Atkins or Medifast Diet? which one?

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First off, Atkins or Medifast Diet? which one? Thanks for any comment. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that new members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and FUN!.

We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (68)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Good morning shammies.. super busy..

Will check in from work..

Comment #2

Busy day and running a tad behind.. will check in this afternoon after my TM time.

Have a ShamRockin Monday!!!..

Comment #3

Good morning..

Happy Monday..

Gotz to getz back to work.....

Comment #4

Hi all,.

Quick fly by before heading out to doctors appt. for DH. Then I gotta get home and slowly start putting this house together for company. I like fall colors so I keep my fall and Thanksgiving items out for this holiday and then change over to Christmas. I always say I'm setting all my Christmas things out early but I have the most beautiful nativity scene and it's very large and takes up my whole buffet counter and that's where we serve Thanksgiving dinner so I'll keep on waiting. Besides, Christmas trees and little boys won't do well together.

Those working, please have a good day and I'll try and check in later this afternoon...

Comment #5

Lauri - how is Natalie?.

Hi all from work...battery in my car was dead and our phone lines are down at work today...boy oh boy it should be fun day...

Comment #6

Morning all!.

Crazy weather here...almpst 70 degrees and a thunderstorm this morning! WOW!.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!..

Comment #7

Hi again from work..

My head hurts already..

Is it Wednesday at 4 yet?..

Comment #8

Ohmygosh I agree, Lori! Head hurting - starting the coffee! Can't wait until Wednesday 3pm (for me), though I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, so that means I'll be busy busy baking Wednesday night.

Ang - ugh - wouldn't it be awesome if your boss just cancelled work for the week? I think he should - no phone means no productivity, right? Bummer about your battery, I hope you have triple A (but I know you have a rockstar husband, right!!)..

Dawn - jealous of 70 degree weather - I will take the storm, no comparison! It's not terribly cold here, but, I miss chicago!.

Hey Lauri! How are you?.

Andi...up and TMing already on that west much it!.

Hey Ladies!! We found out Thursday that we're having a boy! Everything's healthy so far, except a fat fibroid in my uterus, but it's not impacting baby right now, so that's good. Doctor is pleased with my 10 lb weight gain in the first half of pregnancy, so agrees the pregnancy books I've bought. He wants me to gain another 20lbs...whatever, but I'm hoping I can go with his initial suggestion of a total weight gain of 25lbs. Oh- there's my boy kicking again! I long for my size 6 clothes, but am getting so excited about buying cloth diapers and cribs and strollers, etc, that I know it's all good. Thankfully, I can wear my pre-MF clothes (for the most part) as maternity clothes, since all my tops were long to cover my belly. Now, they work to fulfill that function again!.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, all, and I keep sham-rocking MF!..

Comment #9

There is definitely nothing happy about having to work on a Monday. Although I suppose it is a good thing that it is a short week..

Comment #10

I love all the fall colors too Barb. We keep all the fall stuff out till Thanksgiving and then the weekend after Thanksgiving, Christmas literally vomits all over our house and we decorate for Christmas...

Comment #11

Sounds crappy Ang. You guys have been having some serious phone issues lately...

Comment #12

Val - congrats on the baby boy.

Morning all. Slept late today. - Tossed and turned all night..

Today is piano lesson...

Comment #13

I think it's way funny that I've posted over on BBB 2x in like 2 days..

I must be feeling rowdy...

Comment #14

Quick check in hi...and what the h... I am really hungry this morning..

Hope to hear from Lauri about dd by the time I get back. How old is dd?.

Bbacc= be back after cha cha..

Comment #15

Oops, sorry Barb! Heya! I am excited for Christmas decorations, too, but can't until I host Thanksgiving, as well!.

Hey Kori Rockstar! You look SOOOOOOOO thin!.

Hey Sandy! Keep it rocking!..

Comment #16

Hi all.. I'm here. back from court and finally sitting down..

Hi ang, andi, jo, barb, lori, sandy, darlene and dawn. sorry I have no time for shout outs!.

Hey Val... congrats on that baby boy. boys are great!.

Lauri... hope nat is ok.

Hope you all have great OP days. I'll be back after some work and ds doctor appt...

Comment #17

Oops sorry Kori the rockstar. didnt mean to leave you out...

Comment #18

My head hurts..

