Can Godaddy suspend my account?
My question is Can Godaddy suspend my account? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. Well you've probably heard this a million times before, but I really want help with my website, it's only a recreational thing so i'm not altogether bothered about switiching hosts, but does anyone have any ideas to:.

A) rid my website of such obvious ads and banners?.

B) format my navigation bar, because currently it is purple which does not fit in with my designing..

C) any ideas on how to change the layout? as they are pre-designed and I am not yet good enough with html to change my freewebs account to html design only!.

Please help me.


My website!?..

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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Godaddy guys because they can answer you better...

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How much of the freewebs template can you edit? You can get your links to be a different color by adding this in between your head tags on your freewebs template.

Adjust the color values to your liking...

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*g* The last line of CSS should be:.

Text-decoration: underline overline;.

Your fingers were faster than your brain, Aero. Welcome to the club!.


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Lol that doesn't usually happen to me, just after 12 hours of being in a truck on my way to florida has gotten me this way...

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No worries, mate. It happens to the best of us. I do it all the time. *g* I just manage to catch most of them before I hit the 'send' button.


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Hi, again, AK.

UPDATED (and replaced previous advice)... see below..

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I'll be glad to offer you some space. For free, ad-free... I just got so much space I dont use it all. PM me if your interested. Or msn - ...

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You are stuck, AK. FreeWebs offers 2 choices, wizard and advanced. The option to edit without an advanced account is very limited..

I created a free account after another person asked for help getting better results at FreeWebs. I made a sample page to see how their wizard creates pages, and you cannot change the purple font (followed links). I didn't bother with creating an advanced account..

Your page is pretty cool for a recreational site..

Enjoy it...

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Ok thank you everyone so much for your help! I'm am going to consider spending some money on getting a good website, generally because sooner or later i'm going to need a good one so that people can book me for gigs etc (i am a professional singer) at the minute I'm just freelance singing so it doesn't really matter! thankyou everyone xxx..

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Good luck with the career. Let us know once you're ready if you need some advice on your new site. You will be needing sound bites so you'll need to consider storage requirements for the (much) larger file sizes.

I have clients that insist on audio for their GoDaddy site to make it sound like a radio commercial. If you have limited resources, I found some cool (free) software for recording in stereo on your pc at

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Try Free, no banner ads. Little pop-up adds (dont remember last time I saw one actually). And all they require is either a .5u, .i8, or .50megs at the end of your url (ex: And you have an option to use their templates & wizard, or upload one you already made (requires a publishing program like frontpage, or dreamweaver, and I think one of the older versions of netscape had one, I cant think straight for some reason)...

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