Can anyone tell me how much the Nutrisystem program costs?

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First of all Can anyone tell me how much the Nutrisystem program costs? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Hey. Day 2 almost complete and I have to say my Double Chocolate Caramel Bar I had for lunch was pretty darn good. I read some bad reviews advising against the bars but being out and about a lot for my job, now I wish I would have ordered more. Is this particular bar better than others perhaps?.

Is there a thread anywhere where guys have rated the food?.

I had the sloppy joes tonight. I finished them but so far my least favorite..

I counted the bun that you are supposed to have with the sloppy joes meal as my carbohydrate. Was that right?.

Down .9 lbs in 24 hours. I am happy with that start and cant wait to check out the scale tomorrow!.

Happy Friday!..

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Yep, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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The Double Chocolate Caramel Bar is amazing! I love it, it almost feels like you're cheating on the diet because it's just that good! Nutrisystem added the bar a couple of months ago as a new lunch entree. I too have to be out an about for my job a lot and the bars work really well for me, and this bar has become my favorite..

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I don't make a practice of barging into the Men's Room, but you can buy Zone Perfect bars at the store. They have the same nutritional stats as the Nutrisystem bars, and they taste pretty good. I am out and about a lot for work too, and these work perfectly when I run out of the Nutrisystem bars...

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Thanks for the tip Kelly..

Hey CCS glad to see how well you are doing! Congrats man. Very inspirational...

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I love the bars. Im a college student stuck on campus 9 hours a day four days a week so my order is heavy on lunch bars. I get 16 of the chocolate peanut butter lunch bars. Taste good and I don't need to find a microwave. Ive also become known as the carrot stick guy...

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That's a good one. I think the Fudge Graham Bar is my favorite of the lunch bars, but I prefer the soups on days I have an extra couple of minutes..

Thanks for the tip about the Sloppy Joes. I've never ordered that, but got a couple in my last box as either a substitute or as one of the extra.

Jump Start.

Meals. Wasn't sure when to try it. Might not..

Anyone else weigh in on the Sloppy Joes? Worth it?.


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The Sloppy Joes are a mixed bag. They're not horrible but it's a powder you hydrate that ends up more of a paste that taste only slightly of chili's. I took it off my auto-order. Its edible but not to my liking. Could spice it up with some hot sauce though...

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I have tried several of the bars and I have not found one yet that I did not like...

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You have to heat it in the microwave about 6 minutes following the directions to stop and stir. A dab of hot sauce, ms dash and a sprinkle of Tony Cachierres(?) and it's not that bad..

I mixed a boca veggie burger in with it and put on half of a whole grain english muffin. It's worth a try.....

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Aha, very nice. You bet. I'll try that. Thanks!.

And Mike: Hot sauce, good call. Cheers..


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I took the Sloppy Joe mix off my auto reorder as I didn't like it at all. I'd rather have the hamburger or chicken breast myself..

You'll find that everyone has different tastes though. I was hesitant about a few things after hearing people complain about it, but then when I ate it, I found it was good (to me)..

Also your tastes will change. I had the Cinnamon bun for breakfast on my first morning of Nutrisystem and thought they were gross. But a few mornings ago, I needed something quick so ate another one that I had, and it was actually good. I think the first morning I was still needing more sugar (which these are more cinamon that sugary tasting) and now that I don't expect (or want/need) the sugar taste, it was actually decent (still not great, but it wasn't terrible either)...

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+1 for Fudge Graham bars. I'm not a huge fan of the lunch bars... they're not bad...i'd just rather have the red beans, rice, and sausage. But the the fudge graham bar is *good*...

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Good point. I did like the cinnamon bun thingys right away. Especially after nuking it for 5 seconds..

I'll give the reconstituted Sloppy Joseph a try using the tips above...

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I add salsa to some of the bland dinners...

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My advice: rotate through all the types of food twice. Second time through your tastes may have changed. Also for things like pizza, burger, etc. they are a lot about doctoring and toppings...

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I add mustard to the sloppy joes. Growing up we always used mustard for them so just seemed the right thing to do. I always add garlic and pepper to most of the dinners...

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Sloppy Joes are one of my favs. Go figure...

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I was originally scared of the double chocolate caramel bar - but, going to add some to my next autodelivery order. I do love the fudge graham bar - I use primarily when I'm on travel and don't otherwise have access to "prepare" the typical lunch meals. It may very well be my favorite Nutrisystem meal..

P.S. I really like the sloppy joes as well - add fried onions and jalapenos and I'm on my way.....

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