Can a iPage web hosting site take a payment from my card without telling me?

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First of all Can a iPage web hosting site take a payment from my card without telling me? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... I personally LOVE Mac OS X..

And you?.


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Ye, however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can help better...

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It's a nice OS, yes, but being that I can't afford to upgrade all my programmes to work on it, I'm stuck with 9.2. It works just fine..

Oh, and Scoutt? 98%? A little high, I think. Mac has more than a 2% share of the market and there are other OS's besides Mac and Windows..

Or so I've heard..


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Sorry Peg, but according to the sources below Mac's only account for ~2% of people browsing:.





Shall I go on?.

I realize that these are for people browsing sites, but I don't think it's far of a stretch to equate those to designer stats as well. Mind you, I'm sure there are some that would argue something along the lines of, "Oh but most autistic (oops, sorry, typo. meant to say artistic) types use Mac".

I suspect the market penetration of Macs isn't actually as high a percentage as Apple would like us to believe. Not that Steve Jobs or his company has ever been known to lie of course..


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There are MANY designers who use macs out there, but proberly don't use them for web browsing. I use a Mac now and again, we have a laptop and my dad has one at work. OK, the earlier Mac OS's wern't great, but the latest ones are a huge improvement. Mac's are very easy to use once you have got to grips with them. The thing with Windows is that it's like a huge shell for DOS, which takes up over a Gigabite. Windows ME starts to avoid DOS, and XP does avoid it, but WIndows is still big.

Also, if you want to re-install OS, then it is no way as near as complicated as installing Windows. Even the games market is starting to produce more games for the mac, but I think designers are the biggest buyers...

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The mac market share fluctuates between approximately 4.3%-5.2% (its currently at about 5% and rising...we dont like to think the switcher ads are working, but they are)...I can see about a third of the people having a mac not being online (which is a little above 3%....close to the 3rd link option1 gave).

I personally use OS X (jaguar) and Windows XP, but use the mac 95% of the just gets everything done sooooo much quicker (for me at least) and has never crashed on me (more then I could say for XP)....

I think a large portion of graphics world use macs...and that will increase.


Apple uses the IBM 970 in upcoming computers...But who knows really...x86 are getting pretty far away speed wise...As far as web designers go, probably a good number of them use macs, but a greater number most likely use windows....


PS Peg, I know I already asked but what kind of mac do you have? Same question to you Hiramson.....

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Hi, Eskimo! Been a while since I've seen you. Welcome back! *lol* My kids get a kick out of watching those ads, you know. They think it no end funny that some people don't know how well Macs work..

We have 3 Macs in the house. Mine is the G4 - 450Mhz, 640Mb RAM. It's a couple of years old, but gets the job done..

My kids use an iMac 500Mhz and an PowerMac 6100, although I have been known to use those machines on occasion, as well. And they've been known to use mine..

The 6100 is mostly used for non-vital word processor stuff (class notes, my own notes, and personal letters), being that it's hooked up to a dot matrix printer. It's cheaper to buy typewriter ribbon than it is to buy ink jet ink. It's also the only computer that isn't hooked to the Internet. (I'm working on replacing it with a second-hand 7100.) It runs on OS8.2, I think..

The iMac, my oldest uses for her homework, a bit of web browsing, and we use her CD burner to make backups of the other computers. She also does some web design stuff. It runs on OS9.2.

My G4 does most of the graphics, animation and audio work, as well as my professional word-processing needs (because of the photo quality printer attached) and web design. The G4 also does most of the web browsing for all of us..

The one thing that a lot of people don't seem to realize is that, regardless of which programme they're using - Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MSOffice, whatever, there's no difference in the way it works on either a Mac or a PC. It's still the same programme..

Oh, and before I got the 6100, I was using an Apple IIc. I didn't even know the web exists at that point. It's downstairs, packed away. I'm thinking of dragging it out again for recording my notes and such, instead of waiting for one of the other computers to boot. My original copy of Appleworks still works..


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Oh I never left, Ive just been lurking about.

My most recent posting have all been in web iPage site review for a iPage site I am working on (.



About programs being the same on the mac..I agree with you that people just dont get that they are the same (except MS Office, which microsoft has outright said "its better on the mac")...Thats probably one of the reasons people hate macs so much (as well as never trying them).....

Talk to you all soon....


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Ummm, I think many of us know how much easier Macs are to use - those with Macs never ever tire of telling us so. However, some of us, unfortunately, have to operate on a budget and while Wintel is wayyyyy cheaper that's what we'll stick to..

Neither this, nor my original post was intended to bash Mac users. My shot at Apple (and especially Jobs) was justified. They are no better nor more honest than MS, they just think that their sh!t don't stink because they have pretty colors in their offices..

And for those who do use Macs, go for it, but please don't harp on about how they're the second coming. They've been in the 3 to 5% market share for a long while and it's never going to be much more than that..


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Neil, I can appreciate the cost factor. I looked at that aspect of computers, too, before I bought the one I have..

But there are so many choices and decisions to make when buying a PC - what brand of processor to get - not that I can see any major differences between Intel and AMD. I needed to decide what breed of sound and video cards I'd need, and what brand of hard drive and... oh, and all manner of decisions that didn't seem to make sense to me. They all did the same thing, no matter what name was on the label. And no two pieces of equipment had the same price - even if they were identical..

I could have gotten a package, I suppose. But from who? Dell? IBM? The cow guys? The local computer shop? But they all seemed to have the same questions I had to answer. And none of the clerks seemed to understand that I wanted a computer that got things done. I'm not a computer language specialist so I really don't *care* how it does things. Only that it does..

As for colours, I've never seen coloured Macs in an office. Either the grey or off white versions are used to my knowledge. It was only a small selection of the Mac line that was/is available in "colour" - the iMac series I've seen in some schools. A publicity gesture which, btw, has been copied by some PCs..

No, I don't expect the executives and "staff" of Apple Computers to be honest with me. Any more than I expect that from my local politician. They both have their own agendas. Even I can figure that out..

With one exception that I know of, however, Apple has always managed to make sure that their products work - and work properly - before putting them on the market. And the only exception to that is the OSX. I believe there are/were some problems with it initially, that have since been 'patched' with a newer version..

You know, Neil, statements like yours, that Apple will never do any better, have been around for years. As a matter of fact, I'd heard that Apple was in the process of folding and wouldn't be around at the end of the year. Mind you, I've also been hearing that since 1987 or so, and every year, I hear of more people switching to Macs..

You don't like hearing a Mac-user's opinion on their machines - and most Mac-users don't like being told that they are stupid, computer-illiterate, or just plain "not with it" for preferring Apple to IBM & co..

No, I know *you* haven't said this in so many words, but your words imply that, and that's a lot politer than many people are..

Maybe we could agree that all computers are the same on the inside and that the only difference between them is the expertise of the user? And that no two users have the same expertise and are therefore entitled to purchase a computer that suits their needs and expertise best?.


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