Building website with 123 -- I need serious help!!!?

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Quick question: Building website with 123 I need serious help!!!? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Whats been your experiences? Are there good potential end-users there or just jerk-offs looking for a golden find?.

I just got notified of a watcher on one of my listings that has a buy it now of 10k...should I be excited? or is this most likely some guy who is curious to see if ill get it....

Any thoughts and experiences would be great!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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I find it very hard to make money at eBay on decent (but not great) domains - most bids stay low, and the listing fees eat up your revenues...

Comment #2

I sometimes see LLL & NNN domains selling for below the min. wholesale price...

Comment #3

Ebay occasionally offer cheap listing fees like 0.20c but they only happen a few times a year and you only find out a day before. If I was selling a HostGator worth something then I would use Ebay as well as all the others...

Comment #4

WOw..what were the 100k Sales??.

Mine is at $71.00!!!.

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EBay can give you the right exposure to sell premium domains. In my case, I had a HostGator listed there that got up to 39k, but failed to hit the reserve of 40k, ironically! Two days after the auction closed I sold it for 45k to one of the auction watchers. Now why he didn't bid 45k in the auction, I do not know. It worked better this way since I didn't have to pay Ebay a percentage..

The imperative word is exposure. I know of some fairly well financed HostGator investors that do a lot of their buying on eBay...

Comment #6

Hmmm thanks for the imput everyone..

I got my HostGator up to $76.00 with NO RESERVE..

Check it out if you want.


Comment #7

I haven't sold domains on ebay in years. The fees will eat you alive. However, if your name is worth and likely to bring several thousand or more, it may be worth it. For $100 names you'll lose all profit in listing fees since it may take several listings to get a sale..

When I last used ebay, I did find more success listing in areas other than the domains category. For example, list in the antiques classification as well or instead of the domains category. It's more likely to be seen by and end user than a HostGator reseller and bring closer to retail than reseller price...

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I know one thing, since that Business 2.0 or whatever article came out, there are a lot more sellers of stupid names, with misleading descriptions, being listed on ebay. And all the great deals you could pick up there, sure dried up!!..

Comment #9


Hate it. bad experience with ebay.. and those %#$@..


Please watch your language...

Comment #10

Im up to 81 bucks now! thought it woul be much higher, but oh well...


Comment #11

I had a 2 dollar sale.

But it's the only name I've ever tried 2 sell at ebay..

Anyways, you have to realize there are hundreds of garbage names being auctioned everyday...

Comment #12

And you have to go through all the bad ones to find the good. Very time consuming, though I did see a few being auctioned that were fairly decent...

Comment #13

I've sold a few domains on Ebay in the past. Some good sales, some not so good. I will say that a good trick for selling on Ebay is the following..

Create an email list of all possible end-users that may be interested in your domain. List the HostGator for sale on Ebay, than write a very professional letter outlining all of the benefits of owning the domain, etc.. Target this to your audience. Be sure to include a link to the auction and stress the fact that this is a 7 day auction (or whatever) and that time is limited. Also stress the competition for this domain, meaning all of the parties who may be interested (generally speaking). Dont make it sound cheesy though..

You may just find a few end-users who are interested in the domain. Competition + limited time = call to action...

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EBay is time consuming to find good names and it can be risky to trust the sellers on eBay as some of them suprise you with unexpected fees, selling 2 days before renewal date, etc....

EBay attracts bargain hunters. You can attract some high paying loyal customers to your auctions but usually don't..

Some people do well there but most people don't...

Comment #15

Im up to $94 with 7 hours to go!!!.

Go bid!.


Comment #16

Ebay just sent me an email which some of you might be interested to know that is FREE Listings for the the 29th & 30th of August....

Update: after reading the fine print it looks you need to use a gallery pic & list for $9.99 starting price..

Comment #17

How much does it cost to sell a name on Ebay? Can you list all or just one at a time?.

I'm not sure what I've done wrong in the past but I've listed a couple names and it cost me over $100 each time. I must have been listing them wrong for it to be that much...

Comment #18

Fees are detailed here:.


You must have home page featured them to cost over $100 each. Ebay fees are cheaper than sedo or afternic...

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Thanks for the info. Rep added. I usually only use eBay on free or reduced fee listing days..

I flipped a three character .com for $xxx and have had a few $xx sales too. I have been disappointed with some sales though that I feel could have made more money elsewhere..


Comment #20

Your welcome & thanks... too bad that it is a starting price of $9.99 or less though otherwise I would list some myself but I want a lot more than that and I wouldn't want to risk them been sold too low. Good luck to your sales!..

Comment #21

Thanks for the fee details. I'm not sure what I did, It's been about a year but after probably $350 and only 3 or 4 names listed I gave up...

Comment #22

FYI, the link is here.


That promo ending on sunday, 30th Sept.. not 30th of August..

Comment #23

Thanks for correcting that, well that is even better - 1 month!..

Comment #24

My biggest bulk sale came from ebay, which were 100+ LLL.mobis. But the buyer and I completed the deal off ebay..

Comment #25

So simple, but I hadn't thought of that...rep added...

Comment #26

Am selling 16x coms now take a look.


Comment #27

My recent sale on ebay was that some one buy for 5000..


Buyer is 0 rated and neva contact me after sale even I write in listing I need 50% payment within 24 hours of sale..

Thats the problem with ebay theres no security/guarantee untill you got the payment and other side ebay charge you listing+final value fee straight away..

I sell the same name last month for same price and result was bidder neva come back to me..

Lets see whats happen this time..

Wish me gud luk...

Comment #28

Most of the time watchers are your competition..

Be sure that you report this so you get a refund of the final value fee - They will take $$$ from your credit card if they think the deal went through..

Were there other bidders? You can offer the HostGator to the second highest bidder for what they bid. Although they are not committed to buy it they might. That is called a "second chance offer"..

Paying $100 for a listing - you either added a lot of extras - not needed in most cases - or the HostGator had a very high opening price...

Comment #29

Thanks for advise mate.

Yeh thats wat exactly m gona do to get fvf.

I cant get ma listing fee back but yeh can get final value fee back and thats another mission (as you know we cant apply for final value fee untill after a week of sale + wait another week incase buyer comeback and then ebay give you fvf).

Even I mention in ma listing I need 50% within 24 hours so it's mean ebay suppose to look at my listing terms and conditions and if buyer neva come back for initial payment it's mean there something wrong..

You know it's 2nd time happen to me , I try to sell this name last month and it's goes for same price and no one come back..

So I get my fvf but abviously cant get listing fee..

No mate cant do second chance offer because it's was buy it now / make an offer listing and he buy the name 2nd day of listing..

Anywayz lets see wats happend..

But ebay need to make some rules for HostGator sales including some sort of security for sellers...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.