or heard from you. When you get a minute send me an email and let me know how she is doing and if there is anything I can do to help. I know she is an amazing athlete and this must be tough for her!.

And I'm with you on just staying the same. I am cheating just enough to not lose any but also not gain any. But I'm sick of it. I just got some words of encouragement from a great coach. She reminded me to set some little mini goals. So that is what I'm going to do.

Then I'll repost so you guys can see them..

Cynthia, you sweet thing, how are the shingles? Thinking of you..


Comment #65

Big win for me tonight (in a weird way.) Went to dinner with girlfriends. Ate healthy so that was fine. Had 2 glasses of wine, but I had decided that I was ok with that. But when I left there, I really wanted to go through a drive through and get a burger! That would be my old way of doing things. So often when I go out with friends and get away from my life as "mom" (which I don't get to do very often) I feel like I can cheat. And tonight I really wanted cheat food and I wanted to fall back into that old habit of going through a drive through and having that comfort food of soft warm bread and meat combo.

I'm proud of myself! It wasn't a perfect night with that wine, but so much better than it could have been!..

Comment #66

Cgillespie... that is great! I am so happy for you that you didn't fall back into your old ways! Yes, burgers are delicious but sooo bad for you!!! You are doing great! I am proud of myself too. Tonight my husband and I went to a buffet.. talk about temptations! but all I had were some veggies and shrimp... and a diet coke for a treat!!!.

I also finally bought a digital scale... the scale I was using was a dial scale which was kinda hard to read. I also new that it was off some because I weighed differently at the doctors office and at the Medifast center I went to before I officially started. So I weighed myself today and it was like I lost another 5 lbs! woohoo lol..

Comment #67


Great job on resisting the burger temptation and falling into old habits. There really is truth in the saying "old habits die hard"..


I am still here lurking on the boards and posting when I can. Hope both your daughters are doing well and your eye appointment went well..


Great job on staying OP while at the buffet! With all those temptations it must have been hard but you did great! Also congrats on the new scale I would definitely enjoy those 5lbs gone.

My carpool buddy's two kids are sick, now he and I seem to have come down with it. Still trying to stay OP best as possible. Been nursing this vanilla shake for two hours now and still have half left......even if it takes 5 hours I will get it down lol. Looks like it will be shakes, soft serve, and pudding Medifast for awhile...

Comment #68

Hi Ladies.

I've been meaning to pop on is just getting back to normal. I was working for a month or so (not sure if I posted about it). It was not what I expected hours wise, and not a good fit for me. It had me totally stressed. So now, I'm relieved to be out of the situation. On the Medifast front, I did really well through the whole situation, cuz if it was a year ago I certainly would have been bingeing and drinking a bit.

For today, I grabbed back my focus. It is scary to me to see how old comforting habits can make their way back into my life if I let them!.


So sorry to hear about your daughter. Very scary. You haven't had an easy few months with the kid's health. It's always a new day or moment to find your focus. Just pick up Medifast where you left off..

As far as this group, in the beginning I posted alot, then saw how discouraging it does get when people drop off, or you're talking to yourself. I just got out of the habit of coming here. When I was working my time was so limited......It is good to see some familar faces.

I agree with you...we all do things in a different way. Different strokes for different folks.....MF is hard enough, it's important to support one another..


Good luck in replacing that mug. It was rude of him just to trash everyone's personal things. Let us know what happened. It's funny how certain things just mean alot. The simple things.


Isn't it funny how certain situations bring back old feelings? You resisted, good for you! Does two glasses of wine knock you out of kestosis? I was dying for a glass the other night, but haven't had any since Medifast and I didn't want to get sick...

Comment #69

Hi Ladies,.

Glad to see everyone starting to come back on line. It has been crazy - everyone in my family seems to be having some sort of health issue going on. Not sure what is the heck is going on, but I can't wait for this to be over with..

Haven't been on plan (i know...but I haven't gained any weight). Not getting sleep with what's been going on, but I still have plenty of weight I want to lose so I need to get back on board!!!.

OK - what's the real deal with these new pancakes - are they any good or do they taste like cardboard? I don't want to buy them if they are going to join the Medifast Food Graveyard in my pantry!.

Ladies - I'm not ready to give us, but need a swift kick in the booty sometimes to get me out of my slump. Please keep posting and I promise to try and visit daily (although weekends are hard with football season).

Love to you all!..

