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First question I got is ARE YOU/HAVE YOU...been on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... Throw you off track. Many here probably got fat from all the snacking, drinking and gorging during a 3 hour game. Enjoy the game and the company!..

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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

The last two saturdays have been wall to wall college football and Ive been 100% on plan. Lots of water, some sugarless life savers and lots of restraint though..

Comment #2

I get even MORE cardio done by jumping up and down, running around the living room and yelling and hollering at my AZ CARDINALS!!!!!!!!..

Comment #3

The cure for gametime snacking: Get an urge, go brush your teeth...

Comment #4

I don't bother having cable so used to always go to bars to watch the game. This time, I worked out during game at the gym (caught a little on the tube), then when done with my lift, I sat and watched for a while. Biked back during the halftime and am listening on radio now..

Think it is important to try to be athletes ourselves. We can appreciate the pros who are huge and fast...and we may not be ready for million dollar contracts...but still we are getting in our lifts just like they have to. We are getting a good burn and doing our thing..

An idea if you are watching with a buddy: take a deck of cards and play "pushups" with each other during the commercials (they have a lot of them!)..

Comment #5

I'm thinking my Patriots might go undefeated again. Hopefully this time they cap it off with the Super Bowl though...

Comment #6

Doubt it. Their defense is weaker than it was a couple of years ago. ANd the chances of a team in the NFL going undefeated? Well they did lose the big one, so only one team to this date can make that claim...

Comment #7

Another season of offense free football for the Bears... YAY!!.

Shoot me now...

Comment #8

I was totally cool watching my Bears last night, and was even OK when it was a lock to go into OT. But when Nathan Vasher @#$@ed up his coverage, it was all I could do to not grab the nearest gallon of beer and go swimming!.

If I can make it through that game without drinking and eating, I'll be good to go for football season. Of course I have replaced food while watching the game with dirty words, which given how much I typically snacked during a game, makes for a very "R" rated event..

Bear down Chicago!..

Comment #9

Hold the door! Don't shoot yourself yet! I'm a Panthers fan. Can you say 7, yes 7 turnovers! Some teams want to start off with they way they finished, we exceeded those expectation. We finished with 6 turnovers against the Cardinals in the playoffs! We knew we could do better than that... and we did!..

Comment #10

Don't worry, my Raiders play tonight. We'll make you look good by comparison..





Comment #11

Lol, so who's going to be the "Detroit Lions" of the 2009-2010 season?.

My vote is for the Rams...

Comment #12

Man the Pats got lucky. But Brady was on as usual...

Comment #13

Old Joke, Modernized:.

Man goes into a bar with a dog on a leash. The Detroit Lions games is on the bar TV. The Lions get a first down and the dog barks. "That's amazing" says the bartender who is amazed at the dog for noticing the Lions got a first down..

A little while later, the Lions score a touchdown, and the dog howls for a solid minute and does a back flip. The bartender is astounded and says "what a fabulous dog!" The bartender asks the dog's owner "What does he do if they win?".

The dog's owner says "I don't know - I've only had the dog 4 years."..

Comment #14

Partially true. The fumble hurt, but the defense didn't get to Brady in the last 2 minutes like they were throughout the game. No blitzing, no stunts, just straight 4 man rush...

Comment #15

Two really good games last night...I was surprised that either of them was close...Of course bad teams always find a way to lose...

Comment #16

I really, REALLY don't like any of the teams that played last night, but DANG...those throwbacks looked GREAT, especially the Raiders (and I can't stand the Raiders). The Titans throwbacks in the Hall of Fame Game were especially great...

Comment #17

Agreed. I was talking about that during the game with one of my buddies last night. I only wish they'd done a TRUE throwback and went with these helmets:.

Instead of these:..

Comment #18

You're 100% right. I don't know why a good thing has to be messed up. With few exceptions, all of those old AFL uniforms look better than what their team currently wears..

I mean, I LOVE the Titans (and was an Oilers fan decades before that), but the current helmets just don't compare to those original blue deals (see my sig for an example). I mean really...a flaming thumbtack? Come on NFL properties, you can do better than that..

And the Patriots' current modern helmet? What the crap? That thing is weird..

By the way, if any of you guys are into uniform related stuff, you should check out.

The site is all about this kind of thing...

Comment #19

I love the throw back uniforms, but the Pats-Bills game was hard to remember who was who. It looked like the Cardinals were playing the Colts...

Comment #20

I wish the Giants would break those old school '80's unis out again...

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