WHY is not Wednesday at 4?..

Comment #19

Completed week three.

And let me see.

We are back on track.

And that aint no JACK..

I am happy today...

Comment #20

Kori is our ROCKSTAR this week..

She earned 22 stars..

Congratulations KORI...

Comment #21

As a team we earned 146 stars this week. Great job, Shammies..

We logged 71.2 miles this week and have gone 166.62 miles so far..

Kori and Sandy earned their first 25 mile star..

I am predicting that Darlene and Andi will get their first 25 mile star next week and that Kori will earn her second 25 mile star. You go ladies..

I am so proud of everyone. Everyone is doing great. We have earned a total of 447 stars so far...

Comment #22

Weight Loss.

We lost 18.7 pounds last week and no one gained! That is 1.14% of our total body weight. Since the challenge started we have lost 46.6 pounds and that is 2.85% of our total body weight. And remember that is with our stinky week 2. We are not going to have another week like that...

Comment #23

Val - Super duper congrats..

Do you have names in mind?..

Comment #24

Weight loss by pounds.

#3: Lauri 2.2.

#2: Sandy 2.6.

#2: Angela 2.6.

#1: Barb 7.

Weight loss of %.

#3: Sandy.

#2: Angela.

#1: Barb.

Total weight Loss.

#4: Sandy.

#3: Lauri.

#2: Andi.

#1: Barb.

Total weight Loss by %.

#4: Lauri.

#3: Barb.

#2: Sandy.

#1: Andi.

Congratulations everyone...

Comment #25

Sorry I do not have numbers on all of the above post. Excel is acting up. I am sure it is not the operator. Anyway, I will recreate if I have to but need to get some coffee and practice for piano lesson today..

We are doing great on the challenge and I know we can conquer week four...

Comment #26

Hi all,.

I am happy that Captain is happy, because Sandy is happy. I'm also happy that Val is having a BOY! YEAH!!!.

Ang ~ Does it ever stop? I thought I was taking over your luck, but I guess not..

As predicted, Natalie and I went back to the E.R. this a.m., as she woke up, then threw up, then hurt so bad she was in tears. I think the hospital made the switch to Nationalized Health Care over night. I'm kidding...but the service this a.m. wasn't good at all. They weren't busy with patients, but it was a "help yourself" sort of atmosphere...they are certain it is a cyst on her ovary that burst and it'll take a few days to feel better.

So...I think she's okay...she is sure she's dying. It's funny that no matter how much pain a teen is in, they can continue to text their friends like there is no tomorrow. Crazy kids..

Oh, Darlene ~ Nat is 14, going on 44 (she knows more than I do)..

I'm tired, can you tell?.

Love you all and I hope to be back later...

Comment #27

For a boy...I like Sparky!!!.

Do we have a 2nd for that motion?..

Comment #28


BEAUTIFUL work Sand!!!.

Barb ~ I want what you're doin'! You rock!!!..

Comment #29

I posted this on the challenge thread but thought I should post here also..

Congratulations everyone on week 3..

For week 4, we will continue our special focus item. It is your item so you can modify in anyway that helps you be successful. I am still focusing on my spacing. We will implement our Thanksgiving plan. The reason to have a plan is so we can have a good OP week. Plans change because situations change.

PLan B is just as good as plan A. No plan is where we can get into trouble. It is not to late to develop your plan..

Let's have a good chatty week. It seems we do better when we chat...

Comment #30

Lauri - I'm sorry she's still hurting and sick...

Comment #31

No for sure name, yet. We like Isaac. We need a name that has a Russian counterpart (nickname) for all our Russian relatives...

Comment #32

Lara is back in the challenge next week so we are going to have great numbers. Lara, thanks for getting back on the track..

I second the motion for Sparky. Maybe Val will let us have it for his nickname...

Comment #33

Val, congrats on your future son. I like Isaacit's a strong boys name. WTG everyone on the challenge. May we all get thru this week and rock on. Lauri, hope Nat starts feeling better. Get some sleep...

Comment #34

Good to see Val!! Congrats on the boy!.

I like Isaac...that is my grandson's name!.

We are now under a tornado watch! CRAZY!! And I thought the thunder was causing the kids to be it is BLACK outside! Less than an hour to help them remain calm!..

