Best iPage web host? around $5 unlimited everything...?

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Quick question: Best iPage web host? around $5 unlimited everything...? Looking forward for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Okay I'm getting a bit upset.

I can't seem to set the height of my <td> I want it to be only 2 pixels high ... can it be done!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Okay just a little confused about this.

Here's something like what I have right now:.

So you're saying I need to have heights on the other <td>s? I don't have a fixed height for the table ... it's based on the text in it and the resolution ... if the resolution is low and the text has to wrap then what do I do if there is a fixed height for the table?..

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If all you want is the height for the spacer than that is all you need. you don't ahve to put height in the other ones...

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But I'm telling you that that code above doesn't work ... the cell with the spacer still has a height of more than 2...

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Here is the correct way to code this example:.

<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">.


<td colspan="3">This is across the top</td>.



<td height="2px" colspan="3"></td>.



<td>Col 1</td>.

<td>Col 2</td>.

<td>Col 3</td>.



First you do not need the image, that is a big misconception on W3C information IE and NS 2.0 and 3.0 needed an image since the height did not exist in the <td> tag..

Anything after version 3.1, added the height tag to the <td>. Although when dealing with pixels you must specify the px after the number so the browser can pre-define the page layout while all of the graphics and text is being displayed..

I added some text to the line at the top, and some column text to the cols so you can see the size of the pixels can be change to whatever you would like by changing the 2.

And finally don't forget the cellspacing and cellpadding in the <table> tag because it defaults to 1px therefore make the total <td height=3>.

Hope this helps..

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I believe that I mentioned that the default character height is more than 2px... and I used a non-breaking space to display the td in netscape4.7. Put a 2px image in there, and you'll have a 2px high td..

Kycable.... try your code out in N4.7. You wont see anything in an empty td, and if you put a & n b s p ; in there it will stretch the height more than 2px..

You dont have TO SET HEIGHTS IN OTHER TD'S/ TR'S ... unleass you've specified the entire table height. If you have, things will stretch out for ya without the help of that last 'catch all' height of '*'...

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There are users with 4.7 still out there???!!!???! Ohhh yeah the same people who use Windows 3.1.

(Just kidding everybody) my last statistics for browsers:.

Sorry, since May 15th - May 31st I have had 2 people come to my iPage site with NS 4.x..

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Uhh kycable, sorry to disappoint you, NS4.79 is only 3 months old. they are still making them and yes you still have to support them. I have see and heard people make iPage site just for IE and a couple of months later they have to change it because they are missing the 17 million people that use NS. hmmm you only got 2 NS4.7 users in 15 days. that isn't saying much. try doing it for months and that number will be higher, garaunteed..

And if you really want to get technical, cellpadding and cellspacing is deprecaded and NS doesn't support the height attribute. it works but it is flakey..

Now for the matter at hand..

This does work. even in NS..

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Didn't mean to touch a nerve... I have downloaded N.S. 4.7 back in 199x something, or maybe it was 4.2 or whatever. I do not buid websites professionally. I do this just for fun. I spend probably between 2 - 3 hrs/day on this little contraption, and go away from there.

(Oh wait, I did.


I think it was back in 99 when I actually had a seperate forum just for IE vs NS and it had 13,723 topics reguarding IE and 1,147 reguarding NS, that was mostly about new versions. So I never realizied that NS was so big... hmmm, I will have to check some of my other stats. Here are some I just search through google.








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Not to add fuel to the fire, but at our Library we use Netscape 4.76 as a testing for all of our sites for all Netscape Browsers..

Anyway ... putting the px after the # was what I was missing ... I really hate netscape it's a web designer's nightmare ... thanks to all of you...

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That is not bad. 4.76 should work just as close as 4.79. still I didn't use a px after my number and it still worked. but it doesn't hurt to specify one..

And you hate Netscape because you say it is a nightmare for webmaster, actually that is totally backwards. in IE it will run any code you throw at it, missing parts and all. Netscape will not run if the code is missing tags. that, in my mind is a better web browser as it makes you write cleaner (complete) code...

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Scoutt... I agree, Microsoft, just like they have done everything from DOS 2.0 and there world renouned Win 1.0 has always tried to make things easier to the end user. Maybe that is why they are a Multi-Billion dollar a year company. I am not the greatest MS fan, although I have been using it since DOS 1.0. Started Windows with 2.0, and programmed with Quick Basic from 1.0 to 3.3. Although Webmasters are trying to get the MASS of the internet, and the MASS is most commonly Internet Explorer.

Many people that use Netscape are coders and programmers. But the END user is Internet Explorer..

So the bottem line is if you learn your coding in correct intervals just like in life, you will be able to make your correct code...

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True, and even though IE has 90% of teh market you can't foget about that 10% as it will still add up to milions of people. and about half the people I know use Opera or mozilla now, so I think that there will be desinsion in the ranks in the near future...

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