Can anyone give me the basics for the Medifast Diet?

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My question is Can anyone give me the basics for the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY AND SUNDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

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Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment..


It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow..


We mustn't let our passions destroy our dreams...

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Good morning Shamrocks,.

Figured I'd try a weekend thread and see how we do with that..

Hope you are all well. I just went back and read from the last day or so and sent out some PMs, etc..

For those of you stressed about eating over the weekends..



Just don't do it..

It's not an option..

If you assthis up on this first weekend - you're setting the tone..

I keep talking and no one keeps listening - the more you do it - the more you're going to do it - the more you're going to struggle..

It's just another day - it's just food - just get it done - don't think about eating off plan and just DO NOT let it be an option..

It's simple, ladies..

It really is that freakin' simple..

Where the hell is KORI?.

AFM - Sorry I haven't been around. Really nice lunch yesterday at one of my favorite places. As usual, we were there for almost two hours talking like a couple of teenage girls..

Got back to work and the shiiiitz blew up. E'one needed e'thing NOW. Crazy..

Was happy to get out of there and went over to the restaurant where I was meeting my BFF. Sexy CM met me over there, as I made him feel guilty for letting me go sit at the bar by myself like a "h**ker". My BFF came and we all had another drink together and then we got rid of the testosterone and had a really nice time catching up and talking and laughing. I love her madly..

I got tired early and came home pretty early and just crashed..

Not sure what the weekend will bring. I think Joe is going to take my car for inspection. We may go out to dinner tonight for his birthday. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow late-afternoon. Maybe over to the mall. That's all I can think of for now..

I'll check back later fo' sho'..

Mad love to all of you..

And stay the eff on plan, wouldya?.


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Morning shammies!.

Up sipping on some of my favorite Jamaican Me Crazy coffee! YUMMO!.

No big plans here today...need to do the usual catch up cleaning around the house and go to get some groceries! DH is gone this weekend so DS will get to come with. Not his favorite and have to say trips to Wal-mart go so much better without the kiddo with! Anyone else know what I mean?.

Need to get my butt moving and head down to my wonderful TM! Going to do my 5 mile run and then shower and get on with the day!.

For those of you that are new here...Captain Sexy is the best! She has been through it all and knows and understands things we might not. Sometimes she even knows us better than we know ourselves! Just know that she will help guide, push, kick, etc. your azz all the way to goal and beyond! This is the best place to be!!.

Have a fabulous day everyone!.

And don't forget to drink your water!! If you are tempted to eat off plan...drink a BIG glass of water instead!!..

Comment #4

Capt- Love the azz kickin this morning. For once it wasn't for me. Once I'm fully OP, which I am, the weekends, special occassions, etc don't bother me. I go in with my plan and just do it. I just have to figure out when I transition again, how to have that same motivation and strength for those times. And yes, where the hells in KORI?.

Melissa- Hate when I loose me post- it's very frustrating..

Andrea- No worries about the kids yesterday, one day every blue moon to veg out is just fine. I think it gives them time to destress to from their busy lives..

Today we have a soccer game at noon (yes it's indoors) and my nephew's bday party at 4. He'll be two and is rotten to the core, but man I love that little guy. I seem to have a "thing" for the little bad boys. Have my plan for the party and will stick to it like glue. The scale has been extremely nice to me this week and there is no effing way I'll mess it up...

Comment #5

Morning Dawn- I hardly ever take a kid to the grocery with me. If I do it's only to run in for a couple items. Have to agree with your assessment of the Capt, she is the BEST. So proud of you for committment to running. Have a great day!..

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Yay it's Saturday and there's more snow on the ground.

Morning to Cap, Dawn and Lara!!.

Cap I promise i'll stay on the effin plan this weekend...i am having friends over for a dinner party tonight but I told them already that i'm OP and everyone is on board....i'm roasting chicken and sauteeing spinach (which i'm modifying for mealthough cooked spinach is like liquid draino coming out of my butt) and I have no fear!!!! I had a long talk with Grey Goose earlier this week, and I told him that it is over between us and for now we can only be friends...Grey Goose was a very disappointed that i'm not going to swallow anymore, but he'll just have to find another hooker for now....

