Around how much does Nutrisystem cost per month?

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Quick question... Around how much does Nutrisystem cost per month? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Tell me the truth. Most days I don't have too hard a time with it. But other days I just don't drink that much...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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I started a thread earlier this week about being all backed up... after drinking about another 25 oz of water, I have returned back to normal. So yes, water is extremely important..

Think about it this way, all the trips to the bathroom equals exercise...

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What I do is buy the cases of bottled water from the discount store. Then I set aside 4 of those 1/2 liter (16.9 oz) bottles in the morning. I drink one during my morning workout, and one with each meal. Plus, I add coffee and Crystal Light drinks to my liquids (I know coffee is a diuretic, but I've already given up beer for this diet; if I had to forgo coffee too, I'd probably shoot myself).

Another thing I do is buy the 1 gallon jugs of spring water and refill the used bottles a couple of times before I toss them in the recycle bin. I've heard you're not supposed to reuse those bottles, but I figure once or twice can't be bad. I make sure I don't reuse them more than a couple times..

The good thing about the water is all the exercise you get by walking to the bathroom forty times a day!..

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It's not that important if you want to store a lot of fat and salt in your body...

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I just figured the weight would come off just because of the low calories. My calories have been cut by 2000+ per day...

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It is okay to reuse water bottles. The bottled water industry wants you to believe it is not okay so they can sell you more of their product..



I use six 12oz coke bottles, fill them the night before and try to go through them twice each day. (I don't always accomplish this feat. That's a lot of water.) I wash them like the article says, then I put them through a mild bleach rinse every once in a while...

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Another yes here..

It's a good habit to get into too because when you reach your goal it will help you to maintain...

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The reason most "DIETS" fail is the nature of diets and the assumptions people make that go on diets. Somehow most believe that obesity can be curred by losing weight - nothing could be further from the truth. Those who often diet, try to speed up the process by eating fewer calories - often falling to the level that triggers and sustains the starvation response. The only cure for obesity (and all of it's attended disease and consequences) is a healthy lifestyle. If that lifestyle isn't also enjoyable - it won't be sustainable. It does require some discipline - but the payoff is so great that even the discipline provides enhanced self esteem..

Do your own searches and you'll find on these boards and throughout the web how valuable drinking 8 glasses of water a day is to your health. More than that may be somewhat controversial but that amount has few detractors..

More importantly the water is only a small part of a healthy lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle I've been enjoying also includes: walking and perfect pushups, lots of activity (daily chores around our farm - parking further away from entrances etc.), lots of vegetables and fruits, only whole grains, elimination of junk/unhealthy food, limited artificial sweeteners, limited alcohol, very limited red meat, good seafood, the Nutrisystem food plan (6 meals/snacks) and yep at least 64 oz of water..

The Mindset Makeover helped me get my healthy lifestyle started - I'm using the new online version as a booster shot. These discussions help reinforce my good habits. I think we all know that this will either be a lifelong journey with wonderful rewards and good health - or a waste of time money and effort with the consequences that drove us here to begin with..

Congratulations on a great decision - now figure out the healthy lifestyle your going to enjoy maintaining for the rest of your life!..

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Like Better-40 I just buy a bottled water every now and then and refill it through out the day. I'll usually use the same bottle for 3 or 4 days before I lose it. I wash them out with soap and water every two days or so. It makes it easy for me to always have water available to me...

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Atleast I'm down one pound this week. That's better than nothing. Maybe I would have done a little better if I had drank all my water and not so much Diet Rite cola...

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Thanks for the Snopes link. I should have checked there first; those guys are awesome! Whenever someone sends me one of those ridiculous internet rumors I usually go to Snopes, cite the material that thoroughly debunks it, and then I send it back to them with a suitably personal insult, as I tend to be less than charitable with dupes..

...although it took my wife about six times before she learned to stop sending me those bogus emails!..

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You must be trolling, because as a senior member you've been around long enough not to write stupid stuff like I quoted above and mean it. Seriouly, dude!.

