Can anybody on here heach me how to make my own website on Godaddy?
First of all Can anybody on here heach me how to make my own website on Godaddy? Many thanks for any response. Second question.. This may seem like a stupid basic question and I have definitely found it to be true. Will just a typed in HostGator without TLD always seek out the .com.

And then:.

What happens if .com is not developed but dot net is. Will is still just say cant find page or will it go the next best TLD..

Also is this true anywhere in the world. If someone in the UK type in HostGator in their browser will it go to or

Any difference with different browsers...? GoDaddy site size /.


/ popularity....

Any light on this age old issue would be very much appreciated...

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Yes sir! but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Godaddy guys because they can give you help better...

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I think the default configuration of ie and ff will go to .com, but we can costumize it, doesn't it ? but... it differ at my IE, if I just type the name eg. sting, then it will go to msn search ? but it's more interesting at IE, just type dzaky.. and shows my page.

How could that happen ?

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Sorry my bad. I thought you meant the HostGator "firefox".

Domain put me at They probably secured all TLDs for that one..

BUT the HostGator "firefox" is a good example for this test. There seem to be a diffrent and operating GoDaddy site on just about any TLD..

So for testing lets use.


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I wonder if there is a place in the windows registy to change it?..

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After some tests, I found that my FF go to the #1 list at, eg firefox goes to and namepros ... absolutely goes to

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The key question is what are the settings on the browsers out there..

99.9% of internet users wont be thinking about changing that. Maybe software meant for a specific markest will have that countries TLD as default..

Any interesting test results on just the domain.


I found there are DIFFERENT and operating sites at least for.





So it's a good test.

The HostGator "firefox" type in test:.

I am in the usa:.

And both Safari and IE takes me to

I'd really like to hear from anybody in germany or UK to see if their browsers go their country TLDs or not..

+ any more real insight on this topic would great from some seasoned web pros..


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Whats the verdict name PROS...? any light on this oh-so important issue..

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Hope this helps..

Here is some info about searching from the address bar in IE and Firefox:.


Also, here are.

The results.

From the Google search I performed that led me to that page..

IE, by default, searches MSN. If you have the Google toolbar installed, then it probably searches Google. There are other tweaks for Firefox and IE..



Edit#1: I for got to include this link to Microsoft explaining a few things about IE, like the setting to "Go to the most likely site", like Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. Here's the link:.



Google Toolbar - "Browse by Name".


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Usually what you put in Search the first 10 sites at least are paid for..

Might be same for FFox..

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I am only taking about browser type ins. as in the address bar but without using any pre (hhtppww) or post (dot-something)...

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I live in Norway and we have our own firefox GoDaddy site (, but I also get I use Opera...

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So it really does seem that any "untweaked" browser anywhere in the world bypasses their country tld and goes hunting for the good old .com.

I have a few other tld but I dont think I ever register another one. whats the point of feeding the .com version of your hard work on your .net/.org/.info site..

In this case .coms are way undervalued...

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