Can I actually trust in Nutrisystem?

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First off, Can I actually trust in Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... All,.

I have reached my goal weight and I am ready to start maintenance..

I was wondering what lessons some of you have learned about handling this phase since there seems to be a recent influx of people that did very well losing weight and now are back due to weight gain once they switched to maintenance..

How did you/do you blend Nutrisystem foods on maintenance?.

My plan is to currently to continue using Nutrisystem foods regularly but not all the time. I am struggling with how to "set up" my personal plan to do that..

I am almost temped to get a "Body Bugg" to help with my maintenance, since the Nutrisystem plan is setup to lose weight. I am concerned about "over doing" it as I add foods on..

Anything you can share with me will be greatly appreicated!.


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Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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I'm not a maintainer - yet - so can't directly answer your questions. My own plan for it is to stay on NS, perhaps for life, going to 5days/week after hitting goal. There are lots of folks on the maintenance forum who have learned to do it themselves and there's lots of information there. Congratulations!!!! Keep posting here how you're doing it so those of us who are following soon can learn too..


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I am just a beginner.. I will be watching this post carefully. This is a question I also have, 'cause I know I will be there someday. I think it is super that you can ask this question, and I take it as a great inspiration to us who are just getting started or have a way to go......

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Big congrats..

There are Maintenance Guidelines available from Nutrisystem - email counseling and they will send them to you..

I found it easiest to think of myself as still on the Nutrisystem "plan" but adding on a couple of hundred calories (this is the guidelines) but using much of my own food as the "entree"..

Start thinking of what an Nutrisystem entree is comprised of and use this as your guide. Low fat protein/low gi carb/good fat. Your real life entree should resemble this as well as PORTION CONTROL. This is key. Continue to use your "add ins" as a guide as well. Don't stop eating the Nutrisystem way this is a plan for life, but it really is quite simple to use real food to make the 'NS" entree portion only you'll be adding a few more calories in some way until you find the calorie count that lets you maintain where you want to be..

Also, there is a website called "the daily plate" that has MANY foods listed that you can log. It also pulls up a pie chart that tracks your carbs/proteins/fats. You are shooting for 55% good carbs (think low GI!)/25%protein/20% good fat. You can use this throughout the day and it really can help keep you on track. You can also log your exercise and get a net calorie count. It's working for me pretty good.

That you can use on the go!.

Lets you register for the daily plate. it's a very good tool and it's free..

I recommend you DO NOT cancel your auto-delivery order. You can space those out to every three or 4 months. It's a good security blanket as you are exploring the maintenance territory. Hope that helps and you don't mind a girl butting in..

(there are also BBs here on Nutrisystem devoted to Maint.)..

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Congratulations! I hit goal last July and am still on target. I felt that the post goal/ maintenance support was the weakest part of Nutrisystem (pretty much thanks, buh by). Fortunately, I found the.

Maintenance board.

It means leaving the comfort of the Men's room but their signal to noise ratio is excellent as is their advice/ experience..

I'm still getting my auto deliveries but doing exactly what Juli said, defer as long as I need to and supplement with other things. I'm getting fairly comfortable with my new calorie equilibrium though I'm still trying to figure out how much to add for various levels of exercise..

You've gotten where you wanted to be now all you have to do is stay there..

Again, congratulations and good luck!!..

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Thanks for the feedback...I will check out the maintenance forum..

I do track my intake using Lose It on the iPhone..


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