I made a few recommendations.

Sorry I couldn't check in yesterday, for those of you that don't know, I work in transportation and even a little snow will cause quite a bit of havoc in the that was going down and I was getting stressed, my disease was telling me "you need a cookie, you need to eat some of those pretzels in the kitchen" and I fought it back for like an hour...ate some chili nacho cheese puffs (which are awesome) and got through it...but I realized that stresswork stress in particularis like a big trigger for me to eat....i guess I 've always known that, but it was very apparent yesterday....

Gotta get to cleanin', hopefully squeezin' in a workout, cookin' and MF'in!!!!.

It is just another day.......................

Mad mad mad love!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #7

Morning lovelies!!!.

Off to work - already behind. MWAH!!!..

Comment #8

Morning slores!.

Robyn- so good to have you back, you make me laugh!.

Had a dr. apt yesterday, stepped on the scale and cried. really need to get my head out of my azz and quit eating like a moose..

Today- niece has first basketball game today, need to do laundry and study!!!! first exam is monday. well, I had a quiz last week, but this one is major....the quiz didn't really count, just a pass/fail (i got a 100, of course.


I don't know where kori is, i'm going to text her in a bit (it's too early right now)..

Need to get my day started. have a great day hookers!..

Comment #9

Robyn- Your killin' me this morning about your talk with Grey Goose. I'm super proud of you for fighting the temptations of stress eating yesterday. And the first way to fight is to recognize what your fighting against. WTG! Also awesome plan for this evening and letting everyone know up front what your doing. Keep it up girl!..

Comment #10

Erin- you can do this. As capt would say- just STOP doing it!.

Morning Andi- get your bootay in gear and get to work...

Comment #11


Capt. I love your feedfack. It reminds me of my first week on plan. I had to events where I ate out and I had the attitude that I had to live while I was on the program and so I drank and had a bunch of BLTs and ..... I thought I was being good cus I did not have a full dessert and a full appetizer and things I would have done if I had not started the program. Anyway, I effed up the first week by at least 2 pounds.

Then I started to learn how to eat out. Like Robyn did on Grey Goose I also did with my wine. 28 weeks and no wine. That is a big deal for me. But it is all in your head.

I would have gained or not lost as much a bunch of weeks and I think I would have at some point just gone off the program. I am going to get to goal. I am a daily weigher and 154.2 this morning so 20.2 pounds to go and so close to "normal" weight. I have gone from obese to overweight and now almost normal and then ideal. OK, shammies I am talking about normal weight - no smart comments needed...

Comment #12

Lara and Andi - love your posts on the Spring Challenge. Lara - what a great week you had, you ROCKSTAR...

Comment #13

This first week back has been great - aside from the killer headaches! I think that for me the weekends are a little easier. I have more control on the timing of my meals and more time to cook a yummy L&G. When I am at work I hardly even get a chance to take a lunch so the meals are ideal for me..

This last year I learned a lot about what my triggers were and where I needed my head on straight. I 100% agree that with anything it is more on the mind set than the actions. I know this time around that I need to be prepared both at home and at work. I know that my cheating times were at night when I got home and had nothing planned for my L&G and nothing appropriate in my fridge to fix quickly. If I feel my head getting in the way, I learned to talk myself away from the excuses and if I had to be on this site for hours at a time, then that is what I need to stay focused. Now this time around I am taking all that I learned and putting them into action.

So you can't have one without the other but the knowledge and mind are the base of the success the follow through can become automatic after a while. Your body will do what the mind tells it to every time..

I thought I would get on here early and say good morning to everyone now while I have a chance..

Lori - have a great day! I am sure the massage and shopping will help take the stress away. Funny how the job can kick you to the curb one minute but then when something needs to be done, who do they turn to? I wrote yesterday in my long post that disappeared that things happen for a reason and sometimes we need to get kicked out of the parked car before our next journey can begin. You now have an angel looking out after you, it may not seem like it but she is working her magic with you. My angel has been working his magic on me slowly all year and when I stopped fighting the changes the rewards started happening. It may all be in my head, but like I said earlier - the mind controls way more than we think it does. You are the Best!! I knew it last year when I needed that empathy and I know it now.

