Best host for an Online store? 123 reg? Thanks?

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Question I have... Best host for an Online store? 123 reg? Thanks? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... I am looking to buy a short name .com .net or other that is more memorable for my game site (in signature) .... site is not branded yet so I could choose a different brandable name if I found one worth it ....

Most nice .com are gone so I started thinking about using stuff like.

Gr8 > great (gr8 for great).

3 > e.

0 > o.

1 > i.

Do you think those would be easy to remember ? .

Any suggestions ?

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Yes and No..

Depends on User Intelligence.

Here, one of my domains: UN1Q.COM.

Read post once, go out leave this thread and try to remember after.

5 days which HostGator I told you.

Then you get answer...

Comment #2

Thanks Zoki, for taking the time,.

How much does UN1Q cost ?

Comment #3

No Problem,.

What I maybe forgot to tell,.

Users/people can/should not remember more than one thing at same time:.

Like (0= o, and z = s) so that are to much of them to remember.. comes with .net and I see it as long term investment (Expiration Date: 06-mar-2010) I dream/wait for (very) low $ ...

Comment #4

There are lots of available short memorable domains on the page in the link in my signature. I assure you, I have spend hours and hours creating the list and I like to see people who find this service useful..

You may find one you like now but I find the better names go within hours of updating the list and so the current list is the leftovers of what other people have gone through..

I usually create one or two lists every two weeks. If you don't like the list now, you can subscribe by email to the thread to pick a better name as it is listed..

Other people provide similar lists in the available domains section of this forum. It is a good resource for somebody in your situation as you can benefit from people who sift through thousands of names to create a manageable selection of available nice sounding names to choose from and it's free...

Comment #5

I guess this is the forum where any question.

Is answered with Everyone Advertising their goodies ....

Thanks for the advice .....

Comment #6

Hmm, not normaly.

Excuse me if looks like that..

I though I would give you an example what I have regd,.

Without any intention to offer you something..

I have other example but that site is adult, so nothing for this sub-forum..

... and VURG's answer is without any "domain name for sale".

If you really want offers go to -> HostGator Names Wanted -Subforum and create thread there...

Comment #7

Zoki, don't apologize, your post was probably normal, everything else was Advertisement.

But I am not actually judging it's just a realization .....

Comment #8

Hers some ideas for you.

Not like gr8 but their still nice.

Giorgo free online games still some gfog.ext names available.

Gamersfreebies.c avail.

Coolfreegames.ext some left.

Coolfreearcade. c avail.

Freegamerarcade. c..

Comment #9

Thanks for the concern Ken, but I am actually for somethign below 8 characters and memorable .....

Comment #10

Some more 8 and under gamewarp dagame sogame quegames goarcade.

Just some more..

Comment #11


I was concerned when answering your question that it may be taken as an advertisement. I don't like to treat the "Domain Name Discussion" as an advertisement section and so I apologise for not answering your question to your satisfaction. I do consider the available names section as an underated great resource as many people put in huge amounts of time for very little financial return into creating the lists. In future, when mentioning the available names section in the discussion section of the forum, I will take more care in to refering my thread..

Yes, this is a forum where people are advertising their "goodies" but that is the nature of HostGator name forums. It is also a forum where many people devote huge amounts of time to helping others and ask for nothing in return. I have found that many people here are willing to share techniques in domaining that other people will keep secret about due to the risk of jeopardising their opportunities with the information. Namepros is not the most popular HostGator name forum on the internet for no reason..

In response to the 3 - E, 0 - O, 1 - I relationship, a thread where this phenomenon is discussed coins the term.


For it. This has been quite a popular thread. I have seen examples like getting a lot of attention when it was sold on eBay. NUMB3RS is the most well known example and it is being more and more frequently being considered a professional look for a website..

In addition to the available names section of the forum, I would recommend visiting.

This is an awesome site to quickly find an available HostGator that sounds great. Start with words you like and try to generate a twist on them. If you keep doing this for long enough, there is a good chance you will find something you like..

Another great resource is.

This provides free access to search through recently dropped domains for good domains. Recently dropped names have been invested and so are often better to get than the untouched available leftovers..

What I find with Namepros is the more specific the question, the better the answer. Your initial post is quite difficult to answer as it's hard to work out what your looking for...

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First- man you're a cutie-.

Second- there is alot of cool names around, for reg-.

Do you sit and play with the bots? I have ball coming up with new names- for every cool name that is taken, a bunch expire-..

Comment #13

@GoodKarmako ? How can one use this HostGator ? Does it mean something ? How can one brand it ? .

@VURG, probably you are right I was not clear enough, but I did have some specific questions that you did not attempt to answer ... but again I am new here and I am not being bitchy ... I was under the feeling that people only cared to SELL ... Of course I know this is a HostGator name forum, and people like to sell their goodies (me too) but still was not receiving any answers ....

I am thankful for you discussion though (Really).

@smashFactory thanks for the complement ... You are a goodess!!!!!!!.

I am not clear on what the bots are ? "You have ball coming up", is another thing I don't understand .... I am not a native speaker and quite new to the HostGator names jargon .....

Comment #14

I like to go to.


And play aound with the words- you can use different search strings and get all sorts of neat names-..

Comment #15

Thanks smashfactory, that is a nice little tool .....

Comment #16

I think that it is acceptable to replace letters with numbers and the such but I wouldn't do it personally. I just think that for some people it may be hard to remember. Plus if your site is, lets say,, you will probably give alot of traffic to, once you develop the name...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.