Can anyone tell me what they think about Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: Can anyone tell me what they think about Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer. My other question... Okay MEN, you can fill in the blanks and use your brains to figure out completely what I'm saying here, but to avoid a cyclic repeat of things we've seen in the past, this is just a friendly reminder to not feed the Trolls or they'll keep coming back. The best way to get rid of a troll is to ignore it, hard as it may be. They'll make a LOT of noise and throw a lot of fecal matter, and some of it may get on you, but just keep ignoring it. Eventually it WILL go away..

A Troll, for those of you that don't know, is a beastly creature who creeps into a forum IT DOESN'T BELONG IN and starts creating havoc..

Once again, this is just a friendly service reminder to NOT FEED THE TROLLS..

Damon, this goes for you too, bro...

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Yes sir! but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

The only people that would stir up would be the very creatures I spoke of, which don't belong in our friendly confines anyway. So who cares if said beast gets mad?..

Comment #2

Muah?!? I would never instigate a troll invasion..

Actually I felt as though the licious-girlz were being slighted on the Yack thread and I told them it was ok to defend themselves. I thought they conducted themselves with respect and only weighed in on that one thread..

I promised them that all that would happen is that they may get popped on the azz with a wet towel. looks like I was right...

Comment #3

I didn't mention any person or group specifically. All I said was to avoid feeding ALL trolls. I'll leave it up to each person to identify said troll and IGNORE it. Ignoring ANYONE shouldn't cause them to be defensive...

Comment #4

How do you ignore? I'd like to ignore all forum posters that have 2-pages of garbage in their sigs. Glitter or not, pages of signature is very rude and annoying...

Comment #5

Turn off sigs. It is a pleasure to cruise the boards with this off. I even started a thread to say this..

Go to thin grey bar above this on user preferences (left) edit options (left, second down)...go about half-way down and UNCHECK the setting for display signatures..

While you're in there, make any other changes you want. For instance, I have changed the number of posts per page to the maximum setting)...

Comment #6

Ignore is in user preferences also (on left, second from bottom, "buddy/ignore list". Click it and then you will have to manually enter the names of people you want to ignore. I don't think there is a simple click on the post method to add ignorees. At this forum...

Comment #7

HA! I put you on IGGY first. I have you literally and figuratively on it..

What was that you said? LMAO..

Comment #8

Certain of you have been guilty of trolling, but lets not go there!.

Ignoring in private messaging and email is a good thing; in a forum, it is not. Man up, grow a skin, read things which don't set well with you, and participate or not..

Looking the other way doesn't make the monster go away..

But don't hide behind a wimp's ignore button...

Comment #9

I love someone who can take me on and has something interesting to say. Lame-o's the trash heap..

Ignore rocks. You don't even acknowledge their existence. Their time typing is wasted...

Comment #10

Apparently you did not because not only did you respond to his post, but you quoted him. Just sayin'...

Comment #11

How very passive-aggressive of you. Like I've said, half don't know you're mad and the other half just don't give a ****e. You can get the same results by sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming LA LA LA LA LA...

Comment #12

Bonnie Prince Charlie, please to not be quoting the ignoree..

-Robert, the Bruce...

Comment #13

Just saying'.

DUH!!! All I have to do is hit the "VIEW POST" and VOILA!!!!!. There are his words of wisdom. Try it, put someone on IGGY, like myself, and you'll be able to view my post..

You learn something new every day, well at least if you try you do..

I remember you from last year and the ruckus you created on the boards...

Comment #14

And I'm about to create another one if people keep forgetting that this is a Men's Room and terms like IGGY are:.

Just like this entire thread has become..

No, but seriously folks. If you lay out a pile of crap, trolls are attracted by that, and they just keep coming back like flies to poop, regardless of what you do to try and HINT that they need to go away. The Men's Room is not the place for trolls, nor is it the place for random girliness. Women contributing good and/or genuinely funny stuff are welcome...I'm not talking about that. But you trolls can take your Rainbow Brite dolls and go play "house" on one of the other 21 Forums on this board that CLEARLY belong to you and leave us guys alone with our 1, singular, meager corner of this site...

Comment #15

I thought it's because I like to walk around with my Johnson swangin'...

Comment #16

Keep your troll under control, teach it how to behave nicely and with respect on our side of the house and we will leave you alone with your farting, belching and swingin' Johnsons in your smelly locker room...

