Can anyone tell me the details of the Medifast Diet?

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My 1st question is: Can anyone tell me the details of the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any response. Another question... Morning!.

Ok, this month doesn't seem to be flying by but then again when you look at the dates on the week thread January is almost over.

Day off work but will sign in for 2 hours as my ISP was down on Friday for 2 hours and I want to make those hours up. Possible mani/pedi today if I don't decide to just stay home and chill. PMS arrived and sometimes the 1st day is best spent taking it easy, we'll see, gotta have my mojo ready for 'hit' class at the gym tonight..


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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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Good Monday Morning to my friends. I will go back and catch up on last weeks chatter and see what you all have been up to. Roger and I are in Quartzsite, AZ. This is the RV winter show place of the Western states. There are hundreds and hundreds of vendors in this small out of the way town. I think their normal population is around 2000.

People are parked all over the desert here. We are here with two friends from home for a couple of days..

Our friends, Tim and Marti, are both sick, and we don't want to be, so we are staying away. We will head to another park in a little town called Buckeye tomorrow and wait out their bugs..

Taking Sage to the vet today. She continues to have a very loose stool. Talked to Carolyn, the breeder, and even though she had a clean fecal test at 7 weeks, we will do another to see if she has picked up something. I am exhausted as she gets me up about 5 times a night. "Hurry, Hurry please, I need out NOW". She is really good about her little barks to let me know she need to go potty.

And, I fell yesterday and put a hole in my knee. I have it taped tight with little strips to hold the edges together. It is a clean cut as my jeans did not get torn, just a hole in flesh. I'll be fine. Roger wanted me to find a Doc in the Box here, but with all the people, I am sure they are busy with things that I could not fix for myself..

Weather here is nice so Roger is very happy. I miss my snow. LOL, I know you all are sick of it, but I love winter at home, as you all know. But I do have to admit, with a puppy with 'loose valves' it is a lot easier in 60 degree temps than in 10..

Hugs, NA..

Comment #2

PATTI = Sorry about the show. Some are like that. They should not have minis close to a working ring and I would write them to complain about that. It is not fair to any of the riders. It is not unusual for small shows to 'go all local' though. There is a lot of favoritism in all the animal shows when they are smaller.

Hope your friend is OK. Congratulations on sticking in the saddle on the rear ups..

Your DH needs to spend more time working out...hope he feels better too. Men in pain are such a pain. LOL.

Who told you that you were a sore looser. That is just mean. And you can tell them I said so. LOL.

One good thing to come of it was that you know you have to work with Peanuts around different sounds and outside distractions. That is one draw.

Back to only working in an enclosed arena for training. Are there any outside training trails you can use to better round out Peanuts' training?.

Happy late birthday to DH..

Wow, Straight A's in Law School.....that is so awesome. He must be one smart cookie. And, how did Patrick's varsity try out turn out...

Comment #3

RED = Laughing about a snow day on base with only a few inches...what would they do in a snow day too. Just kidding...I love our military guys and gals and families..

So sweet that Natty let Mommy sleep in..

There are feeders you can buy that allow only the smaller birds to eat. The larger birds can use a different feeder, or eat off the ground. I love watching the birds too. And this is a great hobby for Natty to get interested in. Something she can do all her life and where ever she lives..

Natty is growing up so fast. It is cute that most little girls just love school. I thing it would be smart to have two starting times. 6 for girls and 8 for boys. I don't think most boys are ready for school at 6. The year I taught kindergarten, it was really obvious that the girls were so ready and a few of the boys.

They were not unintelligent, just not mature enough to sit, concentrate and learn, for even 10 minutes at a time. I felt really sorry for them..

How wonderful that a friend will show up on base again. Sort of like finding a lost Christmas present in May...

Comment #4

ALI = Whew, glad I read your post about the yelling and screaming at the auto folks....I thought California was having another earthquake last week..

