Are there any Medifast recipes that a family member of yours has never given up?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Are there any Medifast recipes that a family member of yours has never given up? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I know I may get blasted for this post but bring it on lol.

Why does everyone seem like they are in such a hurry to get slim? I want to enjoy life and eatting a cookie or ice cream now and again makes me happy. For one I am happy cause I can now stop at half a portion instead of the 4 portions post.


And two... chocolate ice cream tastes and feels so yummy in my mouth :) got to love it...

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Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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Ohhhh, yeah add buttered popcorn, perfably from a movie theatre to the pasta with.


And butter....and watch my house of cards fall....

I like just plain or a plain fruit ice cream...and you could not pay me to eat fudge, candy makes my toungue break out in sores......

Isn't funny how completely different, yet the same we are.....

Sorry I am having a teary emotional day.....a little needy, my husband is in Milwaulkie...I am here on the east coast, and I see the surgeon tomorrow for the results of my biopsy....I thought I was cool about it........instead I am scared..... liz..

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I guess you can say I am in a hurry to be slim b/c having lived obese all my life has made me feel like I have been missing out. There are so many things that I have wanted to accomplish but instead my weight has held me back. Not only in the sense that I want to be slim but I want to be healthy. Being 28 and diagnosed with.


Apnea, living with asthma, pre-diabetic, joint problems, and wanting to be around for my family certainly sparks the fire under my a$$ so to speak..

I know that the weight did not come on overnight so I cant expect it to come off in that same manner..

There are a lot of psychological effects to this.


Too- -they correct our stomach but they don't do anything with our head and it does take our mind some time to catch up with everything that has happened..

I have learned through this process the meaning of.


And have truly embraced it. This is not a race and in all honesty those who take their time, enbrace the lifestyle changes, adhere to them, are the ones who can succomb to this disease and be victorious in their journey..

As far as the other Medifast food stuff is concerned no one said that to make these changes we had to compromise our taste. I personally havent ventured to that and after my episode this past weekend I dont think I will. Some people experience dumping while others are not affected. This journey is about respecting ourselves and having discipline..


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Musings of a 4+ year post op... when you are in the first year post wls... life is golden... a few bites, 1 cookie, just a nibble, might satisfy you but BEWARE... it doesn't last... somewhere around 1 year (sooner for some) 1 bite or 2 doesn't satisfy and you want more.

Hunger comes back. Those days of a few bites making you feel like you went to a buffet in Las Vegas end..

So we are back to will power and the.


That looking in the mirror at your new body and feeling healthier will prevail over the hungry beast within. Sadly the regain statistics don't offer support for this working..

My theory... you can't continue the same behavior(s) and expect a different result or the bumpersticker worthy... if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got. IMHO somethings HAVE to change... or one day you may wake up a statistic. For me bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, crackers, the simple white carbs had to go (the things I had no control over them - hence the eventual need to have my guts rearranged) for others it might be french fries, chips, cookies, cake, candy bars, ice cream, snacking/grazing, you know your demons...

Those IMHO you better learn to say either say goodbye too, find a healthier alternative, get therapy or an exorcism to expel the forces of evil LOL, or.


Like hell when the flood gates open up around 1 year that you have a BIG stick to beat that old demon back from taking more than 1 bite..

Just one post-ops 2.5 cents ;) Take it, or.


It... and I know it is hard to imagine when you get satisfied on so little now but I remember being warned by veteran post ops and my surgeon to change my life that first year, to take advantage of the "honeymoon" period... they were right..

~Michelle "Shelly".

P.S. When I used the word you in the above rambling I mean "collective you" (us, wls posties in general), not any you (person) in particular...

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I met my first GBS failure last week. She had her.


3 years ago. She is now trying to have a re-surgery. I know my WLS team warned us this could happen. At this time I can not figure out how you can regain your weight...damn you have to push and push, throw up and everything. Then I talked to this lady...its like Shelly bad habits that never was addressed. "oh, I can have a small bite of this and have a little of that...maybe we can, but for me...I know what got me here. It is a slippery slope that with God's help I will not go down again...

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I think it boils down to the addiction factor. If you were a Medifast food addict, you will still be a Medifast food addict, even after.


So you have to approach it that way. Just.

Stay away.

From the foods that you have no control over. If I had foods I like in my house, I would eat them, probably to the point of making myself sick, so I just don't have them around. It seems like I looked at sugar free ice cream, but it still had lots of carbs, so I passed it up. Also it's a good that would be too easy to take a bite here, a bite there until the whole carton would be gone. I make do with SF pudding and SF cool whip. I too was a popcorn addict, so what I found to replace that is really good! It is a cheese product that has been baked and flavored to taste like popcorn!.


It to Wisconsin to come up with a crunchy cheese product. You have to order them online at.

I got two kinds. The Popped Cheese Theater Style Butter flavor, and Just the Cheese Crunchy Baked Cheese Jalapeno flavor. They have lots of other flavors. I highly recommend this for a crunchy protein snack!..

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I think some people freak out about having the.


Because they feel like "omg I'm only going to eat one cracker a day with a teaspoon of tuna..".... and it's not like that.

I have had two aunts that had the.


4 & 5 years ago and they both still have a cookie now and then...they are not deprived and are still down thier weight.......

Ever heard of some things are worth waiting applies here! You wont be able to eat sweets for a while but eventually your body will allow you to have a bite or two.......... but be careful to not over do it because we are looking to shed pounds and bad habbits and it is when you reintroduce those bad habbits back that the pounds will come back too!!!!!!..

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My long term desire is to eat like a thin person....have you noticed, the do not have a weight problem, and when handed a plate of cookies, they take just a half, or none at all....and they are just fine with it.... it is a choice they are able to make!!!.

THAT IS WANT I WANT FOR ME...not to worry that someone will notice I have had two or three cookies, and think to themselves (paranoia here) "no wonder she is so big, look at all the cookies she is eating"....

I am sure I am not alone in this, cause there is nothing new under the sun....some of you have felt the same way......

Of course there are some thin people who can eat and eat and eat... God bless them. They are the lucky ones....however, even though they can eat and eat and eat at a meal time, or special occasion, I imagine they are not addicted to Medifast food the way I am.... they enjoy it, but it does not play a starring role in there life....

Sorry I am rambling.......liz..

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Like Lizzie, I'm in a hurry because of my health. I'm choosing to.


Starches and sugars because I know that they are trigger foods for me. I'm finding substitutes (shirataki noodles instead of pasta, celery root instead of mashed potatoes, etc.). I'll eat desserts,but they will be made with splenda or another non-sugar sweetener. If I every eat bread again, I'll make it with whole grains and add a good bit of Any Whey to it to make it a protein source. I'm committed to not eating empty calories again. I don't need Medifast food to celebrate.

That's my commitment to me...

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I have to say thank you all for all of the wonderful replies..

Right now real sugar is really really sweet so I can eat a lot less... for example if I have a cup of.


I can use half teaspoon of real sugar where it takes a pack and a half of the yellow or pink stuff..

I do not eat empty calories everyday, maybe once or twice a week. And normally half serving..

I too have not found sugar free anything that actually has less carbs that the real stuff so why not stick with the real... real sugar in small quantites has to be healthier than anything artificial..

I understand the concerns that a few have concerning next year one bite will not be enough... I too have thought about that and decided to be even more carful now as to what I eat. SO far though I do find my self passing up cookie and such as a "thin person" lol feels good to be able to say no :).

This site is great because you all speak your mind and tell it how it is without the finger pointing..

I understand that "you" ws not directed towards me but all wls patients in general :).

God bless each of you in your journey..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.