Besides Y! iPage, where is there a similar FREE service?

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Got a question... Besides Y! iPage, where is there a similar FREE service? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... Hi there!.

I am having a bit of a challange. working on my development machine using WAMP..

Im doing some config and stumble on the "send email" in "tools"..

I am able to send emails but they dont seem to reach the mail box on the other end....

My email option looks like this:.

E-Mail Transport Method smtp.

E-Mail Linefeeds CRLF Info.

Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails false Info.

Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS true Info.

Send E-Mails true.

Is there some other option I could tweak?.

All the best!.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Hmm.. But what is my isp, were do I find my isp and my isp email adress?.

Thank you for your patiens with me..

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Isp - internet server provider..

How do you send email to your friends? Do you use an email address?..

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I dont know ..i dont have any frindes...


Something like this?.

;For Win32 only..

SMTP = localhost.

SMTP = smtp. ??? What do I put in here?.

Smtp_port = 25.

; For Win32 only..

Sendmail_from =.

Am I getting closer?..

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Really, if you don't know who your isp is, how can anyone help you? Surely you pay someone to get internet access...

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Yes of course, that is true.. I just type in the company name? Do I need to contact the company to get some info?.

What does this all mean? and do?.

And what do I need to change When I up load the store to the iPage hosting service?.

For Win32 only..

SMTP = localhost.

SMTP = < your isp.

Smtp_port = 25.

Sendmail_from = < your isp email address.

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Your email client eg outlook should have the settings for your smtp server (outgoing mail)...

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Thank you for the support..

Now I know what my isp is.

The thing is that they have blocked port 25 in a way...

And my outlook dont use my isp in any setting. Outlook use

But Ill investigate it some more..

Sucks though that such a little thing can take so much time and energy. Frustrating is the word..

But it is great to have you guys supporting! Otherwise I would be real stuck..

Thank you!..

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What port does use?.

Usually isps have a help page to configure email settings...

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