OK, I am dumb about weather east of the Rockies. Is it normal for Atlanta to get a lot of snow? I would be shocked if Chicago only had a few plows, but I think of Atlanta as balmy weather..

I'll read on to see if your tooth problem was resolved. I can stand almost any pain but in my teeth. I have a twinge now and then from a 'dead' tooth. I think sometimes it is phantom pain and then other times I say, Oh that just plain hurts..

Glad to hear that the WW is working so well for you too..

Oh Yeah, a cracked tooth can let in a little air, food, etc and start an infection. I hope that is not it. But glad that the meds worked on the pain...

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CHARLY = By now I am sure your rear has healed, but it hurt reading about your tush fall. I am so glad you didn't hit the tail bone though...You don't have an ounce of fat to cushion you though..

Thanks for the update on Sandy. She has had more than her share of problems these past 18 months for sure..

It is so hard when you hire family and they don't do the work. But I am such a meany I would fire their buns so fast...I hate to pay for something that is not being done. Especially when it is for your Dad. But I know you don't want to do anything that would upset the apple cart so to speak..

I am behind the times with electronics too, Charly. We have the most simple cell phone we could find and have everything turned off except for the actual phone part - - no texting, no internet, etc. I don't even like to listen to music on anything I have to use head phones for...hurts my ears even on low...

Comment #6

MONICA = Ouch. How can you do BD with a herniated disk? You are one touch cookie..

What, you are working at work instead of playing with us. Shame on you. LOL I tell you, if I were trying to do anything except listen to soft music at work, everything would be in such a jumble. Glad you found something that works well for you...

Comment #7

SANDY = Hurrah for the new computer. I wish I had started out with Apple, but when I got my first computer it was for use in our business and Apple had so few applications that could be used for different things I needed. Now I think I don't want to learn a new system. But everyone I know that has a Mac just loves it..

LOL, you are really into your teams, Sandy. I just have never been able to work up any interest in college or professional sports. And I was so glad Kellie was not a player of anything as I didn't even like to go to the high school events. I would have been a terrible sports Mom if she had been interested...

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Well it was a gloomy rainy day today. But that's ok. Natty had a fever yesterday, but it turns out it was because she was so tired and she caught a cold. I need to buy more lysol.. I am almost finished with this can here.. and I got a big one this time too! LOL!! I better not get sick..

NA, glad you are in warmer weather, and too funny about the congregation of RV's. LOL!!! Like birds flying south for the winter..

I know you miss your snow though..

Yes, I agree with the later start times for boys.. I thought the same thing when I helped out with Natty's kindergarten. Of course there were a few girls in that bunch and vice versa. But it was interesting. the boys could NOT absolutely for the life of them, even if they were chained to their chairs, they could NOT sit still. Half the time they were standing when they were at the tables and chairs were way behind them and all kinds of stuff.

LOL At one point, I had to sit them boy/girl around the table. LOL.. funny memories. LOL I also loved that you went to a whole other stop to get away from the sick people.. that is exactly something I would do.

And same with sweet little Sage.. I hope she doesn't have parvo. I know it's a risk they go through when they are pups. My sisters dog had it and all I remember is my mom constantly cooking white rice. I'm sure there were other things, but I never forget the white rice..

Monica.. LOL @ feeling the rut. At least you know it. It will pass..

Ali, so how was forced cleaning day?.

Charly.. so did you end up getting the mani/pedi? I hope you didn't put in more than your two hours. Have fun at HIT today...and I agree.. the month seems to be flying by. although I am pretty ok with that...

Comment #9

Hey Friends,.

I posted a long post last night, probably not a good idea at the end of the week. Oh well..

NA - SO glad to hear from you, hope the pup can get her "valves" working properly..

She sounds adorable. OUCH.

To the knee. Don't you hate to fall, I mean really!.

Glad the weather is good and Roger is having a good time. Hope your friends get over.

