Can anyone help with Medifast recipes for alternatives to peanut butter please?

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My question is Can anyone help with Medifast recipes for alternatives to peanut butter please? Thanks for any answer. Another question I got... I just got my insurance Bill for the GBS. My share came to $14.50. I've never written a check so fast in my whole life! I can't imagine how anybody could afford this on their own!..

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Of course! although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

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Lots of WLS folks among us have gone to Mexico, where there are some excellent surgeries for significantly less out of pocket..

They do way more sleeves there, and have been quite successful!..

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And think about it... That's your cost WITHOUT complications! Just imagine if you needed blood at about 800.oo per unit x 4, stayed a week in the hospital, 2 of them in the unit, pain meds, two more stricture repairs, etc..

Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks that I have health insurance!.


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Me too. Does it cost more for more rare blood? Just a curious thought. I am o- and I always see the hospitals and blood drives asking for it...

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No Terri...blood is blood..

My mama is also O-, and she has never been charged more for her blood type...they just took the standard arm and a leg....

But got 2 of those each right??? you should be fine to hobble about with these.....

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Tek, I'm O- and it isn't more expensive. You guys all have good insurance! My part was over $1500, but I am certainly not complaining...

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My cost was $2500 but I am still blessed, there is no way I could have paid any more...

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I feel the most fortunate out of everyone! My cost was ZERO...but thank God for that and for my health.....

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I have to pay a program fee that would be $3000 but my insurance covers that and pays for the hospital and doctor. I feel fortunate that all I have to pay is $1500 and I have a year of round the clock on call nurses and several doctor, nutritionist, and.


Physioligist's appointments...

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My co-pay was $350 and I had to another $350 for the classes I had to take before the.


But so happy my insurance paid all the rest and the doctor's fee...

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I just got my insurance Bill for the GBS. My share came to $14.50. I've never written a check so fast in my whole life! I can't imagine how anybody could afford this on their own!..

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Mine is zero too and I am so thankful I dont work and my husband is military and we have a handicapped son and so we could not afford for me to have the surgury if tricare did not cover it..

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Thank you for insurance.. I just had.

Cochlear implant.


And it was over 97,000.00! was in the hosp for 6 hours! and will have another one before the year is far 877.00! it's a bargain! and so was my rny a year ago!..

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I went to Mexico and paid $12,000that included everything (the resort looking over the beach........). I was treated like a queen. I'd recommend it to anyone..

It is work every penny. Just like a car payment...........

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I was a self-payer in Mexico... forever thankful I had that option. Never could have afforded.


In the US. I've had three surgeries (RNY and 2 rounds of plastics) in Mexico and all have been awesome experiences...

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How do you find the information for Mexico? My husband wants the.


And unfortunately his insurance doesn't pay for it. Mexico may be the way to go...

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On your husbands insurance... Has he asked his HR department if an additional rider to cover the.


Can be purchased? Is the exclusion (under no circumstances or only "if deemed medically necessary") read your policy and look for loop holes like that. Can he get your policy?.

Going out of the country is not the best option for everyone but it was the best decision for me. I was also not too far away in the event I needed to return (I had no complications at all but I'm in Southern California) but you are definitely taking an added risk. Getting a local PCP on-board to assist with lab work, follow-ups is important but not always possible..

Do your.


There are good & bad Dr's in all countries. I can give you the name of the Dr I used (RNY) (he's on my blog under links & resources) and also another I have since become aware of who does the VSG. There are Medical Tourism.

Support groups.

(obesityhelp has one) that can give you more info about.


In other countries and connect with other patients. I highly recommend emailing as many patients as you can and hearing their first hand accounts..

Good Luck in your.



~Michelle "Shelly"..

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- thanks for the info. I will ask him about the rider on his insurance. he was on my policy and started the process for the.


But than my company made a rule that if you can get health insurance through your own work - you have to take it and get off ours. once he switched insurances - his insurance doesn't cover the.


He was devastated as he is seeing me melt away and he wants the same :)..

I will definitely do lots of.


Thanks for all the wonderful advice..


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You are all blessed!!! We got 3 loans going on to pay for my.


Insurance had an exclusion for GBS...

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