Comment #70


He apologized for throwing it away early. Thankfully my wonderful DH called the store and the owner tore the place apart trying to find me one.....he finally found a red one that he had left in the store window and shipped it that day. The assistant who threw it away paid me for the cost of the new one and shipping. I still miss my purple one but I am happy with my new red one and let me tell you it stays locked in my locker..

I am sorry the job didn't work out but your health is important and being stressed at work all the time is not healthy. Kudos to you for not falling into old habits during it!.


Im sorry to hear your family is having health problems I hope everyone is doing better soon! Well tastes are different but I love the original pancakes! That being said I do not make them as pancakes I use my waffle iron and make them into waffles. I sprinkle on a pinch of splenda and cinnamon when done......yum! Also there is a recipe on here for making them into a muffin like thing in the microwave...

Comment #71

Hey Steph glad the store owner made that extra effort, and that you were reimbursed for all of it..

Steph look at you fifty pounds down.


Cynthia, hang in will be stronger for it while dealing with the family illnesses...Kudos to you for not gaining....

I do like the pancakes, both kinds, I reordered them a few times. Infact, I like to have them twice a day with SF syrup. The trick is letting them sit overnight and adding baking powder to them to fluff them up a bit. It's also important to heat the pan, and turn them at the right moment. Defintitely worth the perfecting of it!..

Comment #72

Hey Cynthia, could I have some of that kicking in the booty too! I am just screwing around and I have to stop! I am completely playing around the edges of this program lately rather than really being op and that means that I'm not gaining any weight but I'm not losing either. I need/want to lose another 12-15 pounds (depending on the day and the scale.) If I would just do it the weight would come off!.

So, today I will be 100% op. I will not play around the edges at all! I will drink a ton of water! And I will come here more often for inspiration and motivation..

Thanks for being here everyone!.


Comment #73

Took DD3 to the specialist yesterday. He only wants her to go 1/2 days to school for a few days then will let her increase her activity. He said the fatigue she is experiencing to her brain shutting her down so it can repair itself and the only cure is rest. She took the news well in his office. I let her go watch her team practice and she cried there cause she couldn't practice with them. She went to bed by 9 last last and I will check her out of school around 11 today.

The ER doctors were of no help last week. Think they need to be inserviced by this concussion group, it's funny because they are part of the same hospital campus. LOL. Yesterday went well for me and today has been good also. Hope you all are doing well..

Comment #74

Hi Everyone,.


I didn't make the last appointment because I was in the er with the little one. I told all my boys - hubby and sons - no one is allowed to get hurt or sick anymore!!!! Yeah - like that is going to happen, but Momma can be scary so maybe I put the fear into them so they take better care of themselves - LOL.


- I'm glad you got your mug back. I know how special something like that can be - how great the store owner got you one! Reminds me of what happened to me with a Disney Christmas decoration. I had this 3' tall mechanical Mickey Mouse that was all dressed in Christmas gear and I always wanted the Minnie to go with him. Well, when I could finally afford to buy my Minnie I couldn't find her anywhere. I was so upset, sounds dumb I know, but that's just how I felt. Well my b-day is in January, so for my birthday, my hubby (who was my boyfriend at the time - let's see 18 years ago) brought me this big box.

He agreed to sell it to him so I got it. I still have those today and they are displayed every Christmas. Anyway...I know how you feel and I'm happy for you!!!.


- I think not having that job is great for your health. I don't think people realize just how bad stress is for your health! I know it's a big reason I reach for chocolate for sure! You look amazing, I will never get as thin as you (I think my bones alone weight more than you do now), but I want to reach 140 for sure..


- Sorry to hear about your kiddo - that just bites! My boys are in football and when my older one was injured and ended up having to quit football in his senior year, he was devastated. She will heal and be back in the swing of things in no time. My son has idopathic epilespy that went into hiding from the time he was 2 until his senior year. I guess all that head contact stirred stuff up again and the seizures came back. As soon as he quit football - they went away again. I'm glad her injury isn't more serious and she'll be back in full swing soon!.


- OK girlfriend - booty kicking in full swing! We are going to do this and get to the finish line once and for all! DRINK THAT WATER!!!.

Thank you all for the pancake advise. Definately will purchase some of those tonight when I go in. It will be interesting talking to this new person, I tend to be rather direct when I feel I'm being fed a bunch of nonsense so if she's really concerened about the poor level of support from that place, I should be able to pick up on that real quick..

I'm only on my first bottle of water - so I need to drink, drink, drink. I have been drinking tea lately and I need to go back to just water..

OK - I've rambled enough - back to work. I will let you all know how the visit went tomorrow...