Their bugs and you can all meet up again soon..

BB tryouts were rained out, it poured for hours here, we needed it though..

It was the owner/trainer who sassed me. I am so used to her now, she is bi-polar I swear, up one day, mad as a wet hen the next. I just roll with it now, easier that way..

Hey Charly, Monica, Red, Ali and Sandy - Waving at all of you! Hope you are.

Staying warm and dry!.

Yes Charly, this month is flying by, where does each day go?????.

Have a great evening!..

Comment #10

Morning Girls!.

Weather is just crazy around here! First snow, then rain, then freezing rain, then snow! Glad I'm house! LOL.

Other than that, nothing else is new around here. Same old, same old!.

NA take care of that knee! Be careful! The Mom in me yelling at you!.

To all my other buddies..have a wonderful, safe, warm/cooler day!.

I'll be back later....

Comment #11

Hey where is everyone? I'm going to get a complex!!! Come out, come out!.

Snow, ice and rain are still here! Walked from the front door to the garage and was glad I wasn't out driving in this mess. They are calling for 2-4 inches of snow overnight...we shall see..

WHERE ARE YOU? It's a lonely world!..

Comment #12

Hey Girls!...I've been laid up the past two days...I was loading the dishwasher...turned to wipe off the counter...forgot I left the dishwasher door down and...BAM...walked right into it..turned so as not to land my butt on the door... hit my arm on the counter and twisted my back...OUCH!...It's still pretty tender...I may have to go and get an x-ray to make sure I didn't do any damage to the surgical area..

Charly - Hope you were able to get out of your mani/pedi...Did you have ice this morning?...We're supposed to have a chance of more ice tonight changing to snow tomorrow...Be careful if you head to the gym!.

Monica - We all need a break now and then! What book are you listening to?.

Ali - Sounds like you have the same nasty weather we have here!... How's the tooth?...Hope things are going well with the SUV...Keep Warm!.

Red - Hope Natty is feeling better! Try Clorox (1/4 cup) to 1/2 gallon water...Mix and use to wipe down surfaces to kill the flu/norovirus... "Clorox Clean Up"won't do the trick...not the correct proportions...We used this at the nursing home during flu season...the mixture will last 24 hours...then you have to make a fresh batch...Remember to wipe her little shoes and take them off as soon as she gets home...It's AMAZING the germs that can be carried home!.

Patti - Shame on the owner...I remember you mentioning drama at the barn...Seems that she is the source!...Keeping fingers crossed for P's tryouts...! How are the newlyweds? How are the pups? Take Care!.

NA - I hope Sage is doing better!...I cook rice and hamburger for the pups when they get the runs...seems to help...We're all ready for the Steelers play off game on Sunday...It's also my great-nephews 16th we'll be going to his house for a combined Steelers/Birthday party...Yea!.

My SIL is coming home tomorrow for 10 days...she'll be staying with us...We're looking forward to spending time with her! Hope you all had a good evening!.


Comment #13

Hi All, Sage has a vet appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I'll get a fresh fecal sample for them tomorrow..


, I don't think she has Parvo. She is not sick, no fever, plays and eats..


, usually I would do the rice and chicken route, but since Sage is on a non grain diet, that will be my last resort. However, very few dogs are allergic to rice, so it would probably be OK. For now, Tums seem to help. And I know I can give her a little Pepto Bismal too. Glad we are someplace with a vet open..


It is a good thing you are understanding of the owner/trainer. She is the last person who should be shaking her finger at are part of her bread and butter..

We are in Buckeye, AZ, just an hour from our friends. Marti has finished her antibiotics and should be safe to be around. She is still very weak, so we won't go there until Thursday. She is so anxious to see Sage I hate to keep putting her off..

Hugs to you all, NA..

Comment #14


Sandy - sorry to hear about the run in with the dishwasher, hope it's nothing serious..

NA - poor little Sage, hope puppy improves.

