Average weight loss in first month on Slimming World, WeightWatchers, Slim-Fast or Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: Average weight loss in first month on Slimming World, WeightWatchers, Slim-Fast or Medifast Diet? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... My name is Stephanie, I started Medifast 2/14/11. I live in MN and the 4th of July is kind of the official start of the warmest part of the summer. Since I don't like going to the pool before it hits 80. I thought this would be a good time to start some fitness goals.

I have played competitve softball and volleyball since I was 10yo.

I'm looking for some friends to share the next 4 months with starting march 1st. A place to share our fitness goals and successes. I'll be inside with wo videos at least untill april and when it gets warm enough out I'd like to start the couch to 5k (c25k) program again. It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you are moving.

Join me for the Fireworks by the Fourth.

I'm new to the boards. I would appriciate any help or suggestions anyone has to help the group along the way..

March goals:.

3 days a week/ 45 min/ day of moving!.

Stay 100% OP.

Drink 100% water..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Thank you Laura, your words are so encouraging. Congrats on the most recent addition to your family!!! If you can do this with 6 kids I think I can manage with 2.

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with others. Do you remember when you started exercising on mf? did you have to ease into it? were there times were you could tell you were doing to much and your weight loss suffered?..

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I actually never did any exercise last time, but I had a day care in my home so I never sat down either. Most of the other people waited a couple of weeks, unless they already had a routine, for their bodies to adjust to the lower calorie/ carb intake. I also remember that I wanted to get wii fit because some people loved it, but within a few weeks the benefits tapered off and they had to hit the gym. I'm glad I didn't spend the money. It really seems like everyone is different, and you kind of have to play around with your program to find what works for you, and adjust it when you need to. Too much exercise can really increase your appetite though, which makes it much harder to stay OP, so you really have to tune into your body.

When I was either bored or stressed after Medifast I would do what I did while OP, drink a bottle of water and do something. Walking is great, but so is cleaning out a big overstuffed closet, deep cleaning the kitchen etc. Not just a distraction but a calorie burn too!..

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If you'll have me, I'd love to join! July 4th is an awesome goal as I usually go back home and I see so many people I went to HS with. It'd be great to have majorly noticable weight-loss by then! Thanks for the goal, Ruby..

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Welcome Jess! Thanks for joining us. Have you started the program yet? If so I hope everything is going well for you..

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Hello! I started Medifast on Jan 26 and would love to join your group if you will have me! I am going through a lot of changes right now, professionally, personally, weight wise, etc but I thought about it the other night and by July 4th or so a lot will have changed and hopefully be more settled. So I would love to join this group. I would love to not only hear about everyone's weight loss but also about the emotional changes we will all be going through in the coming months!..

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I started the program on Saturday, so today is day 3 for me. I've been surrounded by temptation all weekend, but I've made it through! Woot! We're doing this!..

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Okay, this thread caught my eye. I have been MIA ever since Christmas. My start date was July 12, 2010 and all along I said I wanted to reach my goal within a year so July 4th would be close enough. I lost 47 in 4 months and have gained back 19!! But hey, if I can lose another 47 in 4 months I'll take it! Not holding my breath by the way and I need to change my ticker but it's so hard to do that aaaggghhh!!! Anyway, I've always wanted to try the C25K as well but at this point just moving period will be a plus. I like tomorrow as a starting fresh date..


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Okay, changed my ticker to current weight - man that sucks...

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Good morning Ladies, fresh start on fitness today. I going to start my first 6 weeks with my kettleworx video. I'm also going to try to work in some pilates and yoga videos. Lets start this off with a bang! Post your march fitness, program goals and progress. I hadn't noticed the challenge board below the clubhouse board. Later today I plan on moving the march thread to the challenge board. I think it fits better there? We can do this together, I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you all..

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Good morning everyone!.

Spin instructor leaves for Australia tonight for 10 days, I'm pretty sure she ran class today like she thought WE were going to be lying on a beach instead of working out too... taking the laundry up the stairs might get a bit more painful as the day rolls on! (Today is my marathon catch up laundry day - don't be jealous.


Comment #11

Lol Laura, after thinking about your laundry, I really appreciate mine.

I hope you can still move by the end of the day!..

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Hi everyone,.

Hope you all got off to a great start in march! There are 31 days in this month lets make use of them all.

I moved the march thread down to the ready, set go challanges board. It's right below the clubhouse boards. If you'd like to continue sharing with us meet down there instead..