Cola, in any form, sugar content or not, is a dehydrating agent. And it releases inorganics and organics into your blood stream when disgested that interfere with anabolic processes..

In other words, it makes your body want to conserve fat cells...

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Bringin the heat and keepin it real. I love the Straight Talk...

Comment #13

My meal planner says I can have diet pop. I guess Nutrisystem is trolling...

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As with every "Free or Unlimited" food, Nutrisystem recommends moderation. Try green or white teas instead of the soda and see if it makes a difference. No matter what though you have to decide what works best for you...

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The nutritionist that works at my gym told me if you drink a diet soda you need to drink twice as much water as you drank of soda to clear it out of your body. In other words if you drank 16 oz of soda, you need to drink an extra 32 oz of water that does not count towards your daily water total...

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The way I understand it, the weight we are losing is physically leaving our bodies through urination. Think about it. The weight is physical matter, built into our bodies to store energy. That physical matter has to leave our bodies somehow!.

When combined with a low calorie diet and regular exercise (walking an hour or so a day is GREAT!), drinking.

At least.

64 ozs. of water a day helps flush the system out and keeps the weight loss rolling along. The brain regulates all sorts of thing by measuring levels of different substances in the bloodstream. Keeping the urinary track on call 24/7 is how you lose the weight..

Drink the water. Walk. Eat the amount of food called for in the plan. You will lose weight..

If you have to drink so much soda, find caffeine-free versions. But it would be easier to buy some Crystal Light or similar sugar free drink mixes and get your water in that way. The ideal is just plain old water, but Crystal Light might get you through the second or third 32 oz bottle in a day...

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I think I've had more than 64 ounces today..

I really just like to enjoy some soda at breakfast and dinner. But not today. The Diet Rite cola I was drinking has no caffeine, no calories, no sodium, no carbs and it's sweetened with Splenda. There are probly worse diet drinks...

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Water is the number one most forgotten step in any weight lose program. Calories, fats, sodium ect is watched by most people. But water is the cheapest most availible weight lose aid out there. 64 oz is the minimum requirement for a day if exercise is not involved. Twice that should be comsumed for the body to run smoothly. Think of it like your body is an engine and oil is needed for it to run smoothly and not over heat.

This would be like your body shutting down and going into heat stroke. Most people see the biggest swings in their weight because of water in take so they phsychologically aviod it because it makes them look like they are gaining weight. Fat cells are made more soluable buy water there for it's easier for the body to burn it as energy. If you are dehydrated your body will burn carbs and protiens first as they do normally because they break down easier then hardend fat cells Bottom line is your body is an engine and it needs water to break down the sludge (fat) to expell it. If you do not stay hydrated your weight lose will take twice the amount of time.

It should be clear or slightly golden. If it is any darker then that you are dehydrated..

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If it has no caffeine, it's cool. And as long as it's something in moderation, and you're drinking more water than Diet Rite, you can count it as part of your water. That's the way I understand the plan...

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I've been peeing nearly crystal clear pee pee since I started. I used to have some real nasty urine before I started...

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Dang Bro. You really don't hold back with the sharing...

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I spoke with a counselor about Kool Aid sweetened with Splenda. They said it's OK and it can count as half your required daily water. So atleast I can have that and not feel too guilty..

Also, whoever recommended No Salt, thanks. I don't need it for the Nutrisystem foods but it does help a little with the add ons...

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The days I am not drinking water, I am drinking diet green tea by the gallon. Love that stuff...

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I guess I'll be the lone voice of dissent in this thread. I'm a medical doctor and I just don't buy into all the hype. I'm all for staying properly hydrated but what many are advocating goes beyond proper hydration and quite frankly it's not always healthy..

If you are drinking so much water that you are having to urinate large amounts hourly of colorless urine you can probably step back on the water intake..