RED - is Natty feeling better?.

Patti - in's with the owner person, you're a better person than me.

Monica - what's up?.

Nothing going here, yesterday was rain and 40degrees but they say another storm is coming on Thursday. I know where Mom and Dad live they are under a winter storm watch until 5a Friday. Good day at work yesterday, bootie still tender and no I didn't go for my mani/pedi, just felt better to stay at home with Charlie. I have some really cute pictures of Charlie in my lap yesterday while I was working. He just doesn't get that he can't lay there all day, he sure tries. Just makes it had for me to be able to type on my PC, etc.

Have a good day.............

Comment #15

Morning Ladies!.

The Pea is doing great.. I really think it was lack of sleep and germs floating around in her body because she sure seems to be fine now. Just a tad of a stuffy nose..barely noticeable and it seems to not affect her at all. So that is great! Yesterday I went and got my taxes done, woohoo! Glad that's over! And that's all my excitement for the week! LOL!.

NA, glad that Sage doesn't have Parvo. I hope that she can get her workings back to normal soon. And happy you get to go back to your friend soon too..

Charly, can't wait to see the pics of Charlie snuggling on his mommie. =D You know when the pets want some lovin, you just can't leave them. Honestly, if I am trying to wake up and the cat comes to snuggle on me, I'll be out within 5 minutes. Gone. LOL! Hope you get a nice break in the weather. We have had rain the last two days and it just makes it seem so much colder when it's that damp cold outside..

Sandy, OUCH! I hope your back heals quickly! Sounds like it's going to be a super fun weekend with all the birthday and steeler celebrations! And thanks for the tips!! I usually use lysol wipes and let everything air dry, but that shoe tip is excellent. I do wash our shoes occasionally, especially flip flops in the summer. They are comfy but you just know that they're nasty!.

Ali, hope you are not buried in snow and Ice! Sorry you were all alone here yesterday! But everyone is here today! =D How did the cleaning go?.

Monica, hope you are riding out your "meh"...

Comment #16

Yea for taxes being done, I will personally wait until the last moment in time which I believe I heard this year is 18-April and then they can kma....iykwim (LOL).

Workout done, anybody else do their exercises today??? come on, you might as well do them!!!..

Comment #17

Rise and shine!!.

It's 5:04a and time to get it started!!..

Comment #18


Well at least I've made it that far.

Nothing much here.

I'm so boring LOL..

Comment #19

Hey Ladies,.

I have been hit by "da bug" - stomach flu or something. Can't go very far from.

Home if you get my drift!.

You would think the pounds would be melting.

Off, I am the only person who can get sick, have it coming out of both ends (sorry,.

TMI) and not lose an ounce!.

Patrick made the cut-off list, that's all we know so far, drives me nuts..

I am sort of mad at both DS and DH, they just keep looking at me like.

I am going to hop up and fix a giant meal or something, geez....

Will catch up on everyone's news tomorrow - hope you are all feeling.

Well and staying warm!.

Hugs to all of you!..

Comment #20


I don't even want to discuss the weather, that discussion is way overrated!!.

I see none of you responded about your exercise...........Mmm........come on now, it doesn't take that long and when you're done you can say "I did it"..........'jus say'n.......

Patti feel better..

Comment #21

Lol Charly I can say I did get few extra flights of stairs in, but that wasn't really by choice..

Things going ok here still boring lol.

I did sign up on the WW site (for 3 months at least) I'm liking the points, figure 3 months will get me adjusted to it..

It's going to be a long dry summer here almost no snow at all, but I did see something that should cheer you snow bound peeps, Canadian Geese flying north..

Ok trash day best get moving...

Comment #22

Morning Girls!.

I've been exercising on my Wii just figured why write about it, it's the same thing everyday..

Let's talk weather..wanna know how cold it is here this morning??? Come on!!.