Comment #35

Hey ladies! Can't believe that 2010 is only 5 weeks from being over!.

Kori - you look phenomenal!!.

Barb - Great job in the challenge!.

Lori - only 2 more days (and 32 minutes)!.

Andi - You and your TM are inseparable!.

Dawn - stay safe!!.

Hope everyone else is having an awesomely OP day! I just placed another last one lasted 4 weeks longer then it should have... :/ Mom and I are both getting back on the wagon this week once the orders arrive so that by her 50th b-day next May we're both at goal!.

Have a great day, Shams!..

Comment #36

Barb - love your comment on the challenge..

Dawn - crazy weather. Calm, calm...

Comment #37

I am going to have my L&G and then off to piano lessons so will be gone for quite awhile. Hope everyone has a good day and Lori gets off work soon...

Comment #38

OH, got the spreadsheet fixed and did not have to recreate. YAY...

Comment #39

Kat, my casino buddy, I've missed you. You know I follow you on FB but I like you here to see what's going on in your life and how's the next house? Any special guy in your life or still playing the field? Hopefully we can get together next year cuz I sure enjoyed hanging with ya in AC. Best of luck to you and your mom...

Comment #40

Kat~Good to see you! Welcome back!.

Sandy~have fun at piano lessons!.

Barb~How are you doing today!?. are home with their parents now! storm passed through...MEGA downpour just before they all had to head out to go home! Lights flickered and 22 1st graders were freaking out!.

I'm home..getting DS a snack and then we are going to attempt basketball practice tonight...if he starts coughing too bad we will head home! Hope everyone has a good night!..

Comment #41

Hi all... drive by from home.. LOL... gotta do dinner, volunteering at food pantry tonight. bbl..

Comment #42

Hi e'one..

Just got home and am trying to put stuff together to take away for Thanksgiving..

Leaving from work on Wednesday and have mani appointment and a bunch of other crap tomorrow night, kinda had to be tonight..

I think for Thanksgiving dinner I'm going to wear this cute argyle dress with tights and booties..

What the hell, right?.

Anyway - turkey meatloaf is almost cooked and I gotz to run..

It's good to see you, Kat..

Mad love...

Comment #43

Evening lovelies. Winter is officially here in Seattle. Kind of dangerous - they don't really have winter so they are TOTALLY not prepared. not enough plows, no salt trucks... not ready. MANY if not all schools will be cancelled tomorrow.

WOW crazy on teh roads. Lots of chains on. stopped and got some gravel to weigh down my truck bed. think we are set. we shall see....

My head hurts so much I can't see straight. eyeball headache. YUCK!.

Maybe water and TM will help - after some good old fashioned Tylenol therapy..

OH yeah -.


- after the cyst ruptures, pain should go down slightly but will still be there cuz it is still pressure on the surrounding areas. whatever was inside (fluid or blood) will slowly get re-absorbed and as it does, the pain will go down. bad pain can increase nausea. did you get meds for both? main thing to watch for now is fever. back to the ED if that happens.... be well - to you both...

Comment #44

Hi and bye to all as I have a very sick kid and 2 hours of dictation to do...but.....

Sandy - have fun with the piano lessons...I think it's way cool that you take them..

Kat - MISSED YOU.NET! Glad to see you back here..

Val - WTG on the great news!.

Andi, Dawn, Barb, and everybody else I'm missing hey!..

Comment #45

Hi ya Andi too! Okay off to do tape...

Comment #46

Thanks Val!! Congrats on the baby boy! That is so awesome!..

Comment #47

It's ok. I know I am always on your mind..

Comment #48

Thanks Sandy for all your hard work with the challenge. We wouldn't be earning no stars without all your help and supper, chica!..

Comment #49

Finally a minute to check in- what a busy day. Its been a good one...

Comment #50

Keeping my focus and determination to rock exercise 5 days a week prompted me to join a gym here in Austin today. They were running a super good special and with this week and the 2 weeks I will be here at Christmas alone, I have paid for a years membership if I paid their day rate all the times I want to go. Thanks again Sandy for introducing those special focuses for the challenge. They have really helped me...

Comment #51

Ok lets see how I do on shout outs.

Ang- get any work done wothout phones? Hope kiddo get feeling better, I had two sickies over the weekend..

Andi- OMG on the weather- I'm so not ready for snow yet..