Lara - I loved all the tips you, Sandy and everyone else posted. Learning from others who have already been through it is such a valuable asset to coming to these boards. That along with the friendships I see developing. I am glad you got through your meltdown and were able to find a sanctuary to reflect and realize that work needs to stay at work. Our families are so special and sometimes they get the raw end of the deal when we have a bad day outside the home. But they always seem to stick by our sides..

Robyn - I am so happy for you getting into those jeans! I have about 5 pair that are still hanging around hoping that I will someday soon pick them to go out in and see the world. Hang in there this weekend. You are being proactive so I know you will get through it just fine..

Sandy - I was really happy to hear that you had a day to do the things you enjoyed without worrying about the house or laundry or any of those funsuckers that we have to face everyday. I am so jealous!.

Dawn - I even hate bringing my 13YO with me shopping. It always ends up costing way more than I anticipated. I am glad you got through the first week back ok. I am so inspired by you and your running - all of you actually who got the confidence to start and continue bettering yourselves. I will be joining you as soon as I can..another two weeks and I will be there!.

Jill - After reading your post about the leaky sink and the wasting of water I realized I had a faucet that has been dripping for a long time now. When my ex-husband was over yesterday I showed it to him and he showed me how to turn the valve off until I could replace the fixtures...boy did I feel stupid. There are a lot of things around the house that I just didnt pay attention to and now that I am divorced it is really overwhelming me. But on the bright side I am becoming empowered and can pretty much fix anything now...because boy once he moved out everything starting falling apart! I could put together my own "do-it-yourself divorce kit!".

Hi Ann - you can learn a lot from this group! They are a lifeline that is for sure!.

Andrea - Donkey Kong on the Wii for me is like knitting is for others. It keeps my hands busy and I don't think about with that being said...I try not to give my daughter a hard time when she spends hours on the PS3. She gets straight A's and stays out of trouble otherwise. I think that is her stress reliever!.

Hang in there Erin! We are all here to help you get through..

Have fun at work Andi! I hope you are feeling better Ang! I can't wait to see a picture of that mirror Barb! Hi Kate and anyone else I am missing!.

Hope you all have a fantastic Saturday and drink up that water!!..

Comment #14

Sorry that was so long! I wrote a novel..geesh! That's what happens when your computer Sucks!!..

Comment #15

Maybe the most true quote for me you have ever written!!!!!.

Lori, Sounds like you had a nice evening. Girls nights are the best. I love how great I feel after being with my girlfriends!.

Dawn, Sounds like we have the same plans for the day~ catching up around the house! I love when all the work is done~.

Melissa, Sorry about losing your posts how frustrating! Your shout outs rocked! I appreciate long posts no need to apologize!! Have a great day!!.

Lara, have fun at soccer and with your nephew... I am sure you will do great staying OP.

Robyn, Good for you talking to GG... I feel your pain. But we will all see him again... I gotta stay focused I discovered whipped cream vodka and diet 7 YUMM... the more I stay on plan the quicker we can spend time together again !! I went from not drinking while on MF, to not drinking bc preggo, to back on MF... I had a few short weeks where I enjoyed some drinks but not much because I was nursing...

MOrning Andi and Erin!.

Sandy, Isnt it funny to look back on program to see how our idea of OP has changed... I did not have any off plan foods but I found plenty of extras to sneak in that add up (condiments!!) Im doing better with that now!..

Comment #16

Afternoon everyone,.

Just got back from grocery shopping and playing catch up. Wow, the whipped cream vodka and 7 up sound delish but NO NO NO!! I've lost about 6 lbs. since Mon. so I'm super happy. I know I've gotta keep at it cuz there is always temptation around. I even bought DH filled donuts but skipped everything I like.

I told her we gotta stay on track with our diets. Robyn, you continue to crack me up with your writing. Sorry you're losing one of your best friends but don't worryyou'll find a substitute and then before you know it, you can meet up with your buddy at another time. Maybe we can all meet up somewhere and meet the little fella. You did say GG was his name, right?? Have a fun day everyone...

Comment #17

I will be back to respond individually a little later..

For now I'm going to crawl back in to bed..

Not sure if I'm going with Joe - or a magazine - that's TBD..

