Can anyone tell me how mcuh the food costs at Nutrisystem?

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My 1st question is: Can anyone tell me how mcuh the food costs at Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... It's only a little frustrating that I just had another 0 loss week..

I follow the plan to the letter, increased my calories to around 1400, I exercise, and the scale has not moved..

My body composition has changed. I feel stronger. My clothes fit better..

But it would be nice to see the proverbial needle move..

I remember the first time I went down this path, it was about 6 weeks before the scale started moving regularly... hopefully that will start happening again... soon...

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

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Everyone's body responds to dieting and exercise differently, some seem to drop steadily when on program while others seem to drop in chunks. It seems you may be one of the latter, don't give up!..

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Keep on it acoustic. if you are followng the program to the T, you will get a big dropoff week as said above....

I am having the same hting right now - things are shifting around due to exercise, but the scale has been quirky at best - i'm ready to put on my 36 jeans - been wearing these 38's for about a month - but my scale doesn't show it.....

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I haven't weighed in the last two days but Ive been stuck at 269-270 since Jan 12th and I've been 100% on plan. Its not my first stall/plateau so I know it'll pass. A lot of folks here believe it's during these stalls your body changes the most even though the scale isn't moving. Well last night I tried on a pair of 42's I got as a Christmas gift. They barely fit Christmas morning, last night they were damn comfy...

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Hey Acoustic,.

You and I started about the same time (I'm at the end of week three) so I've been following your posts. I love your enthusiasm because it encourages me to stick with the plan. So your scales didn't move. Lizard brain is saying "Ha! Told you so. Now give me a basket of wings and lets get back to our fat, self-loathing selves." If this were just about you, then let the wings fall where they may. But it isn't just about you.

And we both feel better about ourselves no matter what the scales say - right?..

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Only a pound lost for me this week and 0 loss last week; full time student right now so lots of sitting. 100% calories and I'm doing an hour on the treadmill each day, clothes fit better, seems like I'm shrinking my legs and the rest is the same. The way I look at it if I wasn't on the plan, I would be reaching maximum density about now...

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I agree... I feel a lot better about myself and what I'm eating... my energy level is through the roof too...

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Acoustic, Keep it up man there are a lot more benefits than the needle on the scale!.

I was using a dial scale and purchased a digital and gained 10 pounds! That dial scale SUCKS!.

I feel better and I am measuring by the holes on my belt right now!.

I am actually awake all day, not tired and struggling, I make it to the 10:00 shows on tv now at night. They all suck too but at least I can say I have seen them to state that..

You have invested to much into this. Not money but yourself and your here helping guys like me get through it. Because it is all about me right now, and everyone of you reading this including you acoustic should be saying those very words every day. "It is all about me right now!".

Look for something small in your everyday routine to change up! May be that is the small jump start you will need!..

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Don't get discouraged!!! Your body will adjust and you will see things start to happen again.....

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Just keep running the program. You will have a big drop. If you want some troubleshooting, need to tell us more (typical day of food, history of drops entire time, etc.).

I disagree with Gordo that weight training will slow your loss. It's wrong for theoretical reasons and even aenecdotally lacks basis...

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Poly ... to give a little credit to Gordo, he is correct if you adjust your calorie intake up "because you are working out now." This is what most people do. We start working out, lose some weight, increase calories because the body needs it. Also substitute Muscle (dense) with fat (gelatinous goo)! Slowing down the loss..

In the end, We stop working out and continue with the calorie intake and end up weight 300 pounds!..

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So... THAT'S what happened.....

There's a lot of truth in that... when I stopped playing competitive soccer I was still eating 4000 calories a day.....

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Thats exactly what happen to me!.

Stopped working out and playing due to an injury but continued to eat the same way and POOF 300lbs!.

This new scale is killing me, added 15 lbs to my goal! I was in shock!.

I am down 2 belt holes though!..

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The first scale lied, not the new one! Sorry for the cold shower!..

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Yep, you'll need to increase yor calorie intake 1400 (imho) is kind of low for one who is working out in the gym I work out and my intake is 1600-1650 because of the added protein..

Your body needs those calories for energy..

Someone else mentioned running the treadmill for an hour. Imho, that too is way too much. 20-30 minutes is more than enough. Doing that kind of cardio regularly will kill off your testosterone which IS needed to help burn fat. The best way is to build more muscle. Building more muscle will have you burning fat all day, not just in the gym..

My 2 cents...

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