Comment #75

Hey guys. Quick not to tell you that I was 100% op today! Tomorrow will be more difficult because of a social function tomorrow night, but I will do it! 100% op!.

Jeanne- glad you are getting some good information. Tell her to listen to the doctor and get some rest so that beautiful brain can fully heal! Make her sleep all weekend!.


Comment #76

Morning Ladies,.

Met with the new counselor at Medifast Center last night and she was great. I still had 7 weeks left on my paid weight loss phase so I committed to completing that. She seemed shocked that my weight was down from the last time I was at the center and I simply told her "the ladies on the Medifast board offered help and support than I've ever received coming here and it didn't cost me anything". I think that struck a chord with her - I was very honest and she was easy to talk to. I told her that I'm aware that as the new center director what her bosses are looking for from her and what will reflect positively on her is her ability to reel in some clients that have quit the program for whatever reason so I told her I would give her that shot, but I expect to receive the service from the program that I paid for. So....we're all good! I "officially" started back OP full speed this morning - will be logging my meals again on-line, drinking my water and doing everything I'm supposed to do..

So what I need from my friends here is HELP!!!! I still have 40-45 pounds to go (ouch...did I say that out loud???). I refuse to even try to diet over the holidays, so I need to be able to get as close as I can before turkey day..

I will check back in later - have a great day everyone!..

Comment #77


I have 41lbs to lose still too! As long as we stick OP 100%, drink all our water and do not go off plan the weight will come off! We can do this!..

Comment #78

Cynthia ~ you can do it. I am proud you are going to work hard to achieve your goals. Hopefully, no more stressors will get in your way..

Comment #79

Hey Guys.

Cynthia- glad you liked the new person at the center and that you can get some service for the money you already paid. And we are all here. Let's go girl!.

So I found out yesterday that at some point I'm going to have to a little surgery to have a "growth" removed from one of my ovaries. We've been watching it for about a year to see if it would shrink but it really hasn't. They think the odds of it being anything serious (the C word) is very minor but my doctor (whom I love) said that after watching something like this for over a year they need to remove it. Risk is that when they are removing it, if there is much bleeding they would probably need to remove the entire ovary and then you have those sort of hystorectomy (sp?) issues. So, as a joke I asked my doctor if while she is down there she could do a tummy tuck. I was kidding! She said "oh yeah, people do that all the time." I guess when you have a tummy tuck, one of the major cost is the anathesiologies (ok, I know that is probably spelled wrong.) Anyway, I will already be paying for that to have the growth removed and that will be covered by insurance.

Scary! Lots of tubes and drains and big scares. Scary! But I guess there are mini tummy tucks that wouldn't be as quite as much recovery. I will tell you that my husband would love me to have one at some point. But I also worry because I have a 4 year old and it would be horrific if anything happened to me, so why increase my risk unnecessarily. So, who knows.

I will say that I am not even going to think about this until I lose my 50 pounds and that is another 12-14 pounds away! Maybe this will be good motivation to get that done. Who knows! I'm not the plastic surgery kind of person. But my C-section scar is not good! So maybe I'll fix it all at once..

It is raining here! I've been really good on the plan the last few days. At the football game last night, I did have one Crystal Light w Vodka, but that shouldn't be too big a problem. This weekend I'm going to be 100% op. I would love to be down a couple of pounds on Monday!.

Good luck everyone. Have a good weekend!..

Comment #80

Do the tuck, you will already be out anyway and you won't have to risk another surgery anesthesia wise. I hope everything else goes well. I had ovarian torsion and hydrosalphinx several years ago and had to have emergency surgery where they thought it was probably cancer. It wasn't. Had hysterectomy a couple of years later and it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be, but everyone is different. If I ever make it to goal which I am I might consider having a tuck...

Comment #81

Met a mini goal!.

DD2 has decided to start back on the plan. Hope she will stick to it and hope I can be the encouragement she needs. DD2 seems to be doing a little better. She wants to play in a showcase this next Saturday where college coaches will be observing. DD1 told me she is going to transfer to a college in the next town from us. Think she realizes the financial sacrifice it is costing us for her to go to a private school and I don't think she is real happy there.

Things are looking good this weekend..

I hope everyone else is feeling well and having a great weekend too!..

Comment #82

Hi Everyone!.

I have been a little lax lately with following the plan to a T! Not eating off plan foods but have been eating too much of on plan foods which has stalled my weight loss. I am today committing to being 100% OP and have created a challenge for myself. I will be 100% OP until Christmas......with a secondary goal of losing 25lbs by Christmas! I need a challenge to keep myself motivated!..