Car is inspected, went to breakfast, went to Nordstrom, picked up Joe's old car and am am home in sweats. The weather is miserable and I just feel like crap..

A few notes:.

Thanks for all of the love today. You filthy hookers made me cry reading all the stuff you wrote about me. ::::blushing:::: (and patting myself on the back).

Except for Robyn - who I just texted - to let her know that her post made me laugh so hard I peed and farted at the same time..

And Barb - Dude...I am DYING to try that freakin' whipped cream vodka!!!!.

I have to schedule a room and my free upgrade for Borgata for the end of February with my girls..

Okay - I'll be back..

Mad love...

Comment #18

What is whipped cream vodka?.

Barb - Congrats. You are doing it..

I tried the Choc. chip pancakes and I think they are OK..

Lori - feel better soon. Hope you go to bed with both..

We have French Club tonight, Francophiles. It is the Fete de Rois, Festival of the Kings. I guess the Kings got to Christmas 12 days late. It is a holiday the French celebrate. The club buys two large French cakes and there are these beans in them. If you get a bean you are announced as the king or Queen for the year.

They get to make a little speech to the group - like I am going to cut all taxes for my year, or off with the heads of.... Anyway, the Kings and Queens also ride in a convertible in the Marde Gras parade in Feb. We will have about 60 a the party tonight. Everyone brings an appetizer and the club provides the wine. I am going to have my L&G before we go and bring a diet soda to put in my wine glass.

OK, off to practice the piano. I am so not ready for my lesson on Monday. I always learn alot anyway...

Comment #19

Sandy- when my head is in the game- it's in the game! Thanks for noticing..

Melissa- I'm glad you learned lots last year and are now putting that knowledge in action. You said it perfectly. Loved the shout out and so glad your computer didn't mess it up again..

Jill- right there with you- I had one drink arounf the holidays but couldn't tell you the last before that one. Soccer was a blow out 9-0..

Barb- Stay OP- get your game plan going for your sis's visit..

Lori- Enjoy your day in your sweats. Blush all you want- everything that has been said is true..

Sandy- great plan for this evening's party. The french cake sounds like the Mardi Gras cake..

Getting ready to head over to bday party. Frustrating thing- my mom says she is back on Medifast as she gained everything back and wants to loose a little before she goes on a cruise in March. However she has get to make it through even one day OP. This morning she comes in my house with a McD's carmel coffee thingy with whipped creeam etc on top. She also brought in ice cream flurries for the kids. I made the kids but ice cream in freezer- hells we're having a party later with cake and ice cream.

Every special occassion or any times she hungery- it's OP. WTH! I so kindly told her that I've lost almost 10 lbs this week and that she could have too if she would do it. OK rant over- can't help those that won't help themselves...

Comment #20

I will also have you know that this stellar find was discovered at a liquor store in a small town near me that also sells assault rifles.... are you all jealous weapons and booze in one place BWHAHAHA!..

Comment #21

Love in a cup... seriously. Mixed with diet 7 it tastes like creme soda....

Comment #22

OMG LARA!!! I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!!!! My mom picks and choses when to do Medifast and then just does not understand why I wont cheat... but yet she complains about weight/ health. GRRRR!..

Comment #23

WE are busy watching the news..

Arizona congresswoman among 12 shot at Tucson grocery.

My DH was very involved in her campaign and walked every Saturday for 6+ months as part of it. Unusual for us not be at this event today. Scary. Not sure what the rest of the day will bring. We will be there to help families in any way we can. Just waiting and answering the phone right now...

Comment #24

Scary! Glad you or DH were not there, sorry for the grief that is sure to follow the next few days. I will be thinking of you!..

Comment #25

So sorry about the shooting. Seven people are dead as of now and I'm not sure how badly others are. This world is crazy sometimes. Let's pray for all the families...

Comment #26

Seems like the reports are still coming in on the shooting because a few hours ago it was reported the congresswoman had died and I just checked and they said now she is alive and in surgery. An aide has died and I'm really not sure how many others. Just a tragedy all the way around...

Comment #27

DS and I did go grocery shopping. He got some of his favorite junk. (doesn't typically get it, but he needs to put on some weight....he is underweight!).

