Best Medifast recipes that go really well with beer?

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My question is Best Medifast recipes that go really well with beer? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question of mine... Is it a must? I am not.


Fiend and.


Going under a knife whenever possible... am I going to have to have plastic.


Eventually for health reasons or is it always a choice of vanity?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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I didn't know what other word to use other than vanity... tee hee... "looks" I guess may have been softer but I am married and have had saggy baby boobs forever... I don't care, my husband doesn't care, and my bra works well... but didn't know if anyone has had it done because they HAD to!..

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Im sure there are a few out there that a reduction was necessary...I know tummy tucks as well sometimes have to be done it the skin creats rashes or "covers" the pubic area. Hernias...lotsa diff medical reasons..

But I honestly have to admit...I do care about looks. My own anyways, lol. Im not crazy stuck up or anything...I just like dressing up and looking good. And If I deflate (lol) I think it might hit a nerve for me. I love.


Out of the bathroom after getting ready and my hubby practically begging me to stay home instead of going out :) WLS was for health reasons for me....nothing to do with looks really. I like myself big and small... it's how we feel about ourselves that really matters.....

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So far, I'm almost 8 wks out, I'm already thinking about.


I've lost about 50lbs post-op & 25lbs pre-op, and I already see sagging skin. YUCK! I'm working hard on.


But I'm not sure if it's hard enough...

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Someone told me that thehy exfoliated a lot and I was thinking of sea salt scrub and lotions... I really don't want plastics... if there is anyway around it naturally... I lost weight naturally before and never had extra skin and boobs got smaller but didn't deflate....Goodness I don't want to look horrible with my clothes off....

I have heard that the body lift is one of the most painful surgeries you can have...also if it is not for health I don't see how I can pay for it if my insurance won't....

Does exercising really make a difference or scrubbing and exfolliating or anything to.





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I'm tending towards not having any, I'm 61 and it would all pretty much be sagging anyway I suspect. However a lot of folks have problems with the 'apron' skin hanging down over their belly and having rashes and open sores where it rubs. Many times insurance will cover that if it causes medical problems - won't pay for a tummy tuck, but it will pay for skin removal where medically necessary. See how it goes. I have not heard of insurance that will pay for arms or boobs (or in my case a neck) where it would mostly make you feel better about yourself. From other postings here a full body lift sounds REALLY painful and since I had pain management issues after GBS I'm in no hurry to push it..


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My personal physician has told me to expect to have to have my tummy skin removed. I am short and was 303, a lot of my weight was in my belly area. I'm losing and I already see a lot of skin, but by the time I lose the other hundred it will be a significant problem. The skin folds are a breeding ground for bacteria and as a diabetic (even though I'm off the meds now), I will be more at risk. As for the boobs, I'll just get a better bra!.

Just my info. I know that a lot of others have more information..


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I know with as much as I have to lose I will have to have plastic.


I think mostly when it causes medical concerns. I need a breast reduction for back pain already and I already carry most of my weight in my stomach so I know that is in my future...

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It is getting tougher and tougher to get insurance to cover any plastics even with rashes, etc. You have to have tons of documentation of rashes, health issues realted to it. 6 months worth of what you did to try to treat it, pictures, and even some Physical therapy to try to improve it all before they will agree to pay for abdominoplasty. I don't think I have the energy to jump through all those hoops again..

I have 2 kids heading to college soon and well, the funding isn't there to cover out of pocket expenses, so for me, I will live with the excess skin. But I look at it as kind of a badge of honor for how far I have come..

My hubby loves me saggy skin and all. My legs and boobs are what bother me the most and I would have those fixed if I could, but for now, I wear clothes that cover the saggy legs. Longer shorts, etc. And Victoria makes a great miracle bra that gives me back my boobs. $45 a shot is cheaper than plastics!.

I am 44 and I am ok with a little sag. With all my.


My legs are toning and the skin isn't as bad as it was. I am hoping for continued improvement in that area. I'll keep.


And see what happens!.

People look at me and can't believe I had the.


, My first response is usually "just be glad you don't have to see me without my clothes on!".


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Is it a must? I am not.


Fiend and.


Going under a knife whenever possible... am I going to have to have plastic.


Eventually for health reasons or is it always a choice of vanity?..

Comment #10

For me it was both physical issues and emotional ones.


I do believe it helps with keeping the weight off too... if you have a shiny car in the driveway you want to wake up early and wax & polish it, beater in the driveway and you may be more apt to roll-over and hit the snooze button...

Comment #11

I am currently in recovery from plastic.


On my legs, I was really bottom heavy I had huge thighs so when the weight started coming off it all fell into one big ball on each side of my thighs, these things were the size of bowling balls, I had them removed on Oct 18th I still have a long way to go in the weight lost area, but this was something that had to be done asap, some people do not require plastic.


And some of us do.. I did it for health reason, but as far as the boobs hanging (and they are hanging) lol I am not worried about them the bra will hold them up! lol..

Comment #12


I am only a month out and the skin and hair issue freak the hell out of me but I keep in perspective that this was not done out of vanity but for my health. "We cant expect something for nothing.".

I do care about what I look like, however, financially this type of procedure is not in the cards for me..



Is not done necessarily out of vain but health issues both physically and emotionally (.



I have been wanting to get the girls done since before my.


