Best iPage web hosting+ Domian for under $15?

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First of all Best iPage web hosting+ Domian for under $15? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... Hi,.

I hope this makes sense, I only just joined your community..

I'm new to web design, and am learning a lot from my first project, URL below. It is not complete yet, apart from the index page..

I have small problem that I am struggling with. There is a nav bar on all pages named "static.swf". It is supposed to render horizontal center in it's table cell and move to maintain central position as the browser is resized, until the nav bar outsizes the browser..

Now, this seems to work ok on the index page (for both net7 and IE browsers), it also works ok on all other pages in netscape 7, but develops a problem in IE. The back pages will not position the "static.swf" in the horizontal center position, when the IE browser is resized..

If anyone could shed some light on this for me I would be very pleased to here from you. Also, if you have any other comments please go ahead and say, I’m here to learn!!.

The web iPage site URL is.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Hmm, not sure why your biggest text says "enigma home page". Those words look way out of place on a business web site. Maybe just put the company name there, and a smaller "home" elsewhere so that people know where they are in the site?.

Nothing to worry about on the.


Page. Can't see any major issues on the.


Page either. Not sure what the problem is...

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Your menu will never center on a 800 resolution. the menu buttons them selves are wider than 800..

Also the top row is making the menu row spread out farther. so it has nothing to do with IE not recognising the extra space on each end in the menu row...

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Scoutt - you will have to forgive me, as I'm a novice. the swf is sized at 790px and renders perfectly in netscape, I'm trying to identify the disparity between the way the 2 browsers deal with the HTML..

Thanks for your time replying. For bit more experience I'm going to re-write the pages in "Homesite 5" with a view to improving the code. Unless you have any better suggestions...

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Your kidding right? it doesn't even work in NS. the same thing happens, the menu is way to big for 800 width..

If you want more experience then don't use any editors and do it by hand...

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Somethings not getting through here. The index.html works as I want it to in Netscape 7, IE5.5 and IE6. The rest of the pages work in Netscape 7 but the nav bar will not postion dynamically when resized with those pages in IE..

You can not see this unless the resolution is above 800px wide as the page is designed for minimum 800..

If you see the code for the table, it sizes to minimum 800px with no max width..

It's not a will be fixed tomorrow..

Like I said at the start..the iPage site is not complete, general sizing isn't finished, I just need this problem resolved with the nav bar..

Cheers for helping..

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Ok,I am totally lost. in IE it is way huge on the portfolio page, and not on the index page. in NS6 both portfolio and index are the same size as the IE index page..

I told you how to fix the problem.

Also you have this on the protfolio page in the middle cell o fthe first row.


No space between the 2..

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There is no width set to 800, it is all 100% which will work for 800. I don't use anything lower than 800. and it is not designed for minimum of 800 as the menu is way bigger than that...

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Sorted it out now, split the tables up, so got 2 or 3 separate tables for each page..

Found that I confused the browser with cell sizing following colspans..

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You have the exact sam ecode in there. you dind't split anything up...

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Still got a couple of pages to work on, the iPage site is not uploaded. We never really got a level on this thread did we....

If you are interested, it will be up there in a few hours..

Feel free to add any comments or critcism. thanks for sticking with it...

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No we didn't because I didn't see any problems beside the iPage site is suited for 1024x768 users and not us 800x600 users...

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