Best and Worst Nutrisystem Food/Meals?

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Quick question: Best and Worst Nutrisystem Food/Meals? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Nutrisystem must be hard up. I called to delay my auto delivery by 2 weeks, since I'm backed up, and they told me since cash is tight, if I agreed to let my order ship on it's scheduled date, they'd take another $50 off the price. Can't pass that up.....

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Hmm they have been going on an advertising blitz as of late. Have you seen all the late night infomercials? Its damn near every channel. Cant imagine they're having money trouble though...

Comment #2

Hmm, I think i'll delay mine (ours, wife too) again!..

Comment #3

That 'splains it! Mgt sets a budget, then decides on a $$ media blitz, then leans on sales to cover their butts when the return on the advertising dollars don't match projections. Prolly tightening the screws on supply chain too (manufacturing)... First thing to go is plant maintenance, which begins a downward productivity spiral until someone at the helm wakes up. Wet behind ears MBA hotshots trying to make a mark..

Man, that sounds pretty cynical! Been too close to such stuff for too long. On the good news side, they must be doing something right. Nutrisystem stock gave me a really good bounce recently..


Comment #4

With the amount of guys coming back again, Nutrisystem sounds like a good investment...sota like food crack..

Comment #5

I think I read some place that Nutrisystem has no debt and with their business model, they don't actually have much inventory..

I would guess they aren't "hurting" for business and they just offer the additional discount to encourage you to continue to get your regularly schedule orders, which means more profit for them..


Comment #6

Yeah, but (1) I've delayed my order several times before and they never made a similar offer; (2) he expressly said it was because they were "strapped for cash"; (3) he said it was a 1-time offer; and (4) I only wanted to delay it for 2 weeks..

They must be trying to meet some year-end goal and somehow still be accounting for this food. Anyway, no reason not to take advantage if you can.....

Comment #7

I run a large call center that provides both sales and service. My guess is that the agents are trained to do X, Y, and Z techniques to save a sale or possible cancellation. I doubt that there's a big push from the corporate office that is trying to balance advertising with cancellations. Most likely, Nutrisystem knows that X% of customers that delay end up delaying again or even cancelling. This function in a call center is known as retention..

In my own experience with NS, I did exactly that. I began to build up a supply of excess food because we started eating out more. I had lost a lot of weight so I began taking liberties with the plan. I would call and delay, then delay again, then finally cancelled. Of course, I gained 40 pounds back. So, I'm back on it again...

Comment #8

Motley Fool.

(for all you public radio fans) had this to say about NS.....

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