10 BELOW ZERO with the wind chill! Well that's a lot better than they thought it was going to be..

Monica, congrats on going to WW. I'm not losing what I would do with Medifast and I'm sure it's going to take me a long time to get off what I want, but at least this way I can still eat some thing that I was missing. I did love the way Medifast worked, just didn't like the way it came back on when I veered off of it..

Patti hope you're feeling better! Make those boys wait on you for a change. Men!!.

Have a great day everyone...Red, NA, Sandy, Charly..hope I didn't forget anyone!.

Car comes out of the shop, I'll have wheels!.

Be back later!..

Comment #23

Ali, I saw that you were in the negatives today! And I believe the same for Charly, or it's heading her way..even though she doesn't want to talk about it. lol.

YAY for car coming out of the shop!.

Monica..yay good news for the geese to be coming back.. I hope they don't get a cold slap in the face and go back south..


I've been using my treadmill every day, so yah, done and done..

Patti, poor girl.. I hope this bug goes away soon! LOL DS and DH don't know how to get along with out you it seems. Good and bad, right? Hope you feel better soon!.

Well I definitely caught Natty's little cold. grr... good news is, she is all better now.. so in a day or two, this should be gone. It better be anyways. And poor Ryan is sick too.

I scrubbed the showers yesterday.. my LEAST favorite chore...and I tried a new method.. to use Easy Off Fume Free Max, and it really worked on the soap scum in Natty's shower. I swear she soaps up the wall in there...but unfortunately it didn't seem to do much for the water spots. GRR.. which means, I have to do it again.

The usual methods don't work and I've been searching for new the last 3 to try are the Bar Keeper's friend, the cut lemon scrubbing, and last CLR. Lime away didn't do squat. If it comes down to CLR I am going to wait until Ryan gets home. He can take them out for me and do it in the open air. the last time I used something with fumes I got bad asthma for a few weeks.

But that Easy off really did the trick, I hardly had to scrub at all. And the fixtures even came nice and clean. So that's my life...nothing exciting going into the weekend either...

Comment #24

Still NOT talking about the weather only to say it is the same as Ali mentioned above........ done with that subejct til spring!!!.

Good for the workouts, now I don't feel like the long ranger doing the swearing by is daunting to know that this is my life for the rest of my life.............

May I'll check out the WW too, I've been doing really well , clothes tell the story and that's how I'm gonna roll, it's all good though..

Almost out of Medifast food but have been adding a fruit everyday, keeps the cravings away for non-good stuff iykwim. Work isn't nearly as busy as I like it. Yesterday was slam, slam, slam and I so like that but so far NOT today..........hohum..

Rant...........some people just make my butt tired..............just had to get that out and write it perhaps it will go away now (ROFL)..

Comment #25

LOL about the weather. =D.

I like that you can have fruit on WW. And I really like that it's zero points for fruit.. because like you said Charly.. it really helps to not eat the junk. I do enjoy my Medifast brownies and pancakes though..

Well I need to do my treadmill.. just wanted to check in...

Comment #26

Red - I like the pcakes too!! YumO! Ali turned me onto those!! good stuff!!..

Comment #27

I have my car back! YAHOO and it looks brand new! Hey that rhymes! LOL They were so funny at the repair shop.."now don't wax it for at least 60 days." Are you kidding'll be lucky if I wax it in 160 days. I'm not a car person. I'll take it in to be detailed. Silly people!.

I have no Medifast food left, none, zip, nada! I loved the brownies and the pancakes but it just came down to cost and I couldn't justify spending it any longer. I miss the simplicity of it, but I'm learning on WW again..

Instead of the old way of eating my way through points on carbs..LOL I am now eating more veggies and fruit, and not bread, chips and junk. It seems to be working. I seem to have a better handle on making the "right" choice..

It's still freezing here..OMG, it's so cold outside. Be back later.....

Comment #28

Hey Ladies!.

Feeling so much better today ...thanks for the well wishes. Don't want that again,.

