Can Godaddy support PHP?
Quick question: Can Godaddy support PHP? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... G'day all,.

I know that this can be done, but I can't work out how to do it..

On the pages I have a background image of a poppet in the #content div. I want this image to be fixed and the text to scroll over it on long pages. I have tried all sorts of variations on the css and the best I got was the image in a box which did remain static, but removed the white background from the rest of the content...

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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you email the Godaddy guys because they can answer you better...

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Check out I want the poppet to appear at the top in the div and remain there as the user scrolls down through the poem. Hope that explains it better..



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Than you have to put it in the backgrouand as the div is not doing the scrolling. it is the body...

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Sorry Scoutt, we seem to be at cross purposes here or I'm not explaining myself well enough. The poem on the page I referred to is contained within the #content div, so it is effectively doing the scrolling. The body colour is green and the #content div background colour is white. If I put the image as a background image on the body, then the #content div being white will cover it over if I'm not mistaken. So what I want is a background image in my #content div that will remain in a fixed position on the screen as a viewer scrolls down through the poem..

I hope I'm making sense!..

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I still am going to say the samething..

The poem is in a content div, you are correct, but you are not correct on saying it is scrolling. the div is not scrolling, the body is. the div's height is set huge to encompess the poem. so you need to do somthign else to make the image stay at top..

You could do the position: top and then it will be uptop, then add the fixed to it..

Background-position: top fixed.

That shold work. but it will be staying at the top when the page scrolls because the div has nothgi to do with the scrolling.

Is that any clearer?..

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I have a feeling you are trying to get the background image to scroll with the page. You can either repeat it which probably isn't desired or make the div that contains the poem a scrolling div or do what scoutt said and make the background image part of the body not the div and have it fixed so it doesn't move and it appears to scroll with the page. The image will be above the background color...

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They are after that somewhat but I think they want the image to not move as the div scrolls over it. Great GoDaddy site you have btw BonRouge. I refer many members to it, it has some useful information...

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Very much like that bonrouge, but you had better check the second link with the poem in it because it's a much longer page..

Congratulations on your pages too. Like Aero, I refer a lot of people to them...

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Yes the white background of the content div will appear over the background image so you can either decrease the width of the content or use some absolute positioning or even positioned fixed or lose the white background color all together and then just put the background image on the body...

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Doesn't my page do that?.

Make the window smaller and see....

(Thanks for the positive comments, by the way)..

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But with longer text like the one that was linked it doesn't.

The image will remain at the top and never be seen...

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Well damn it!!! You can layout a whole page so the content scrolls over the top, but you can't have a background image in a div itself so the content scrolls over the top without making the div scrollable (which is not desirable). Seems like a handy feature to me if it could be done. On these particular pages, I could have class links to background images of the particular poets who wrote the poems which would be very effective layout..

Thanks for the input anyway..



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This is the same page but with the longer poem..

Is that not the effect we're after?..

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Interesting. Yes, that is almost it and I can see how you've done it also. I was just hoping to preserve the green margin on the right hand side of the page at 1024 x 768. Please don't consider me a whinger, I greatly appreciate your efforts..

Kind regards,.


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I think the CSS property you're looking for, Scoutt, is background-attachment: fixed. Note that there's an IE glitch concerning this, which may or may not work in your favor. According to the spec, background-attachment: fixed is always defined in relation to the viewport. In IE, it is always defined in relation to the element in which it occurs. Using it on anything but the body is difficult, at best..

More here:


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Thanks Rys, I'll have a look at that. This has me intrigued..



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Sorry, I hadn't noticed the green margin on the right....

You can put that in the content div..

How's this?.

I just noticed the strange positioning of your menu and validation images in IE - the floats have a double margin. You need to add 'display:inline;' to the float rules (I've done it here)...

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That is absolutely brilliant. Exactly what I was after. Now I just have to work out how you did it...LOL. Send an immediate letter to the patents office BonRouge...

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Ah... We cross-posted.. Well, you posted and I edited - look at what I added above..

It's simple enough. The poppet's in the body (for IE) - fixed, the header image is in the #banner div, the left green image is in the #wrap div and the right green image is in the #content div...

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