Comment #17

You know you wanna peek in the shower..

Ps, When it's this big we say 'swangin'..

It's like the difference between "naked" and "necked"....Naked means you ain't got no clothes on...Necked means you ain't got no clothes on, and you're up to summin'...

Comment #18

Lol, nothing wrong with checking out the merchandise before purchasing. thanks for the lesson. i'll let you get back to your swangin' Johnson...

Comment #19

Can't I take my Johnson with me when I leave the locker room???..

Comment #20

Hey I know that song, by King Missile.....


Comment #21

Here's another good one.....


Step one: cut a hole in the box....step two: put your junk in the box........too funny..

Comment #22

That and Mother Lover are my favorite SNL skits..

Comment #23

They can't help themselves. They want to know what the men are up to..

HA HA! This is our fort. No gurlz!..

Comment #24

Unless they want to talk about their favorite ways of eating a banana...

Comment #25

You guys seem to be really worked up over girls checking out this thread. I made a few posts in the past but mostly I like to read how Nutrisystem works for the guys and pass that info on to my husband who doesn't even know how to turn on a computer. Hope I'm not considered a Troll but if I am please don't feed me. As for eating a banana, think I'll keep that one to myself...

Comment #26

Check out all you want, post even but you have to read the Menz Rulz first..

You fems have the entire rest of these boards to you have to respect our "boundaries" so you don't hurt our little "feelings"...

Comment #27

Well... when I first joined Nutrisystem I didn't realize the Men's Room was down here, and posted in my age group topic forum. Realized soon it was all women in there. And not one of them responded to any questions I had. Not one..

Yet they come here and ask us stuff and we respond and are generally nice to them. Which is how I think it should be...

Comment #28

LOL Yea, but once I answer the question get outta the garage and go back to the kitchen..

"What do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes?.....Nothing, you've already told her twice"..

Comment #29

I think the brownies are how we all got here in the first place..

Comment #30

Ya, and we're fighting for another pound lost and somebody at work or whatever always wants to give you another one...

Comment #31

I think that is why I like visiting this thread. Some of the females on the other threads are really out there. You are so right they most often don't answer your questions or if they do, they are so critical and downright nasty about it, it just turns you off from venturing back. Hope you don't feel I invaded your space and if I have posted anything that breaks any of your rules or hurt anyone's feeling, please forgive me, but we are all on the same journey and we can learn from each other and by each others mistakes and successes...

Comment #32

Sorry Haggis, I just hate seeing a starving troll..

Comment #33

I'm sure the lady officer is really pleased with her choice of profession right about now!..

Comment #34

It's not that we don't like women, in fact, we LOVE the women. However, in the Men's Room, it's straight talk, right to the truth, no pulling punches, and NO FREAKIN' GIRLIE TALK! No cutesy words, no talks of powder puffness, and no moanin' and groanin' without repercussions. Guys come to the MEN'S room to unload and be guys. As long as the ladies let us do that, then come on in..

But listen, the NANO SECOND they start redecorating the walls with their pink fluffy curtains, we want them to GET OUT!.

Funny ladies are welcome. Come on in and pull up a stool..

Helpful ladies are welcome. Come on in and pull up a stool..

Polite ladies with LEGIT questions for men to help out their man are welcome. Come on in and pull up a stool..

Ladies that hijack threads to talk about bananas as phallic symbols are NOT. Get OUT...NOW!.

Ladies that discuss "female problems", make-up, getting dumped, or how men are all pigs are NOT. Get OUT...NOW!.

All trolls, male or female are not either, just for the record..

We are not a "He Man Woman Hater's Club" who don't want women in here (for reference please CAREFULLY read this entire post). We are just a bunch of MEN in the MEN'S room talking about MEN things that help MEN in a MANLY way so we can support each other while losing weight with the Nutrisystem MEN'S program..

If you are a female that still has questions, please refer to this thread:.


Comment #35

I understand your point, Haggis, but you do not speak for NS, nor the rest of us. Its just your opinion, which of course is valid like everyone else's. Oh wait, how can yours be valid if others' aren't ? Just saying........

Comment #36

But she is in a better position than he is. I can imagine that later that day she had a good laugh over it with her compadres. He on the other hand is in for a world of pain and grief...

Comment #37

I think it's so funny when they get all flustered and check out what we are saying in here..

I can see you peeking!..

Comment #38

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