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First question I got is Best iPage web hosting Site for Business? Many thanks for any response. Another question... I'm creating my first iPage site using notepad (not pubplished yet). The links work fine in IE. When I view the page in Netscape however the links don't work. I noticed that when I view a page in Netscape it modifies the .html document name by adding a %20 to it.

The font style of the text link that tells the name of the iPage site and links back to itsef has also changed.

I tried using the %20 in the address but that didn't help. Can anyone here?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Yup, NS has problems with pages that have spaces in them. but you can take it out of My Documents an dinsert it into another folder that doesn't have a space and it should work just fine..

Your iPage website will not have spaces so don't worry about it..

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Make sure that your links only reference the names of the pages, not any of the folder names on your hard drive, otherwise when you upload your iPage site people will not be able to use it. They will want to get the files from the web site, not some place on your hard drive. That is, use relative links, not absolute ones including folder names on your hard drive..



Problem is well known. You can have that within a link (but that is not a good idea), but if you type, or paste, it into the address bar it will never ever work. Best avoid spaces in all names. Your links should not include the.

C:\My Documents\.

Part of their current location, as that will fail when you upload them to the site...

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That works fine and dandy for Netscape but what does that do for IE? Now the links work in Netscape and not in IE. lol..

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All your link have to look like this.

<a href="file.html">file</a>.


<a href="C://My Documents//file.html">file</a>..

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My links look like this: <A HREF="site5.html">TEXTLINK</A>.

Still doesn't want to work in IE when written like that. I saved the file as site5.html but when I view it in my IE browser IE puts My Documents//site5.html in the address bar. Could be a bug?..

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No the link looks fine, the full path is default as that is the folder you are in. are you sure site5.html exist? do you get a 404 error or can't find the file error?..

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Hmm. Now it works. I can't explain it. site5.html was always there. The first time I changed the link to it it didn't work so I changed it back. Then before responding to you I tried it again to make sure it didn't work and now it works. So I can keep the folder address as site5.html and the link will work in Netscape and IE?..

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If you keep all of your files that make up your web iPage site inside one folder, then all you need to do is refer to that file by it's name (.


). The file location is irrelevant in that case, and does not need to be mentioned..

The location only needs to be mentioned if the file is in some other folder compared to the file that is refering to it. An example for a file that is in a folder one level below the current folder would be referred to as:.


, or if it is on some completely different web iPage site (when you refer to it by the complete URL like.



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Wow! 7712 posts??? woah!.

Ok they probly already said this but I am too lazy to read it so here goes:.

1)every file must be in the same folder (with the exception of embedding, and using subfolders).

2)your homepage must be titled index.html or default.html if you want just.

To work!.

3)NOTHING can have spaces in a url, sorry!.

And I think thats it... try moving it out of my documents..

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