Can anyone recommend a good free iPage web host?

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First question I have is Can anyone recommend a good free iPage web host? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hi all,.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me on about sizing my webpage. The problem is really better seen rather than being explained but I'll do my best to explain the situation..

I noticed many webpages have views depending on what the user's screen is viewed as. For example,.

Has this feature on their website. If you are viewing through 800x600, then the page is filled on the entire screen. If you view on anything above that such as 960x720, the right side is.



I'm assuming this is done using both javascript and css. Does anyone know how I can achieve this on my page?..

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Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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I wouldn't exactly call it an error; just poor design..

Imagine a fixed-width webpage that was designed on a 1600×1200 workstation monitor. It would require a lot of scrolling at 800×600..

Liquid layout is definitely the way to go...

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CNN is not liquid, I'm using 1024x768 and there's empty space at right...

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Agent he didn't say it was liquid!.

I wouldnt go as far to call it poor design either, I set a fixed width to many pages becuase the content would just look too distorted sometimes, but it depends completely on the content in that page!.

Besides with 90% of the internet on 800x600 it doesn't really make much difference..

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I agree that fixed-width is sometimes better. Making a complex page stretch can be tricky too..

As long as it's centered, so the empty space is distributed evenly...

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My iPage site (at it's current stage) is a good example of what happens when you build on a 15" monitor (settings at 800x600) and use NO percentages..

I could sure use some good expert information on this. I want all of the the images to stay the same as the viewers monitor size grows EXCEPT for the background..

I have been reading about using tables and just haven't dove into it yet...

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I couldnt get past your intro page, didn't get an error or anything, it just wouldnt do anything when I clicked on enter..

Anyway monitor size doesnt affect your layout, you could have a 200" monitor at 800X600 and it would be the same as on a 15" monitor, it's all down to resolution...

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Now you've got me wondering why you couldn't get past that page. What browser and modem size do you use BTW? That says a lot..

It may be due to the fact I'm using a client-side image map on the Enter button, which really shouldn't matter, works perfectly fine at my house. I'm using a cable modem and IE6...

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Leoo24, sorry. At least it was an opportunity to test my discernment..

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Lol, very true, 'discernment' I think many would have to look up to find it's meaning.

By the way.


I got through to your page in the end, yeahyou could use tables and %'s, seeing as your menu is one image with a map it won't change,nor will the rest of the page in tables..

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"by the way bassnshan I got through to your page in the end, yeahyou could use tables and %'s, seeing as your menu is one image with a map it won't change,nor will the rest of the page in tables".

Leo, are you saying that having a client side image map will prevent the screen from expanding?.

As Johny Carson would say, " I did not know that"..

Recent iPage site update: changed to tables in frames..

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