Some people seem to have this notion that you can never drink too much water, it's just not true. You can overhydrate yourself to the point that you dilute the sodium in your bloodstream and actually go into coma or seizures. It's been known to happen in marathon runners who've been told to push the fluids so much that they actually gain weight during the race from drinking too much water. When I was a medical student I saw a guy who decided to go on a fast and was drinking 3 gallons of water per day, his sodium levels dropped and went into a coma and didn't come out until his kidneys had a chance to catch up and piss off the extra water. That is off course one of the worst case scenarios, but there are other possibilities. One is called medullary washout, it occurs when you drink too much water and your kidneys actually lose the ability to concentrate urine which leads to peeing all the time and being thirsty all the time.

One of my teachers said that the popularization of water bottles has made this a much more common phenomenon..

Then there is my person pet peeve about caffeine containing drinks being dehydrating. First of all caffeine is a very weak diuretic. It may cause you to pee off more of the liquid than if you drank straight water, but it won't cause you to pee off a greater volume than the liquid itself. To give an example..

Lets say you drink 16 ounces of water and that all stays in your body. Now lets says you drink 16 ounces of soda and the diuretic effect causes you to pee 2 ounces, you still hold on to 14 ounces and that is hydrating, not dehydrating. Is it ideal? No, but your not going to spontaneously shrivel up like a raisin from drinking diet soda..

If you are pissing out fat you've got some bad kidney problems. I also have a big problem with calling what we are trying to do an anabolic process, it is quite a catabolic process by it's very definition, getting fat is an anabolic process though...

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I also agree with Disco on the water point, with one exception. I think that the basic science research that is coming out on diet soda will end up answering some of the questions about insulin resistance. It is true that diet soda has no calories, but we don't really know what it is making your body "see" metabolically..

For me, when I drink more water, I am more full and less likely to shove a bunch of food in my piehole. When I drink diet soda, I find that I am not full and have some pretty intense cravings for food. Maybe that is just me, but anytime that I am feeling hungry it is usually because my water intake is way down for the day and my diet soda intake is way up...

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Thanks Discobolus! I've had thoughts along those lines, but not the science to back it up..

I've gotta say, though, that since going on NS, I've actually enjoyed going with water. A good habit to establish. I used to drink large amounts of milk with every meal and 2 gallons of apple cider a week. I honestly did not think I could eat w/out milk and constantly kept a cold glass of apple cider at my elbow (since stopping the beer.

). Replacing with water is a huge calorie reduction for me and one thing I believe I can stick with after hitting goal..


Comment #27

Thanks, Disco, for setting us straight on the water. I prefer the facts to any personal mythology I may entertain...

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Thanks for the info Disco, but making a comparison of someone drinking 384 oz. of water to those of us who advocate drinking at least 64 oz. of water a day is really apples to oranges. I realize that water intoxication exists but it's also a fairly rare occurrence..

I attribute a lot of my success on this program to paying attention to my water intake throughout the day and using water to stave off hunger. Many times, in the early part of the program, I found that what I thought was hunger was actually thirst...

Comment #29

On the water topic, I've noticed something strange. As I mentioned upthread, I reuse the pint-sized water bottles a few times before recycling by refilling them with the gallon jugs of spring water I get at the supermarket..

I've noticed that the spring water tastes a bit odd compared to the small bottles. Like stale, or mineral-like. I've had several different brands of both sizes and notice the difference between the small bottles that basically have no taste, and the jugs that have a distinct taste. There's nothing less satisfying after a vigorous workout than to gulp some water that has a funny taste..

Then I refilled a few of the little bottles with tap water. Our town has excellent soft municipal water, and it compared favorably to the water in the small bottles..

So, I'm going to refill the little bottles a few times with tap water and see how that goes. Or I can try buying distilled water, which would probably be absolutely tasteless; although if I recall from my office water cooler, they actually add a trace amount of some minerals for taste. Which means that absolutely pure water apparently doesn't taste as good as water with.



Comment #30

The water I get at WalMart has some minerals added for test. It helps a little...

Comment #31

The amount of water to be taken in per day is suspect to me. If the 64-fl oz per day thing is true, and the 1/2-fl oz per pound you weigh is also true...then that 64-fl oz only applies to a person that weighs 128-lbs. So wtf?!?.

