Can any one name 10 best iPage web hosting?

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Got a quick question: Can any one name 10 best iPage web hosting? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Hi all -.

Here is the deal -.

I have a database that is being populated from another page with an RTF stream -.

This is all well and good, except, I need to display this information in a formatted way on the browser....

I have the database side working ok - I can read the stream into a variable on the server, but the question is - how do I display that information in a formatted display???.

This is done in ASP (vb please).

Thank you.


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Ye, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Giz, I know what RTF is, I was wondering how it was layed out eg. all 1 line or in a readable manner. also he said RTF stream.... what is a RTF stream?? not an RTF document...

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>> ...

What is a RTF stream??.



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Hi guys -.

Sorry about the confusion -.

What I meant by an RTF stream is simply a stream of characters in the database -.

There is no formatting in the database, just a line of text.....

Its up to the program that reads this stream to intereptet this stream and display it as needed.

Thanks for the help.

Take care.


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Ok that sounds a little better. so do you have asmaple of this stream? is it seperated by something, eg. : or , or |.

If it is not seperated by anything then it will be real hard to seperate it..

The DB should be setup so the data being inserted will be in a readable manner. just makes thing worse on the other end if it is not. like you are finding out...

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Hi all -.

Here is the exact line as it is in the database.

&lt;PRE&gt;this is a test for tony&lt;/PRE&gt;&lt;PRE&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;/PRE&gt;&lt;PRE&gt;&lt;STRONG&gt;this is a test for tony in bold&lt;/STRONG&gt;&lt;/PRE&gt;&lt;PRE&gt;&lt;STRONG&gt;&lt;/STRONG&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;/PRE&gt;&lt;PRE&gt;&lt;FONT color=#ff3300&gt;this is a test for tony in red&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/PRE&gt;.

Note - there is no delimiters or anything like that -.

Can get this entire string into a variable,.

I simply want to display this string in a label, textbox or something (thats the key) that can handle the formatting and render it as it would look in a RTF viewer.

Thanks for all your help!!!.

Take care.


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Well, just put it into a variable and display it on the page just like that...

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This is a test for tony.



This has nothing at all to do with RTF. RTF looks nothing like this. This is actually just "encoded" HTML. It has the text and the HTML tags already formatted in the data. The.


Is the < marker and the.


Is the > marker. The above resolves to:.

<PRE>this is a test for tony</PRE>.

Which when fed to a normal web browser will display as preformatted text, using the HTML tags supplied. Look in the data for.


Which is the paragraph marker,.


Which is a line break, and so on. I can see lots of HTML codes in the example above,.




, and so on...

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