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Jess, I hope you are surviving your 1st week! Let us know how you are doing..

Marie, I'm sure you'll lose that gain in no time. I plan on starting the c25k on april 1st please join me! Last time I started it I weighed 265lbs when after the 12 weeks I lost about 30lbs. that with with no food changes. I can't wait to start it again. I actually enjoyed running?!?!.

Laura, Hope you made a dent in laundry yesterday! How many days a week do you go spinning? Was that your 1st class in a while? How are you feeling today?..

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Good morning everyone!.

Stephanie - I survived the night, I normally take 2 spin classes a week, yesterday's was just a little harder than normal.

I have to say I am so,so SO excited because I hopped on the scale this morning hoping to see a little difference from Sunday (only 3 days so I didn't have BIG hopes)...... I have lost 5 lbs already!!! Woohoo!! Water weight or whatever, I'll take it!.

Hope everyone has a great day - I forgot how much I loved this plan!..

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I would love to join you all! I have my 20th High School Reunion on July 4th perfect timing!!!.

I am waiting for my meals to get here (hoping to start on Monday if the box is here). I did Medifast 2 years ago and gained all but a couple pounds back (soo soo soooooo mad at myself) but I am back and ready to get going!.

Happy Wednesday!!!.


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I would love to join this group - I am going to away on two trips starting July 7, so the timing couldn't be better. I am having knee surgery on March 15, I plan on getting back into the gym and on my Gazelle at home shortly after...I have not worked out since my injury last summer!!.

I am going to do some gentle workouts prior to my surgery - weight resistance is all I can do right now. I hope to get back to yoga and cardio within the next 4 weeks, or sooner, depending on how fast I heal. My gym doesn't have a pool, I am considering joining the Y for the pool...would be great for my knee and the joint issues I am experiencing..

I look forward to sharing our successes and motivating/inspiring each other!..

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Hey Stephanie I have 13lbs to goal so I better be there by July 4th... As for fitness I'm in.. Since it's still too cofld to do much outdoors I try to get on my elliptical for 45 minutes a minimum of 5x a week.. My big goal is to run a falf marathon in September.. I am hoping to start running outside once the weather warms...


Comment #18

I woul love to join this group too! I was just thinking the other day how I need to be in MUCH BETTER shape by our annual 4th of July pool bbq! Im into my second week of the program so I wont be working out for a couple more weeks but cant wait! I am a SAHM of 2 girls, 10 & 3 1/2 and am LOVING this program so far!.


Comment #19

Welcome, everybody! I know we officially moved this thred to the Ready, Set Goal area, but it looks like we are getting more of a response here anyway..

Snoopy- What a difference weight loss will make for your knee, as well! I've had issues with my right knee since high school and it flares up often, so I'm hoping that losing weight will really help it out. I'm too young for them to be messing around with it! Looks like we have about the same amount to lose, as well..

Steph- I'm still with it, I promise! Today is day 5 and I'm feeling fantastic. It's amazing what filling your body with what it needs versus what it thinks it wants can do! I SO want to go buy a scale tonight, but part of me wants to wait until Monday (which will be my official weigh-in day) so I see that bigger loss. Hmmm.... What's a girl to do?.

Anyway, being the good little MFer I am, I haven't started working out yet, but I'm in a play that opens tomorrow night, so I'm not exactly sitting still, either. I think it's a good balance. The hard part will be not using all of my new free time to exercise once the play is over on Sunday. Well, either that or getting myself off of my A** at all, as show week is always exhausting!..

Comment #20

Cindy - a half marathon is an awesome goal! I wish I could share it, but I hate running! I have a friend who has already run 2 marathons, an ironman, and a 100 mile run so far THIS year! He has another 100 miler coming up - I figure he does enough running for the both of us......

Comment #21

Thanks for joining us ladies!!! Check in when you can and let us know how you are doing..

Cindy, Brooke, Jenn, Karen, Laura , and Jess I know we can do this. We have plenty of time to work our bodies. 4 months will make a huge difference..

Karen~ I'm proud of you for making efforts to keep moving, even though you are not 100% I hope you are able to recover quickly from your knee surgery. It's never fun when your hurting..

I will do my best to get here at least once a day. I'll humor you all with my crazy schedule some other time. Sorry if I confused anyone with the board switch Idea. Since we are all right here we'll just stay put..