And that is probably the only thing I will self pay for but aside from that I will have to live with it and make a decision when I get to my goal weight..

I had been.

Working out.

Pre-op and starting.

Working out.

Again w/ more resistance in the recent weeks. It may not stop the saggy skin entirely but I can definitely see more definition to my arms (they no longer look like turkey and it makes me feel like I am doing something about it..

Like you I am petrified of volunteering myself for.


So if and when I can I.


It at all

Good luck and enjoy the journey that's ahead of you...

Comment #13

Okay... I have to admit that ad this point (75 lbs down) I'm alittle horrified at how my body is deflating. SO, I can't imagine what I'm going to be like loosing another 50-60 points! Geesh!!!.

Already, I'm soo unhappy with my neck (makes me look 20 years older) my breasts (really sad) and yeah, my tummy, arms, thighs... woah, the list is going to be larger than what I'll be ;).

I'm going to wait until I can't stand it anymore... most likely will have my breasts and abdomen done... Maybe neck or arms (which ever is worst). I know my legs are going to be a wreck but, I also believe that like the lines on my face... I've earned them. So I don't need to have it all done almost as a reminder from where I came from, ya know?.

I know I don't do well with anesthesia nor do I do well with pain for some reason I take a lot longer than most to heal. And ultimately, that will determine what I have done..

Anyone know of a great plastic surgeon in the Bay Area? Someone also told me that you shouldn't have it all done by the same person since each plastic surgeon typically has specialities however, a few people on this board have had 'it all done' by someone out of the country and I am sure he did a great job because they have expressed how nicely it all work out..



Comment #14

I work with a number of people who have had large wt losses - either via Medifast diet or.


My dressing room observations :) It takes a while for your body to adjust to wt loss - everyone I know looks a whole lot better 1 1/2 to 2 yrs post wt loss. I'm not talkin' firm (except for the youngin's - who look good as new, 1 after 180lb loss, the other 150), but perfectly acceptable. One of them suggested I start dry brushing before showering & oiling up after when I started my wt loss journey - which I do (and love!). I lost 70 pounds pre-op and it seemed like the initial 35 pounds came from my upper arms. I had bat wings to beat the band! I started in March and my bat wings have gotten substantially better - noticeable to other people, not just me. I don't know if it's just time or the dry brushing routine.

But they look OK in a bra and my husband likes them at any length:) Still, it's a fantasy to have cute, pert, breasts... so maybe someday. I carry the majority of my wt in my thighs and have sizable saddle bags. So far they are tolerable, but I am worried they'll be hanging past my knees by the time I reach my healthy weight. Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to stay well nourished,.


Appropriately, and will.


For the best. If my saddlebags are painful or problematic I will consider plastics...

Comment #15

I was interested in Laura's remark about the continued improvement in her legs since she bicycles a lot. I do water aerocs that involves a lot of core work. I was always a classic apple shape - all in my gut. Honestly, from the back I didn't even look fat - from the side I looked 8 months pregnant. For those of you old enough to remember the pencil test for whether or not you could go braless, I can't pass it now (could probably hold up a dozen under each boob) but I can't hold up even one under my belly and I'm 120 pounds down (50 b4 and 70 post). They say spot exercising doesn't work for weight loss...but maybe it helps a lot for skin firmness?.


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Well i'm 44 yrs young and have lost 130 lbs so far. when I come out of shower I look like my grand mother did later in yearssaggy all over. and for.

Working out.

I need to wear a girdle. only thing covered is tummy tuck. so saving for rest as I not married .....

Comment #17

I dont care how much it hurts I am going to do it- this is my second go round with major weight loss- I lost 187 lbs in 2003 by doing the.

Atkins diet.

, I think in addition to other medical issues that I had- that having all of that extra skin contributed to me gaining the weight back. I HATED the way that I looked. I felt like I worked so hard to loose the weight and for what?!?! I looked like a deflated baloon. I could not imagine how my then boyfriend (now husband) could possibly be attracted to me! I really thought that I looked better plump because at least I did not have sagging skin everywhere. I knew before I had GBS that I was going to go for the full body lift with a small boob job- I have very small breasts when I am skinny and would like to have at least a C cup when all is said and done..

It is a personal choice and call me vain if you want to but it's like Shelly's anology about the car- if I look like a million bucks I will be totaly anal about maintaining it! I personaly can not wait to take a trip to the Caribbean and wear a polka dot bakini instead of the standard 3 piece we all know and hate- you know the top, the bottom and the curtain!!! I am looking forward to the day that I get the drop the curtain and walk with confidence on the beach!..

Comment #18

I am 15 months out from.


Now an I know the more I lose the worse the belly and boobs and arm wings will get :(.

The boobs are the worst right now..

I want to wait until I am down the rest of or at least closer to goal. It is depressing to keep seeing the hanging skin. I am in my 50's so not sure if I am doing the right thing as it's saggin time anyway!.

But I have to agree with Eggface It works on the mind and it's better to have a goal for me anyway. I need to look forward not on my age...

Comment #19

I had a full fleur de lis tummy tuck and breast augmentation with a lift. I love the results. It does make me less satisfied with my arms and somewhat with my legs. Insurance won't pay for me, so I don't think I can afford any more than I've already had, but I love not being so ashamed being naked, actually pretty confident. $12,000 well spent...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.