Which is it do I drink 64-oz or do I drink 165-oz? Considering I stop drinking a reasonable time before sleep to avoid interupting my sleep, that's a bottle of water every hour. Shrug, seems like a lot.....

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Doctor or not, I don't care..

Let me tell you that I started Nutrisystem on Oct. 25,2008..

On that day I stopped a 6-10 Dr. Peppers a day habit cold turkey and have not looked back. I add Crystal light to all my water because that is the only way I can hack it..

I drink about 170 oz per day and am HAPPY with myself and that is what matters to me...

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How long were you drinking that much pop? I had been doing it really bad since I was about 20. Most days I would drink a 2 liter of mt. dew or more. I have gained weight ever since then. Never lost weight. Until now...

Comment #34

Just to set things straight I'm not opposed to drinking water. Drinking water has never been a problem for me, I love plain water. I've owned a water distiller for years prior to doing Nutrisystem. I think 64 ounces is a good minimal starting point, I actually drink a lot more myself. My post was only meant to address the fact that a lot of the fitness industries beliefs about water consumption don't really jive with medical science. There seems to be this obsession with water that I don't quite understand.

Gobama, I guess I don't follow your logic there. You are saying that you lost weight by stopping drinking REGULAR soft drinks, yet this somehow proves that DIET soft drinks are bad?.

Maybe water is the answer through, afterall a calorie is defined as the energy required to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. So if the average body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and you drink a 4000 grams (approximately 1 gallon) of ice water (0 degrees Celsius) your body will have to raise that water 37 degrees, so......

4000 grams x 37 degrees= 148,000 calories.

So it looks like drinking a gallon of water might be the answer.

....ok I left one minor detail out of the above math, anyone know what it is?..

Comment #35

You are talking calories .... what we normally refer to as calories is actually kilocalories .... so divide by 1,000 and that gallon of water raising the temp was 148 kcal..

Comment #36

We used to call them "big C calories" and "little c calories"..

I once had an interesting coffee break conversation with an engineer friend who had convinced himself that eating really cold ice cream was a route to losing weight..


Comment #37

Too bad that didn't catch on, huh..

Although I think I might have tried that method a few times without knowing what I was trying to do...

Comment #38

I drink over 100 ounces of water a day. Often more than 150 ounces...

Comment #39

When I was over 300, I noticed I did best, weight and health wise, when I imbibed approximately 2 gallons of water per day. Since getting under 300, I do best with 1.5 gallons. I can do less if I don't do HIIT, kettlebells or other resistance but those days are few and far between. You don't have to drink a lot of water. You don't have to optimize your weight loss, either...

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Last week I was at the gym soaking in the spa - by chance a MD came in and we chat it up a bit. Our kidneys needs loads of water for it to do what it needs to do to keep you healthy. When we do not drink enough water our liver must process what our kidneys can not due to that lack of water. When the liver takes on this additional role, it can't do what you it to do - that is, a liver metabolizes fat. Therefore to keep your liver as efficient as possible in terms of metabolizing fat - you need to keep your kidneys soaked full of water..

Just fyi - for me knowing why to drink water helps me drink more water...

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I weigh myself every day. I have read these posts enough to know I will take some grief for that from the vets but it keeps me motivated to stay the course. My weight went up this morning from yesterday. When I look back on the day regarding where I have might have slipped up the only thing I can think of is I did not get 1/2 ounce per pound of water. I am making sure today that I get my water intake for today. I have noticed when I hit 1/2 ounce a day the scale continues to move in the correct direction..

Drink your water and then some. It's that important...

Comment #42

No grief from me. I weighed daily until I started having to wear this *%#*#! sling on my arm. I will go back to doing it once I can quit wearing it...

Comment #43

This is the first I have heard of the 1/2 oz per pound. I have been doing just the normal 64 oz that I read on the website. I guess I will have to more than double my water intake...