I keep a calander with all my food records and today I added all of my planned workouts for the month. Hopefully that will keep me on track. I'm terrible with following through. I have a good feeling about all of this though. I've set many goals over the years, but this is the first time I've put any effort into making a plan. I usually just set the goal in my head and wing it..

You've got to take the initiative and play your game. In a decisive set, confidence is the difference..

- Chris Evert.

Have a good night.


Comment #22

Jess, glad your hanging in there. I think you love that first weigh in. I have to put my scale away during the week so I don't weigh myself. I've become a prisoner to my scale before.

Good luck with your play! Sounds like a busy time for you...

Comment #23

Thanks Jess, my knee already feels better than it has for months! If you can avoid surgery, I agree it's better in the long run! I have arthritis in my right knee due to the same surgery 7 years ago - but I couldn't walk without pain prior to the surgery, so occasional pain and stiffness is ok...this time, I am doing knee strenghtening moves prior to surgery, and will do physical therapy after - and get to the gym - something I didn't do 7 years ago!.

I started accupunture and EMS, and other treatment at the pain management center last week (when I turned 50 last October, my body decided it would fall apart all at once! LOL I have carpal tunnel, back and hip pain and the stupid torn meniscus in my left knee...).

After I lost the ability to work out, it made me want it soooo much - I expect I will be more diligent about working out now...the alternative is horrible! Makes you appreciate your body when you can regain flexibility and strength..

"Break a leg" Jess!..

Comment #24


Thanks for the words of encouragement! I pushed myself today at Physical Therapy - and will do those exercises twice a day - great stretches for your back, hips, legs - and it strenghtens abs too! It's a start!.

I like your idea to.

Use a calendar to schedule workouts.

...I use the Medifast boards to log my food and I have been logging in advance - helps me plan things out for the day, but I needed some place to log my exercise. Thanks for the idea!.


Comment #25

Happy Weeekend! Hope you have plans to be on the go and OP! I have less time to workout on the weekends but, I make sure to keep the family as active as possible. I was having a hard time keeping up sometimes. I'm looking forward to out running them soon.

Please let us know how you are doing....

Are you more active during the week or on the weekends?.

Have you started working out yet?.

How is it going? How is it affecting your hunger? Have changed your meal spacing at all?.

Do you have any specific goals for March?(program, fitness or anything else).

Take care and have a great weekend!..

Comment #26

I feel like I am active all the time, my activities just change when the kids are at school vs at home. I was already working out 4-5 days a week, but I haven't kicked it up yet. Next week I am starting a new class on Monday nights that I am excited about. They did a demo of it at my gym a few weeks ago, and it really was hard. It is call r.i.p.p.e.d., apparently is is sweeping LA gyms, and is making it's way out to the suburbs..

My goal for March is to make it through without giving up. I know this program works, and I know I want to reach goal, but I don't know what my goal is anymore. I thought it was 160, but Im only 16 lbs. away from that and don't like what I see in the mirror at all. I know when I was 150 before I looked unhealthy, so I don't want to go that low, but I don't know. I'm not a good judge since I only see fat me in the mirror.

Does anyone else see themselves the same in the mirror even though things changing?..

Comment #27

Laura I'm glad to see you are a bit taller too! I'm 5'8 and I wonder when I see people's goals how tall they are. I've always wondered what that bottom number will look like on me, what size it means for me. I know you may have mentioned it before but what was your starting weight when you orinally started mf? I'm not all about that bottom number I'm more about finding out where I'm in the best shape and feel the healthiest. I might work myself down to the lower end 140 to see what it's like but I won't cry over eating properly, working out regularly and being 160.

I didn't start untill feb 14 but I had lost some before I started. I have lost a total of 30lbs and even though my pants are a bit less tight. I don't see it in the mirror at all! Actually the other day I put a pair of jeans on that I know I squeezed into 30lbs ago and was surprised they are still tight. The joys of spandex in in my jeans, I think I can button them for 3 sizes up or down,lol..

I have been on the bigger side most of my life and even when I was a size 12 in hs I looked in the mirror and saw a size 20. I didn't appreciate that tight skin untill I had my first baby!!! Now I worry more about all the sagging skin. I can see my belly getting smaller but the skin is just falling further down!!! Body image will be a big part of this journey for me.

Wow that was one big jumbled thought. Thanks for the question Larua. Let us know how your ripped class goes... sounds kind of like a boot camp(scary!)..

Comment #28

Snoopy- Glad to hear the loss is already affecting you! I'm hoping that will be all I need to help mine feel better. I'm not very good at keeping up with physical therapy (I also have a shoulder injury from last summer, and I'm going through PT right now) I really hope not to need any!.

