Can anyone recommend a good alternative to 123 reg?

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Question I have... Can anyone recommend a good alternative to 123 reg? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... How do you assess the value of country-name domains? Especially in GTLDs like .com, .net, org, .info..

Here are some recent country name HostGator sales:. $550k. $82k. $250k.

Further, was on sale recently with a BIN price of $100k & BIN at $135k..

Any tips on assessing the value of country-name domains in the GTLDs? Do you think .org names would have more value than the .nets in this case?..

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Of course! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the 123 reg guys because they can answer you better...

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Yea agreed with the above factors like GDP, population etc. But I'm kinda trying to quantify it in numbers, approximately. Why don't we see any country name sales in .net / .org ? Do you think at $100k as cheap?..

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I like country names in .com or .info. they make sense there. Or even in .biz (though I don't like that tld).. is surely worth a lot, but doesn't fit the extension at best. For .com there is obviously more demand, and I think HostGator owners are just waiting till a great offer comes for their for instance. But there is not that big demand for it..

Let's also not forget that after the .com, the second most important extension for any country is it's country tld. For example is worth at least as much as

Not sure I answered your question though. but I don't think we can quantify it, because each sale has it's own particularities..

- Alex..

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Are there stats to support this at all? Hard to imagine a country code being worth more than a com...

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No support for these, as I do not know of any country.cctld sales..

However, from my experience, country cctld's are first or second option at least in Europe. Without supporting my information with facts, I think that would be close in to Or to Just gut feeling..

- Alex.

A little PS: I know several internet users who do not even hear about .net or .org and rarely heard about .com, as they mainly use their country tld. Though this is not the same with the US market...

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When you look at it from the native language that makes sense. I was strictly thinking of the English spelling. Hard to imagine the country name in a cctld would even be available to reg...

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More than a year ago, reported the dn sold for $550,000 and posted MacauBusiness's article about the transaction in July 2006 Lowdown column.


Well, according to this press release,.

Http:// has been acquired by it's competitor, for an undisclosed amount..

MacauBusiness also did a story on back in December 06.


The parent company of acquirer, MKW Capital also funded several other Macau-related web company eg.


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I dont think the country name with it's extension will be as valuable as the .com. or looks more like redundancy to me..

Yeah, Acc to Frank Shilling, was undersold at $550,000.



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Canadians and canadian businesses are crazy for their .ca's. Just about every commercial here has a .ca..

We all type the .ca in when looking for products and info online too. Canadian domainers would go crazy for

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