Comment #83

Great idea to challenge yourself. I wish you all the success in meeting your goal. I want to be less than 200@ by the end of October. I am going to strive to be 100% on plan during that time and I know I have to take it one meal at a time...

Comment #84

Morning Everyone -.

What a football weekend it was!!! My little one lost (horrible ref's - not just an angry mommy). Had some high school coaches watching our little ones and even they said the ref's need to be fired - very bad officiating. The boys work so hard and to lose to bad calls isn't far. But they are troopers and my little one got a huge complement after the game - they told him "Cameron Miller - you did an awesome job - you are the smallest and the toughest kid on this entire team!". He is built like a little mac truck that one!.

High schoo football was good - 62-21 we won, that was after the 2nd and 3rd string was in for almost 2 quarters and the coach finally had our guys take a knee not to put anymore points on the board. Our NFL team - let's just not go there!.

OK Medifast - did crash a little during the football game, but nothing I'm going to shoot myself over it. I'm on plan, drinking my water and doing my meals today. I have to weigh in this Thursday night and plan to be down atleast 3lbs!.

The weather was wonderful when we woke up. We have been sweltering down here in heat and humidity and the Weather Gods finally looked down upon us and said, "Damn - I guess they need a break" and here came the cool front. I was told not to exercise again for 2 weeks because I hadn't been but I think I will walk tonight since it's so nice outside..


- Sorry to hear about the ovary - take it from someone that's had a zillion surgeries for ovarian will be fine! Ended up with a total hysterectomy after my pancreatic cancer crap, but I was ok with it. One thing - You might get pregnant though - I always ended up that way after surgery on my ovaries. I lost a few pregnancies, but I did conceive. And - go for the tuck! You will be fine, I am going to do it after I lose my weight. I can roll my belly up like a sardine can right now - not the most attractive think in the world! My arms are the same way - and before you know it I'll have those 110 year old grannie boobies! I'm going to need a major overhaul!.


- OK we are going to do this - let's make sure we keep posting and stay in touch. I'm not going as low as you are - thank goodness or I'd have over 60 to go and I think I'd give up. 40 sounds more manageable. We can do this!!!.


- Hope all is going well with your girls. You will meet your goals and when they see how well you are doing, it's going to motivate them even more..

Everyone else - haven't forgotten you, just buried under a pile of paperwork here on my desk and need to start digging!.

Talk to you soon,..

Comment #85

[quote=TexCyn]Morning Everyone -.


- One thing - You might get pregnant though - I always ended up that way after surgery on my ovaries. I lost a few pregnancies, but I did conceive..

Cynthia- OK- you just scared me to death! I'm almost 48. I do not want to get pregnant! Were you using birth control? God knows I am!.

Today was a graet day! I was on plan 100% and it felt great! I did not gain or lose any weight this week which was frustrating because I have basically lost 1 pound for the month of Septembrer. But I know I wasn't 100% and it is TOM that just started today, so I'll check later in the week..


Comment #86

Morning All -.

Cathy - Didn't mean to scare you but let me tell you. I had surgery because I hadn't had a cycle in over a year and all kinds of problems. I have polycystic ovarian disease. The doctor took pictures of my ovaries to show me they were basically "dead" organs (looked like white hard boiled eggs) I wanted another child, but every specialist told me no way - not with my ovaries and not by the way they look. Well within 6 months I started taking a fertility drug to see if I could build up enough lining in my uterus to conceive. 2 weeks after taking the medicine I went in for an ultra sound to see if anything was working and low and behold - I was already 6-8 weeks pregnant.

You can still conceive in your 40's and I even got pregnant after my last child was born and had my tubes tied I conceived - so you never know!!!.

I actually feel pretty good today. Don't like the pancakes, so I'm back to basically brownies, oatmeal and ready-to-drink shakes. Can't really stand much more than that - but I'll push along and do what I can..

We FINALLY got a break with the weather down here so yesterday and today have been wonderful. After the brutal heat and humidity we've suffered through all summer - we deserve that! It actually helps with dieting - when it's not as hot it seems more tolerable to do this for me. Not sure why that is...but it works..

Have a question - not sure if it's been answered before - but I'd like to know where everyone is from. So I'll start:.

Cynthia - Katy, Texas..

Comment #87

Hello everyone~ Hope your day has been OP. I am 3/5 in meals so far and really haven't done much cause I think I am getting a cold, so I slept most of the morning. Need to get motivated and do some housework. Cynthia, glad you are feeling better..