Looks like we've got a lot of height going on in here! I'm 5'8"-5'9". I'm honestly not sure which one, as it never seems to be consistent when I get measured at the doc's office. I usually just say 5'8" to be on the "safe" side with BMI..

As far as my activity goes, weekends tend to be pretty lazy for me, this weekend in particular. I have been running on too little sleep all week, so I came straight home from the show last night and slept for about 10 hours. It felt fantastic, but it tends to really waste the day! Oh well. Technically, since today starts week 2 for me and I didn't really work out much before I began MF, I shouldn't be working out yet, anyway. I'm thinking I will follow MF's 12-Week walking plan. I used to be rather athletic and when I start excercising again, I tend to way overdo it and then I quit.

It is a good amount without seeming difficult. If I can limit myself to doing only that, it should help me feel successful and I'll keep it up!.

Another show tonight and then just one more tomorrow. I love theatre and this is a great show (can't remember if I said this or not, but we're doing Singin' in the Rain right now) but I'm ready to have free time back! Now I'll just have to figure out how to keep my hands busy when they aren't allowed to shove food in my mouth.

Happy Saturday, everybody!..

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Another tall one here..5'8 for me. I havent started working out yet but plan on it soon. I will be using the treadmill at my house. I have a gym membership but never seem to make it. My 3 yo hates it there! I enjoy the treadmill though, have been trying to start running so I have been doing the intermittent thing on it to work my way up into a full run. I love to dance and take Zumba when I can.

I cant see myself any lower than 175 b/c of my height but as I get closer, I will know. I still have a long way to go! lol..I was at 175 about 8 years ago and I remember being really happy and felt really thin there. We will see!.


Hope you are all having a great OP weekend, we are off to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow so I will be packing the bars and puffs with me!.


Comment #30

When I started Medifast before I was 216, and was right about 181 when I got pregnant and had to stop. I am actually wearing Old Navy size 6 jeans, but there is too much muffin top to wear a fitted shirt :P I am really hoping by the time I get down to 160 that will be completely gone. I don't know what my magic number is, but since I don't see the difference in the mirror I have to figure out somewhere to stop. I dont want to be super skinny - even when I'm not nursing I am a DD or DDD, and I like to have some curves..

The bottom line is I really like to cook, and I enjoy food (obviously we ALL do!). In a perfect world, I will get down to where I am comfortable, and then I will still work out everyday to maintain that weight, but I can't say I won't ever eat the foods I love again. While I was off Medifast I was eating pretty normally, just being careful about the really obvious bad choices, and working out and that kept my weight under control during the pregnancy and after..

Now, if I can just get through tonight! My 8 year old step son was baptized today, which meant a big family and food filled day that went on for about 5 hours after the actual baptism. Having both my husband's and his ex's families together is much better now than it used to be, her hatred of me seems to be fading, thankfully, but it is still stressful, and therefore appetite increasing! I did however, lie to avoid all of the yummy food, and told people who asked that I was fasting for a family in our church family. Since I am actually doing that tomorrow I hope the lie can be forgiven.

How do you guys plan on handling food in social situations? You need to have a plan before the event, or have a good standard lie ready to go!..

Comment #31

Hahaha. "Bump" means throwing in a random message to bring the thread back to the top by using a new post. Nothing wrong!..

Comment #32

Well week one down, a very stressful one at that, and I lost....... 6 lbs! I was happy for a split second, then had a "Biggest Loser" moment and didn't feel like I had worked out enough, or made all of the right choices with my L & G. 6 pounds is alot, hopefully I can get that through my thick head!..

Comment #33

Lol thanks jess! laura way to go! You are right 6 is a lot... Take it easy on yourself! I weigh tmrw i'm nrvous! I ate at rainforest cafe sat night and for a tropical themed restrant they didnt have much for grilled food. I chose a balsamic tomato chicken breast with roasted cucmber and tomato... When I got home I couldnt find in nutrition info on it. I have to make sure to keep an emergancy stash in my purse from now on! Btw laura you asked about how we plan on aviding food at gatherings... If it's peple I dont see often I'm going with ciliacs disease(gluten issue) closer friends get the truth..