Dawn- we were up near the 70's today too. I'll take it because flurries are in the forcast for Fri..

Kat- glad to see you back, we've missed you.

Val- Congrats on the boy- I'm a little partial to girls but my nephew is helping me with the boy thing..

Lauri- glad you at least know what is going on with your dd. I've had a ruptured cyst before and it is very painful..

Lori- Love the Thanksgiving day outfit, please post pix later..

Sandy- thanks so much for the challenge. I am going to rock it this week. So far my new plan is great and I feel much better. Hit the gym today so I'm back on t rack for my focus too..

Andrea- How was your day- you've sounded busy too..

AFM- Had a good day both food wise and exercise wise. My hubbie and I did a PiYo class at the gym (pilates/ yoga mix) It was relaxing but my back is hurting now- I have no core strength so this is the class I need. I tuckered out so thinking I'm hitting the bed early. Catch you all in the morning if the board is up. I didn't have time this morning to start us off- sorry ang, but thanks for doing it...

Comment #52

Love the name Isaac. Has the old world feel to it and it isn't completely overused. I like when people put a bit of thought into the names instead of picking something that is trendy at the moment. Anyone want to hazard a guess at how many Edwards, Bellas and Jakes there have been since the Twilight movies have come out? Way too many fo'sho!..

Comment #53

Totally sucks. It still amazes me how much weather effects kids at school. So glad we are off all this week. That way I am really relaxed for my Thanksgiving...

Comment #54

Good to see you here Kat! I can't believe the new year is so close. Thanks for reminding me.

Glad you and mom are back on the Medifast wagon. Finish it up to goal girl! You know how to make it work!..

Comment #55

Oooohhh, with the weather being so crazy I would just skip the practice all together. Don't want to tempt fate or anything...

Comment #56

That is so awesome that you are volunteering like that. It has been awhile since I have done that. Need to look into that again...

Comment #57

Take care of the sick kid. A mothers work is never done...

Comment #58

Good to see you here checking in today. Sounds like you had a busy day but a much better one. See you tomorrow..

Oh, BTW, my core strength still sucks really bad too. Was thinking of doing a personal challenge between thanksgiving and Christmas with crunches, want in on it?..

Comment #59

Kori - I thought I would add crunches in week 5. My PT wants me to do 200 daily. I do 150 when I do them which is not daily. If we all start with 25 in week 5 and increase from there we will be on our way for the new year..

Lara - I am so glad you had a good day...

Comment #60

Tomorrow morning I play golf so I will not be on line for awhile but I will be totally OP...

Comment #61

Finally eating my L&G now, cauliflower pizza. Yum!.

Took BF to get his wisdom tooth pulled. Took two hours but I got some reading done. Then while he was resting up, I was determined to find a place to exercise. Bf has membership at this gym so I figured I would go and pay the day rate thinking it couldn't be that much. Turns out their day rate is 19 dollars! So I signed up for a years membership at 19 dollars a month with unlimited use, massage chairs, tanning, etc. I figure I will need a gym every time I visit and when I move and it will motivate me even more when I am here to work out since I am already paying for it..

Glad to see so many people stopping by today. Off to eat and then snuggle with poor, injured BF..

See you ladies tomorrow..

Mucho love...

Comment #62


540 over 3.5 in 45..

Comment #63

Hi all... so tired tonight I can hardly type..

Great shouts by Lara... promise to say hi and get more involved tommorrow..

Food pantry was great and my kids are going back to help tommorrow!.

Later y'all.....

Comment #64

Thanks for donig that Andi - and how great for the kids! you're amazing!..

Comment #65

Andi - congrats on the TM.

Andrea - Yay on the food pantry...

Comment #66

Hi sandy and andi... dont know why I havent gone to bed. yeah, helping the food pantry is a great way to enjoy this week. it's eye opening. we packed 200 boxes of food for 200 families in need. we, as in all the helpers.

I am extremely grateful and so are my kids. thanks for listening and I truly enjoy chatting with all you shammies!..

Comment #67

OK - so driving in the snow SUPER SX but running and playing in the snow with my puppies - shamROCKS!..

Comment #68

And with that - I'm going to go have a salad and enjoy my evening brownie and head to bed.....

Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks - no one knows what tomorrow will bring and we need to be READY!..

Comment #69

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.