Comment #44

I'm working on the water thing...but it's hard. I'm having to force myself to drink water all day long and it seems I never get to the magical "8 cups" that Nutrisystem recommends...and I'm running to the bathroom 8 times a day.....

Comment #45

That doesn't count the 2-3 times I have to get up during the night.....

Comment #46

After reading this thread, I decided to bump up my water intake a few days ago..

Now I'm drinking at LEAST 128 oz (1 gallon) of water daily. I take my four standard 16.9 oz (1/2 liter) disposable water bottles, drink them by lunch, refill them, and finish them again by dinner..

I find that by curtailing my water intake after dinner, it helps me get through the night without a stumbling trip to the bathroom in the dark necessary..

I had plateaued for a couple of days previous to that, and now I'm back on track. And it helps to have easy access to a bathroom; I find that if I even THINK I might have to go, then I have to GO!.

Today for the hell of it, I'm going to keep track of how many times I have to go. I spent a couple hours at a parade over the weekend, and even though I wasn't drinking the green beer, I STILL had to wait in line with the drunks...twice! I'll bet I make at least 15 trips to the head today...

Comment #47

I've noticed the water working also. The first few days of week 2 I didn't lose an ounce and I realized that I wasn't drinking the water like I should. I upped my water intake to 8 pints per day and I immediately began seeing my weight drop. It's amazing that water has such an effect on weight loss.....

Comment #48

Okay so I have upped my water intake to above a gallon a day for the past 5 days and I have started to gain weight. Just about a pound, I am following the program 100% and exercising 5 times a week. This does not sound right to me. Could it be that since I am exercising more than the recommended 3 times a week that I have too much of a calorie deficiency and I should up my calorie intake? Any suggestions for people who have been on this program for a while will be greatly appreciated...

Comment #49

I'd be interested to hear from those with experience also. I don't drink quite as much water as some and I workout 5-6 days per week. Usually when I work out I have a G2 and then I'll add something to my dinner and I've continued to see losses so far. I'm only in week 3 though...and I'd like to find out what those who have been on program for awhile are doing in regards to this issue...

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I had to up my calorie intake by 330 cal (1 large Muscle Milk) on the days that I work out (4-6x/week) to keep my loss going. You may want to call a counselor, or just try it and see what happens..


Comment #51

Thanks for the reply, I sent an email (I hate phones) to a counsellor describing my situation, if I don't hear back from them in a couple of days I will break down and give them a call. Also thanks for the info on the Muscle Milk, I will look into that as well...

Comment #52

Also another thing about the Muscle Milk, I was looking at the label on GNC's website and it said that it has 17g of fat, do you drink this is replacement of your fat serving?.


Comment #53

Like I mentioned above, I'm keeping score. As of 4PM, I've had to go 9 times already. I think 15 is going to be just about right...

Comment #54

I've only been 5 times so far with one more hour to go at work. I'm on pint #7..

Comment #55

Yeah. It is a high calorie drink with a good shot of fat. I don't know why it works as well as it does for me and no, I don't count it at all. It's an addition I make only when I work out. I suppose I could try a lower fat protein drink, but those don't have the calories I'm looking for (basically to replace most of what I spend in my workout routine). Since I've found something that works for me, I'm not going to mess with it.

It is obvious that everyone is very different in loss rates, metabolism, etc. My only advice is to monitor your weight loss rate vs workout intensity and try stuff. That body bugg thing would help with that if you wanted to go that way. I just liked experimenting on myself. One BIG lab rat..

(Oops! my wife was logged in last. Sorry for the avatar and ticker confusion. This is embarassing..



Comment #56

Well, I was right. It WAS 15 times! I figure I burned about 100 calories extra just on my trips to various bathrooms. Which is a good side effect of all that water!.

Now I'm off to my workout and the first of today's 8 pints...

Comment #57

I only ended up going 9 times yesterday. I guess my gym workout helps sweat out some liquid or something...I had 9 pints of water and a G2 yesterday.....

