Can I build a site with Yahoo Site Builder and host it on 123 reg?

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My first question is Can I build a site with Yahoo Site Builder and host it on 123 reg? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... I have a fairly good (my opinion) and diversified portfolio of HostGator names..

The last two years 05/06 were great and I made a substantial amount from sales and had a continuous flow of offers - direct and via online brokers - Sedo etc..

This year, I have a made a few thousand but nothing in comparison to the previous years and offers have all but dried up, usual "I like your name" spam garbage but very few concerete approaches- hell , my second best sale was a tm that we agreed on a compromise price, lower $x,xxx..

Is it just me or is the market in the doldrums?..

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you email the 123 reg guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Jamies a big fat liar... I refuse to verify any of his sales. What do I run a site that reports HostGator sales? Come on....

To be honest, I dont think it's that bad either. Im escrowing a low x,xxx sale this week. But I do see lulls at times, atleast personally. I know that I'll get a few nice sales and then the waters go dry for a week or 2 or 3....

And I know Jamie/Yofie has gone through the same... Although, he is having a phenomenal 2 month period.. But.. he works hard for it. He doesnt just sit back and let the offers roll in (god knows his domains are awful!)...


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I am glad to hear from those that are selling, two so far..

I am trying to get a generalisation and a comparison to the last two years where my personal sales were well over $xxx,xxx and despite diversification and utlising other options this year they are down by a large percentage..

Looks like I am the only one , or perhaps just hearing from the sellers and not the non sellers- lets see what the next few posts bring...

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Well, your all making alot more money then me. So quit your bitchen.

Seriously, I dont even like to look at the "Post sold domains here thread" because I get jealous..

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Hey Rob,.

You got the skills to do some damage in the HostGator market, nothing to be jealous about. How big is your portfolio?.


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Thanks, around 60 ish. Trying to keep the quality up and renewals down. Easier said then done tho..

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I know people are into the higher quality, fewer domains. But honestly, the fewer domains you own, the less chance of a buyer being interested. Im going for the approach. However, I am trying to keep only quality domains - so I suppose Im going after a BuyDomains Premium style....


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Update - How Ironic..

Last night I recieved 2 offers for seperate HostGator names (approximately 10k in offers) and 2 inquiries on 3 other HostGator names.......

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My sales have decreased 70% from a year ago, The amount I sell DN's has also decreased, I have no idea why, I don't flip names, Or sale alot of names to begin with, But last year, If I needed cash, I could make it in a few hours selling a name or names, The industry as whole has and is going through some changes, I have plenty of premuim names, That is not the problem, The offers I get for them are chump change, And I wont sell them for chump change, So my answer to slowing HostGator name economy is, Keep my names, Develope, Make cash from ad publishing and text link sales, It has been a good year for that for me so far. So with that being said, When and if I do decide to sell off some names, They wont be cheap with the amount of traffic and revenue they are making, Now I am in control of my names destiny, I will either get what they are worth based on proven traffic and 1 years revenue, Or I will sit back and watch them make me money, Like I say, I am not a DN flipper or resaler, So I which ever way it ends up going, makes me no difference as far as sales go, My overall evaluation of the market place today is, It is flooded, And with a bunch of junk names, Just as with anything, Take the real estate market two years ago, People saw home sales and pricing increase so high, People that knew absolutly nothing about real estate jumped into the market and got thier real estate license, Went and tried to sell houses and make that big money, The only thing they did was, Piss off the realtors, Because they where simply just in the way, The established realtors ended up making thier sales, They just had to leap and mess with those people who jumped on the band wagon, No difference in the HostGator name industry imo...

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Since the past month I sold around 3 domains in the low to mid $xxx range and am transacting the 4th at sedo for $xxx.

Got some lowballs on some of my reasonable quality domains, naturally they were rejected..

However, I see a lull in the aftermarket..

We will have to actively market our names to get better sales, JMO...

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-x- has confirmed what I am seeing..

I hear that some are selling names(reasonable prices), getting offers, so am I but it is way down on the past two years. That is what I was saying but nobody really read it until the -x- response..

Perhaps a general lack of interest or perhaps not even the history to make a comparison from others?..

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I admit sales haven't been steady this year, but Feb was by far the best month I ever had since I started, like 8 times better than any month in 2005 or 2006...hard to say really whether the market's hot or not. Still, I think Traffic may have been a good sign. The silent auction especially had a lot more action than I was expecting...

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The main action may well be moving in to a roadshow mode, the names I sent in to the last auction were "lost" so I really have no comparison although both "live" and "silent" were spectacular successes compared to the previous ones. Hopefully just going to continue to improve and perhaps some more competition appearing in this area?.

Snap continues to see big results but not the type I want to see!.

I will be sending a comprehensive list for the next one so who knows...

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I've been noticing an increase in the noise levels (offers and sales) lately, giving me the impression things are in the up and up, but because I'm not an active seller/flipper (prefer to keep names at the moment), this may have just been a unique situation..

It's like real estate all right, with possible cycles coming into play. But just as in real estate where you're finally limited to the land area, the more people coming in to the HostGator game, the more demand increases as well, the proverbial tide lifting all boats. So if even if this is a (slightly) down cycle, it should eventually taper off and overall the industry itself can only trend up. Maybe more like wine too, where age eventually translates to $$$ regardless of the down cycles...

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I thinks all your guys are do better job than me already..

The total sales I generate on 2007 are 9K only till today (And that is from sales of 54 domains.

.. The average profit per HostGator is quite low...).

However, I am not very worried about this. I just started to learn HostGator business from last Aug, and I do learned a lot in past months..

Currently I am tring to make my portofolio be better quality, and believe that I would have better business in 2008..

Comment #15

Hmm, have read the whole thread "Post sold domains here thread",.

Yes I done it.

There arent so much nice sales there !.

I define nice as $xxx -> $

Comment #16

I am personally in the buy & hold phase but occasionally send a few names onto forums to test the waters - seems slow to me..

The unsolicitated offers on other venues are really lowball prices!..

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I'm having my best year ever. However, that's partially because my portfolio is highly .info/.us and those didn't fare as well the last couple years. Last year I primarily made it on sales of and which I'd accumulated a lot of and pretty much sold off. This year, I'm seeing more offers on what I consider developable names. I also see more offers as my portfolio grows. People looking for one name might find two or three, or one they hadn't thought of...

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Mark, I'm in the process of trying to bulk up my portfolio, with what I consider quality HostGator names. How large is your portfolio currently, and do you have a target size?..

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My portfolio is about 3000. That's up about 250-300 from the first of the year. I don't.


To go much above that because I don't think I have time to manage any more on a part time basis. It's grown about 10% a year for the last 3-4 years. My big jump was the first time .info's dropped in 2003. that year I went from about 300 domains to about 1600. I got a lot of those domains for anywhere from $9.00 to $50 in the heyday of Namewinner. After holding them for about 4 years, I now sell them from about $300 to $800.

I have to chalk it up to patience (or is that stubbornness?). For a few years I rolled everything I got in sales to new domains since this isn't my real profession. Basically investing in a growing portfolio while leaving enough to pay renewal fees. My cash flow from sales is now good enough I can walk away from lowball offers without having to regret it or think twice...

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I've started domaining 2 months ago and already getting discouraged. No Sales till now, my portfolio is up to 28..

Maybe it's too early, but the doubt of whether i'm targetting the right kinds of domains keeps lurking..

With no experience and a tight budget, it's difficult to ascertain if my domains are the right kinds..

Guess time will tell...

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