I got LOTS of good OP, L and G type food!.

Ground turkey, chicken breasts, veggie burgers, lettuce, Laughing Cow cheese and veggies! Should be set for awhile!.

I am making Captain's stuffed peppers tomorrow! Yum!.

DS and I are going to have a quiet night watching TV in my bed! He was supposed to have a friend spend the night, but he called at the last minute and said he can't come...

Comment #28

Sandy- just got home and heard of the shooting. How terrible. I'm so glad you were not there today. Prayers to all..

Jill- Glad someone else understands the mom thing. Its very frustrating..

Bday party over- totally OP! Hope everyone else is doing well OP, it's been very quiet around here today which sometimes is not a good sign. Hopefully you all are just having fun and staying OP. Off to read my book. I'm finishing the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. Hoping to finish by next weekend so that me and DH can go on a date to see the movie- just came out here...

Comment #29

Dawn- enjoy movie night with DS- too bad about friend but now you can enjoy time with him...

Comment #30

I have a chest cold starting... what can I take? I know reg cough med has high fructose corn syrup, any suggestions??.

Man laundry piles up fast with 2 little ones... esp with YDD growing so quick!!.

**wishing someone would come on and chat with me**..

Comment #31

Hi Jill.

Lara I have read all the Steig Larsson books and seen all the movie. We also read a memoir that was just OK..

Thanks for all the support today. Can always count on the Shammies. thank you...

Comment #32

Good morning.

Just have a second, gotta get to church.

Did really well last night, stayed OP...bummed with my scale cuz it says I gained 3 lbs since yesterday....***??? I think I need a new scale....

I will pray for all of us.


Comment #33

Looks like we'll be keeping this a weekly thread..

Sorry I haven't been here..

Started feeling really lousy yesterday..

Sweating, freezing, sleeping, anxious..


Oh my....

I have no clue..

I slept a lot, I didn't sleep a lot..

I feel like I got hit by a bus..

I have no appetitie and never ate after breakfast yesterday..

So we know I ain't right..

JillyBean - Sorry no one was here to play with you..

Sand - I'm so sorry..

Robyn - Thanks for praying for us. I know you know to throw in an extra prayer for me and I'm wicked proud of you for staying OP..

I'm heading back to the couch..

Mad love...

Comment #34

Can someone PLEASE help me find Kori?.

I can't find her email..

Please PM it to me...

Comment #35

Good morning you sexy thangs!!.

Lori~Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope a relaxing day today will help!.

Robster~Woooohhhoooo for staying OP girl! You got this!!.

Jill~Sorry you were all alone last night..

DS and I were watching Terminator 3..

Sandy~Thinking of you hon. So glad you were not there. But know it has to be hard for you after all you and DH have done for the campaign..

Mad love to everyone else!.

Hope everyone has a GREAT day today!..

Comment #36

Good Morning.

Must go shovel snow today b/c more is coming Tuesday...yuck!..

Comment #37

Morning all you sexxy thangs!.

Capt- Wish you felt better. Rest, relax and take care of yourself. Don't you have a massage today? Don't have Kori's email- sorry. I've PM'ed her too with no response..

Robyn- Thanks for the prayers, we need them..

Jill- Sorry I wasn't here to play- hate when that happens to me. I haven't taken any meds for that since I've MF, so no help here either. Ang would know..

Sandy- I love his books. I've seen the other 2 movies also, but want to finish the book before seeing the movie. My DH has liked the movies, not really a reader. I think he'll rally like this as he likes a good conspiracy..

Not too much on the calendar today. Had and awesome WI this morning -9.2 lbs! With such a big loss I'm hoping I will loose this week, but we all know what week 2 can do. Taking down Christmas decoration today FINALLY. ODD to GS and that's about it. Have a great one- check back in a little bit...

Comment #38

Ang- What part of PA do you live in? I may be in Philly in April if work will pay for it...

Comment #39

LAra - Congrats on a great week..

Lori - sorry you are not feeling better..

Time for me to get some coffee...

Comment #40


I am SO sick and tired of being sick and tired...

Comment #41

Woo hoo Lara on the weight loss! 9.2 lbs is Awesome!!!.