Comment #58

Here's the way I did (and still do) it. Every two hours drink 8 ounces of water. Drink room temperature and shoot it like an alcohol shot. It is easier to get more down if you don't drink it cold...

Comment #59

CT - I am similar only I do it when I think to myself that I am hungry. Then I drink some water. If I think it again, I drink some more and chew some gum. It works well for me. It gets me my water intake and helps me fend off hunger feelings...

Comment #60

Sugar Free gum definitely helps too. It is weird because gum used to make me hungry and now it keeps my mouth busy...

Comment #61

Sugar free gum is great, Ive also found sugar free jolly ranchers to be excellent...

Comment #62

You know what helps when drinking water? Shutting the heck up and drinking the freakin' stuff! Drink up men! It won't kill ya!..

Comment #63

And don't forget to recycle those water bottles. Milk jugs too!.

Lessen your carbon footprint today...

Comment #64

Or, use an aluminum water bottle and just refill it as needed. Of course, I do have two sinks in my classroom so I'm not too far away from a source. Fortunately, I'm very close to the restrooms also...

Comment #65

I think fat is something you need to be aware of. The Nutrisystem plan is higher in protein so you're giving up some carbs already. Add complex ones and replace some of the fat that comes along for the ride in Nutrisystem with additional protein. Don't add fat unless you're doing it on purpose. I did a two week analysis of my diet and never went over 50% carbs but my fat was running near 30%. I'd like that to switch places with my proteins so I cut out egg yolks and it dropped quick.

Like you said, there are other choices but it's tough to change something that's working so well...

Comment #66

I just bought.

You on a Diet.

, and it's got some good information in it. However it's in this weird comedic style of writing and the charts are almost all like that as well. I'm finding it hard to understand, and the jokey style is supposed to.


People understand! Bleh!.

But I've gotten this much about water in the process. It's long, so bear with me or skip on down..

The satiation center in the brain is dealing with two different chemicals, CART and NPY. If CART is winning the day, your body increases metabolism and decreases appetite. If NPY is winning the day, your body decreases metabolism and increases appetite..

The stomach sends out pulses of a hormone called ghrelin about every 30 minutes. When it's empty, the pulses get stronger and stronger. They also speed up. Ghrelin turbocharges NPY levels. When you experience a sudden craving or a hunger pain, your stomach just sent out a big jolt of ghrelin. The Mindset Makeover helps you deal with these sudden, short term pangs..

There is another hormone that supports CART levels called leptin. It comes not in short-term jolts, but in long-term levels. That's because leptin levels increase with the amount of stored fat that you have. That's right the more fat you have, the more that fat is telling your brain that enough is enough, let's go for a run and burn off this excess energy..

Trouble is, you can also develop leptin resistance in the body. Cells become less receptive to the leptin when you've got such large amounts in the blood stream. Your leptin goes to eleven, as it were, and so the brain adjusts to the louder "volume.".

And so the vicious cycle hits us. Leptin levels get out of whack and the body dials it down. CART levels get less support. Meanwhile, ghrelin knows just how to get our attention, bumping up NPY increasing our appetite. We eat past normal satiation because of leptin resistance. The body stores more fat.

But it's not just food that affects the CART-NPY balance. Water, sex, and sleep are also factors here. A lack of sleep, sex, water, or food triggers higher NPY levels and lower CART levels. The more sleep, sex, water, and food (actually stored fat) you have, the higher the CART levels and the lower the NPY levels..

That's why we drink water. By making sure that we actually are satiated on water, we eliminate that being one cause of lower CART levels, which can trigger binge eating once ghrelin gets it's eat on..

Sleepiness isn't that hard to confuse with hunger, and neither is needing a little something something. But it's only extreme thirst that I find to be unmistakable. If you're "hungry," try drinking a quick bottle of water. It should be clear in a few minutes if you're really hungry or not. Plus, boosting CART levels with adequate water, sleep, and bawn-chicka-dow-down gives your brain all the support it can to fend off NPY as quickly as possible..

Long story short: drink the water and your brain will thank you...

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