Whatever it was!.

Ali - Yahoo for getting your wheels back! Also for the ww and the wii, sounds like a good plan all around if you ask me..

Charly - I do my Leslie Sansone tapes, try for 5 days a week, change them around, 2,3,4 miles or kickboxing, etc. Nothing too hard but I do break a sweat. You are the champ at exercising, don't know how you do it. Sorry about the cold weather..

Red - Yuck to the cold, hope it's gone by tomorrow. Showers are the worst, I have tried everything too, even if you get it off, it comes right back. I use Soft Scrub with Bleach and a scrub brush, pain in the butt..

Miss Monica - Taking the stairs counts as exercise! It's almost the weekend!.

Hi NA and Sandy! Hope all is well with you ladies!..

Comment #29

Morning Girls!.

Patti so glad you are feeling better..being down with "whatever" is never fun! It seems to take days afterward to just get caught up..


It's snowing AGAIN and it's cold. Sorry Charly!.

Well, I'm not going anywhere one is going to slide into my brand, new back end..

Minds out of the gutter!.

Have a great day everyone! Chicago is a BUZZ with Bear fever. Gonna be a great game tomorrow...Go Bears! Stomp those Packers!.

Talk to you all later!..

Comment #30

Ali - enough with the weather!! (LOL) I hear there is a new storm coming, WTH?!?.

I am totally totally out of sorts today so going on the DL but will check in. Have errands to do and jsut want to get them over and done with. -5 when I went to the gym this morning............ugh!!!..

Comment #31

Yup, I woke up to snow too. I blame Ryan. It ONLY snows here when he is gone. He needs to get home ASAP so this nonsense will quit already. the silver lining though, is that all the colorful birds come out when it snows... they know my house is the BEST restaurant in town! =D.

I posted replies yesterday but dammit of now it's gone. I don't know what happened..

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm shutting down for the weekend. Adios folks! See you on Monday!..

Comment #32

Hey Ladies!.

Sorry about all the snow! Blah! If it makes you feel better, it's getting down to the.

30s in Fl. tonight. Way too cold for us..

Ali - Take care of that car and stay warm!.

Charly - Hope the day went well!.

Red - Hope you at Natty have a great weekend..

Hi Monica, NA and Sandy! Stay warm!.

Got errands done, helped Patrick make a tri-fold poster thingy. Too much.

Busy work!.

Watching NCIS for 2 hours now, my addiction, I swear..

Later Ladies!..

Comment #33

Morning Girls!.

Well today is gonna be a great day to shop..stores will be empty. Bears/Packers game will be on TV and I'll be at Costco. LOL No cars on the streets either, well until the game is over and let's hope the Bears win...I'll be home, safely tucked into my garage by the time that game is over. It will be like New Years Eve if they win..wouldn't want to be on the streets if that happens..

That's it from here! It's more snow, but cold. Can't wait for this crap to end. I just want heat!.

Oh and I start school on Thursday. Didn't get into that program that I wanted. I have no IT experience or medical background so I'm paying for the medical terminology course and will reapply for the program again once I have passed the med. term. course. And of course, the nasty niece who I told about the program at the college, got into it so the gov't is paying for her tuition.

If I would have known you needed either IT experience or med terminology I wouldn't have applied until got it..

Sooooo that's my day today, what are you guys doing?..

Comment #34

Morning All,.

Ali - Congrats on starting school, sorry the IT thing turned up but hey that's the next step, you will get this done! Boo Hiss to NN (nasty niece) - make better grades than she does, that will show her! LOL.

36 here when I got up, that's summer to you guys up North!.

At least the sun is out. I am in the bed with 2 dogs and several blankets, just not liking this winter at all..

Have a wonderful Sunday, hope the Bears kick butt, my boys will be watching. I am off to the barn and then get stuff for turkey chili..

Be good and stay warm!..

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.