As far as web hosting services, who is better and why, yahoo or 123 reg?

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First question I have is As far as web hosting services, who is better and why, yahoo or 123 reg? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Most domains are taken, but some 1-2 word domains are still free out there..

Do you believe there are still some gems waiting for us?.

How much do you think could reach a today hand-reg domain?? (any examples?)..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

It depends on the quality of the name. Like, OVT score for the terms in the domain, CPC for the terms in the domain, readability, memorability, extension, previous sales of the keywords that your HostGator has, number of google pages, TM free, Blacklist Clearance...etc..

I successfully sold domains for good profits within one year of their registrations...

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I hand registered a couple of names recently and hope to sell them for a profit..

It's a lot easier to find good cheap dropped names though...

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I hand reg a good 5-10 per day. You just have to know where to look, certain times of the day etc..

Here are a couple that I picked up the past couple of days..

TakeInterest .com.

TradeUsed .com.

PaymentAlerts .com.

Kixie .com.

WinClothes .com.

FinancialPlanningFirm .com.

UResell .com.

TodayRentals .com..

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I recently sold a month after hand regging it...but frankly, I've found very few good .coms available...there are a lot of them in other extensions (especially .mobi and .tv), but .coms have all been taken. There are a few dictionary one word .orgs, but they're hard to sell to a commercial buyer, even harder to sell on forums like this one..

Comment #5

Those are really good Jamie! The only one that I hand regged recently and think is fairly decent is:.

Spendingproblem .com..

Comment #6

It is very possible to make a nice chunk of change from hand-regged domains. In a lot of cases the unregistered domains are better-looking than names selling for 4-figures in the .com extension. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it only takes one prospective buyer (or preferrably, two)..

Click on the link in my signature for some good ones that are just sitting out there...waiting.....

Comment #7

Here is a list of my recent pickups at registration fee (within the past week) all of them are .com's.













Comment #8

Too date, most (if not all) of my sales have been from hand reg domains. I've sold into the low $x,xxx range. Most of those are ones that expired, a few a I just really lucky to get..

For the first time since I've started domaining, I'm now buying domains higher than reg fee..

Comment #9

Not bad Yofie!.

Domainspade...yours look good as well..



Comment #10

Obviously you're not going to be able to hand register any premium domains these days but there are definitely still opportunities to register good names. I hand register quite a few. About 6 months ago I hand registered 2 names and sold them a few months later for $500 & $300. They're not all going to be a success story but if you can study the industry and try and learn what today's (or even better, tomorrow's) market is after you will greatly increse your chances of being profitable..

Wish you many successful & profitable registrations in the years to come!..

Comment #11

I'm so busy finding and catching good dropping domains (at non-premium prices), I seldom think of new regs any more!..

Comment #12

I've done alright at flipping regs for some quick profit. I browse recently-expired lists and I've had sales at $600, $500, $500, $400, $200, $200, etc in the past year just off those regs. Takes a lot of time, patience, a good eye, and a lot of perseverance, but it's certainly possible to make some money this way. Great for start-up domainers who have a good sense of HostGator value, due to the small amount of money required...

Comment #13

Just regged.


Like most of my other hand regs, this one has potential if I can find the right end-user out there..

Its topical, so...I'm hoping..

95% of my sales come from hand regs but most are for mediocre profits..


Comment #14

Most of the time I've been buying domains in TDNam but once in a while I will hand regs. domains that I think could have potential in the future or good for development. These are my recent hand regs..

Comment #15

Where do you guys usually look for expiring names? ( I use HostGator tools but I am fairly new to domaining.) do you wait until it actually expires or do you place it on backorder? thanks, sam..

Comment #16

A domainer hand regged about a year ago and it sold for over to hundred thousand if I remember right, anyone know the price?..

Comment #17

Well, I have been thinking and I might set up a very small site with "How" I grab what I grab and show exactly what I do..

If I do the site, it's going to be done the right way, and have everything all in one place. I know at best, maybe a handful know what my process is and how I do it..

I will only let a few know and I would be silly not charging for it, but like I said, I will have a short video on how Exactly I do it, plus everything will be able to be done in one place. The domains (updated automatically) Dates, Times, a video showing exactly how it's done..

Yes, then you to, can get the cream of the crop, just expired domains for $6.95These are Not Top-Tier domains, but these domains can and Do sell for $xxx-$x,xxx and they sell in a short time period as well..

Here are a couple more examples of some domains that I pick up with my system.. (for the L-L-L lovers).

LLLL .com's.

3 Char .net's (I have grabbed over 600 NLL, LLN, NLN).

I will keep you updated when or if I decide to set up the site. If you do not mind, what might some people be willing to pay for this? It's a one time fee (to use the site), and All the HostGator you pick up will only be $6.95 ish and there are No other costs at all. This is extremely valueable and the domains you pick up will prove it...

Comment #18

Yofie, I'd probly pay a one time fee of maybe $20..


Comment #19

For sure not worth it then..

The potential with this system are easy to make $4,000 + a month for a flipper. Why? Because I do that easily each month, just using this system. If a person was to use the system for long-term investments, this number could be much higher..

Using my system, if you grabbed ONE domain, you could make that $20 back in 24 hours less. At that rate, my system would allow you to make approx $133 a day. That doesn't make sense to me to offer it for that price..

I was thinking of pricing more along the lines of a Rev making domain..

$133 (a day) X's 30 (days) = $3,990 that would be Monthly Rev, just catching these domains, and only selling them for Rock Bottom prices. Like $30 each etc. Who wouldn't buy for $30, or for $30. The fact is, you can sell these for a lot more then $30. I grab a min of 5-10 domains a day, and there are tons more I can grab as well..

If I charged you $5.00 a day, to make a Min of $133 a day, you do the math. You become the winner Big Time..

In a year, I would make $1,825.

In a year, You could easily make $48,545.

But this would be a lifetime membership, so all you would pay would be $1,825...

Comment #20

A Bargain, considering I told him not share this information...

Comment #21

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