Besides 123 reg, which domain registrars are excellent?

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First question I got is Besides 123 reg, which domain registrars are excellent? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Just when you think it becomes routine, a prospective buyer throws you a curve. How would you respond? The name in question is a fresh reg composed of acronyms of a very popular health supplement..

Dialogue goes like this..

Me: is for sale. I am contacting businesses ...............dada dada dada..

Enduser: How much do you want for the name?.

Me: $350, but currently still taking offers from xxxx related companies..

Enduser: How much did you pay for it?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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Nice counter Spade. I wish I'd used that. My counter response to how much did you pay for it below!.

"I paid less than $350. This name is highly targeted in it's use. Being that most extensions are taken and .biz is very similar to business in it's pronunciation, it's a bonus. The current offer of $200, though less than my asking price and my only offer thus far, goes to show that there is definately interest for the name. If you're still interested, let me know..



Comment #2

I wouldn't respond & waste my time..

If he wants it, he'll buy it..

You want to buy a can of coke from your local cornershop.

You say, 'how much did you pay for it'.

You either get told to mind your business, or shown the door...

Comment #3

Sometimes silence can golden..

With this name their aren't to many.

End users playing ball...

Comment #4

Typing a counter reply that would take you less then a minute and sending it of with a chance to sell is hardly a waste of time.

Granted, seeing the response it doesn't seem to be a buyer but if you don't shoot, you'll always miss...

Comment #5

Sometimes less is more..

By even responding you are acting like a subordinate..

The waiting game often plays dividends...

Comment #6

I hope to prove you wrong Arnie with this transaction..

I'll reveal the name after my next email response..

If this campaign proves unsuccessful, then it's a lesson learnt.

For anyone facing a similar enduser sale. Personally in the future,.

I'll use Arnies "silent response" to questions about my acquisition.

Cost. And Spades "wholesale confidentiality" response when applicable..

Thanks for the advice npers...

Comment #7

Good luck with the sale..

I wonder why he asks that, is he really an enduser?..

Comment #8

Because he probably looked at the registration date (saw it was recent) and said, this guy has got to be kidding, and decided to be a Smart @ss..

Comment #9

Who asks online retailers what they pay for their products? I would not respond to a question like that, I suggest you ignore the email and let him contact you again, when he does, quote the same thing you did the first time..

"$350, but currently still taking offers from xxxx related companies".

Also, keep it professional...

Comment #10

So far I hear crickets..

Stay tuned..

The diary of the nonresponsive enduser continues......

Comment #11

Tell him that is like asking a ticket broker how much he paid for concert tickets. You paid face value, now you are selling for market price...

Comment #12

Sometimes the truth is the best way to deal with fools like this. I would have simply replied "6.75" and let his brain shortcircuit...

Comment #13

I like using the line "I sell domains at market value" when negotiating a price. The waiting game usually lasts 2-3 months, best thing to do is forget about it, if they really want the domain, they will always contact you...

Comment #14

Ask them if they want to pay for the names you let drop. (Kidding).

I have found that those who ask what you paid are expecting you to sell it to them for that exact amount. ANY profit is practically considered as cheating them, although they might be nice and let you make 5 or 10%. This comes from my experience in person to person sales in a different product. They expect their bosses to pay them their salary, plus benefits, but they cannot see what you are doing as a profession..

By the way, there is a name for those who broker tickets - it is "scalpers" and many hate them. The difference is that there are only so many seats in a concert or sports event, there are unlimited domains...

Comment #15

Right on. it's all about the market price in the end...

Comment #16

You cant negotiate if you ignore the offer...most deals have a few back and forths...I've been working on a niche lately and if I get no reply to an offer I go find another HostGator in about 5 minutes.....

Comment #17

Me: This HostGator came in a bundle of 5 HostGator names which I paid for $25,283..

Comment #18

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