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Question I have... Are there Godaddy promo codes for email? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Hi,.

On my blog I have an iframe in which there's the HTML version of a Flickr RSS feed..

In the iframe there are pictures. if you click on them , you are brought to a Flickr photo page, so the content of the iframe changes of course..

That's all very cool - but I want to have a button that brings the iframe back to it's original content..

That's why I added a link above the iframe that says "refresh" and links to the GoDaddy site that is also in the iframe when the page is first loaded. the target is the name of the iframe..

But that won't work. as soon as you click on one of the pictures, so the iframe content changes, the "Refresh" link opens in a new page (new tab) and NOT in the iframe..

I tried including div tags, I tried changing the name of the iframe, I tried including it all in a table, but nothing works.

If I use exactly the same HMTL but different websites to link to, it works as it should..

Is this a bad case of Flickr screwing up? of am I doing something wrong? please help!.

This is my website - this link brings you right to the section i'm talking about:.




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The only error in the area where I have the problem is "element "iframe" undefined".

What does that mean?.

What should I add in order to define the iframe?..

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Okay your page should be in XHTML. You have some break returns <br>'s that should be <br />. Its likely telling you that you have an iframe inside of something it shouldn't be in...

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There's no 'should' about using XHTML. There's insufficient benefit to using XHTML markup scheme at this point in time to make it a 'should' thing..

Or did you actually meant to write 'XHTML Transitional'?.

Kinda right. The iframe shouldn't be inside that page, given that it's using a Strict DTD..

Eti, if you wish to use iframes, aim at HTML/XHTML Transitional.

HTML Transitional:.

XHTML Transitional:.

Given that you appear to be aiming at an XHTML markup scheme, you're best off going with the XHTML Transitional DTD...

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I'm sorry guys, you've lost me completely..

I have a blog. the HMTL and CSS and all that was all provided by blogspot. I just know some very, very basic HTML , and got some help with a little javascript, which has allowed me to make these iframes etc..

I don't have a clue what all this XHTML and transitional and whatnot means. I don't think I can even choose what version of HTML I use, I "aim" at nothing, really..

I just think that somehow claims that iframe I use - if you click on one of the pictures you are taken to a Flickr page and that seems to block the iframe from going back to what it originally contained. I was hoping for a workaround. I am currently trying out to make a copy of the dropdown menu script because that seems to work better.

I really don't think my problem is related to all those different XHTML versions. when I try out just the links and the iframe bit of my blog in the w3schools try-it-yourself-editor I encounter the same error: the iframe can always be reset to what it contained originally unless a flickr GoDaddy site is loaded in there...

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I replaced my HTML with a javascript and form with dropdown menu. now it works properly..

Now i'm going to try and replace the dropdown menu with buttons.....

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