Comment #34

Im still trying to figure out the social situation thingy..ITS HARD!! I had an awful weekend!!ARRRRRR!!!!!!! :'/ ....I had no excuse for Friday, my daughter had a friend stay the night and I ordered pizza..enough said. Yesterday we went to the Renaissance Festival and I went totally prepared with my food. Once I got there, it was a totally different story. All that delicious fab food that you can only get at those kind of places...I caved!! I dont know how Im going to do it. I just plan on avoiding those kinds of things until I can say NO for sure. We are going camping this weekend and I plan on staying OP.

Im just buying the kids the stuff I know I can stay out of..

Hope everybody had a great OP week!.


Comment #35

Aw Jen,.

Sounds like you had a tough weekend. Probably a good idea to get 2 or 3 weeks of strong op under your belt before you endure and social food situations. Have you sat down and made a list of why you are doing this, and another list of how you are going to do this, and another list of rewards,ooh and a list of (like laura mentioned) standard lies for eating with company..

I have made countless goals and have never sat down and put them in black in white. That has always left me with lots of wiggle room. This is the first time I've made myself accountable on paper. So far it seems to be working? oh and another thing... I know that I can't have just one of anything. Since I've started Medifast I haven't allowed myself to even taste anything that isn't on my plan for the day.

I didn't realize how often I was picking at the kids food and grazing on snacks. At this point I'm afraid that even if I took a bite of an orange I'd have the whole thing. I'm here because I've struggled for years and I know I need Medifast to show me how to eat again!.

Keep your chin up, make a plan and get back at it. I know you can do it Jen!!!..

Comment #36

Thanks Stephanie..and I am the same way when it comes to..there isnt just one bite, and I know that! I really thought I was ready for the festival, have been on Medifast for 2 wks now, but I guess I was wrong. I have made some goals for myself, and written them down but as far as writing the other things down..I havent done that but it's a great idea! Thanks for the ideas! Im definitley staying OP this week, no matter what!.


Comment #37

I had a slip this week, too. It's only day 12 for me, but I had to babysit and for some reason that's a major trigger for me. I tried to cope by having some natural peanut butter, but instead of the 1T allowed as an optional snack I had 3T before I stopped myself. I had to make lunch for the boy and I kept myself from eating any of that stuff which was the hardest thing I've had to do until now. It's all food I LOVE. *sigh*.

BUT... I blogged about it and I've been working to figure out why I do it and to come up with strategies to keep it from ever happening again. Either way, it's frustrating!..

Comment #38

Hi also trying to lose most of my weight by fourth of july for the river. seems so far away and a long journey ahead but I started at 248 and I'm on week 7 and am down 20lbs so far. just thought I would stop by and say good luck and I hope we both meet our goal by 4th of july...

Comment #39

Sorry! I've been on Jury duty all week. My schedule is all out of wack!!! I was really worried about being out of routine... but it has all worked out great so far. It is wierd not thinking about food all the time. I was sitting in the courtroom after lunch yesterday thinking about how before I probably would have went out for a huge lunch and been miserable the rest of the afternoon. It felt good to not feel that way.

I hope you are all haveing a good week. I'm putting on a baby shower sat. I ordered the cupcakes yesterday. That sucked!!! I'm going to focus on a good time with good friends and stay as far away from the cupcakes as possible!!!.

What's your plan to stay OP for the weekend?.

Jen... good job looking at your slip. I hope it helped to look at why you did it and how you can aviod it next time. This has been a huge part of the program for me, really looking hard at why I want to eat something!.

I'll catch up again sat morning!..

Comment #40

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all having good weekends. I know weekends are full of extra challenges for all of us. Has everyone been able to stay OP this weekend? Yesterday I gave a baby shower and no one pressured me into eating a cupcake! These are my summer softball friends. I have always been the largest of our group for years. They didn't notice that I have lost 40 lbs since january... mostly because I'm back to the same weight I was at the end of softball season last year...

I won't see them again until our season starts in may and I'm looking forward to at least another 20lbs being gone! I weigh in tmrw and I will let you all know where I'm at for the month!.

How is everyone doing? Is everyone back on track?..

Comment #41

Hey everybody! How'd everyone's weekend go? As for me, all is good. I even got a nice 20min walk in. It felt so good! I think I'm ready to start adding in activity..

I'm debating about setting a weight goal for the 4th. It's kind of a long way away, though, and I'm not really far enough into the program to know how I'll lose. There is a big difference between losing 2# per week and 5# per week when your goal is 16 weeks away. That's a range of 32-80lbs! And that's if you actually lose at least 2 every week! Hmm. Probably not such a good idea for me...

Comment #42

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.