I woke up and it is snowing! I was only expecting it to be cold. I really wish I would have got my running around done I need to do it in the snow!!!..

Comment #42

Capt- I think you need that massage from all the stress you've been under. Maybe you sould book another one soon. Hate that you feel so yuck...

Comment #43

Hey Melissa be careful out there in the snow. I hate the cold weather. I never could get warm yesterday...

Comment #44

Thanks Lara - I think I will go out now and get everything done while it is still not too bad..

I just had my week1 WI!! Not a huge loss but I will take it!! 6.8 lbs!!!! Yipee!! Ready to tackle week 2!!..

Comment #45

Nice job on the weightloss ladies. (pffft).


I'm so happy..

I'm sooooo sick..

My stomach just totally and completely revolted against me after trying to eat something..

Back to bed I go.....

Comment #46

Zumba - I lobe to dance. The resort we are going to in a couple of weeks has all kinds of activities. I think they have Zumba. From what I can see online, I think I would love it. What do I need - kind of shoes? Looks like you want to slide so not sure walking shoes are the best. I am trying to figure this vacation out.

I am planning the power walk in the morning and water exercise in the ocean at noon plus the normal snorkelling and sailing and reading on the beach. But from 3 to 5 they have all these classes and I think I would enjoy both the yoga and Zumba. It also looks like they have a new fitness center since we were last at this club. Maybe I could do my arms one day and legs the next. Only takes about .5 hour to do 1/2 of my routine..

Comment #47

OK, lobe is suppose to be love. Never said I could type...

Comment #48

Sandy - just comfy clothes and good shoes. Walking shoes would be fine. I found that my heavier running shoes did make me feel clunky... If you hVe lighter shoes, I would recommend them. Classes I've taken, clothes ranged from sweats with Ts to dance stuff to Zumba stuff. It's all good!.

Hubbie found us a new gym. No pool but Zumba, spinning, and yoga.... Gonna try it for a week but Hubbie is already excited about it and if it gets him to the gym.........

Comment #49


Joe just made me try to eat something..

It's not sitting well..


Comment #50

Quick fly by to say hi. Sis and her hubby decided to come last night and will be here till tomorrow. They have major car problems though. They have a brand new 2011 fully loaded Taurus and when they parked in front of my garage, it let out a loud clunk noise and when he turned the car off it's never started again. They've tried everything and even though all the gauges turn and radio comes on to start it, (it's automatic push button), it just sits there. Will have to wait till tomorrow when dealership is open and they will have to go to a dealership by our town, rent a car and then go home.

Hopefully it's something simple. So sorry to hear Capt. isn't feeling wellhugs to you!! Take care of yourself. I think I have Kori's email addy so I'll look and if so, PM it to you, Lori. Have a good day everyone...

Comment #51

Melissa- That is a great loss!.

Sandy- No Zumba insight here, but am super proud of your planning and the fact that you are planning your exercise. I always say I'm going to on vacay but rarely do- other than fun stuff that is a part of vacation. BUt guess that counts because we usally have very active vacations..

Lori- feel better soon !.

Andi- Yeah for a gym! Its always nice when you have someone to go with you..

Barb- that sucks about your sisters car. I would be furious!.

I've had a headache since I woke up this morning that I can't get rid of. I've been drinking my water and have taken meds but just can't shake it. I've been hungary all day but keeping my nose in a book so that I'm not in the kitchen. Think I'll have fish and zuch tonight for dinner. OK back to my book...

Comment #52

Lara - this to will pass. I do not always do my plan either but still good to have one...

Comment #53

Joe just went to the store to get me Saltines and Gatorade...

Comment #54


Now if that isn't motivation to stay OP I don't know what is!..

Comment #55

Barb -.

Nice job, hooker...nice job..

I'm proud of you..

How do you feel?.

You feel good, don't you?.

You go girl..

Hey - my cousin is here - somewhere - she's trying to navigate the site. She did find my page and send me a PM..

Damn it - I already forget her screen name..

Maybe Pamela71..

Cause I'm brain dead like that..

So...I sincerely believed that the Gatorade/crackers were going to stay in/down..

Two hours later, yeah...not so much..

I just can't keep laying on the couch/bed because I'm getting restless and I know I won't be able to sleep again tonight. So I'm trying to sit up for a little while..