I like most fo the foods on mf. My girls do not like the cinnamon pretzels, but I like them. I do not like th cream soups. I was able to eat them, but now them make me gag..

I like the new choc. chip pancakes, but so does DD3 and I have let her have them. I like the brownies and most of the bars, so I guess I am lucky to have a variety...

Comment #88

HELLO...HELLo....HELlo....HEllo....Hello....hello (that's supposed to be an echo) LOL.

Where is everyone? Well okI can't stand the food anymore! Ok, I said it out loud. I am trying, I really am - but just the smell is enough to make me sick at this point. Does anyone else feel this way? I really thought I could jump right back in, but I think I may have been fooling myself..

I'm drinking water right now - at least that is the one thing that gets better the more I do it. The food, on the other hand, get's worse. Even the ones I can tolerate is just that tolerating. No fun!.

Well, I'm buried with end of month stuff so back to work. Will touch base later...

Comment #89

Well had my physical today and my doctor was happy with the weight loss so far, and she said my 130 goal is a bit too low for my body frame. She suggested 140-145 so I will aim for that for now and see how I feel when I get there. Can't wait to see what my blood work says!.


I am sorry you are not tolerating the food smell/taste. Have you found any of the Medifast foods you do like?.


It is good that you and DD3 can mix and match foods. My DH is not on Medifast but ate one of the mint chocolate bars that I got with my first order ever(I could not stand them) and loved it! I finally ordered a box of them just for him...

Comment #90

Hi Buddies! Nice catching up on everyone's progress. You are all doing so well and truly inspire me..

For some reason, I'm back to feeling hungry most of the day. I do okay with pushing through it, but I'd really like it to just go away. And lately I've had heartburn after eating my L&G, no matter what I eat. Doesn't matter, I'm sticking with it. Can't wait to see how the scale responds...

Comment #91


Have you tried splitting your L+G and having half for lunch? For some people that helps to keep the "hungries" at bay...

Comment #92

Happy Thursday! DD3 received a good report from md and is released to return to basketball. Hope everyone is feeling well. I'm getting hungry, so need to go find some Medifast to eat and get busy with chores. Have a good one!..

Comment #93

Hi Everone -.

How is the day going for you all?.

Steph - I thought that seemed a little low - my goal is 145 too - but now you dont' have as much weight to lose!.

Jeanne - Glad to hear about your daughter, I'm sure that makes her happy! I'm with you....I'm starving!.

Not much food I like - that has always been a problem for me. Going to the center for weigh in tonight, so I'll see what they have that I haven't tried in a while and maybe it will taste better..

Have football practice tonigth after that so I'll be busy - at least I won't be eating!.

Talk to you all later - busy at work and need to finish up!..

Comment #94

Hi Everyone. Well tomorrow is friend's wedding where I am MOH. Excited and love my dress now that it has been taken in to fit the shrinking me..


Maybe trying some of the Medifast foods you haven't had for awhile or at all before will help. Also there are tons of ways to make the food a little different while not adding anything to them, there are those as well if that is what works for you..


Great news for your DD3! She must be so happy to be able to be back playing with the team!..

Comment #95

Morning All.


- How exciting! You have worked so hard and I know you are going to be beautiful. Probably going to make the bride jealous.

Sure you have all kinds of wedding things to take care of today - so enjoy yourself and take a picture in your dress...would love to see it!!! Like your challenge....I'm aboard, want to hit that 26 lbs by Christmas myself!!! I think if I get there the rest of the weight I'm hauling around is loose skin - HAHAHA.

Been crazy busy at work these past few weeks. Really need a girls weekend I think - going to talk to a friend of mine and see if she's up to doing something. I surrounded by testosterone 24 hours a day and need a break!.

The scale finally moved for me! That's motivating...still not liking the foods, but really doing the best I can. Going to do the 4/2 for a while so I dont' have to eat as much Medifast food and just bump up my exercise. Was told it should produce the same results as long as I'm consistent with the exercising. I CAN DO THAT especially if I don't have to eat as much packaged foods.

Told my hubby last night I wanted to make an appointment to the plastic surgeon and wanted him to go with me. I really have A LOT of loose skin, but part of it is really causing me a problem and I need to get that taken care of - just scared to find out what the cost will be!!! Don't want to do anything though until I've at least 26 more pounds (did you catch that Steph???)..

Jobeth, Cathy...everyone else....where are you????.

OK ladies - I have a very busy weekend planned - with kids in football it's crazy on weekends. I'll try and check in over the weekend, but if not will be back Monday morning for sure - maybe check back in later today...

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