Best iPage web host for home based business?

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My 1st question is: Best iPage web host for home based business? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... I'm trying to make a hierarchical menu for one of my sites, I wanted it to have a main parent menu with some of the items having one child menu, well I found a tool at.


Which creates the codes for you. I'm still learning JavaScript so I need some help on understanding where I put what into my html page. The tool that's on that link above had given me the codes for the hiermenus and for the arrays too. It told me to make a seperate file for each of them so I did and made sure it was the .js file extension and in the same folder as the html page. So I figured I didn't need the menu or the array part of the code anymore so I deleted them and what was left from the code was this:.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2">.


If (isMenu) {.

Document.write("<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript1.2' SRC='hierArrays.js'><\/SCRIPT>");.

Document.write("<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript1.2' SRC='hierMenus.js'><\/SCRIPT>");.




<P><A HREF="defaultLinkForOldBrowsers.html".



Appropriate Text for this Link/Menu</A></P>.

So I put it into a seprate html page to see it and the menu didn't show up, just the part where the link of "appropriate text for this link" was at. Attached is the entire file that contains my menu and the arrays and the entire code that the HierMenus tool gave me. So my question is this, what part of the code do I put into the html file and where? Sorry for such a big question with this, but I need some kind of help.

If you're able to help me and don't mind helping me then you could email me at.

To tell me more about what I need to do about this problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Well crap. I have played around with it and I can't even get it to work. that is a nice program but it lacks information on how to set it up so you can use it...

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I had tried putting the remaining code that's shown in my last post into the body of the html page but it still doesn't work. I had even put the code on a blank basic html page to see if it would work but it still doesn't. I don't know why it won't, but I'm still looking at it and trying to see what I did wrong on it.

Scoutt, On that program you have to make sure that small pop up box doesn't get too high because it gets in the way to click on the buttons. But you can toggle between it by clicking on the script icon in the upper right corner. Step 1 is using the button "Create Global Parameters" and the buttons below it: "menu general", "item font", "item general", "child menu", "image", "display", "hide menu", NS specific" and "frameset" are all used for the Global parameters button. Step 2 is using the "Create/Customize Menus" and the buttons below it: "override parameter" and "menu item array elements" are used for the customize menus button. Also when you click on the "menu item array elements" after you've entered the info you have to click on "set item" and if it has a child menu then there will be a button next to it saying "edit child menu" so click on that to edit the child menu elements and when your done editing the child menu for that one item click on the "edit parent menu" so you can return to the previous state and continue building the parent menu. Also if you hold your mouse over the buttons it will tell you what they're for, but if you click on the ? icon on the upper right corner it will turn that tool tip off so don't click on the ? ok.

Also the buttons near the area where it shows the codes are the buttons that show just that specific section of the code, what ever the title of the button is. And when your done using the program you can click the "copy to clipboard" button and it will copy ALL of it, so click on your windows button on your keyboard to exit out of the full window mode and open up notepad or something and paste it in that and save it. THEN Close it, I made the mistake of closing then pasting and it turned out it didn't copy so I had to do it all over again.

Hope that helps you a little in how to use the that tool.

Thank you both for replying to my question, but like I said somewhere it that mess up there that I'll just keep looking for what I did wrong. But of course I'll still take more suggestions on how to figure this code out.

Thanks again for replying..

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I'd suggest just grabbing a already existing working version, at.

It will plug in and go, which will save you a lot of time...

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Thanks Shayla_Jade, but I did all of it and made my own and still couldn't get it to work. I had all the code in notepad and just tried to make a plain html page and it still wouldn't work..

Who knows, but I agree witht the doc, get another one before you rack your brain on that too much,..

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Thanks Dr.Web for the link.

Thank you all for your help on this..

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