I keep yelling at Joe..

I keep crying..



Glad I stopped by, right?.

Great job with the losses this week!.

I have an email out to Kori..

If I don't hear back, I will stalk her via text like it's my J.O.B...

Comment #56

Got it...stalking will occur as soon as done here!..

Comment #57

Sandy...ZUMBA is supposed to be LOTS of fun...we are starting up a class at school for teachers. I am gonna try it out..

Andi~Glad you got to "sleep in" let us know how the new gym goes...

Comment #58

OK....I think I'm starting to get the hang of this site!!.

Or not....May take me a while! LOL!.

Any advise would be appreciated as a newbie to the diet. Especially on how to make the food a little more tasty...

Comment #59

Hi Pamela71! You will get the hang of navigation quickly. Ask a lot of questions...they will sure to be answered..

I can only stay for a quick minute...

I hope you feel better soon Lori! If it is the stomach flu that has been going around, ours only lasted 24hours..

Hey there Dawn! Hope your weekend is going great!..

Comment #60

Hi all. sorry I missed so much posting this weekend. just got busy with kids, soccer, shopping, the usual! going to try to catch up!..

Comment #61

Lori - hope you start to feel better soon..

Barb - WOW. You go girl.

Hi Pamela 71..

I read in the paper today the best for getting rid of belly fat is walking - crunches not so much. I was surprised at that. Last week I read 6 to 9 miles a week of walking is great for the brain. I walked for over an hour today while chatting with Mom. Go belly fat and I am sure you can tell I am smarter...

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Hi all.... hope you guys get to read my shout outs before next thread begins.....

Lets all stalk Pam!.

Lori... hope you are feeling better asap. I'm sure joe is taking good care of you..

Dawn.. do not take kids to wal-mart. I swear they cost me an additioal fortune each time..

Lara... you are so great here! I'm so proud of you. of course the scale is loving ya!.

Robyn... wtg staying OP this weekend. we knew you could do it..

Andi... oh, awesome sleep..

Hey erin.. hang in there with school and get back on track..

Sandy... so sorry about peeps in arizona. I wanted to make a joke about being "normal", but you are way too sweet to bust on. zumba is super fun and your vaca sounds great..

Melissa... great to see you here and sorry I wasnt around to chat..

Hi jill.. yes laundry is riduclous. I swear mine grows overnight..

Hi ang.... I hate snow too. hows your family doing?.

Barb... you are awesome!!!!..

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Hi sandy... my kids are done watchin football so I think my private time is up... hoping the scale will be loving me in the morning! been OP so it better smile at me...

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I just lost a message. I hate that..

Andrea - I think we see you ticker move tomorrow..

Tomorrow I have my piano lesson and then we are going to a piano concert with Lang Lang. I have seen him perform on TV but never live. I have seen him perform Gershwin's Rhaposy in Blues which is a piece I am working on. He will not be playing it tomorrow however..

There is a lot of stomach flu going around. So we need to remember to wash our hands. My stomach has been upset the last couple of days. It is hard to do things when you can not go far from the bathroom. I think Lori has been telling us that. I think my stomach is doing better today...

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I did a health assessment. I scored well but..... You answer a bunch of questions about how many fruits and veggies and how many dairy you eat per day. Not sure how to answer while on 5&1. Oh well, I will update when I am in maintenance. I wounder when that will be...

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WTG Barb on the 6 lbs. I'm so proud of you..

Capt- I hate that you have that dam stomach virus going around (or at least thats what it sounds like) Make sure you try to stay hydrated..

Dawn- headach finally got better just in time to go to bed. Dinner was ok, probably won't get the Gordon's fish again. Didn't realize it was square fish..

Pamela- welcome to our group. Lots of tips and tricks, think there is even a thread devoted to it. I will try to post some of my favorites tonight- gotta get moving this morning for work..

Did anyone else have problems with the website last night? I could get on but then kept getting an error message when I tried to go anywhere. LONG day at work ahead of me. 3 meeting today until 5. Only a 3 day workweek though! Taking off Thurs and Fri. Already have done 50 wall humps this morning, so you all better get busy. Catch you later, have a great OP day!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.